Celestial Signer

First Battle- Part 3

Chapter 17

First Battle- Part 3

Another wave of sticky web spewed out, melting Speed Warrior. Yusei had to step back to escape the acid. He took 2100 damage leaving him with 1900 life points. Unable to make any other sudden moves, Roman set down a card and that was the end of his turn. It was Yusei's turn again.

When he drew his next card, a shimmer of hope rose within him. "First, I'll summon Hyper Synchron in attack mode, and use the power of my Road Warrior to Special Summon Tuning Supporter from my deck!" His blue clad warrior, Hyper Synchron appeared, with a small black creature at his side. It looked like a black blob clad in a yellow scarf and a frying pan hat. (Hyper Synchron is a level four Light attributed Machine Tuner monster with 1600 attack and 800 defense points. Tuning Supporter is a level one monster with the same type and attribute, but has 100 attack and 300 defense points.) "However, I'm also bringing back an old friend, Speed Warrior. By activating the Sainthood Ascendance Trap Card, I can bring back a monster from my graveyard with an extra level and half the attack points. He revealed his face down, and Speed Warrior reemerged, with an aura of bright light around him. The three monsters he summoned merged together and formed a cluster of white stars. "I tune Hyper Synchron with Tuning Supporter and Speed Warrior…to light the way into the night sky, with the light of the heavens. I summon my Stardust Dragon!" The enormous dragon swooped down from the ball of light as it disappeared. It roared proudly as it bore its claws and fangs. (Stardust Dragon's attack is currently 3300 attack points, and due to Hyper Synchron's other effect, it cannot be destroyed in battle.) "I think you know what happens next. Without its effect, your Earthbound Immortal is going to be squashed." His dragon gathered an orb of Starlight in its mouth and prepared to fire.

But Roman activated his face down. "I'm activating Resilience of the Bound Gods. When my Immortal's effect is negated, I can activate this card to protect it from being destroyed this turn. But I will still take 300 points of damage." A stream of cosmic ray went through the Immortal and almost knocked Roman of his feet, leaving him now with 1950 life points.

Yusei knew he couldn't destroy Uru with Road Warrior either, so he had to end his turn, with his monsters going to defense mode and let Era take her turn.

She drew a card, and when she played it, Spider's Web disappeared. "I'm replacing Spider's Web with my Cosmic Light Field Spell. It increases the attack of Light monster by 500 points, and my Cosmic Dragon benefits from it due to its effect. Now it's at 3500 attack points. Plus, I have something else in mind, too!"

Before she could continue with her turn, Roman started laughing. "You think you've won? Either way, I still have someone important to you. Perhaps they have something to say before this ends!"

He turned into a black shadow and reappeared, almost floating atop the violet flames. In his place was none other than Rally, who had been absorbed by the Earthbound Immortal only a few turns prior.

"Rally?! Roman…you…!" Yusei gritted his teeth.

"Roman, Rally's a kid, and he's just a victim. Leave him out of this fight. This is cheating!" Era yelled at him.

"All is fair in love and war… haven't you heard that old cliché, Celestial Signer?" Roman retorted.

Era looked back at Rally. She didn't want to attack their friend, fearing it might hurt him. Yusei could see Rally had the Spider mark on his arm, and he seemed just as frightened as Era was.

"I won't duel my friends!" Rally declared.

"You will if you want to survive, child!" Roman prodded him. Rally turned back to Yusei and Era. There was a moment's hesitation from all of them.

"I can't do it… I won't harm an innocent person. I won't hurt someone who shouldn't have gotten involved with this in the first place…" Era said. Yusei understood her feelings, as his was mutual. What would become of them now that they were forced to face each other? It all seemed bleak. "I…have no choice but to end my turn. It's your move, Rally…"

Rally hesitantly drew his card. "I can't attack my friends," he whimpered.

"You have to…if you wish to survive…" Roman snickered. Rally slapped a card down. A red rocket creature with green eyes emerged, but quickly disappeared with the facedown monster on the field into a field of stars.

"I'm tuning my Turbo Rocket with my Dark Spider so I can Synchro Summon my Turbo cannon in attack mode!' Rally declared. A white and blue creature like the rocket before took its place. It started its engine.

"If I sacrifice my Canon, I can destroy another monster and deal damage to its owner equal to its attack points." Rally explained.

Yusei stepped in front of Era. "Rally, if you have to attack somebody, I will go," he said.

Era grabbed Yusei's arm. "No. I should go, not you. You're more important than you think and I'm not going to let you get sent to the Netherworld. You need to be here, more than I do." There was a moment of silence.

"Era… no," Yusei whispered.

"Yusei, please. If you don't let me, then you're no better than Jack or Goodwin," she replied angrily.

"Era?" Yusei said.

"It seems like the only role I've played is something to protect to help. Like I said before… I'm sick of it. I can't just stand here. I won't do it. Everyone here means something to me… and of course…"

"No. I'm going to destroy my Earthbound Immortal," Rally intervened. Era gasped. Yusei urged him not to do it. But Rally shook his head. "I'm not going to be a puppet of the Dark Signers… or an instrument of my friend's demise. This is my way of taking a stand against them." The canon rose above the spider.

"You will do no such thing, boy!" Uru squealed.

"Watch me!" Rally yelled back.

"Rally, don't do it! Attack me instead!" Yusei pleaded.

But it was too late. There was a massive explosion, followed by an unearthly shriek. The Earthbound Immortal was vaporized as the last of Rally's life points catapulted to zero. It was game over.

The Light from Era's Field Spell Card linger a second or two as the flames vanished and the mark of the spider disappeared from Rally's arm.

Yusei ran to him as Rally fell from the force of the blast. Era ran after him, and looked over his shoulder as he caught his friend in his arms.

"Yusei…I know you can get us out," Rally mumbled.

Yusei was fighting back his tears. Rally's body turned gray, and seemed to evaporate into dust. Roman jumped down and was standing over at the edge of the crater. Four shadows appeared on the ground as the other Dark Signers emerged from the night and met near him.

Forming tears bridged Yusei's eyes. Era had her hand on his shoulder. They looked at each other in sad disbelief.

"Rally… Martha…" he mumbled.

The other children, Akiza, along with Trudge and even Jack were starting to shed their own tears. Era's head sank down with sadness and helpless need. 'I wasn't able to save him,' she thought.

"There was nothing you could've done child," the Crimson Dragon comforted her. "Rally was a brave and selfless soul. He saw Yusei as a brother and, like you, he would do anything for a brother. You even influenced his heart. When he met you, I could feel that he was nervous at first. But when you showed him your kind and gentle spirit, he wanted to be like you. Kind, selfless, and caring. To him, you were like Yusei. A sibling, his sister. You did all you could."

"Thank you, Crimson Dragon," Era said. She couldn't believe Rally really saw her that way.

Roman chuckled. Yusei glared at him. Kalin walked up behind him was a malevolent smile, followed by Misty, Demak, and a hooded Dark Signers with orange trim, but known to Era as Carly. He gave Yusei a mocking, pitiful expression.

"So sorry about that… What's this? You brought pretty mouse back to me huh?" His laugh seemed shallower.

Era took a fearful step back. Yusei clenched his fist as he raised his head. "What did you do to her Kalin?" Yusei asked angrily.

"Me? We just had a bit of fun. She put up a good fight though. Pretty mouse can bite but every creature will lose its teeth. And soon, she'll be back and our fun will continue," He laughed.

Era stepped forward defiantly. "Not in a million years!" she exclaimed.

"We'll see about that, pretty mouse." He grinned licking his lips.

Yusei realized what he meant by fun. He couldn't believe it. He was took shocked to speak. He would pay for what he did to her.

Era turned away and looked as Misty locked her gaze with Akiza. The hooded girl peered from under her cloak at Jack. Jack squinted, noting a familiar air about her. Demak looked around and sighed.

"Luna is not here… Too bad." He pulled out a card and revealed it. Era recognized the monster on the card immediately.

"That's Ancient Fairy Dragon!" Era pointed. They looked at her.

"Correct. Tell Luna if she wants this card she will have to come tomorrow to defeat me in a Shadow Duel. Otherwise her friend is mine!" Demak ordered.

"Tomorrow?" Akiza asked.

"We will all meet at the Four Stars of Destiny tomorrow. Signers and Dark Signers shall arrive on the stage of our last battle," Roman said.

"Hey, wait a minute. What about now? This isn't over yet!" Yusei growled.

Roman laughed as he and the other Dark Signers started to turn around and walk back to their hideaway.

"We're not supposed to finish this here. See you tomorrow at the Four Stars," Roman said.

In an instant, they seemed to begin melting into the night sky. Yusei chased after Roman. Jack quietly followed the hooded girl, who was traveling in a slightly different direction.

"Get back here and Duel me!" Yusei yelled. Era came up behind him, but after hearing him, flinched from approaching him. But she soon regained her comforting courage and went up to Yusei who stopped.

"Yusei… you'll have your chance at payback. And you will avenge Rally and save him. You are a skill duelist Yusei and if any can beat him, it's you. Even if something changed, I know you can overcome it. I know you, Yusei. You're stronger than anyone I knew and equaling Akiza's strength," Era said. He looked at her. "Now may not be the time to take him down but you will tomorrow. And you'll free everyone."

He nodded in acceptance. 'She's right. I need to gather myself and calm down,' Yusei thought.

"Yusei, so you know, Rally saw you as a brother," he looked at her. "He saw me as a sister. And as all siblings should, he would do anything for you. And I know you would do anything for him. Rally wouldn't want you to rush in like this. He would want you to make the right move on the right mind. You can save him."

"Let's go back," he said.

Era wrapped her arms around him in a comforting hug before taking his hand and leaving.

In the meantime, Jack caught up with the other girl and managed to grab a hold of her hood.

"Hey, wait! Why are you so…" Jack said.

A flurry of long black hair fell from the hood. His eyes widened when he realized who he was following. She stopped a moment after he froze out of shock. "Carly? Is it you? I… I can't believe…"

She glanced over with her blackened eyes with neon blue swirls. "Yes, it's me."

"Carly? What happened? Are you really… How did you become a Dark Signer? I thought you were captured and absorbed like… the others." Jack slowly let the words out.

Carly started walking away, but called back to him as a tear left her face and streamed behind her. Jack looked on at her.

"If its answers you seek, you will have to find me tomorrow. Until then, Jack," she said.

As Carly vanished, Jack pulled her broken glasses from his pocket. He cradled them in his hand, a wave of guilt and wonder coming over him. "If you became a Dark Signer… does that mean… oh god… Carly… you didn't…"

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