A Blinding Hope

A Hope


Chapter 3: A Hope

Yusei immediately walked from the arena to Martha's house where she had all the medical supplies that she made for Doctor Schmitt. He quickly grabbed a roll of bandages and a medium sized tube of disinfectant. He would keep the leftover disinfectant hidden at his house so he didn't have to worry about taking more later.

As soon as he had it, he snuck out of the village and back to the cove. He walked in and Star's head snapped up in alert. She growled for a moment before Yusei came into view and she calmed down.

"You're alone, right?" she asked.

Yusei nodded. "And I've got what I need too," he replied. "Can I check on it?"

Star nodded slowly. "It doesn't hurt too much anymore. What were those two plants you used as the last disinfectant?" she asked.

"Lavender and peppermint," he answered. "Lavender is a good disinfectant and pain reliever and peppermint also helps with the pain."

"And what's in your human medicine?" Star asked.

"We make our medical disinfectants from the plants here. Martha, my foster mother and one who makes medical remedies, makes them from plants she grows. Most of her disinfectants are made from the same plants I used yesterday," Yusei explained. He kneeled next to Star's side and she extended her wing a bit so he could look at it. Yusei took off the leaf and saw it was still a bit open but didn't appear infected. "Good, it's not infected. But it's still a bit open." He looked at her, prodding her for permission to continue and she nodded.

Yusei took a bit of the disinfectant and gently rubbed it on the wound. He fingers were slightly covered in some leftover blood and sealant but Yusei didn't mind it. After it was completely covered with the disinfectant, which needed a bit more than he was expecting, he took the bandage and wrapped it around the joint carefully. Once he was done wrapping it, he tore off the end and took the leftover end, tying it to the other end he left out.

"How long do you expect it to be before I can fly again?" Star asked.

"As long as everything goes okay, another week at maximum," Yusei answered. "Sorry it'll take so long but I want to be sure you'll be okay to fly and get out of here. I don't want you trapped like the other dragons."

"Other dragons?" she questioned.

Yusei sighed. "Last night I was sent a letter by Martha telling me I would go into Dragon Training to learn how to kill dragons while she and most of the village left to find the nest. I didn't want to, but I also didn't want to disobey my caretaker. So I went and found out that they have a Gronkle, a Deadly Nadder, a Monstrous Nightmare, a Terrible Terror, and a Hideous Zippleback locked in cages. I had to face a Gronkle while learning a survival lesson. By the end, the Gronkle was calming down while I was talking to it mentally," Yusei explained. "The others were shocked but our teacher still warned us dragons always go for the kill. But I know that isn't true. Especially when you can easily kill me. Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?"

"You have the heart of a human and the soul of a dragon, Yusei," Star replied. "I remember my mother telling me of a hope that would bring peace to this war and end it."

"Three hundred years ago, an elder told us the same thing," Yusei commented.

"Really?" she asked and Yusei nodded. She looked at him slowly, as if studying Yusei more. She slowly continued, "My mother had always said she believed the hope would be someone different. She wished for the peace just as much as you and I do. She never got the chance to say who she thought the bringer would be. Not before she died."

"Star, how did your mother die?" Yusei asked. "If you don't mind me asking, that is."

The Blinder paused for a moment before telling her tale, staring right at Yusei, "When I had just hatched, I was quite small. In fact, I'm still small for a Blinder. Many dragons wanted to kill me, seeing me as a weakling. My father defended me and convinced the dragons and the queen to let me live to my full potential, see what I will become. But it wasn't long before a Monstrous Nightmare attacked me and my father got into a fight to protect me. I was six years old and just had begun hunting for food at the queen's orders. But I was still small." Yusei went wide eyed. "I remember watching the same Monstrous Nightmare kill two humans with a boy watching behind the pillar. Have you ever wondered why that Monstrous Nightmare left you alone when it could've killed you with ease at that moment?" Yusei nodded. "Like my mother, I wanted the peace at an early age. Like you. What do you remember of that moment right after your parents were killed?"

"Nothing much. I've never been able to remember it other than Martha grabbing me and running away with me crying over my dead parents," Yusei answered.

"Well, what you should know is that I had stepped between you and the Monstrous Nightmare and drove him off. I didn't want any more bloodshed. Especially from a child as young as you were," Star stated looking away. "When we returned, the Monstrous Nightmare began to attack me, calling me weak. My father defended me and began to fight the Nightmare. It was that night that I lost my father. My mother was heartbroken and took it upon herself to protect me. A few raids after my father's death, Mother and I were flying side by side when my mother was shot down. She tried to fight back and I was about to go to her when she told me to stay back. It took everything I had not to get to her. It was in that moment that my mother's head was cut off by a man's sword." Yusei instinctively touched her side making her look at him. "In my rage, I killed the man and his approaching friends to avenge my mother. When the Monstrous Nightmare saw this, he grew to respect me more. But what he didn't realize is that I had hated him for killing my father. So when we returned to the nest and he asked for a challenge to see whether I was still truly weak, I accepted with ease. It wasn't that long of a battle. I made him go blind and due to him being blind, the queen ate him since he would never be able to get her food again. That kill was the last on my list and the last living being I ever wanted to kill."

"So for the past twelve years, you've truly only killed for defense? Are all the dragons like that?" Yusei asked.

"No," Era answered immediately. "The nest is a dangerous place with three different areas. The lower caverns are for the dragons that live to kill. They will kill anything and everything if they are ordered to. The center caverns are for those who are ones who want both peace and death. And then the high caverns are for those who only kill for defensive purposes. Dragon on the higher caverns are looked down upon and seen as weak."

"Where are you?" Yusei asked.

"Though some dragons believe I deserve to be in the higher caverns, with my strength and skill the queen placed me in the center. Though I strive more for peace," she explained. She turned her head down. "For years I have been looking and secretly hoping for the peace bringer to show up. I want this war to end."

"I've always hoped the peace bringer would come and end this war too. You probably already understand that. There is too much death on both sides to determine who is winning the war," Yusei responded. "After all, there is no winner coming out from a war."

Star seemed to look at him slowly, staying silent. "Perhaps…" she began but stopped.

"'Perhaps' what?" Yusei prodded.

"It's nothing. Probably just a false hope," she replied. Yusei sighed but gave in, nonetheless. He knew he shouldn't push anything with the Blinder yet.

Yusei looked at the sky. "I should get going. We're eating dinner in about a half hour. I need to get back sooner so I can hide the stuff and make sure no one notices I'm gone. Last time I was gone and Jack, a recruit and another orphan, came to my place to find me but couldn't," Yusei responded. "I'll come back tomorrow, though."

"Alright. I will see you tomorrow," Star agreed. He began to walk off. "And Yusei," He looked at her, "be careful with those dragons."

"I will, Star," Yusei assured. "I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. And I'll bring some fish too." The dragon nodded before Yusei ran off.

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