Celestial Signer

The Portal She Will Become

Chapter 11

"The Portal She Will Become"

Era stood face to face with the Crimson Dragon. They were in a field of grass with the red star glimmering overhead.

"Crimson Dragon, do you know how much they learned from my memories?" she asked.

"Not as much as they said. I prevented them from seeing the end of the duels and some of the important events. I could not keep everything away from them though," Crimson Dragon answered. Era sighed with relief. "I can tell you are beginning to use the powers you have been given. There are much more than what you know now, but that will be revealed in time."

"What is this prophecy that Roman was talking about?" Era asked. "What does it mean when it says I will become the portal? Will I die?"

"When the final battle for the last control tower is won, you will have a total of an hour," Crimson Dragon stated vaguely.

"An hour for what?" Era asked.

"After the hour is up, your power will begin to grow beyond control inside you. If you are not able to focus the power on just creating a portal, you will be consumed by it and become the portal yourself. If that should happen, you will die when the power is exhausted," the red dragon informed.

"I'll… die?" she felt a feared tear slip down the side of her face.

"Yes. But only if you cannot focus on just making the portal in time. Only if you lose control at that state," she informed.

"What'll happen if I live? Will the portal take me home?" Era asked.

"Yes. But also know this, if you live after the scenario, you can go home. But unlike the Signers' marks your mark can only disappear when you die. If you complete the portal and survive, you will have unlocked all of your power and that power will enable you to travel between your home world and this world," the Crimson Dragon explained.

"Really?" Era asked shocked. Crimson Dragon nodded. Era then asked a question that had been bothering her for a while, "Crimson Dragon, back at home, is my body totally gone and off the face of my Earth or is it like I'm in a coma to my parents and friends?"

"Your body is here. You are missing to the people who care about you," she said. "There is one other thing bothering you. I can tell."

Era looked up at her shocked. "Y-Yes, there is. If Yusei is falling in love with me and I'm falling in love with him, what happens to the story line with Akiza?" she asked.

"In your show, Yusei and Akiza are seemingly in love with one another. But here, Yusei cares for Akiza. He doesn't know whether or not he likes Akiza in that way. So even if he loves you, he will still care for Akiza enough to help her when the time comes," Crimson Dragon explained.

"That's a relief. I don't want this thing that's going on between us to affect what'll happen," Era said.

"You must be careful, Era, when you are with the Dark Signers again. They will want to use your power to envelop darkness in both this world and your own. As you have already heard," Crimson Dragon said.

"I understand," she said.

"I will see you again, child," the red dragon said before disappearing.

The world that surrounded Era soon faded away as well.

Era gasped as she bolted up. She looked around the room. Akiza, Yusei, and Jack looked at her worried. Leo and Luna had relieved but still worried faced. "Are you okay?" Akiza asked.

"I- I'm fine," Era answered. Her shoulder throbbed where she had a cut but left it alone.

"What happened to you?" Yusei asked.

Era looked at everyone. "T-They searched through my memories. They saw pieces of the show I told you about but the Crimson Dragon kept the important memories and the duel endings out of their reach. They kept electrocuting me with negative energy, trying to get me to their side. When that didn't happen they…" she stopped and pulled her knees up to her forehead. "They told Kalin he could try his way." Era rubbed her hurt shoulder.

"What's 'his way'?" Luna asked.

Era shook her head and tucked her face between her knees. "If it wasn't for you lending me your strength, I would still be stuck there and hurt," she said.

Yusei set a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him. "You're safe now. That's all that matters," he said.

"But for how long?" she asked. "They're going to come back for me. If they get me they'll use my powers to take over both your world and mine."

"How can they take over both worlds? Like you said to Akiza, they're probably light years away from each other," Jack asked.

"Because I will become the portal," she stated vaguely.

"What does that even mean, Era? Where did you hear about the prophecy?" Yusei asked.

"I heard two of the main Dark Signers talking about it. I asked the Crimson Dragon about it. She said, that an hour after the final duel for the last control tower is won, my power will begin to grow beyond control inside of me. If I'm not able to focus the power on just creating a portal, I will be consumed by it and become the portal myself. If that should happen, I will die when the power is exhausted," Era explained using the dragon's words.

"So, you're going to die? You have a time limit on life?" Akiza asked shocked.

"If I can't focus it or control it," Era said.

"And what happens if you can?" Leo asked.

"Then I will be able to go home. But the Crimson Dragon did say that I will keep my mark forever and that if I should survive this, I will have unlocked all my power. That power will allow me to go back and forth between this world and my home," Era said with a small smile about going home.

"Really?" Luna asked.

Era nodded. "But I shouldn't get too excited. That's only if I live," she said.

Everyone was silent. Not only had they hurt her but there was a chance she would die when it was all over. And if she didn't die, she might leave. It was hard to believe. Era swung her legs over the side of the couch and she tried to stand up but a splitting headache kept her to the couch along with a simple round of dizziness.

"Easy there, Era. You should rest," Yusei said caringly.

"But I also need to move. I've been in situations like this before. I just need to move around and this headache and dizziness should be gone within a minute or so," Era retorted.

She got up again this time with no difficulty. She began to walk outside when she felt something. A dark presence of some sort. But, from where? Era decided to worry about that later and move on.

She got herself out to the back garden and went to a tree to lean against. 'It's at least somewhat peaceful here. But soon, the real battle will begin. I need to be ready for when that time comes,' Era thought.

Era looked around. The dark presence seemed to have followed her. About three meters across from her was something black. A dark, black mist stood there. It stared at her with glowing red eyes.

It looked at her with a toothy grin. "So, you finally see me?" the voice was dark and hoarse.

"Who are you?" Era asked it. "What are you?"

"Me? I'm the dark force that resides in Roman. But don't worry I left part of myself to keep him in my control. I think you can guess where I come from," it asked.

"From the Earthbound Immortal Uru, right?" Era guessed with a scowl.

"That's right. But for much simpler purposes, you can know me for now as just, Uru. My associates are rather impressed with your escape. You are strong indeed but you have a growing fear inside you. And fear is an emotion that feeds the darkness," Uru said with a grin.

"What do you think I'm afraid of?" Era asked.

Unbeknownst to Era and the mist, Leo was watching the two. When he turned and saw Uru, he gave a frightened expression and ran to Yusei.

"Leo? What's wrong?" Yusei asked. Everyone was looking at Leo now concerned.

"I was heading outside to check on Era when I saw her talking to this scary, black mist thing. It seems to be trying to do something to Era," Leo said fearfully.

"What?!" Yusei exclaimed.

He and Akiza ran out to see what was going on. What they saw concerned and shocked them.

"You heard my question. What do you think I'm afraid of?" Era asked.

"Ha! Ha! You're afraid of your brother's safety! And you're afraid of what the future brings for you and the Signers. Well, neither is good. Your brother is still in the hands of your parents and let's just say, he very scared right now," the black mist said with an evil, maniacal grin.

"No…" Era said fearfully. "You're lying! You're an Earthbound Immortal! A dark spirit! I can't believe anything you say!"

"But you should. I have nothing to hide from you. You fears are growing and with those fears so is the darkness in you. Just let it free and let it consume you. It'll help," the mist said.

She looked at the mist wide eyed. "Era, don't listen to it!" Yusei exclaimed. Era looked at Yusei shocked. "I don't know what's going on but you can't listen to that thing. It's just trying to manipulate you."

The dark mist growled to itself as Era looked at Yusei, a Signer, with a softening, thanking expression. "This is taking far too long!" the spirit exclaimed. They looked at it.

Before anyone could do anything, the black mist wrapped itself around Era. She began to cough and choke as the black mist tried to invade her mind and body. "G-Get out… of me!" she coughed out.

"You will succumb to fear! One way or another! And when that happens you'll be mine!" the mist said. Era dropped to the ground and her hands and knees. Akiza and Yusei ran up to her but when they were at least a foot from reaching her, a force field bounced them back. "You will not interfere, Signer!"

Yusei saw Era's mark shifting from red to purple over and over as her soul battled the darkness that was trying to invade her. "The inner battle is sapping your strength isn't it, Signer?" the dark spirit growled. "If you do not succumb, the battle will end up killing you instead of the prophecy."

"Era! Don't give in! Fight it with all your might! Remember what you told me and Crow and everyone about our jobs as Signers! You told us that 'when things get hard, we need to face it full force'! Do that! Face it full force and beat it!" Yusei exclaimed.

'Yusei's right. I'm not going to give in! I'm going to fight! I will stop Uru from taking me!' Era thought.

Era's crunched up eyes burst open and her mark grew bright red. "What's this? How is she resisting my hold?" the mist asked shocked.

"Simple. You think the fear in me will weaken me but you're wrong. It'll only make my light of determination grow brighter and stronger. My brother is safe and I will not give into my fear. I may not know what the future holds for me but I do know what it holds for my friends and I will make sure that future will stay that way. Now get out of me and go back to Roman!" Era exclaimed. Her mark grew bright and energy encased her body in a red glow. The energy released and the dark mist was sent away from her body.

It circled in vortex a few feet from her head and said, "This isn't over Signer! We will see each other again and when we do, you will become one of us." With that it disappeared into nothing.

Era collapsed on the ground her energy almost completely sapped from her body. The last thing she saw from her friends was their worried faces. Then everything went black.

"Yusei, what just happened?" Luna asked scared.

"I'm not sure. But whatever just happened, it obviously wanted Era with the Dark Signers or no one gets to be with her. Thankfully she was able to fight it," Yusei said. "But it looks like it took a lot out of her."

"Let's get her to that spare room that Goodwin had made for her in case she escaped," Akiza suggested.

Yusei nodded and picked Era up. Just as Yusei knew she would be, she was extremely light. But he knew why and was sure she was going to eat soon. The others would make her if she didn't.

Leo and Luna stayed downstairs with Jack while Akiza and Yusei went upstairs to her room. Yusei set Era on her bed carefully. Akiza looked at Yusei who was looking at Era worried.

"You care about her a lot, don't you Yusei?" Akiza asked.

"What?" Yusei asked confused.

"I can see the way you look at her. You love her, Yusei," Akiza responded.

"I-I don't know if I love her or not. Besides, I…" Yusei began but Akiza cut him off. "Yusei, I know you're worried about how I feel but you should know that if you really like Era, which I know you do, then I'm okay with that. I want you to be happy Yusei. Whether that's with Era or not."

"Akiza…" Yusei said.

"I know you love her. And I could tell she loves you, though she is confused why like you are with her. You better confess to her soon before she leaves. If she leaves and you haven't said anything, then we might not be seeing her for a long while." Akiza have a small laugh. "You know, if you did confess and she still wanted to go home for a bit, she would probably want you with her. She did say she could come back after all if she survived."

Yusei looked down in confusion. She couldn't believe she could see through him. But was she right? Did he really love Era? Did Era love him? There were so many questions in his head.

Akiza looked at him. "Yusei, why don't you stay here and watch over Era?" she suggested. He looked at her. "This way if something happens you can be here and when she wakes up she'll see you here and not be alone. It might make her more at ease."

Yusei looked at Era. He nodded. "You're right. I'll stay for now," Yusei gave in. Akiza gave him a smile.

"I'll be around if you or Era need anything," Akiza said and left closing the door behind her.

Yusei sat down on the bed next to her. He looked at her. Her face was peaceful and tired. He saw her burned wrist from the electrocutions they gave her. What he feared was Kalin's way. It made her so quiet and afraid. Whatever Kalin tried to do to her, it traumatized her.

It made him sad. The Kalin he knew protected others. But this Kalin seemed to only hurt others. It made him worry. Yusei shook his head. 'I need to focus on keeping Era and everyone safe. I'm going to have to battle Kalin to stop this from happening. Era's going to want to stay with me, that I know. But I'm worried about Kalin trying to hurt her again,' Yusei thought. 'Whatever will happen in the next few days, if I'm going to keep at least Era safe, I'm going to need her with me. Besides no matter who she goes with she'll be seeing one of the Dark Signers again and I'm guessing all of them want her back. I'm going to keep her safe at all costs.'

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