Celestial Signer

Waking Up

Chapter 12

Waking Up

Yusei waited in her room for three hours. He was worried. She had a lot of energy sapped from her and if she couldn't work at full strength tomorrow what could she do. Akiza had come to check up on them twice already. Her condition just didn't seem to be improving. It really concerned Yusei. Whatever the Dark Signers and that spirit did, it hurt her and it made him mad that they hurt her. But he didn't understand why.

'Is Akiza right? Am I really in love with her?' he thought.

He heard a groan and immediately looked at Era. Her eyes were trying to open and she was looking around the room. Her eyes landed on Yusei and he could tell she felt a sense of relief but also sadness.

"Y-Yusei?" she called.

"It's okay, Era. You're safe now," he said.

"I guess it was just a dream," she muttered.

"What was a dream?" Yusei asked.

"I was home and I guess I shouldn't be very surprised it was a dream. My parents weren't fighting. But maybe… it wasn't a complete dream," Era said.

"Why would you say that?" Yusei asked.

"Because, I was at my house but it was like I was a ghost. No one could see me or hear me. Plus my parents were talking to police. They were asking if they found me yet and the police said they hadn't found anything about me or my brother's whereabouts. I guess maybe I was having a vision of what is happening at home," Era explained. A tear streamed down her face. "My parents looked like they were genuinely scared and concerned. They weren't fighting or anything and it looked like Mom wasn't drinking. I wish I could go back home and tell them I was alright."

Yusei took off his glove put a gentle hand on her face. He rubbed the tear away from her eyes and Era leaned her head against his hand. She felt so comforted by his presence and help.

Yusei felt a warm, caring sensation fill his body. He looked at her and her beautiful, forest green eyes. He got lost in them again. Era stared into his cobalt blue eyes and could tell she was getting lost in them. But she couldn't pull away. Something seemed to lock the two together.

'This feeling. Am I in love?' she thought through many other reasons for this feeling but only one seemed to fit the bill. 'I am in love. But… the Crimson Dragon did say Yusei doesn't feel that way like in the show, but I don't want to hurt Akiza.'

"But you won't, child," the Crimson Dragon's voice spoke.

She wanted to look for the red dragon but her gaze was officially locked on Yusei's. "When you were out, Akiza told Yusei that she wanted Yusei to be happy. And she was fine if that was with you or not. She won't be hurt if you two fall in love," the Crimson Dragon said. "Do not worry."

Suddenly, all the worry vanished from Era's mind. The Crimson Dragon's words seemed to have soothed her mind. Era felt Yusei and her being pulled into each other for a kiss. A kiss they couldn't seem to stop.

Yusei couldn't ignore the pull that attracted him to Era. He realized Akiza was right. What he was feeling was love, much to his disbelief. He was in love with Era, a human who was amazing and, literally, out of this world.

When their lips met, fire was set off between them. It burned with a passion and they couldn't help but feel this undeniable love that was put between them become strong and unyielding. The world seemed to melt around them and disappeared.

They didn't know how long they kissed but when they broke they looked at each other with unexpected happiness. "Era, I…" Yusei began but stopped. 'I might as well say it. I love her and Akiza was right. I should confess while I can,' he thought. "I love you."

"Yusei, I… love you too," Era admitted. It shocked her that she did. And it frightened her, but she wasn't going to let it control her. 'I can't believe I've fallen in love with Yusei Fudo. Then again, ever since I first saw Yusei on television, I've always wanted him as a boyfriend,' she thought.

They were about to kiss again when a knock was heard on the door. They immediately looked like they were fine and nothing happened. Akiza walked in and smiled when she saw Era up. "Era, it's good to see you up. Are you feeling okay? After that black mist encased you and you set yourself free, you were knocked out for about three hours," she informed.

"I'm okay. I just should rest a bit more before tomorrow, I'm guessing that's when we're leaving," Era said.

"Yeah, I kind of figured you would know that because of your world. We will be having dinner in about five minutes so come down when you're ready," Akiza said just before leaving.

"And you're going to eat," Yusei said.

"But… I don't want to take the food," Era said.

"Era, it's not like any of us are hurt or sick. You need the strength more than any of us at this point. The Dark Signers and that mist sapped a lot of your strength and you need it. The food will help," Yusei reasoned. Era looked down. "I know it doesn't seem like you but this isn't your normal situation. You need the food and strength if we're going to take down the Dark Signers."

"Okay," Era agreed reluctantly.

Yusei kissed her forehead with care before looking at her with calming eyes. "Come on. Food should be ready in a couple more minutes," Yusei said standing and holding out a hand.

She took it and stood up with Yusei. They walked out together and Era went down stair first so Yusei could catch her if she needed it.

When they reached the dining room Jack was waiting patiently and looked at Yusei with a subtle glare. The twins got up from their seats and ran up to Era. They hugged her with relief and Era hugged them back kindly.

"Thank goodness you're okay!" Luna exclaimed.

"Yeah, we don't know what we would do without you! Or Yusei," Leo added.

"I'm okay, guys. Thanks for your concern," Era responded. The twins went back over to their spot while Era went over to find Akiza in the kitchen. "What are you making, Akiza?"

"I was thinking maybe Chicken Alfredo. Do you like it?" Akiza asked.

"Yeah, it's actually one of my favorite dishes," Era said with a smile. "I didn't know you cooked."

"Well, I heard from Yusei that you cook pretty good too," Akiza said.

"I wouldn't say I am that great. I've just had practice," Era responded.

"Well, if we ever need to eat, I want you to cook so we can all try it," Akiza said with a smile. "Yusei barely ever exaggerates."

"I guess you're right. If we ever need me to cook, I'll cook," Era gave in.

Akiza smiled. 'She certainly is kind,' Akiza thought. 'I wonder what happened to her that made her more caring about others rather than herself.'

"Well, dinner's ready," Akiza said placing the meal on the plates.

Akiza and Era carried the food out to everyone and it wasn't long before they dug in. "Nice cooking, Akiza," Luna complimented.

"I agree," Era asked. She hadn't eaten a lot but she had to admit it was very good.

But it still felt so wrong to eat the food. She could rarely go out to restaurants and feel okay with eating their food. So eating something that she was there when they were making it made her feel wrong.

"Era, why aren't you eating?" Jack asked. "If you think it's good, why aren't you eating much?"

"Just my natural conscience. I can rarely eat food that someone else makes and I never really eat any food unless I'm starving. Especially if someone else needs the food, like my little brother," she answered.

"She was the same way when we were over at Martha's. I had a hard time convincing her to eat. Even when she did, she felt bad about it and I had never seen her eat. And in total it was about three days," Yusei informed.

"I can't believe you wouldn't eat like that. How can someone go three days without food?" Akiza asked.

"It's my nature. Back at home, money's low all the time because of Mom and her beers. When we do have enough money for food, I get enough so we still have money for bills and any leftover for food. But I make sure my baby brother gets all the food he needs to grow. Even if it means that I won't eat for the day. My body's used to the lack of food and I'm not as hungry as I should be," Era explained. "The food is really good, Akiza. It's just I feel wrong eating the food because of my natural feelings and actions."

"I get it. But you still need to eat. After today, you need the food," Akiza said.

"I know," Era said.

Everyone smiled as she reluctantly kept eating. Yusei was relieved she wasn't putting herself down too much. Everyone soon kept talking about tomorrow and their plans. But Era stayed silent.

"So, Era, what was that thing you were talking to?" Luna asked.

Era looked at everyone and their expectant faces. "It was one of the Earthbound Immortal in its spirit form. It left part of itself with its Dark Signer to keep him in its control but came to try to pull me over. It was the Earthbound Immortal Uru," she explained.

"Did you say Earthbound Immortal?" Yusei asked.

Era nodded. "There are five main Earthbound Immortals. Uru the Spider, Aslla Piscu the Hummingbird, Ccapac Apu the Giant, Ccarayhua the Lizard, and Cusillu the Monkey. Then there are two others to come after the main ones," Era explained. She wasn't sure if that was too much information but they'll learn more about the rest. "You already faced one of them, Yusei. Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu. These will be one of the hardest cards you will ever face." She muttered, "I'm not sure which was harder for them though. The Earthbound Immortals or the Meklord Emperors." Thankfully no one seemed to hear the last part.

"What do you mean by one of them? What other cards out there will be harder than the Earthbound Immortals?" Jack asked.

"I really shouldn't say. It's too far in your future and if I told you it could affect how it works out," she answered.

"Can't you give us a hint? Tell us something to expect from it," Leo asked.

Era shook your head. "If I told you what to expect from it, it may hurt the future," she said with regret in her voice. "That is if this plays out like from what I know."

"It's still hard to believe you know all about our future. Everything that may come if it stays the same," Akiza said.

"I'm worried about what the Dark Signers know now. They may have not seen the end of your duels but they probably did see a lot of it. That may change the way it plays out," Era said. "So you all need to be careful. If they know what happens, you need to watch your strategies. Try to think of some different counter attacks and counter traps and spells. Some things that you normally wouldn't do."

They nodded understanding. Everyone was soon finished and Era went up to her room early to rest up for tomorrow.

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