A Blinding Hope

Two Heads, One Informative Flight


Chapter 7: Two Heads, One Informative Flight

Yusei arrived at the arena. Trudge was waiting there with a suspicious face. And Yusei took notice of the unsure atmosphere around him.

"Alright, Trudge. What's wrong?" Yusei asked.

"A little birdie told me you already are befriending dragons," he replied and Yusei tensed. "You do know that's treason, right?"

"Befriending a dragon isn't defined as treason, Trudge. It's just different and hated among the villagers," Yusei replied.

"Well, I'm not going to tell anyone you do, yet. We need a leader like you around," Trudge responded. "But don't push me to actually tell people. Especially our current leader, Roman." Yusei rolled his eyes.

The other recruits walked in. Trudge walked a few steps back as an explosion from the Zippleback cage erupted into smoke and gas as it poured out and surrounded the entire field. Trudge quickly handed everyone a bucket full of water.

"Today, is about teamwork," Trudge stated and quickly assigned the teams: Yusei and Leo, Jack and Crow, and Akiza and Luna. "Now a wet dragon head can't light its fire. The Hideous Zippleback is extra tricky. One head breathes gas; the other head, lights it. Your job is to know which is which."

They were all surrounded by the smoke making it impossible to see around them but they could hear the dragon growling around them. Jack and Crow were watching carefully.

"If that dragon shows either of its faces, I'm going to…" Jack stopped as they saw a shadow. "There!" The two threw their water on them.

"Hey! It's us!" Luna called as she and Akiza walked up frustrated.

"Sorry, you looked like a dragon," Crow responded with a slight laugh.

"Not that there's anything wrong with a dragon as a fema-…" Jack stated but was interrupted as Akiza punch him in the face hard making him cry out slightly and stumbled back.

Meanwhile, Luna chucked his bucket at Crow which hit the bird named man's head and knocked him onto his back. Suddenly, Crow was yanked back into the fog. A tail swiped underneath the two girls, knocking them to the ground and Crow came running out passed Leo and Yusei.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow!" Crow cried.

"Chances of survival are shrinking down," Leo muttered. One Zippleback head came out of the dissipating fog and got close to Leo. He threw the water on it and it growled, opening its mouth to let gas spill out. "Oops…" The dragon sprayed gas on him making the young boy run as Trudge called his name alert.

The other head came out of the fog, getting ready to spark the gas. "Now, Yusei!" the mentor called. Yusei, though, merely dropped the bucket and the Zippleback got closer. "Yusei!"

But Trudge stopped as they all noticed the Zippleback back away, shaking its head in fear. Yusei moved forward, herding it back into its cage. "That's right, just go into your cage," Yusei ordered. He pulled out the eel, saying, "Now think about what you've done." He tossed the eel inside and closed the cage's door as the dragon pushed itself as far as it could against the wall. He looked back at the stunned group behind him. "I have to go." Yusei walked away with that.

. . .

Yusei returned to Star who was deep in thought. "You doing okay?" he asked, snapping the Blinder out of her thoughts.

"Hm? Yes, I was just thinking…" she stopped and Yusei walked over to her. "I can use my wings easily now. So, um… ugh! Just hop on my back."

"Wait, what?" Yusei responded shocked.

"I want to show you what a dragon sees," she replied.

"A-Alright," Yusei agreed and slowly got on her back.

"Hold on," she ordered before springing into the air. Yusei gripped on tight at first before looking around in awe.

"Wow…" he muttered. He slowly touched the clouds as he passed them. "This is amazing."

"I'm glad you like it. It's a thank you for everything you've done for me," Star told him. Yusei patted the side of her neck in appreciation. She grew somewhat serious again. "Now the next thing you need to know about dragons is that we like a certain type of grass like cats like catnip."

"Really?" Yusei responded.

"Yes," she replied. Star slowly landed at an area full of a grass that looked similar to normal, but different as well. Yusei immediately noticed his dragon friend playing around a bit with it and smirked as he grabbed some.

"Thanks," he responded. She snapped out of her playfulness and pushed Yusei onto her back before flying up into the air. "Star, do you know how long it'll be before your egg hatches?"

"At most, a week and a half," she answered. "I'm sorry I put so much weight on you. But I don't know what else to do."

"It's fine, Star," Yusei responded. "I'm happy to help with it."

. . .

While, Yusei was gone, Crow snuck into Yusei's home. He looked around slowly. "What were you hiding?" he muttered in a low whisper.

Crow looked by the fireplace and stopped. He noticed a slightly glowing egg that had a moving shadow of a dragon inside it. He couldn't look at it in any way but amazement.

"Is this…?" he stopped as he heard footsteps coming in from the back door. He immediately and silently dashed out the front door.

Crow hurried to where the others were patiently waiting and he stopped in front of them panting.

"What did you find?" Akiza asked.

"He has a dragon egg," Crow answered after he caught his breath.

"A dragon egg?" Leo repeated.

"What type of dragon's egg?" Luna asked.

"If I had to guess, a Blinder," Crow answered.

"We need to kill it before it hatches!" Jack proclaimed.

"No," Akiza immediately denied. "We don't know the full story on why he would actually take it. Maybe he had a good reason for it. And I don't want to kill a helpless, baby dragon, to be honest. It doesn't feel right."

"I'm agreeing with Akiza," Crow agreed while the twins nodded.

"Fine," Jack gave in.

"What did it look like?" Luna asked.

Crow began to explain everything he saw. All in detail and they seemed to be in awe of the hearing of it. But what they didn't know is that Yusei was hiding behind the wall of a house by them, listening in on their conversation.

'I need to bring it to my room and keep it safe in there. Away from easy view,' Yusei thought before walking off to change its spot. 'And I'll need to check on it before I get to Star. That way, I can be more ready and there sooner for it to hatch."

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