Celestial Signer

First Battle- Part 2

Chapter 16

First Battle- Part 2

Back at Martha's house, Takaya had gotten together with two friends of his and the three of them decided to sneak off to go watch the duel. Rally saw them running away through the bushes. Worried that trouble might befall them; Rally grabbed his cap and ran after them, calling for them to come back.

"Wait! Takaya! All of you please come back! It's not safe!" he called.

After a few minutes, Martha noticed their absence and immediately grabbed Officer Trudge. When he looked around for them, his face turned pale.

"They must've followed Yusei. We need to find them before something bad happens." Martha said firmly. Trudge offered to come with her, which she accepted.

In the meantime, Rally continued pursuing the children until the came upon an abandoned, two story building not far off from the duel. They ran inside up a winding staircase and opened a door that led them to the roof. Rally caught up to the three of them, tired and frustrated.

"What do you guys think you're doing? It's dangerous out here? Don't you know that? We need to go back to Martha's." Rally tried to pull one of them back, failing miserably.

The kid, wearing overalls and a T-shirt, stood defiantly in front of Rally. "We're not going anywhere. You're a kid like us, so you're not the boss. We want to stay here and catch some of the action," the boy said.

Rally growled in his frustration. The other kid besides the other boy and Takaya was a little girl with a blonde short, stubby ponytail wearing a faded pink dress.

"Please, Rally? We promise we'll be careful. We're sorry if we made anybody scared. Pretty please?" she pleaded with him. The little boy elbowed her.

"Rally's a boy, Tammy. There's no way he'll fall for that. You've got to be a tough customer. That's what us boys are best at," he proudly said.

"Come on guys, let's just stop fighting and watch the duel already. Yusei just summoned his Junk Warrior and he's going to attack! That Dark Signer is about to take a beating." His two friends paused at look onward to the duel. They ran to the edge of the roof as they watched excitedly. Rally sighed.

"Martha's going to kill me when we get back, assuming this turns out to be okay in the end. There's a good chance something will go wrong," he sulked.

The wind picked up slightly, light the rise of a pounding drum. Yusei ordered his Junk Warrior to attack. Ground Spider was squished and sent to the graveyard. Due to the effect of his equip spell, Roman took 1150 damage, leaving him with 4250 life points. He set a card face down.

But, before he could end his turn, the Dark Signer declared he was activating one of his face down trap cards. Yusei readied himself for the destruction of his monster. But, instead, an ancient looking monument appeared behind Roman. It looked like a staircase from a civilization of long ago, with a platform surrounded by four unlit torches. Era knew this card and it gave her a really bad.

"I am activating my trap, Altar of the Bound Gods. It shall be the key to calling my great Earthbound Immortal to the field to put an end to you both. This way, I can make you demise quick and painless. Are you ready?"

The children gasped. What would Yusei and Era do now? Era didn't want to be afraid. But she couldn't help but be afraid. However she wasn't go to let Roman see her fear. She stood confident and strong.

"So, how does your Altar of the Bound Gods Work, Roman?" she asked.

Roman smiled. Yusei saw his monster starting to glow, as did Era's. Two torches on the Altar were suddenly ignited. The flames flickered eerily.

"At the end of each turn, a torch is lit on the Altar for every monster in defense position. When I gain four torches lit, I can summon an Earthbound Immortal from my deck." He smiled.

"And so far you have two," Era said the obvious.

"I do. I believe it's your move, however," Roman said.

Era drew her next card and sighed. She slapped a card on her field. "I activate a spell card!" she said as the card appeared on her field. "It's called Change in Path. When there is at least two or more spell or trap cards on your side of the field, I get to destroy all of them.

"Not quite," Roman said.

"What?!" Era exclaimed.

"I activate my trap! Magic Jammer!" Roman said.

"Not good!" Era said.

"You got that right," Roman said. "Now by discarding one card in my hand, I will negate and destroy your spell card!"

Era's card shattered. "Well, to at least by us some time before you can get that Earthbound Immortal out here, I'm going to activate a spell from my hand, Battle Plague!" Era's dragon regained it color and it roared signaling its preparedness. Followed by Yusei's monsters standing up ready to fight. "This card switches every monster on our side of the field to attack mode. Of course they can't change the battle positions until our next turn but in return they can't be destroyed by battle or card effect until there. Plus your alter gains no torches this turn or on your next turn." Era grinned. "And I think I'll end my turn with a face down." She eyed him. "It's your move."

Roman frowned making Era a bit nervous. 'Something can't be right,' she said. "Your delay won't do you much good." He said. Roman drew his card. He put out his hand and revealed his second facedown card.

"I activate Offering to the Bounds Gods. By Sacrificing 2000 of my life points, I can light the last two torches and summon my Earthbound Immortal."

The torches lit up instantly. Era went wide eyed and fear tugged at her heart. Roman life points stood at 2250 now, but it didn't seem to matter to her.

"So not good. My move didn't work," she muttered.

"Era it's going to be fine. We're in this together, remember?" Yusei reassured her. The Altar began to crumble as an eerie light descended from above.

A pair of red, steely eyes fixated on Era as the enormous creature took to the field. The spider stood as tall as the nearby buildings, with red glowing lights crisscrossing its entire body.

"I call forth my Earthbound Immortal, Uru!"

Being a Signer, Akiza wouldn't be sucked into the beast much to her relief.

Meanwhile, Martha and Trudge had made it to the building, only to discover it had started to collapse upon the arrival of the Immortal. Rally desperately pulled the three kids and handed them over to Trudge, but he slipped and fell to the edge.

"Hold on Rally!" Trudge called to him.

Yusei gazed up in horror at his friend holding on for dear life. Martha attempted to grab him, but only lost her own footing.

The two of them struggled side by side to stay. "Trudge! Grab Rally and get out of here!" Martha yelled.

"But Martha…what about you?"

Martha shook her head no. Trudge gasped. Rally lost his grip and started to fall. Martha tried to catch him, but it was too late. He plummeted into the roaring violet flames. He turned his head over and looked at Yusei pitifully.

"I'm sorry. I…" Rally began.

"Rally!" Yusei called.

Rally's body turned into an orb of light and was absorbed by Uru. Martha soon fell afterwards, but as she went, she spoke to Yusei. "You, Era, and Jack are still the ones who give us hope. If anyone can save us, it's you three. And personally…I'm glad the you and Jack are friends again."

She too was absorbed. Roman chuckled to himself as he saw Yusei begin to shake. Era tried to inch closer to comfort him, but before she could move, she saw Uru's leg coming straight at her.

"Earthbound Immortal Uru will attack the Celestial Signer directly for 3000 points of damage. Feel the wrath of the netherworld, Era!"

Era's life points crashed to a mere 1000. She tried to dodge the attack, but the Spider's leg caught her and scraped her legs and upper chest.

Pearls of blood trickled down her body. She couldn't hold it in as she cried out from the pain. Her mark glowed brightly. The blood still trickled and dried slowly, her mark glowed bright as the pain slowly died away. Yusei's mark grew brighter as he rushed to her side. He couldn't hide his own tears.

"Two people close to you have become energy for Uru, and I have the pleasure of tearing down a third. Sadly, I must end my turn now with a face down and see what power you can muster from your deck… Yusei Fudo."

The sound of an engine was close by. A shout could be heard. Trudge has managed to get the kids out of the building in time as it collapsed when Jack Atlas sprung from the shadows on his Runner. His Runner banged on the ground when he landed. He quickly dismounted and came to assist Trudge and make sure the kids were okay.

Trudge looked at him, perplexed by his sudden appearance.

"You didn't think I was going to let anything happen to my little fans here, did you? I'm Jack Atlas!" Akiza rolled her eyes but quickly turned back to Era and Yusei. But the sight of the dry blood on Era caught her off guard.

"Era!" she exclaimed. Jack tilted his head.

"Yusei! What happened, is she alright?" he asked.

Yusei dried his tears and stared back at Jack, determined to make Roman pay. Era, still in his arms, finally managed to regain her composure from the shock. She got up and Yusei noticed her mark glowed brighter. And as it did, the scrapes seem to heal completely.

She looked back at Roman with a death glare. The only thing that said she got hurt was the dried drips of blood. Yusei was shocked.

"Yusei, take your turn. It's not over yet," Era said.

"But…" Yusei protested.

"Yusei, I'm not ready to quit. You shouldn't be either," she responded.

Yusei put his hand over his deck, drawing his next card. He immediately played it. A small monster that looked like an animate unicycle appeared. But it wouldn't stay for long. Yusei already had the wheels turning in his mind. "I summon Road Synchron to the field, and I'm going to tune it with my Junk Warrior to summon a new monster…Road Warrior!" (Road Synchron is a level four Light attributed Machine type Tuner monster that has 1600 attack points and 800 defense points. (A/N: Just like with Legacy of the Star Princess by AvatarofBahamut, I will be taking the usual number of non-tuners needed to one for the fanfiction. That idea goes to her.))Taking the place of his two original monsters was an epic warrior clad in gold and blue. Two skulls hang from his shoulders, and he carried a massive blade.

His red eyes glittered as he prepared to strike. But Roman shook his finger and revealed a facedown trap. Three, good-sized eggs appeared on the field."I thought your attachments might cause you to make a foolish decision. Luckily, I have my Spider Egg Trap, which summons 3 Spider Egg Tokens to my field. If you plan to attack Uru, which wouldn't matter since it can't be for now, you must destroy these first," Roman said.

"Fine. I activate my Warrior's ability to summon a level two or lower Machine or Warrior type monster from my deck. And I choose Speed Warrior!" Yusei said. A flash of light brought forth a slim, agile warrior in a mechanical suit. It almost appeared as if it were wearing a gas mask. A blue light swirled around it. (Speed Warrior is a level two Wind attributed Warrior with 900 attack and 400 defense points. On the first turn it is summoned, its attack points are double.)

Yusei declared two attacks. His monsters rapidly decapitated two of the three eggs. Roman took no damage since they were in defense mode. Yusei had to end his turn. But he now had a strategy going for him that he thought could turn the tables.

She drew her card. "I'm going to take my turn."

"You really want to continue now, Signer? After you were just hurt?" Roman taunted.

"Well, I'm not hurt anymore," Era retorted.

"I can see that. Your powers are truly extraordinary. But every power has its limitations," Roman grinned.

"Well, until my powers' limitation comes, I place one card facedown." Era set down the card. She then summoned a monster to the field, Light Sword Knight (Light Sword Knight is a level three Light attribute Warrior monster with 1000 attack points and 1200 defense points) to attack the remaining egg. The warrior in white and yellow armor slashed the remaining egg shattering it to pieces. 'Now there's a chance,' she thought.

"If I can't attack your Earthbound Immortal, then I will have my dragon attack you with its special ability. When my opponent's only monster on the field cannot be destroyed by battle, I can activate Cosmic Dragon's ability to attack you directly. Prepare for a comeback," Era said.

Cosmic Dragon swooped in to attack Roman. But the Earthbound Immortal came to his defense and enveloped her dragon is an acidic web that destroyed it. Era was now down to her last 800 life points.

"I can choose to defend myself with my Immortal. You shouldn't have made such a hasty move. Not that it matters." Roman smirked.

"I now activate a trap, Defense Order!" Era exclaimed. "With it I can summon any Synchro Monster in my graveyard in defense position and put all my monsters on my field in defense position. And with that, I end my turn. It's Roman's turn again. Make your move," she taunted him. Cosmic Dragon reappeared on the field shielding it and Era with its wings and Light Sword Knight kneeled down with its arms crossed.

Yusei looked over at her, worried. But a faint smile formed across her face. Whatever she had just done, it might save them.

Roman drew a card. He placed a card facedown and one card in facedown defense position, almost copying Era's move. Thinking Era might activate her trap card to protect herself, since she had the fewest life points and a defense monster, he decided an alternative target.

"I will attack you, with Earthbound Immortal Uru, directly…Yusei Fudo!"

He put his arms over his face, facing the oncoming onslaught. But, to his surprise, nothing came just yet. He heard Era call out as she revealed her facedown trap.

"I thought you might attack Yusei. But it wouldn't have mattered if you attacked me. But, you fell for it. Now, I'm activating the effect of my trap, Opponent Shift!" A wall of crystals formed around Yusei and it shot back at Light Sword Knight.

"What just happened?" Roman demanded.

"Opponent Shift. With this card, I can change the attack of a monster to any monster on the field. So I chose my defense position Light Sword Knight. So I don't take damage from the attack and Yusei doesn't take damage either," Era informed.

"I activate a trap of my own. Second Chance Web (A/N: I made up a card for Roman's deck so I could create a comeback to keep it going.) I can activate this card after an insect monster on my side of the field attack is negated. With the card I can give Uru another chance to attack. So… Uru attacks Speed Warrior!" Roman exclaimed.

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