A Blinding Hope

The Dragon's Trust


Chapter 6: The Dragon's Trust

Yusei grabbed the medical things from his house and slowly walked back to the cove. He heard a branch snap behind him and flipped back.

"Who's there?" Yusei called. He noticed a white, booted foot pull back from behind the tree. He sighed. "Alright, Jack. You can show yourself now. There's no point hiding." Jack slowly stepped out from behind the tree and leaned against it. "Resorted to stalking me, huh? Didn't seem your style."

"I want to know what you're hiding, Yusei," Jack retorted. "And you're going to tell me right now!" The man grabbed Yusei by his collar. "So spill it!"

Suddenly, a Terrible Terror came and bit Jack's wrist. It was an aqua blue backed and green underbelly scaled dragon with piercing green eyes. Jack immediately let go and threw the tiny dragon off while grabbing his bleeding wrist. He looked as the Terror walked up to Yusei calmly before climbing up his body and onto his shoulder hissing at Jack and stood in a way that seemed it was protecting Yusei.

"What in…?" Jack stopped in shock.

"Met him a couple years ago when he was hurt. His name's Brine. Whenever I'm here and he's not off getting some food for his nest, he's around me all the time," Yusei explained.

"You little traitor!" Jack exclaimed.

"I'm not the one who chooses to bond with dragons," Yusei responded calmly. "It's the dragons who choose that."

"But you choose to befriend the dragons!" Jack retorted. "What are you then? Human or dragon?"

"I'm both," Yusei answered bluntly, the answer shocking the other recruit. "I have the soul of a dragon and the heart of a human. I know that dragons and humans can coexist. And if I can befriend a Terrible Terror, you and the others could befriend a dragon too. If you really tried, at least." Yusei looked at his little dragon with a few moments of silence. "Alright, Brine. You can get back to your nest. Thanks for your help."

"No problem. See ya later, Yusei!" he responded before flying off.

Yusei looked at the still stunned human. "I have to be somewhere. I'll see you tomorrow, Jack," he stated and sprinted towards an alternate, more hidden route to the cove that only he knew about.

He turned back and scanned the area to make sure no one had followed him. And there wasn't. So he grabbed a basket of fish he had hidden that morning, but didn't have time to bring to Star, and entered the cove and walked up to Star. She looked at him and he dumped the fish beside her which she began to eat in an instant.

"How long has it been since you've eaten?" Yusei asked the Blinder.

"About four days," she answered.

"Can I check your wing while you eat?" he asked.

Star nodded and extended her wing a bit for Yusei. Yusei undid the slightly dirt covered bandages. He looked at the wound and was relieved to see it completely closed and healing fine. He notice a bit of dirt on the rims of the injury and began to lightly rub it off, as to be sure it wouldn't make the healing reverse its progress.

"Is it doing okay?" Star suddenly asked, and it was then that Yusei noticed the food was gone.

"Yeah. It just had a bit of dirt crusted around it and I wanted to get it off to be sure it didn't get infected," Yusei replied as he finished rubbing the dirt off.

"Yusei, why are you trying to make sure I'm as healthy as possible? Wouldn't you want me to remain a bit weak?" she asked.

"As much as I wish I could have you around more, if you don't get out of here, I'm worried you'll get killed by other villagers eventually," he explained. He put a bit more disinfectant on, but didn't bother to put too much more of it on the injury as it didn't need it. He then slowly and carefully wrapped the injury in clean bandages.

"Do you believe we are friends?" Star asked, shocking Yusei with the question.

He thought about it for a moment before answering, "Yes, I do. And it's the reason I want you safe. Why do you ask?"

"Because I needed to know whether I could truly trust you," she answered. Yusei looked at her and her calm eyes. "Yusei, I have a heavy favor to ask of you. It is a big responsibility, so I won't give it to you if you don't want it."

"Why are willing to trust me with such a favor?" he responded.

"Once I am back to full health, I'm not sure I can trust anyone else with it. And I don't think I would ever be able to leave a friend like you for long. So I'm asking you to do this favor for me. As you are truly the only one I can trust," she explained.

"What's the favor?" Yusei responded, determination to keep the promise in his voice.

Star slowly lifted her wing, which she had never lifted from over her entire side, off the ground to reveal something hidden beneath her wing. Yusei went wide eyed as he saw it. It was a white dragon egg.

It glowed faintly and the shell itself was see through, but not completely translucent, to the point that he could see the shadow of a moving, little dragon inside it. Yusei had to admit that it was an unbelievable sight.

"I was flying to find a place where it would be safe, away from the queen's control. But, when I accidently flew over the island, one of your people hit me with a flying weapon and I fell here with the branch in my wing," Star explained. Yusei looked at her shocked. "Yusei, you are my last hope to making sure it hatches safe and well. The queen already knows I haven't returned to the nest. If I don't return soon, she will destroy anything and everything until she finds me. I need you to take care of the egg and raise it."

Yusei slowly picked the egg up. It was somewhat heavy with its size and with what it carried in it, but it was still relatively light. "Is it...?" he stopped. Not sure what to think.

"Yes, Yusei. My own egg... and the last Blinder egg in existence," Star answered.

"I'll keep it safe, Star. I promise," he told her.

"Thank you, Yusei," she responded. He nodded. They looked at the setting sun. "You should better head back. So the other villagers don't see you coming into the village with a dragon egg. Be sure to keep it warm and when it begins to hatch, put it in a pool or something filled with water. When a dragon egg hatches, it will shoot lava in many directions. So water will help keep your home from being burned down."

"Thanks for the tip, Star," Yusei responded.

He turned to leave when Star asked, "What dragon are you fighting tomorrow?"

"Zippleback," Yusei answered. "Why?"

"I feel like you could be the bridge between dragons and humans. You are the one who can bring us together. And if you pass your training, maybe you can prove it," she explained. "So I'll help you with a tip about dragons each day."

"What's the first thing I need to know?" he asked.

"All dragons are afraid of eels. If we eat one, it can make us sick and if we eat too many, we can die. So the very scent of one terrifies us," Star explained. "Hide an eel in your jacket to keep the dragon away from you and do what you feel is best from there. This way, no dragon is harmed and no human is harmed either."

"Alright, Star. Thanks. And I'll try my best to end this war," Yusei told her. Star nodded in respect before allowing Yusei to leave.

. . .

As soon as Yusei arrived back at his house, he walked through the back door to avoid anyone watching in the front. He grabbed a set of blankets in a nest formation around the egg by the fireplace in an area that no one could see unless they were inside.

Yusei sighed. 'I'll keep my promise to Star to keep it safe and raise it well,' he thought. He was about to go to his room when a familiar Terrible Terror's squawk called from the window.

. . .

"Jack, we shouldn't do this. Maybe you saw something different than what you think you saw," Akiza stated as her, Jack, Crow, and the twins hovered outside Yusei's home.

"Sure, dragons seem to trust him more but actually befriending a dragon is treason. Yusei knows that and we know he would never become a traitor no matter what," Crow added.

"I know what I saw! And if I'm right, you'll see it too soon," Jack retorted but kept it quiet.

They heard Yusei's footsteps enter the house and they turned to look through the window. Yusei was heading towards his room and they heard a quiet Terrible Terror squawk come from a window.

They looked with Yusei to see one that Jack recognized as Brine on the window sill. Yusei's eyes widened in shock and instead of trying to push it away, he talked to it, "Brine, what're you doing here?" Yusei held out his arm shocking the watching recruits and the little dragon flew over and onto his shoulder. Yusei then said, "Calm down, Brine. I know I have a Blinder's scent on me."

"A... Blinder?" Luna repeated quietly, sounding a bit worried.

"Star won't hurt me," Yusei told the Terrible Terror. "We trust each other. Like how you and I do. After all, she trusted me with something too important to put into words." There was a moment of silence before Yusei pointed to something in the room that they couldn't see from outside the window. But they did notice the Terror perk up in what seemed like awe before flying over to what it was.

"What do you think he has?" Leo asked.

"Don't know. I'll check it out tomorrow after training," Crow stated.

"You, Crow?" Akiza questioned.

"I'm the stealthiest one here. I'm the only one who has the best chance of checking it out and getting out the fastest," Crow reasoned.

"Just make sure you don't touch anything. If anything is moved even the slightest bit, Yusei will be able to tell," Jack told him.

"Right," Crow agreed. And that finalized their plan, though three of the five didn't like it.

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