Celestial Signer

Answers and Escape

Chapter 10

Answers and Escape

Leo, Luna, Akiza, Jack, and Yusei arrived at Goodwin's office where he sat waiting for them. He looked at them. "So we are all gathered. Almost all of us that is," Goodwin said. "Yusei, I heard you were able to retrieve the unknown Signer but the Dark Signers got to her. Is this true?"

"Unfortunately. We couldn't stop them before they took her," Yusei answered.

Goodwin sighed. "We will get the Signer back eventually. We will have to wait though. The Dark Signers are growing by the minute," Goodwin said. He got up and told everyone to follow him.

"Do you know anything about her Goodwin?" Jack asked.

"I have been digging through old ancient texts. Only one hinted towards an unknown, new Signer," he answered.

"What was it?" Akiza asked.

"A prophecy. It goes like this: 'The Signer shall be the gateway. The Signer will be the portal. Power erupts from inside her until she finds her place in the Signers' world. The portal she is and the portal she will become'," Goodwin recited.

"Am I the only one who doesn't like the sound of that?" Jack asked.

"I don't think any of us like it," Luna said.

The elevator they had entered stopped underneath the mansion. When they entered, there was an ancient temple comprised of many stairs, much like an Incan temple. Around it was the glowing symbol of the Crimson Dragon.

"This is the Temple of the Stars. It is where the Dragon's first past down their power to humans. I'm afraid that the war between the two armies is beginning again. And New Domino…and the Satellite have become the battleground. Every person is a potential victim, and if we do not stop them here, the souls of New Domino and the whole planet will fall into darkness," Goodwin said.

Visions of frightened citizens disappearing in flashes of purple light, below glowing symbols of animals flashed by them. Leo and Luna stood close together. Everyone else stood with horrified expressions.

"Those poor people…we've got to save them," Yusei declared.

"That's right. But, I should warn you. Not all of you may be standing here again when this is all over. The Dark Signers are incredibly powerful and the task of defeating them may not just be daunting, it may be impossible," Goodwin responded.

"So you're saying we've lost before we've started?" Yusei questioned. Akiza got a worried look on her face that seemed to mirror the expression of almost everyone else.

"No. The first battle was already won when Yusei defeated the Shadow Drone last night. But, don't expect things to get any easier. As I have said, not all of you may make it out alive. It's because of this reason I'm only giving you all another day to think things through. I want everyone to be back here tomorrow with your decision," Goodwin explained.

"Ok, but one quick question. What about the fifth signer? There are supposed to be five signers, and I only counted four at the Fortune Cup." Yusei demanded. Jack smirked while everyone else also began to wonder the same thing.

"I can assure you that I am working on their identity," he responded.

Everyone was doubtful. He allowed everyone to go. They didn't know what to expect but they all had to hope for the best.

As they exited the Signers' marks glowed bright and began to pulse. They felt Era's presence begging for more energy, more strength, more help. "Era," Yusei muttered. 'Whatever they're doing to her, she needs our strength,' he thought.

Era's arm was glowing bright. A pulse wave was emanating from her Celestial Signer mark. Luckily it kept Kalin against the wall.

She could feel her friends lending her strength. The pulse grew more powerful and Kalin was eventually compressed against the wall tight enough where he blacked out, much to Era's relief.

The pulse wave wrapped around her before the cuffs shattered at the immense pressure the wave gave it.

She hurried to her feet. Kalin had given her a couple good sized scratches with his knife but those we nothing. She bolted out the door with the fastest speed she could muster.

She approached a turn. Before going around it, she hid behind the corner to listen and look for anyone. She saw Roman talking with Demak.

"I have recently read a prophecy. A prophecy that would be linked to the girl and her Celestial Signer mark," Roman said.

"How does the prophecy go?" Demak asked.

"'The Signer shall be the gateway. The Signer will be the portal. Power erupts from inside her until she finds her place in the Signers' world. The portal she is and the portal she will become'," Roman repeated.

"'The portal she will become'… Maybe when an event happens, she will become a portal to another world. To her world," Demak suggested.

"If that is the case, we need to make sure we keep her with us. We can use that power to envelope darkness in two worlds. Here and one that isn't so expecting," Roman said with a grin.

'Gotta get to Yusei and the others! Gotta get to Yusei and the others!' Era cried mentally. She then remembered she could teleport. She searched her memories for any landmarks. Era thought of the park. 'Transport to the park.'

In the blink of an eye, Era found herself speeding through the sky. Her body was wrapped in light and the ground was speeding below her in a blur. She saw the empty park and felt herself flash down there.

She found herself next to a tree. She leaned against it and slid down. It was a relief to be back but she knew they would come back to look for her. She looked at the ground. 'This is bad. Really, really bad. If they saw how the duels play out and change it, this could end badly. Why did I let myself get captured?!' she yelled at herself. She gripped her head in frustration.

After sitting there for probably another hour, trying to find a way to keep the events going the way they should, she gave up for the time being. 'I need to warn Yusei and the others. They need to know what's going on,' she thought standing up.

She started walking everywhere through the city, trying to locate at least Yusei. She found Goodwin's safe house as she knew from the show and immediately noticed Jack and Yusei's runners. She sighed instantly with relief.

Walking all day made her legs weak, teleporting sapped her strength a bit, plus the electricity shocks were still affecting her strength deeply. She leaned against the one of the front trees for rest and support. Her mark began to glow and burn and she slid down the tree.

'I… just… need to… rest for… a bit…' she thought tiredly before a deep sleep over came her body.

Yusei was sitting in his room. Trying to think things over and make his final decision. He was worried about facing Kalin again but he knew he needed to stop Kalin. His mark began to pulse and glow. He looked at it confused before going to the window.

He looked around not sure what to think. He noticed over by a tree was someone laying on the ground. It was a girl and he saw her mark. He looked closer and as soon as he did, he ran down to the tree.

When he reached it, he rolled her over. "Era!" he exclaimed. She didn't budge.

"Yusei, who is that? Is she alright?" Luna called.

"It's Era!" Yusei answered. Luna ran down followed by Leo and Akiza.

"How'd she escape?" Akiza asked.

"I'm not sure," Yusei responded. He looked her over. He noticed the few scratches and burns on her body. "We need to get her inside," he said.

They walked with him as he picked her up and brought her inside. When they reached the living room, Yusei set her on the couch.

Jack came in having seen everything from the window. "To be honest, it doesn't surprise me that she made it back," he said. "Especially with that ability of hers."

"What ability?" Akiza asked.

"She can teleport. Yusei, you said she was with you when you woke up right?" Jack asked. Yusei nodded. "Well, the last thing I saw of her was her saying, 'transport to Martha's place' and then flashing out of existence. But from the looks of her condition, I'd say she narrowly escaped."

"When we were exiting Goodwin's mansion, am I the only one who remembers that she needed our strength?" Luna asked and they all looked at her. "Whatever they did to her, she obviously needed some of our help to get the strength to get out." She looked at Era. "I'm just glad she's back. I bet they would've done worse if she stayed longer."

They all looked at Era. Her eye brows were furrowed together in concentration and worry. 'What did they do to her?' Akiza thought.

'What did they want from her? What did they get?' Yusei thought.

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