Celestial Signer

Meeting the Director

Chapter 13

Meeting the Director

Era looked at the clock. '1:10 in the morning?! Why can't I fall back asleep?' she thought with a quiet groan. She had fallen asleep quite easily when she first came up but she woke up around ten pm and couldn't fall back asleep.

She stood up and went to the window. The stars were bright that night and looking at them calmed her down. The moon gazed upon the city. 'I wonder if this moon has a guardian of this Earth. Just like how the Crimson Dragon said my Earth had her brother guarding it,' she thought.

She sighed. She quietly asked herself, "Will I go home? If I really care about Yusei like I know I do, will I want to go home?" A knock came at her door and she called, "Come in."

Yusei stepped in. "I thought I heard some shuffling coming from up here. Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, just can't sleep," Era answered looking back at the star covered sky.

"You were asleep earlier. Did something happen?" Yusei asked concerned.

"No, just woke up at ten for some reason and can't fall back asleep," she explained. "Looking at the stars tends to help me. I have my bed right next to my window at home for that reason."

Yusei walked over and put his hands on her shoulders gently. Careful not to push on the scratches and bruises to hard. She set a hand on his while looking at him. She turned to him and leaned against his chest. Yusei wrapped his arms around her and set his chin on her head.

She relaxed against him and his comforting presence. The stars helped too as they always did. Yusei walked her over to her bed and laid her back down and pulling the sheets over her skinny body.

She gave a sleepy smile at him. He sat there and kept company until she fell back asleep. When she back asleep, he kissed her forehead before leaving the room.

'Tomorrow's going to be a long day and we all need our rest,' Yusei thought as he entered his room. He silently closed the door and went back to sleep himself.

The morning came early and as always Yusei and Era were the first ones up. "Are you ready for today?" Yusei asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be. I mean, I know how this'll play out if it goes as similarly as I hope it will. But for me, it's different when you're watching someone play the story out on television than actually being a part of it. It's actually kind of scary thinking about how I'll see all this play out with my own eyes and it won't be on an electronic screen," Era responded.

"We'll be fine. Era, I was thinking. When we face these Dark Signers, you're going to need someone with you. Why don't you come with me? Be on the sidelines so I know you're safe while I take down Kalin," Yusei suggested.

Era nodded. "To be honest, I think that may be a good idea. If the Dark Signers are after me, I'll need to be with someone I trust. Besides, I have to face Kalin one way or another. Yusei, I know the truth." He looked at her. "I know what happened between you and Kalin. He just misunderstood what happened and he'll learn it at some point. I hope he didn't see that part in my memories because then he might not believe you or Crow."

"Yeah," he agreed.

They looked at the clock. Nine o'clock am. They were meeting Goodwin at eleven. "How are we going to wake the others up?" Yusei asked.

"I know how to wake Leo up. He'll then wake Luna up and who knows about Jack and Akiza," Era said.

"You're saying food?" Yusei asked.

She nodded. She went into the kitchen and decided she would make pancakes. She looked around for the ingredients and found them all. "Let's see if the food will wake them first. I can make bacon with it," Era said.

She got the bacon and cooked that first. Within the first ten minutes, and just after Era finished the bacon and started the pancakes, Leo and Luna were down. "Who's cooking?" Luna asked.

"Era," Yusei said. They looked at the kitchen and hurried in.

"What are you making?" Leo asked.

"Pancakes and bacon. Hope you don't mind," she answered.

"Mind? We love pancakes!" Luna exclaimed.

"And bacon!" Leo continued.

Era laughed and continued cooking. Fifteen minutes later the food was about done and Akiza and Jack were dressed and down.

"What're you making, Era?" Akiza asked.

"I actually smell bacon. Been a while since I've had that," Jack said.

"You smell bacon because I made bacon and pancakes," Era said.

She grabbed the plate with about eleven pancakes on it to share, the syrup she heated in the microwave, and butter if anyone wanted it. She brought it to the dining room where the twins were eagerly waiting and Akiza and Jack took their seats along with Yusei. She set the plates down. The twins grabbed two pieces as well as Yusei, Jack, and Akiza. Era grabbed her usual one.

She quickly went over to the fridge and poured herself some milk before returning to the room. "Who drinks milk with their breakfast?" Jack asked.

"My family does. Ever since I was a baby, we would have milk with breakfast, lunch if we had it, and dinner. It keeps your bones strong and healthy. If we didn't have milk we would just have water seeing it would be better than anything else in the house to drink. If we had anything else," Era answered. "Plus it's not really that bad with pancakes. My brother loves to have milk. Not just because he's a baby, he just likes it. He doesn't really like juice. He actually began talking when I came here. He used his own little word to ask for milk. I guess you could call it a tradition."

Everyone ate and talked. Leo and Luna ate with pure pleasure, Jack was surprised how skilled of a cook Era was, Akiza enjoyed it with a smile, and Yusei looked at Era with an approving grin.

Once everyone was done, it was about ten minutes before they had to leave. Era washed the dishes as she was always willing to do but Akiza insisted on helping since Era cooked for everyone.

After that, everyone finished getting ready for the trip they were going on. Jack and Yusei got on their duel runners. Era decided she would ride with Yusei since she wasn't really a fan of limos, much to Jack's dismay.

When they arrived they went to the room of the building where the helicopter was. Goodwin and his assistant Lazar were waiting patiently.

Era looked down at the ground. Seeing them made her nervous. She knew what Goodwin's full plan was but she wasn't sure if she bring it up. Just then, Goodwin mentioned something that perked everyone's interest but not so much hers and she already knew it. "It's ironic. In a twist of fate, the original Ener-D reactor was constructed by Yusei's father."

"Wait, are you sure? Do you mean our Yusei?" Leo asked.

Yusei was silent. Era wrapped gripped his hand to tell him it was okay. He then looked up at Goodwin who slanted his head. "Yusei?"

"Goodwin, if we succeed, I want you to finish building the bridge between here and the Satellite," Yusei demanded as Era suspected.

"I'm not sure that is possible, Yusei." Goodwin replied.

"But it is possible," Era chimed in. "I know it is."

Goodwin looked at Era and studied her. "Who might you be? How do you know that it is possible?"

She slid down her sleeve to reveal her mark. Goodwin went wide eyed. "I am Era Windser and the Celestial Signer. I know things that you can't possibly know yet because of where I come from. But I do know your secret, Goodwin. That little plan that you have thought about in your head," Era said.

Everyone looked at her while Goodwin glared. "How would you know I have such a plan? Where do you come from that would allow you to know if I do?" he asked calmly but didn't release his glare.

"I'm not going to tell you what I know. I've seen the ending and I know how this might play out if it goes the way it should. I wouldn't trust you even if my life depended on it. I will help save this world but I won't help you specifically," Era retorted. "But one thing I know is possible is the ability to bring people together. If we're going to save the world, we should make it mean something. And if we keep it like this, full of misery and hatred, then there really isn't a saved world. People will still be miserable, people will still hate one another, people's hearts will be engulfed in their own darkness."

Goodwin looked at her and studied her further. He sighed. "Fine. If it you succeed, then we shall see to it," he gave in. "Now you're pilot might be one you all already know."

The door opened and Trudge was waiting there. "I can't believe I have to fly economy class," he grunted.

Yusei and Era eyed Goodwin a bit more while the others boarded.

"Are you coming or not, pretty boy?" Trudge yelled at Yusei. He gently tugged Era's hand with him as the two of them finally boarded.

The officer squinted. "Hey, who are you?" he asked.

"Hello, Trudge. It's… interesting to finally meet you. I'm Era and a Signer Goodwin needed to help to him," Era replied promptly.

He shook his head. "And you hang out with the likes of him? Nothing makes sense anymore! Why would you hang out with him? He's a Satellite reject," Trudge asked.

"There are things about him that'll surprise you Trudge. You'll learn about them soon enough," Era responded.

She said nothing else as she went inside leaving Trudge staring at her dumbfounded.

Yusei promptly sat next to her. Trudge finally came inside after getting out of his shock and launched the helicopter into the air. But, all the while there was an uneasy silence between everyone on board.

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