Celestial Signer

First Battle- Part 1

Chapter 15

First Battle- Part 1

Roman waited patiently for Era and Yusei not too far away, in a barren, shallow crater. He held his Earthbound Immortal card in his hand.

Demak stood nearby. Roman looked up. "What is it?" Roman asked nonchalantly.

"Are you certain this is a good idea?" he asked.

"Yes. Would you please go check on our prisoner for me? I want to make sure he hasn't tried to take a sneak peak at what's about to ensue," Roman told him, slightly irritated. Demak bowed and left with haste. "After all these years…Your son is among those to face me…"

Roman smirked when he saw an the petal covered dragon coming towards him. The sound of an engine was not too far off.

He inserted his deck into his duel disk and stood at one end of the crater, ready to duel. The dragon landed at the other end as Yusei caught up to them and disengaged his disk from his Runner. Akiza recalled her dragon after she quickly jumped off and found a nearby place to watch the duel.

"I'll be here and cheering you on," Akiza mouthed. Era nodded telling her that she understood.

"So, who do I have the pleasure of defeating first?" Roman sneered.

Era gulped. She had to face a real Dark Signer now. Chances were he was incredibly powerful compared to the Shadow Drones she had seen before and there was no telling how much stronger he was than in the show.

Yusei stood across the crater, and put his hand over his deck. "I'll go…" he began but Era grabbed his hand and took it in hers.

"So, Roman, you wouldn't find it unfair if we both took you on together, right?" she asked with a hint of sarcasm on the word 'unfair'. Roman was amused by this and raised his hand.

"An irregular two on one is what you're suggesting, am I correct? I have no objection to this. But, what about your partner?" he said.

"Era… I…" Yusei attempted to gently protest. But Era shook her head.

"As the Celestial… and as someone who cares… I want to help any way I can. I may be a beginner duelist, but it doesn't mean I can't bring it. According to the Crimson Dragon, I'll know how to play instinctually," she said. Yusei gave her a confused look. "Don't ask me how because I don't know myself. Besides, if nothing else, I can make you stronger!"

Yusei looked away, still leaning against the proposal. But Era wouldn't give up. She forced herself to look him in the eye.

"I want to help you, and I'm definitely not just going to stand and watch helplessly while you get clobbered," she said.

She remembered Yusei's duel with Kalin and tried not to have an emotional spasm. Roman rolled his eyes. 'Her passion could be both an asset and a disadvantage to her,' he thought. 'Such is the flaw of being an adolescent girl.'

Yusei cupped her cheek and tilted her head up so seeing eye to eye would be easier for her. A smile came and went in a split second.

"I didn't think it weighed so much on your mind. I guess I was wrong in that assumption," He paused for a moment, "But I would be more than happy to have you by my side as my duel partner."

Yusei noticed a spark in Era's eyes. He slowly withdrew his hand as she turned her attention back to Roman. She took a few steps away from Yusei and activated her disk.

Everyone readied themselves. A purple streak formed around them as violet flames licked at the air. Roman's arm glowed with the mark of the spider.

Yusei and Era were each at 4000 life points, while Roman was given 8000 to even out the fact he was outnumbered. In addition, he was given the first move. Everyone's decks were shuffled and they each drew their hands.

Roman drew his sixth card, starting his turn. He smiled as he revealed his first move, flipping his card around to show it to his two opponents.

"I special summon the Dark Tuner- Spider Cocoon from my hand!" A sickly mass appeared on the field. Era felt perplexed by the high level of his monster, but assumed that an explanation would follow. She didn't understand why she didn't know this already. But both her and Yusei knew it could only mean one thing, and that was a Dark Synchro Summon. (Dark Tuner- Spider Cocoon is a level five Dark attributed Insect Dark Tuner monster with zero attack points and zero defense points.)

"When nobody has a monster on their field and it's my turn, I can special summon Spider Cocoon without releasing a monster first. In addition, I summon Dark Spider from my hand." He placed another card next to Spider Cocoon. A spider about the size of a big dog emerged, with black fuzz and menacing red eyes. Roman raised his hand and explained his next move. (Dark Spider is a level one Dark attributed Insect monster with no attack or defense points.) "My Dark Spider allows me to increase the level of one Insect on my field by two until the end phase, and so I use this to upgrade Spider Cocoon to level seven." The Cocoon seemed to grow in size. Sidney and Yusei watched as Roman began his Dark Synchro summon. "I tune my Dark Tuner- Spider Cocoon with Dark Spider, in order to perform my Dark Synchro Summon," He declared, "When shadows are swallowed by darker shadows, the eyes of the netherworld are opened to witness an act of its dark ruler! So I call from the abyss …my Underground Arachnid!" A huge, midnight black spider emerged, with the head and torso of a sickly green human with pink hair. Two of its eight legs rose up, awaiting a command from Roman. (Underground Arachnid is a level negative six Earth attributed Insect Dark Synchro monster with 2400 attack points and 1200 defense points. Roman pulled another card from his hand. "I'll end my turn with a face down. I believe it is now Yusei's turn."

Yusei drew a card, checking his hand carefully. Right of the bat, he would have to deal with a powerful monster, and chances were Era would do the same. The best he could do was prepare for a counter move. "I start by summoning Quillbolt Hedgehog in defense mode." A golden rodent with bolt and machine parts protruding from its back stared down the giant monster. It turned blue as it readied itself for an assault. (Quillbolt Hedgehog is a level two Earth attributed Machine with 800 attack and defense points.) Yusei finished his turn with a facedown card. For now, he could stall for time until he could get a stronger monster on the field to destroy Underground Arachnid.

Era then drew a card from her deck. She knew Yusei's move. She placed on her disk. "I summon Electric Lightning Bird in attack mode and activate its special ability!" A black and yellow bird about the size of a medium sized dog. Lightning and electricity shot in all directions out of it. (Electric Lightning Bird is a level four Light attributed Winged-Beast with 1600 attack points and 1000 defense points.) "When I summon Electric Lightning Bird, I can immediately inflict direct damage to my opponent equal to it attack points." The bird opened its wings and lightning shot at Roman.

It hit him and Roman growled. He grunted as the electricity burned at his cape. His life points dropped to 6400 and the pillar quickly disappeared. He smirked. "Is that all?"

"I'm not finished. I'm going to activate it's other ability!" she exclaimed.

"What?!" he said.

"When Electric Lightning Bird's ability successfully deals damage, I get to special summon a level four or below tuner monster from my deck," Era informed. "So come on out, Stargazer Dragon!" She placed the card on the field. A black dragon took to the field with its scales making it look like it was covered in stars. (Stargazer Dragon is a level three Light attributed Dragon Tuner monster with 1300 attack points and 1400 defense points.) "Usually, I'm only allow to summon one monster per turn unless it has a special ability. I shouldn't even be allow to Synchro Summon but guess what? Stargazer Dragon's ability lets me Synchro Summon automatically. And you won't believe my monster because it's out of this world. I tune my Stargazer Dragon with my Electric Lightning Bird to Synchro Summon! When the cosmos is in danger only the light can prevail to keep balance. Come forth, Cosmic Dragon!" Era exclaimed. A white, serpent dragon appeared from a sparkling white veil. Its eyes were a dark blue. Its wings shifted and merged with colors. It had a six-pointed star on it forehead and had long arms. (Cosmic Dragon is a level seven Light attributed Dragon Synchro monster with 2800 attack points and 3000 defense points.) "And then I'll end my turn with two face downs. It's your move, Roman."

"You are very strong. I must admit, I never expected a person who has never played duel monsters to be such a strong opponent. But your strength will only go so far. Though I'm sure you know that. I draw." Roman drew his card. He eyed Yusei, who was watching him intently. "You really have grown to be the spitting image of your father, Yusei," Roman said.

Yusei's eyes widened. "You knew my father?"

"Back when he was working on the Momentum Project in the RRD, I was his assistant, working alongside him and my younger brother… Rex Goodwin."

Era wasn't sure what to say, but she already knew this so she kept quiet. Let it play out on its own.

"Are you playing the silent treatment, dear Era? Oh, but you know enough to know everything about me and my brother. And what happened between me and his father," Roman said. Yusei looked at her with shock. Era stared silent and eyed Roman. Roman narrowed his eyes. He pulled a card from his hand.

"I'm sure there are many things you've kept from Yusei and the Signers. Right, Celestial Signer? Is it because you think it will change the future you think will happen? Or because you want to hide it for their sakes?" Roman taunted. Era glared at him. He looked at his card.

"Era, what is he talking about?" Yusei asked but then changed back to Roman and his father. Much to Era's relief. She would have to talk sooner or later but now wasn't the time. "If you know my father…what happened? How did you become a Dark Signer?" Yusei demanded.

Roman set another card face down on the field. "The whole story is much longer, but for now, I will give you the simple version. After some experiments, Professor Fudo realized that Momentum was dangerous and moved to terminate the project. The leaders of New Domino City had made a lot of investment in it. They tried to force him to continue," He explained. "When he refused, they put me in charge. I continued, and then… Zero Reverse happened. Many people were killed in the explosion and several more were killed or injured by the split of the Satellite from the mainland. I was among the dead. But the Earthbound Immortals revived me as one of the first Dark Signers. Another Dark Signer by the name of Demak also became a Dark Signer by cause of the Zero Reverse incident. But that's neither here nor there, is it?" Era grimaced. That wasn't the entire story.

"Then what are you?" she asked trying to stay subtle.

"I was just reborn, entirely! I am not some undead monstrosity like something from a teen horror film you might have seen. Now it's time to attack." Underground Arachnid set its sights on Yusei's hedgehog.

"Before you can enter your Battle Phase, I've got a surprise for you, Roman! It's a trap card called Angel's Call!" Her facedown card was revealed.

"What does that do?" Roman asked angered.

"When I have a Light attributed monster on my field, I'm allow to destroy one monster on your field and then you're dealt one thousand points of damage!" Era informed.

"You wish to destroy my Arachnid? Very well," Roman said but had anger boiling in his voice from the damage it would cause.

"Yep, that what I'm going to do. Let's take down you're spider," Era said. A person in a white robe and pure white wings came down from the sky. Its eyes flashed open to reveal sickly green eyes.

She beat its wings hard and gusts of wind blew through the air. The Underground Arachnid was destroyed and Roman's life points dropped to 5400.

"Nice job, Era," Yusei complimented.

Roman growled. "I may have lost life points but you wasted your card in another way. I summon Ground Spider in defense mode!" Roman said.

The spider that appeared was half of Roman's height and had red points on its legs. It rolled its plump body into a ball as it assumed defense position. (Ground Spider is a level four Earth attributed Insect monster with 0 attack and 1500 defense points.) "When my spider is in defense mode, I can switch one monster to defense mode once per turn, and I choose to switch your Cosmic Dragon to defense."

A tight web formed around Era's monster, forcing it down it to wrap its wings in defense, causing it to color blue. 'Why would he put my monster in defense mode?' Era thought struggling to remember his next play. But, the expression on Roman's face told her he wasn't done yet. "I end my turn by playing the Field Spell, Spider's Web!" A giant Spider Web crisscrossed over the crater and under everyone's feet. A field spell hinted that the possibility of his Earthbound Immortals arrival was close at hand.

As Yusei drew his next card, he realized he and Era would have to act quickly. "I start my turn by summoning Junk Synchron to the field in attack mode." His orange, mechanical companion emerged, its white scarf fluttering in the wind. Yusei was ready for his own Synchro Summon. Roman knew this and was unmoved. (Junk Synchron is a level three Dark attributed Warrior Tuner monster with 1300 attack and 500 defense points.) "I tune my Junk Synchron with my Hedgehog to Synchro summon Junk Warrior!" Yusei declared. Junk Synchron pulled a lever in its back. It melted away into three white orbs of light that surrounded Quillbolt Hedgehog. In a flash of light, it was gone, and a tall blue mechanical warrior in a scarf came charging forth. Its red eyes glowed with anticipation at the spider as it clenched its fist. "I'll also equip my Junk Warrior with the Junk Barrage Equip Spell Card. So when I destroy your monster, you take half my Junk Warrior's attack points as damage!"

"Good move Yusei," whispered Akiza. "But be careful about his trap cards."

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