Daughter of the Red Star


HIATUS- I have powers unlike any other and it's because of reasons you would never guess. I have to face threats I wouldn't believe possible. But what else should I expect when I'm created by a star?

Action / Romance
Bri Cannistraro
Age Rating:

Fortune Cup- Part 1


Some ideas in this story are influenced by the story, Ignorance by EibonVirgo. The ideas go to her.

Act I: Plague of Darkness and Secrets

Chapter 1: Fortune Cup- Part 1

Keeo's POV

I lay on some table with a clear glass measuring my brain waves curving over my face. A man named Sayer stood to the side watching me.

Sayer had found me alone in Satellite. He told me that my unknown powers had activated during a duel and destroyed many things before I passed out. I ended up with no memory of my life before Sayer saved me one year ago when I woke up.

We had done this test every so often to tone down my powers from becoming uncontrollable. What powers? I know that's what you're thinking. I can use telekinesis (you know, levitating items with my mind), control the air around me, read minds, and I tend to have dreams of something that has happened or will happen.

When my emotions get out of hand, air whips around and destroys everything. Barely anything is left untouched.

"How are you feeling, Keeo?" Sayer asked me.

I sat up and pushed my brown, naturally red tipped hair behind my ears and out of my goldish-yellow eyes. "Better now that my power is back to normal," I answered.

"Good. Now I have a job for you. Do you think you can do it?" Sayer asked.

"What do you need?" I replied.

"I need you to come with me and Akiza to the Fortune Cup. Since you're a dear friend of hers, I thought you should be there to support her and protect her if she needs it," Sayer requested. "Will you help Akiza?"

"Of course. When do we leave?" I asked.

"Actually, we had to leave once your treatment was done. I had my technological team build these wrist bands to keep your powers under control until the Fortune Cup is over," Sayer answered. I stood up and he placed the silver wrist bands on my hands. They were a bit heavy but I had suspected they would be.

"Thanks," I said.

"No need to thank me. Now shall we leave?" Sayer said waving for me to follow him.

I know what you're thinking again. If I can read minds, how did I not know when he wanted to leave or about the bracelets? You see, so far I found I couldn't read Sayer's or Akiza's minds. But I'm okay with that. It's hard enough to deal with hearing everyone else's thoughts.

I followed Sayer to the truck and Akiza smiled when she saw me walking beside Sayer. "Hey, Keeo. I'm glad you're coming," she said.

"It's my pleasure to come, Akiza. You are my friend after all," I said.

Akiza nodded and we boarded the truck with me sitting between Sayer and Akiza. As we drove, I asked, "Are you ready, Akiza?"

"Of course. I'm going to represent the Arcadia Movement, our home, with everything I've got," she replied.

I nodded. "You'll do great. I know it," I encouraged.

"Thanks, I'm happy you have my back," Akiza said.

"Akiza, remember. No matter what those people say, you are not a monster," I said. Akiza nodded with a smile.

"Now Akiza, show them the power of the Arcadia Movement. Don't hold back," Sayer chimed in.

"Understood," Akiza agreed.

I looked outside as the Kaiba Dome came into view. As we stopped and walked in, Sayer said, "I'll go get you signed in, Akiza. How about you go get ready for the beginning ceremonies? Keeo, can you go wait in the viewing room?"

"Yes, Sayer," I agreed and we walked in separate directions. As the viewing room approached, a vision hit me hard.


"Keeo!" exclaimed an eighteen year old looking man. He had raven black hair with golden highlights. He had a criminal mark down the left side of his face that consisted of a jagged line and a triangle to top it off. He also had deep, cobalt blue eyes. I saw a visionary me step back in fear and shock. My eyes mirroring my feelings. "Keeo, it's me. Why are you looking at me like you've never seen me before? We're…" his voice trailed off as the vision faded.

~Vision Ended~

I finished my walk to the couch inside the viewing room and looked at the screen. Akiza, the guy from my vision, and other contestants lined up on the stage. When the audience saw the raven haired boy and his marker, they kept shouting, "Lose the loser! Lose the loser!"

Being from the Arcadia Movement, it meant I despise the fact that the people of the city discriminated psychics and Satellites alike. It seemed quite unfair as they didn't know us.

Luckily, a rather buff man introduced as Greiger came further onto the stage and gave a speech with meaning that I respected. Thankfully, it dropped the discrimination to nothing. At least for a bit. Rex Goodwin, the director of Sector Security and the city in a way, clapped and thanked Greiger for the speech he gave. I was just happy he got the discrimination to stop.

As the group of selected duelists came off the stage, I stared at the screen lost in thought. 'I feel like I know that guy from my vision. But how or when? Heh, I don't remember any of my past and I probably never will. So I shouldn't get my hopes up that I'll remember or figure out why,' I thought.

The raven haired duelist from my vision passed by the room I was in and I saw him look at me. "Keeo!" he exclaimed.

I looked at him confused before I realized the vision I had was one of my future visions. I muttered, "Odd. That usually only happens in my dreams." I turned to him. He was staring at me shocked. "I'm sorry. Yusei, was it? Keeo may be my name but I don't think I know you," I said.

"What? Keeo, it's me! We've known each other since we were kids. We're friends," Yusei responded.

"I suppose it's possible since I don't remember my past at all. But…" I trailed off.

"What do you mean? How can you not remember your past?" Yusei asked genuine concern in his eyes.

"I…" I began but a voice cut me off.

"Keeo!" Akiza called coming in.

"Akiza!" I responded walking up to her with a small smile.

"You're Yusei, right?" Akiza asked.

"Yeah, and your name's Akiza, right?" he replied.

"Yes, now if you will excuse us. And stay away from my friend, Keeo," she replied.

My eyes opened wide when I realized something. "I can't hear your thoughts!" I blurted before I could stop myself.

"Hear my thoughts?" Yusei repeated confused.

Suddenly a headache emerged that felt like I was hit by a bullet. I went to one knee.


Yusei and my visionary self ran outside trying to get to a rundown building. Instead of our present jackets, we wore brown vests.

"Keeo! Yusei!" called another female voice. A girl with brown hair and green eyes stood about two feet in front of the building entrance. "Come on, you guys! We need to plan the next raid!"

"Coming, Joslyn!" I called back.

"Come on, Keeo," Yusei said grabbing my hand and gently pulled me with him.

~Vision Ended~

"Keeo!" Yusei called.

I opened my eyes and slowly stood up. "Keeo, are you okay?" Akiza asked. "What happened?"

"I-I had a vision," I told her.

"But you usually have those in your dreams," Akiza mentioned.

"Well, I just had a second one when I'm not. I had one just before this. I saw me and Yusei talking. He was saying similar things as to when we were talking before we arrived," I explained.

"So you had one of your future visions. What about now?" Akiza asked. "It seemed worse than usual."

"I saw what I think was the past. My past possibly," I answered. "I saw me and Yusei running to this worn down building. A girl called us and told us we need to get ready for another raid of some sort."

I heard Yusei gasp. I had forgotten he was there. 'Keeo, you don't lose yourself like this. This isn't like you,' I yelled at myself mentally. I looked at him. "What?" I asked.

"That happened. Back at the Satellite me, you, your sister Joslyn, Crow, Jack, and Kalin would go around beating duel gangs to make Satellite a better place," he explained.

"I had a sister?" I asked shocked.

"Yeah. Joslyn still hasn't fully recovered after you disappeared a year ago," Yusei said.

"I…" Once again I was cut off by a voice.

"Ah! There you two are! We've been quite concerned when we couldn't find you. The first duel is about to start. Why don't we watch it here? Keeo, how are those bands holding up?" Sayer asked.

I looked at them. I noticed Yusei do the same in the corner of my eye. "Just fine, Sayer. I'm hoping nothing happens to make my power to jump out of control in the first place though," I answered.

"Have you figured out why your power jumps, yet?" Sayer asked.

"Not entirely, yet. But this mark appeared the last time my power went to uncontrollable levels," I explained showing my mark. It was a six pointed star with a heart in the center. "Perhaps, it could be related to it."

"Indeed," Sayer responded. "Now, why don't we sit down while we watch?"

"Yes, Sayer," I agreed.

We walked passed Yusei who stayed to the side. Even though I didn't look, I could feel his presence watching me and the duel. The young girl, Luna, was dueling Greiger from before. There was something about Luna. It was almost like she was a boy. Maybe a twin went for her.

I then remembered something.


Akiza and I were in the Daimon area as our usual routine to release our powers. They called Akiza the Black Rose Witch and I was the Jeweled Wind Witch.

When we showed up and my wind whipped around, a couple people were thrown against fences and some were severely hurt as always. I hated that my power did such a thing.

I noticed a group of people still stood as my wind died down. One boy with teal hair and blue and white shorts, shirt, and shoes, another boy in a completely blue outfit and red bow tie with brown hair, Yusei, a tough looking man with blue hair, another man with brown hair, and an old man stood there.

Akiza saw the mark on Yusei. "You hold that wretched mark!" she exclaimed.

Yusei looked at the mark. I looked at our dragons that stood behind us. My Sparkling Wind Dragon with its white and blue scales and wings and Akiza's rose petal covered Black Rose Dragon. They eyed Yusei suspiciously.

"I do," Yusei said.

He began to step towards us. "Back away!" I ordered. The wind began to whip around harder and Akiza used a card to create a light bright enough for us to escape.

We ran into an alley way. Akiza took off her white mask while I took off my pale blue. "Why did he have a mark?" Akiza asked.

"I… don't know," I answered. "I'm glad we left when we did. Or else I could've hurt more people."

"Don't worry, Keeo," Akiza said. "We'll be fine as long as we stick together."

~Flashback Ended~

So this "Luna" was a twin taking her place. I read his thoughts and it confirmed that he was, indeed, a twin. He was battling for his sister who didn't want to duel. 'Sweet kid,' I thought.

When the kid lost the duel, I was a bit sad. He put up a good fight though. He really should be proud of himself.

Yusei's duel came and we watched. His opponent was supposed to be Shira but Hunter Pace decided he would take Shira's place. The duel continued despite the change of opponent.

As the duel progressed, it was obvious that Yusei was definitely a strong, experienced duelist. He seemed to fight in a similar style to me. Something when he dueled seemed so familiar. And for unknown reasons when he finally won, it made me happy.

Next up was Akiza. "Good luck, Akiza. I'll be rooting for you," I said.

"Thanks, Keeo. I'll see you after my win," she said with a smile.

"You better win," I said jokingly. We laughed and she left.

"Keeo, I'm going to the trailer to check on Akiza's bed for when she's ready to rest. Will you be okay here?" Sayer asked fatherly.

"Of course, Sayer," I answered.

"Good, I'll see you here when the duel is done," he responded before walking off.

Akiza: I thought my duel was supposed to be before Yusei.

Me: Yeah, I kind of wrote a portion of this story before I put it on here and I realized the order after I wrote it.

Sayer: And why didn't you change it?

Me: I couldn't find a way to put it in the right order without changing the story too much. Plus I really didn't want to. *shrugs*

Keeo: Well, I like the chapter but what's going to happen to me during Akiza's duel?

Me: You won't find out until the next one.

Keeo: *groans* I could blow you across the city until you tell me.

Me: Let's not do that. Okay readers, that's all for now. But I will continue it quickly. If you've read my Celestial Signer stories, you know I can put them up pretty fast when I have the time and my creativity is at its highest. Until the next chapter!


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