A Blinding Hope

Lessons and Returning


Chapter 8: Lessons and Returning

The next day during training, the Gronkle head-butted Leo. A lot of other villagers that had stayed were beginning to come and watch. The Gronkle came at Yusei and went she got close, Yusei put out his dragonnip and she skidded to a stop, eyes wide in happiness as she sniffed it. However, none of the other recruits or watching villagers noticed the grass. Yusei scratched it on the nose with it and led the grass to the side where it collapsed in bliss.

People cheered in excitement. The recruits began to walk back through the entrance and across the bridge to the main village.

"That was so cool, Yusei!" Leo stated.

"Yeah, I've never seen a Gronkle do that," Crow added.

"I… uh… I left my dagger back in the arena. I'll be back and catch up with you," Yusei made up the excuse and ran off. Jack and Akiza glared at his back suspiciously. Akiza more because he suddenly got so good so fast that it didn't make sense.

. . .

Yusei checked on the egg first before hurrying to the forest. He met Star with some fish. He grinned in greeting. She ran up to him in greeting.

"How's the egg?" she asked.

"Fine," Yusei answered.

"Have my suggestions helped at all?" Star asked.

"Definitely," Yusei answered. He began to scratched underneath her neck at bit to show his appreciation and as he hit a certain spot, she collapsed to the ground in a bliss slumber. He smirked. "Didn't know about this but it'll help." Yusei sat beside her, waiting for her to wake up. Star's eyes opened again after a few minutes of waiting and she looked at him. "Sorry about that. Didn't realize that would happen."

"You're fine. At least it's something to use in training," the Blinder told him with a dragon grin. Yusei nodded, returning the grin with his own.

Star decided to take Yusei flying again and Yusei agreed with ease. They were soon off into the sky.

They took a break on a small, rocky island and Star caught a lot of fish. Yusei began to cook one himself. They heard a call of some Terrible Terrors and looked as three landed nearby. Two grabbed one fish and began to fight over it. One of the dragons shot fire at the other defensively and it flew off to find another free fish.

He turned to Star and her fish pile and he noticed one fish was moving and standing up a bit. But it wasn't long before a Terrible Terror came out from under the fish pile holding onto the moving fish. Star grabbed it and they began to yank at it. But, as expected, Star yanked the fish out of the Terrible Terror's mouth and ate it. She gave a dragon laugh.

The miniature dragon began to build off an attack and the larger dragon shot a quick fire ball into its mouth making it wince in pain and fall back onto its stomach. It then got up dazed and stumbled around a bit.

"Not too fireproof on the inside, huh?" Yusei questioned. He threw a fish to it and it ate it in a second. It looked at him before curling up beside him while he lightly stroked its side and it purred.

"You truly do care for all dragons, don't you, Yusei?" Star asked.

"I know that most dragons aren't as bad as humans think. So I shouldn't treat most of them like they're horrible," Yusei answered and looked at the little Terrible Terror at his side.

. . .

The next day in training, the Deadly Nadder came at Yusei. But recognition made her stop. They turned as they heard Jack calling out an attack and saw him readying to bring an axe down on her head. Yusei quickly scratched under the Nadder's head until she collapsed. Jack stopped in shock.

Yusei left in a hurry. He quickly checked on the egg for a few minutes before meeting with Star. She told him about how some dragons, mainly Terrible Terrors, play around with light like a cat would with a laser. Star was beginning to enjoy taking Yusei flying and suggested to Yusei that he should start flying with her more often.

. . .

The next day, it turned out to be they were facing the Terrible Terror. The door cranked out a bit and they looked as the small dragon appeared out of the smaller door.

"Ha! Look at it. It's like the size of my…" Crow was cut off by the terror attacking him and biting his nose. "Get it off!" Yusei shined the light of the sun off his shield and the little dragon noticed it. It let go of Crow and followed it around playfully. Crow stood up and said to Jack and Akiza, "Whoa. He's better than you two ever were." The two glared at him.

The Terror followed the light back into its cage where Yusei locked it shut again. He then left.

That afternoon, Jack was throwing a battle axe at trees when Yusei passed by. Yusei continued to run by and Jack tried to catch him, but Yusei disappeared into the underbrush too fast.

. . .

The next day, after training, the boats came in from their trip to the nest. Trudge came to meet them. The boats had holes and burn marks. People were boarding off, carrying various things. Roman came by.

"I trust you found the nest, at least," Trudge stated.

"Not even close," Roman replied grimly.

"Great," Trudge responded sarcastically.

"So what happened with Yusei?" Roman asked.

"Well…" Trudge started but other villagers came running by cheering.

"It's a relief!" a woman stated.

"Out with the old and in with the new, right?" asked a man.

"No one will miss that annoyance," stated another.

"The village is throwing a party to celebrate!" exclaimed another.

Roman looked at Trudge. "He's gone?" he asked the mentor.

"Hm… yeah. Most afternoons," Trudge answered. "But who can blame him? The life a celebrity is very rough, he can barely walk through the village without being swarmed by his new fans," Trudge replied.

Roman pulled Trudge to a stop. "Yusei?" he questioned.

"Who would have thought it? He's got this way with the beasts. He knocks them out easily. Doesn't kill them, but puts them in a state so one of us could," Trudge replied.

"Hmm…" Roman thought and they walked off.

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