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By Bri Cannistraro

Drama / Action



Chapter 1


Jayla's POV

I slept in my bed as I dreamt of flying. But I wasn't flying as myself; I was flying as a white and pale blue dragon that had stardust drifting from under its wings. The stars of the night sky were flying past me as I made my way through the air.

I landed in a plane of golden grass. A red, fiery dragon hovered in front of me. "Jayla Sito," it called my name with a centuries' old, female voice.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am the Crimson Dragon. So little do you know the truth about your life, Jayla," the Crimson Dragon said.

"What do you mean?" I asked it. I felt like I could trust the red dragon but I didn't know why.

"Jayla, you are not human," the Crimson Dragon answered.

"What?" I responded shocked.

"You are the physical form of Stardust Dragon when it is hiding on Earth. The reason you do not know of this is because your appearance and memories change when the Signers are revealed and you disappear after they die," the Crimson Dragon explained.

"How have I only been human and not learned about this until now?" I asked.

"The Signers are gathering and your dragon side will come to light soon. It will come out when your Signer holder receives his mark for the first time. Black Rose Dragon's, Ancient Fairy Dragon's, and Red Dragon Archfiend's physical forms are already awakened and are secretly watching their chosen Signer. And when your dragon side comes out, you will change and have the ability to shift from human to dragon at will. You will also receive your memoires of all your past lives and remember the Signers and their duty. But you must meet the Signer first. You are the guardian of him and the world," the Crimson Dragon explained further. "You will fulfill your duties as the guardian I am sure. But be prepared."

A bright light was taking hold of my vision. "Wait! Who is the Signer you're talking about?" I called.

"You will learn when it is time," she answered before light completely took my vision.

My eyes burst open and I looked around the room. My makeshift home in Satellite was always as clean as it was going to get. A chair and desk to the far right corner, my white and blue duel runner leaning against the left wall, some tools next to it, a dresser at the far left corner and the bed I was sleeping on in the right corner by the door.

I got up and looked at my single mirror still trying to grasp my dream. 'Am I really a dragon?' I thought. But when I looked in the mirror, I got my answer. I had yellow irises with the pupils as dragon slits. After a few minutes, my eyes returned to their normal brown.

"I- I can't believe…" I muttered aloud utterly shocked.

I looked outside and noticed it was actually still in the night hour. I suddenly felt a strong pull towards New Domino City. I looked at my body which was now glowing white. 'What's going on?' I thought. 'Am I changing?'

I ran outside when the glow engulfed me. When the light shattered as sparkling dust around me, I looked at my body. I had grown taller and bigger in general. I had the wings of the dragon I saw in my dreams and I looked over my entire body to see I had completely morphed into a dragon.

'So I'm a dragon now,' I thought. The pulled continued to yank at me and soon enough I was in the air heading to where the pull took me.

I arrived over the Kaiba Dome and flashed down into a ramp entrance. 'Okay, let's change back,' I thought. I found myself return to human form and I looked at the scene in front of me.

A man with raven black hair and golden highlights stood with lights shining on him. On his arm was a glowing mark that at first seemed like the head but I realized was the tail. It was then that I realized something else, 'I remember everything about the past! I remember all the Stardust Dragons before me! And that must mean… This man, he's the Signer I am supposed to guard.'

The man was handcuffed after Sector Security called him a Satellite. 'Huh, figures I would live in the same place as the Signer I'm supposed to protect,' I thought.

They took him and his duel runner away, though I still followed him the entire way. I felt pained when I watch him get marked. I was hovering in the air. I had found that I could make it so I could use my dragon wings even when I wasn't in dragon form. I used my new powers to also become transparent to the eyes. But as Yusei got marked, I was sure to I use my powers to make the pain of getting marked at the least painful as possible.

Third Person POV

"Director!" called the scientist Zigzix.

"Yes, Zigzix?" Goodwin responded.

"You wouldn't believe the power we got from the dragon! Not including the after bit which has an unrecognizable energy," Zigzix explained in his usual crazy mood.

"What unrecognizable energy? When did it appear and how long did it stay?" Goodwin asked intrigued.

"That's the thing. It appeared when that Yusei guy was getting handcuffed and then when he was taken away it disappeared. Like it followed him," Zigzix explained. "We can't match up the energy with any of the familiar types."

"Intriguing. Keep studying this Zigzix," Goodwin ordered. 'Could it be that the Crimson Dragon had another person with it?' he thought.

Jayla's POV

As the man found his way to the Facility, I had finally learned his name as Yusei Fudo. He ended up dueling a man named Tanner and I even helped a bit by making the rights cards glow faintly.

Now he was back in his cell sitting on his cot while Yanagi was taking a nap on his. I rolled my eyes.

"Sometimes I wonder whether old people act crazy or are crazy," I said aloud by accident. Yusei looked around shocked at hearing me. "Oops," I muttered.

"Wait, who's there?" Yusei called quietly so he wouldn't wake up Yanagi or alert the guards.

I took a seat next to Yusei and said, "Didn't mean to make you hear me or frighten you. I'm supposed to be guarding you in secret after all."

"Where are you?" he asked.

I sighed and let myself be seen. He jumped back in shocked. "Nice to meet you too," I greeted.

"What are you?" Yusei asked me. "Why do you need to guard me?"

"So much you don't know about that card you love," I said vaguely. "That Jack is a real jerk."

"What does that mean?" he asked.

"I'm Stardust Dragon. The physical form of it that hides and guards one of the Signers each time they come to the world," I explained.

"So you're like a form of Stardust Dragon that is a living being?" he asked.

"Yep," I answered bluntly. "Been around you since I learned about it the other night."

"Where have you been?" Yusei asked me.

"In the Satellite near the Daedalus Bridge," I answered.

"You said you guard one of the Signers. What are the Signers?" Yusei asked. "And how is it you only found out the other night?"

"The night you were arrested was the night I was talking to the Crimson Dragon in my dragon form for the first time. It was also the time where I learned everything. It was in a dream of course. Then when I woke up, I felt a pull towards the Kaiba Dome. I then morphed for the first time in real life and found you being arrested with a mark glowing on your arm," I explained.

"And does that mark make me these so-called Signers?" he asked.

"Yeah. The Crimson Dragon chose you to protect the world from the coming darkness. And I have to protect you," I explained.

"Who are you?" called a security officer.

I looked at him. "Hi and bye," I said with a wave and disappeared from view.

He went wide eyed and I struggled to hold in a laugh when the guard stepped back fearfully. "Uh, I don't…" he trailed off before running away.

I cracked up and reappeared. "You're going to get me into trouble," Yusei said.

"No," I responded. "I'm not."

I went over and tapped Yanagi on the head to wake him up. I touched his head as he opened his eyes and Yusei looked at me confused before I disappeared.

"Here!" came the guard who was followed by another.

"What's here?" the other guard said.

"There was this girl. This Fudo guy was talking to her," the guard stuttered absolutely shocked.

"Are you talking about how Yusei and I were talking?" Yanagi asked.

"But I…" the guards trailed of shocked.

"Listen, you should probably get more sleep," the other guard told the first. "This is just a misunderstanding. Now come on."

"Wait, what just happened?" Yanagi asked once they left.

"I'm not sure," Yusei answered.

"Well," Yanagi said with a yawn, "I'm getting back to my nap."

"Okay," Yusei agreed and Yanagi was back asleep pretty quickly.

"How did you do that?" Yusei called. "Why did you do that?"

"I'm supposed to protect you, Yusei. So I get to bail you out of trouble when you need it," I explained. "I even dulled the pain when they were putting that Marker on you."

"You what?" he asked shocked.

"Believe me; you wouldn't want to feel the pain it has to get a marker without me. I saved you a lot of pain," I explained not revealing myself.

"Are you going to show yourself again?" Yusei asked.

"No, I'm supposed to protect you and guard you. I shouldn't have talked and made so much noise as it is," I replied.

"But you're going to watch me?" he asked.

"Until you die," I answered. "Then I disappear just like all my past lives."

"Disappear?" Yusei asked.

"I'll be watching," I called before going silent.

"Wait," he called quietly but I did not respond resulting in him giving up for the time being.

I continued to watch him secretly and paid attention to everything going on around him. To help him if he needed it.

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