A Blinding Hope

First Day of Training


Chapter 2: First Day of Training

Yusei stepped into his house that he inherited from his parents. As he closed the door, he heard a footstep tap on the ground behind him. He flipped around to see a person. He was his age and another orphan.

"What're you doing here, Jack?" Yusei asked the blonde haired man who was next to the door.

"Where have you been all day?" he replied, not answering the question.

"Out," Yusei answered vaguely. "Why would you even care?"

"Martha wanted me to pass a message to you this morning, but I couldn't find you anywhere," Jack explained. "Now, what were you doing that was taking you so long?"

"None of your business, Jack. What's the message?" Yusei replied sternly. Jack frowned. He handed over a note and walked out of the house.

Yusei opened the note and read it over. He sighed. 'Of course you would do this, Martha. At least with you and most of the villagers going to look for the nest, I can help Star easier,' he thought. He turned to the clock. 'I need to get some rest. According to Martha, I'm starting Dragon Training tomorrow. I'll definitely need my sleep for that.' He put the note in his desk drawer and got into his nightly wear before climbing into bed and falling into a nervous slumber.

. . .

Yusei silently walked in behind the five other trainees with a knife on his belt as he was supposed to by the ancient laws of New Domino.

The other trainees were around his age or eleven years old. There was Crow who was an orphan and also eighteen who had a sword, Akiza who was sixteen and had a razor sharp whip, and Jack who was eighteen with an axe. Then there were the two youngest, Leo and Luna. They were two eleven year old twins who each had one short spear.

'This is going to be great,' Yusei thought sarcastically.

"I wonder what it'll be like to kill a dragon," Crow stated.

"Probably not as fun as you would think," Yusei spoke up making them look at him.

"Great, the weakling gets to the join us," Jack grumbled. Yusei just glared.

They were all taken away from the forming argument as their teacher, Trudge, called for them to line up and begin their day of training.

"Now, remember, the recruit who does best will get the honor of killing their first dragon in front of the entire village!" Trudge stated.

'What a comforting thought,' Yusei thought sarcastically.

"Now first off, I should tell you about the dragons you will learn to fight," Trudge called. "The Deadly Nadder!" He passed by a gate to the cage and the door banged against the weight the dragon was probably throwing against it. He walked passed another listing, "The Hideous Zippleback." They heard roars from within. "The Monstrous Nightmare." A growl was heard from within and Yusei could hear angered and crazed thoughts coming from within.

'He's been kept locked up for too long,' Yusei thought.

Trudge passed by another cage and a small, high pitched growl echoed from within as he continued to list off, "The Terrible Terror." He stopped at the last one and reached for the lever. "And the Gronkle."

He went to open the cage when Crow called, making Trudge pause, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Aren't you going to teach us first?!"

"I believe in learning on the job," Trudge simply replied and slammed down the lever letting the dragon burst out of its cage. It was a bulky dragon with a large jaw, somewhat small eyes for its head and a short body and tail. Its tail had dull but large spikes on it. "This lesson is all about survival. You get blasted, you're dead. What's the first thing you need?"

"Plus five speed?" Leo guessed.

"A shield!" Jack and Yusei exclaimed in unison. They looked at each other before they all darted for a shield.

"Right! Shield! Go!" Trudge ordered and they all raced to grab one. "You're shield is your most important weapon. If you had to choose between a sword or a shield, take the shield!"

Jack and Crow grabbed the same shield and began to argue. "Get your hands off my shield!" Jack ordered.

"There's a million shields. Take that one over there," Crow retorted.

"This is mine!" Jack retorted and began to yank at it.

Suddenly, the dragon shot a lava blast at it and shattered the shield and spun them around before they fell to the ground. "Jack, Crow, out," Trudge stated.

"What?" the two responded in a daze.

"Those shields are good for another thing. Noise! Make lots of it and throw off a dragon's aim," Trudge instructed.

The remaining recruits started hitting the shields and the Gronkle shook its head in confusion.

"Each dragon has a limited number of shots. How many does a Gronkle have?" Trudge asked.

"Five?" Crow guessed.

"Six," Akiza answered.

"Six, correct! That's one for each of you," Trudge responded.

The dragon shot an attack at Akiza who dodged the assault, barely missing being knocked out. They stopped hitting their shields and ran in a zigzag pattern to avoid the Gronkle. Eventually, the dragon hit Crow's shield knocking him out. Yusei continued to avoid a couple more shots until it was down to the last shot.

Suddenly, the Gronkle went straight at Yusei who backed away slowly from it but didn't move very much.

"Yusei!" Trudge called but the Gronkle landed and stopped walking right in front of Yusei. What shocked everyone was that it was calm and didn't attack.

What the others didn't know is that Yusei was talking to the Gronkle, which was female, through her mind, "That's it. Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you."

"You are very different from the others. You even have a Blinder's scent on you," the Gronkle responded.

"I was helping a hurt Blinder last night," Yusei told her, keeping their eyes locked.

She went wide eyed. "A human helping a dragon? How could you be so comfortable around a dragon such as the Blinder?" she asked.

"Because I know dragons are not what we make them out to be," Yusei responded.

Suddenly Trudge came and yanked the dragon away by the mouth. "That's it. Get back to bed, you overgrown sausage," he ordered the dragon and flung it into his cage before locking it again. "I don't know what that was about. But remember, a dragon will always," He looked at Yusei, "always, go for the kill."

"That's not true," Yusei retorted, throwing his shield off and walking out of the arena and away from the still stunned group.

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