A Blinding Hope

A Dragon to Trust


Chapter 1: A Dragon to Trust

The boy, named Yusei, was eighteen. His father was the leader of New Domino. So when he turned twenty, he would have to take place as leader. But Yusei didn't want that, none of the villagers did. They knew he was a skilled, smart, natural leader. But they didn't want someone who wanted to befriend dragons and coexist with them as their leader.

At the moment, Yusei was walking through the forest on the island. As all villagers were required to hold with them, he had a knife attached to his belt.

The daylight was bright and the thick, vibrant green leaves filtered the sunlight to the ground, creating an intricate pattern that moved in all directions as the wind blew through the trees.

"Why did I have to be his son of all people?" Yusei muttered. "If only that person the elder spoke about would show up. Then maybe peace will finally be found."

He entered a cove area with tall walls on all sides. Moss grew around the area, on the rocks and small areas on a few scattered trees below. On the right side was a medium-sized pond with a thin waterfall leading the water into it. Yusei came here often to think.

But something was different this time as he looked from the top edges. Over behind a rock, just out of his full view, seemed to be a large, but thin, scale covered body. Its color was a crystal white that almost glowed in the sun.

Yusei slowly walked down into the cove, not a sound was made as he did so. He slowly stepped around the moss covered rock, only to step back a couple feet seeing what it was. It was a dragon. And a rare, deadly dragon at that.

"A… Blinder…" Yusei whispered in shock.

Blinders were deadly. Only a few ever got a glimpse of them during raids and lived. But out of all of the time on New Domino, the first sighting of a Blinder was eighteen years ago. It was called the Blinder because when it shot an attack, the buildup was too bright and would make you blind if you stared at it. However, even with the deadly attack, it was also said to be the most docile and only killed if it felt too threatened. But no one had ever gotten as close to a Blinder as Yusei was.

The eighteen year old slowly walked a bit closer and looked it over.

"Why haven't you left?" Yusei wondered. It was then he saw its right wing, which was closest to him, was bleeding. "You're hurt." He noticed a large, slightly thick branch jammed into the joint where the bleed was the worst.

He took another step forward, wanting to help. But Yusei stopped as its eyes flashed open to reveal deep golden eyes. It growled at him defensively.

"Stay back!" yelled a female voice in his mind.

"Listen to me, please. I can hear your thoughts if you want to talk. But I just want to help you," Yusei told her kindly.

"Nonsense! You have a strong light inside you so I can understand the mind. But you just wish to kill me like all of your kind!" she half denied.

"If I was going to kill you, I would've done it by now. Besides, I hate this war as it is," Yusei informed the dragon.

"Do you expect me to believe that?" she asked defensively.

"After all my people have done to you, I don't expect you to believe me immediately," he replied. He slowly kneeled down so they looked eye to eye. "But I do hope at some point you see how honest I am about this war."

The Blinder slowly stopped growling. "The soul of a dragon. The heart of a human," she stated confusing Yusei. "I have never encountered a being with such inside them." She winced a bit as she shifted her wing a bit.

"Let me help you," Yusei urged. "It'll only get worse if you leave it."

"Fine. But play any tricks and I eat you," the dragon warned. Yusei gave an accepting nod, slightly shocking the Blinder with his fearlessness.

Yusei cautiously stepped closer, kneeling next to her side, and looked at the injury better. The stick was lodged into the flesh relatively deep.

"Do you want me to pull this stick out slowly with a little less pain or fast with a quick, sharp jolt of pain?" he asked.

"Make it quick," she answered.

He gave a small nod and lightly grabbed the stick's end. He yanked it out hard and fast. The Blinder whimpered and winced.

"It's out," Yusei told her, throwing the bloody stick away from them. "But I need something to cover and keep the injury clean so it doesn't get infected."

The dragon looked at him for a moment, like she was contemplating something. "Do you have a name?" the dragon suddenly asked.

"Yusei Fudo," he answered. "What about you?"

"Star," she answered. "Would your parents approve of you doing this?"

"Probably not. But it doesn't matter what my parents would think, they died when I was six," he explained. Star went wide eyed slightly as she heard him answer. Yusei grabbed a couple medical herbs by the rock.

"How did they die?" she asked.

"A Monstrous Nightmare killed them in front of my eyes," Yusei explained bluntly.

"And yet you do not turn to revenge?" Star asked shocked. "You don't try to kill dragons?"

Yusei shook his head. "Revenge won't get me anywhere," he told her. He used a couple stones to grind the herbs together into a salve. "This might sting a bit, but it works as a disinfectant. I'll have to check on it and put some more on tomorrow as well to make sure it doesn't get any worse." He slowly rubbed the salve on the injury and she tensed before relaxing a bit. "Are you alright with me coming back tomorrow?"

"As long as it is you alone, I suppose I should be fine," she answered. "Not like I could go anywhere else." Yusei gave a small nod. "And, Yusei—was it?—I also lost my parents to our seen enemies."

"Seen?" Yusei repeated.

"This war of senseless violence would have long been avoided if it wasn't for her," Star replied.

"For who?" Yusei asked. "If you don't want this war, why attack?"

"The queen is the cause of all this hate. We go to the villages for our survival. If we don't bring food back for the queen, she'll punish us with death. We are by her command and we all live in fear of the queen," she explained. "And it is that fear which makes us attack your homes and continue to build the fire of hatred between dragons and humans."

"I knew dragons were intelligent creatures, but I didn't think you could actually have so much fear in you," Yusei responded.

"Every being has fear, Yusei. No matter if they are human or dragon," she told him. "That is something we all learn through time."

"How old are you anyway? The first sighting we ever saw of the Blinders is eighteen years ago," Yusei asked.

"My mother was the last female Blinder. I hatched eighteen years ago," Star explained. "And after I die, I may be the last Blinder you see."

"Are you saying you're the last of your kind?" Yusei asked shocked, alert, and slightly sad for her situation.

"In all my eighteen years of life, I've never met another Blinder besides my mother who died when I was still a hatchling," Star replied. "So as far as I am aware, I am. Are you going to kill me now to finish off my species? Get rid of Blinders which have haunted your people for so long?"

"No," Yusei answered shocking the dragon. "You may have killed before, but I have always known it's only been out of defense. And I don't want to be responsible for the extinction of a species. Besides, if you truly grow to trust me, and I'm not going to try to make you, maybe we could find a way to end the war together."

"A human team up with a dragon? That's a dangerous combo for both sides," Star responded. "One wrong move on either side and we could very well end up dead. Either from your people or from the queen. But we'll first have to see whether you can earn my trust."

Yusei looked back at the injury. He put a bit more salve on it before grabbing a few large leaves from a tree and using them as a bandage for the time being.

"Until I can get better medical items, I can't do much more. But I'll bring some stuff tomorrow," Yusei told the Blinder.

"How do you know your human supplies will work on dragons?" she asked.

"I don't for a positive fact. But we also use it on our livestock if they get hurt. So it should work on dragons too," Yusei explained. "After all, we all have similar bodies in a way. A heart, lungs, blood. We can all get infections and we can all get hurt."

"You are very wise for one so young," Star commented.

"Thanks but I'm actually you're age, Star," he corrected. "I was born the same year you were."

"I see," she responded.

Yusei looked at the sun. "I should better start heading back to the village. If I stay out too late, everyone will get worried," he told her.

"Are you popular among the humans?" Star asked.

"Not by a long shot. I'm actually looked down upon more than anything for wanting to end the war," Yusei explained. "My father was just the leader of the village. And as his only son, I have to take lead when I turn twenty."

"You don't want that, do you?" she asked, sympathy in her voice.

Yusei looked down and shook his head. "The village doesn't want it either. After all, I'm the only one in the village who wants the violence to stop. But I'm also the only one who can lead. And they don't want a leader who wants to end a three century old war," he explained.

"There are many who become lost in their ways. Not wanting to change. No matter if it is for better or worse," Star responded. "Perhaps one day, peace may show its face once again."

Yusei nodded. "I'll be back tomorrow to help you some more, alright?" he told her.

"Alright. Until tomorrow," she agreed and he walked off. 'Perhaps he is trustworthy. He has yet to lie to me. We'll see,' she thought before laying her head down to sleep again.

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