Celestial Signer

Heading Out

Chapter 18

Heading Out

Everything was silent back at the house. Martha was gone and so was Rally. Era was upstairs calming the kids down and comforting them.

Yusei walked up to check on them. "It's okay. It's not your fault. You were just worried and curious. I've let my curiosity get the better of me at times. It's not your fault," Era said soothingly.

"But… but…" one girl, Tammy, stuttered through tears.

"Listen, I know how you feel. I actually got my friend hurt from curiosity myself. I felt awful. But I remembered one thing, do you guys know what that is?" she asked. They shook their heads. "It's natural for me to be curious and it's even more natural to be controlled by it. You were worried and curious. Those are feelings when put together can control you but they are also feelings you can't deny. You can't push away how you feel. What do you think Martha or Rally would say if they were here and saw you like this?"

"Rally would say to suck it up and move on," the little boy, Takaya, said. They laughed a little at the thought.

"And Martha would say she forgave us and wouldn't want us to be upset. She would want us to forgive ourselves and move on," Tammy said.

"Exactly. Know that, what're you going to do now?" Era asked.

"Move on," the three said together with a thoughtful and thankful smile.

"Uh, Era?" Takaya called.

"Yes?" Era asked.

"Will they come ever come back?" Tammy asked thinking the same thing as her friend.

"I will tell you one answer," she said and they looked up at her. "Though it may be a while, if you keep hoping and staying on the right side, they'll be back. Yusei, me, Jack, and everyone will make sure you guys stay safe and we bring Martha and Rally back home. Can you trust us to do that?"

They smiled and nodded. "Good. Now it's time for bed," Era said tucking them into their beds.

"E-Era, can you sing us a lullaby?" Tammy asked.

Era smiled. "Of course. I only know one but it helps my brother so I'll sing it. You guys tucked in tight?" she asked.

"Yeah…" they all answered.

"Okay, here it goes," she said before softly singing the lullaby. "With the night falling across the darkened sky,

People cover up and kids close their eyes.

The stars will guide you through the dream you have.

Sleep little children and sing the sweet lullabies.

Sleep and have the wondrous dreams you're meant to have.

Stars dot the sky in beauty.

Sleep and have the wondrous dreams your meant to have."

When the song was over, all the kids were fast asleep. "Goodnight, you guys," she said getting up. She gave each other them a loving kiss on their forehead like a mom would her child.

'I guess you get motherly of children after taking care of one for a long time,' Yusei thought with a grin.

Era walked out and noticed Yusei. She waved him over to get away from the sleeping kids. When they were on the other side of the hall she asked, "How long were you standing there?"

"Long enough to see how gifted you are with kids," he answered.

"Well," she said awkwardly.

"Listen Era," Yusei began.

"What is it?" Era asked.

"When you saw me act like that after I lost Rally, I hope I didn't scare you," Yusei said.

"Yusei, you gave me a bit of a fright at first but I knew you were only upset and I can't hold that against you. Besides, I know you know what Kalin did to me. But he was barely able to touch me before my mark acted up," she said. "That probably made you even more upset. You were only acting on emotions. I've done that myself. You heard what I told the kids. It's not your fault when you were acting naturally on emotions."

He gave a relieved sigh. She grinned at him and held the side of his face comfortingly. "How were you not acting on emotions? You must have been feeling something, right?" he asked.

"I felt guilty, like I failed. But the Crimson Dragon told me I did everything I could. How Rally thought of us and she told me how I influenced his heart. She said when he first met me, he was nervous at first. But when I showed him my 'good spirit', he wanted to be like me. Kind, selfless, and caring. I would never really consider me all those things though," Era said.

"Why not? Those words fit you perfectly," Yusei said.

She shrugged. "I don't like to put personality labels on me. I feel like some would make people see me better than everyone else. I don't want people to feel that way about me. I just want them to think, I'm like them," Era explained looking out the window and at the foggy sky.

Yusei turned her to him. "But you're not like them. You're unique and they mark on your arm is proof," he said calmly.

She grinned at his kind words. Then she thought about Akiza. She was unique. 'Why would he choose me over Akiza?' she thought. She decided to ask him. "Yusei, when you said you loved me, why me and not Akiza? She pretty, she's unique, and she is like you," she asked.

"Because, she's not the only one who's pretty and unique. But I don't want someone who is like me. I want someone who can be herself and different than the rest," Yusei said. "And is not afraid to be different."

"Yusei, I…" Era said.

She felt his gaze on hers and she looked up. Era got lost in Yusei's cobalt blue eyes again. "In my opinion you guys are a perfect match," Martha's voice rang in her head. 'Was Martha right? But is it good or bad that I'm in love with him?' Era thought.

Era felt the Crimson Dragon's presence. "It is good to find love. As you said, friends can come from anywhere. So can love. I can see in both your hearts. You both have a deep, emotional connection to each other. You should hang onto that connection while you can," the Crimson Dragon said.

'"While I can"?' Era thought repeating the dragon's words.

"Era?" Yusei called. She looked at him. "You okay? You seemed a bit distant and scared."

"The Crimson Dragon just said something. That's all," Era said vaguely.

"What did it say?" Yusei asked.

"It started off saying how we have a 'deep, emotional connection' with each other. Then it said that I should hang onto that connection while…" she trailed off.

"While what?" Yusei looked at her.

"While I can," she answered looking him in the eye. "Do you think the Crimson Dragon knows what'll happen to me? For a fact?"

"I don't know, Era. But you're a strong person. I'm certain you'll be able to survive this," Yusei said wrapping his arms around her protectively.

"I- I don't…" she began but gave in to the comforting touch. "Thanks."

"Come on, we need to go talk to the others about the towers," Yusei said holding her hand.

"Okay," Era agreed.

They walked down the stairs and met everyone back at the table. Mina had a map out ready to discuss the situation.

"So what's the deal with these 'Four Stars of Destiny'?" Jack asked.

"Back when the first Ener-D reactor was working, there were four control towers. The Dark Signers are referring to them as the Four Stars of Destiny," Era explained before Mina could.

Mina nodded. "You're right. Each were codenamed after a Nazca line. I had heard the old momentum went out of control and the seal it had was broken. The four controllers were assigned four code names. The four were named Ccapac Apu, Ccarayhua, Aslla Piscu, and Cusillu. In Quechuan, they each mean giant, lizard, hummingbird, and monkey," she explained.

"You were saying something like that earlier, right Era?" Jack asked.

Era nodded. "Yes," she said.

"But Uru isn't in those names. It was the spider," Luna noted.

"Uru was the codename of the Ener-D reactor itself. In order to seal the Old Momentum, one person must activate the controllers," Mina informs.

"Roman is the leader of the Dark Signer and, as we know, wears the mark of the Spider. Each one of you need to face one of the other four before we face him. He is the strongest," Era stepped in.

"Exactly. From what I've heard, they used the same dragon cards the four of you have to originally seal the controllers," Mina said.

"Is that true?" Yusei asked.

"I was told that director Goodwin was given those cards by Dr. Fudo," Mina said.

Yusei gave a look of shock. "Was the person who broke the seal?" Yusei began but was cut off by Mina.

"Now, I had actually asked Director Goodwin if it was Dr. Fudo when he told me about them. Goodwin told me it was not and it was actually Dr. Fudo that tried to the old momentum from going out of control. When it was about to go, Dr. Fudo took the cards and gave them to the director. Ancient Fairy Dragon though was not in that group. Director Goodwin set the cards to the wind eventually, saying they will end up with whoever destiny chose them to. So Luna, it is very important you get Ancient Fairy Dragon back to seal the tower," Mina explained.

"Got it, no pressure," Luna said.

Era walked over and said, "Don't worry, Luna. You do what you have to do."

"In my opinion, we're walking right into Goodwin's hands. After what Era was vaguely saying to him before we left, I'm not sure how much to trust that man," Jack said.

"There are some things he'll say that are true but you can't trust all of it. He's got a plan that is devastating. Be careful around him and don't believe anything he says right away," Era said. She gave a sigh knowing this might come up. "Like how he gathered all of you only so you can save the world. That's a lie."

"Era, why are you talking bad about the director?" Mina asked flustered.

"Because I know the truth about him Mina. I know his plan and what will happen if we let him achieve it," Era responded. Era took a deep breath. "Let's just focus on beating the Dark Signers. We can worry about the director when the time comes."

Mina sighed knowing she was right. She pulled out a map of the Satellite and shows them the four locations of the control units.

"Should we all go together?" Trudge asked.

"That would be a huge waste of time as we would be dueling one by one and that would take ages. I'll go alone," Jack said. He lifted up his sleeve to reveal his mark. "If these Crimson Dragon marks want to duel against the Dark Signers, then there's no point sticking close to everyone."

"But we just got together as a team?" Luna said.

"Jack has a point, though Luna. But even if we're apart, we're in it together," Yusei said.

"So who's going with who?" Trudge asked.

"Kalin's the giant so I'm heading to that tower," Yusei said.

"Well, Demak has my Ancient Fairy Dragon and he's at the monkey tower so I have to go there," Luna said.

"I'll drive the twins. They need someone to drive them after all," Trudge said. Luna and Leo nodded in acceptance.

"Misty and I have some unfinished business and she's the lizard. So I'll head over there," Akiza determined.

"I'll drive you, Akiza, if that's okay?" Mina suggested.

"Of course," Akiza agreed.

"The last one's the humming bird with… that other girl. I guess I'll head over there," Jack concluded.

"But where's Era going to go?" Leo asked.

"Before we left the safe house, Yusei and I were discussing that before you guys were up. If they're coming after me, Yusei wants to be sure I stay safe. So I'll be riding with him. If they get hold of me, they know about the prophecy. I've heard what they want to do when I was captured and escaping. They'll want to use the portal I'll create to envelope not just this world into darkness but mine as well. I don't want to risk that," Era explained.

"What are you talking about? Other worlds, portals, prophecies, and your world? That's just a bunch of junk," Trudge said being the disbeliever he is.

"You remind be a lot of Seto Kaiba at times," Era said.

"How do you know so much about the Kaibas?" Trudge asked.

"Simple. Learned all about them on a television show. It's called Yu Gi Oh!. Yugi and Yami are the main characters. Kaiba is Yugi's rival and never believed in the possibility of magic, destiny, and all that stuff," Era explained nonchalant. She gave a small laugh. "The only time he finally gave into the possibility is when he saw Yami or Atem and Yugi standing side by side. Even when he was watching Marik almost send Yugi to the Shadow Realm he didn't believe it." Her eyes widened. "I've said way too much about the past."

"What other shows are there that have our history?" Jack asked a bit shocked.

"Yu Gi Oh! GX," Era said bluntly. "And then there's this show known as Yu Gi Oh! 5Ds. But that's all I'm going to say for now. I've actually said way too much about it."

"We need to get going soon," Yusei said trying to change the topic.

"Fine, but when we're done with this, you're going to tell us everything Era," Jack demanded.

"Can't make promises I won't keep," she said as she went over to her room.

She sat down on the bed and pulled a necklace out of her pocket. She smiled. 'I'm happy I had this in my pocket when I got here. I don't know how it got there but it helps me stay calm about my baby brother,' she thought.

She opened the heart shaped locket to reveal the picture of her holding Jack for the first time. He was so small and he loved to tug at her hair. Even at that age. A single tear rolled down her face. But it was one made from the happy memory.

Instead and putting the necklace back in her pocket, she decided to put it around her neck to keep it close when she needed it. She took another look at it before hiding it under her shirt and wiping the tear off her face.

A knock sounded at the door and Era called out, "You can come in."

She looked as Yusei walked in. "You ready?" he asked sitting down next to her.

"What can I say? I'm nervous but I'm ready in equal parts," she answered. "What about you?"

"Haven't we gone over this? Twice?" Yusei asked.

Era laughed. "Yeah, I guess we have," she said but she soon fell silent.

"Is something bothering you?" Yusei asked. "Kalin? The Dark Signers?" His voice was caring and concerned.

"No. It's not any of them. It's just the thing that's hand me worried since I got here," Era said. She instinctually pulled out her locket and opened it to her baby brother. She gave a small, sad smile.

"Is that your brother?" Yusei asked looking at it.

"Y-Yeah. The picture was taking by my grandparents as I held him for the first time. I remember how he found my hair very interesting and kept yanking at it. I thought it was cute and laughed at it," she explained. "I hope he's okay. I know the Crimson Dragon said her brother was looking after him in disguise but I can't help but worry if he's okay being with him."

"If your brother's as strong as you, I bet he is," Yusei comforted.

Era grinned at Yusei. "He is a strong trooper. You're probably right," she said.

"Era, I have to ask," Yusei began and she looked at him. "When this is all over, will you be leaving?"

She looked down. "That's the thing, I'm not sure. I mean, I want to see my home, friends, and family again but I don't want to leave my new friends and… you," she admitted. "I mean, the Crimson Dragon did say I would be able to go between worlds. But who knows if they time course is the same as here. I mean, it may be possible that a day here is a week at home."

"I won't make you stay where you don't want to, but I do want you to follow your heart. I'll be with you either way," Yusei said caringly.

They heard a knock at the door and heard Trudge call, "Hey, you two love birds! It's time to go!"

They looked at each other one more time before standing up. "When the time comes, I'll figure out what the heart wants then. But for now, let's go save the world," Era said placing her locket back in her shirt to hide it.

They walked out of the room and saw Trudge was already heading downstairs. They were about to turn when Era heard Tammy's voice, "Era?"

She looked at the young girl and kneeled down to eye level. "Tammy, what're you doing up? Shouldn't you be in bed?" she asked.

"I got up to get a drink but then I heard Mr. Trudge say you were leaving. Where're you going?" Tammy asked.

"You know that big, bad fog outside?" Era asked. Tammy nodded. "Well we're going to try to make it disappear and save Rally and Martha like I told you we would."

"Really?" she asked.

Era nodded. "But we'll b…" she was cut off by Tammy hugging her tight.

"Don't… leave. I don't want to lose you," she cried.

"You won't lose me, Tammy. I'll bring Rally, Martha, and everyone back, okay? I'll be gone for a little while but I'll be back," Era tried to comfort.

Tammy held on tighter. "Don't worry, Tammy. I'll be with her to make sure she's safe," Yusei tried to help.

Tammy looked at Yusei and then back to Era. "It'll be fine, Tammy. Let's go get you some water and get back to bed," Era said.

"O-Okay," Tammy said holding onto Era's hand.

Era felt bad for her. She thought of an idea that tended to help her brother, "Why don't I carry you down stairs? Would you like that?"

Tammy beamed at her and nodded. Era smiled. 'Seems like it works with any child,' she thought happily. Era picked Tammy up and they walked down stairs and to the kitchen.

Yusei went up to the confused group and explained what happened. Era heard Trudge groan in annoyance. 'He seems to be more impatient than in the show,' Era thought.

Tammy had her cup of water and wanted Era to come back to tuck her in one last time. The kind, motherly instincts were kicking in again and she agreed. She hated to make them wait but she couldn't ignore Tammy. She was such a sweet kid and besides, Era had a hard time saying no to someone who wants a goodbye in a situation like this.

Era picked Tammy up and she carried her back up to her room. She laid her in her bed and gave her a small smile. Tammy gave Era another tight hug and Era hugged back before setting Tammy under the covers and kissing her forehead while saying, "See you later."

She closed the door. She walked downstairs and Jack was looking at her irritated. She sighed. "Listen Jack, I know this is a big deal. But you have to remember, I care about these kids. My entire life kids have been around me so I always take care of them. And in a situation like this, I couldn't tell Tammy I couldn't put her to bed one more time and say goodbye. If you had a life like mine, you would probably be the same way," she said.

Jack grunted and left. Akiza came up and said, "I think you made the right decision. The kids really look up to you and probably would consider you an older sister or mom."

"I'm with Akiza. Don't listen to Jack or his looks, he just hasn't been in the same situations as you," Luna said.

"No kidding. Besides, us kids are your specialty," Leo agreed.

"Thanks guys, that means a lot," Era genuinely thanked. She looked at Yusei who nodded approvingly and grinned. Trudge was still slightly annoyed but obviously respected her and Mina just gave her a respecting look. "But now that's all taken care of, we need to get going. Besides, Jack might leave us in the dust if we don't hurry up."

Luna giggled and left with Trudge and Leo. Akiza nodded and she and Mina left. Era and Yusei looked at each other once before leaving together.

They boarded their duel runners and cars and everyone waited to take off. Jack had thankfully waited for the rest of them.

"Okay we're ready Yusei. And since it seems you are the leader of this joint, why don't you give us a rousing speech so we can go off?" Jack asked impatiently.

"Okay, everyone. This is the big deal and these will be the hardest duels you've ever had. But just remember when things get hard we're all connected and we're all in this together. Now let's get going," Yusei said his mini-speech and started his runner.

"And if any of you lose your duel, you're going to have to answer to me," Jack said. "So best of luck."

Jack took off. Era and Yusei glanced at each other before riding off themselves and they all went their separate ways.

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