Celestial Signer

Signs of the Monkey- Part 3

Chapter 21

Signs of the Monkey- Part 3

Regulus had allowed Luna and Torunka to ride on his back. They had come to a river that stood between them and Zeman's castle. It burbled and ran, like everything else, in the opposite direction of its natural course. Dark clouds swirled around the ominous castle not too far beyond, which loomed over the land like a malicious sentry.

"This is probably where they took Kuribon and your Sunlight Unicorn, Luna..." Torunka mumbled with hardly any breath. Luna noticed the familiar rock silently sitting beneath. It was the stone in which Ancient Fairy Dragon was sealed, and her figure still graced its surface.

"So I was here before… but I never saw the castle before. But then again, Ancient Fairy Dragon wanted me to find you first, Regulus. Besides, I guess I was so concerned about figuring out what to do that I didn't pay attention…" She trailed off as Regulus shook his head.

"I understand, but none of that matters now, Luna. We mustn't was our time with regrets or idle conversation. Now, I believe you had a plan to infiltrate Zeman's fortress?" Regulus said.

Luna saw a nearby guard circling towards them, with a staff in hand. She noticed he carried a sack with him in his other hand. After thinking over what had happened so far, she knew what needed to be done.

"We need to knock out that sentry and we'll need the Minus Staff he carries. After that, we going to have to gather disguises," Luna explained.

Torunka managed a smile. "I can see where this is going…We're pretending to bring in Regulus as our prisoner, if I remember correctly."

"That's right." The guard drew into the line of sight, yelping when setting his eyes upon the group. Regulus swiftly batted him with his massive paws and leapt upon him in what seemed to be an instant. Luna looked over to see that simple maneuver had done the job. She gulped.

He grinned, bearing his fangs for a second or two. He glanced back at Luna. "What? One guard by himself is no match for my prowess. None of those whelps have been around as long as I have," he sneered at the comatose monkey.

"Okay." Luna carefully pulled the staff out of his grasp.

Regulus laughed. "You have nothing to fear from me now, Signer. We're on the same side," he said.

"I know," she replied. Torunka pulled the sack away and peeked inside.

"Looks like this guy had looted somewhere… it looks like… cloth?" Torunka shook the bag and a pile of clothes fell out. Among the garments was a tan tunic and head-wrap about Luna's size.

There was also a velvet turban and long shirt. She handed them to Torunka. He looked around to make sure none came before he pulled the shirt over himself and wrapped the large turban over his hat. "It could be his laundry…"

"Either way, we have our disguises now." Luna dressed into her disguise, wearing it over her clothes. She adjusted the wrap so it would cover her face, save for her eyes. Regulus noticed large cuffs dangling from the sentry's belt.

"If I am to be capture, they need to be convinced I am actually…" Regulus began.

"Captured?" Luna finished his sentence, understanding his point. Before Luna went to fascine them on the great lion, she looked at him with uncertainty. He nodded to her. She turned her gaze down to her feet. How was her brother doing at this point? Would she be able to return in time to help him?

"Fear not, Luna. We must believe we shall claim victory over this darkness," Regulus said.

The dark clouds above them seemed to be swirling faster. Torunka suddenly felt a tingling sensation as he shrunk a couple of inches in size. Luna also felt her clothes become a little looser and realized that she was getting smaller as well. She briskly wrapped some cloth over the Minus Staff to disguise the familiar U-shape.

"It's the power of Minus!" Torunka exclaimed, "If we don't hurry, it will revert us into infants and we'll eventually shrink out of existence! We need to move!"

. . .

Leo called for his turn and drew. He knew Demak's Ape King needed to be destroyed, but the possibility of his Earthbound Immortal was also looming. He turned to his Power Tool Dragon, and prayed his new strategy would work.

"I'm activating my dragon's special ability, which allows me to pick a random equip spell card from my deck and add it to my hand." Demak snickered. Leo closed his eyes, and nonchalantly chose his card. He flipped it over, and a look of ecstasy appeared on his face "Now you're in trouble, Demak! I just got Megamorph! And I'm equipping it to my Power Tool Dragon. It gets double its attack power and…" He played the card, but was shocked when nothing seemed to be happening. His monster's attack points remained unchanged. Demak burst out with a loud guffaw, dumbstruck by what he saw to be the apparent stupidity of his opponent.

"Such a fool! Our life points are even, you stupid boy! Megamorph doesn't work in your favor unless your life points are less than mine!"

Leo tried to keep himself cool despite the fact he had no other options in his hand. Demak was pleased to see him squirm, feeling it was right that he should be crushed for daring to challenge the Dark Signers, especially since he was just an ordinary human. It was true Signers were even more detestable to him, but his doom would be just the same.

He decided to take his turn, he drew his card. He confidently moved into the Battle Phase, assuming he had nothing to fear from Leo. Leo felt that because Power Tool Dragon was in defense mode and had an equip card, he was well guarded against Zeman. But, Demak soon revealed a facedown trap card.

"I activate Uproarious Earth! It allows Beast Type monsters to deal damage to my opponent even of the defending monster is in defense mode. In addition, if I attack your monster, its attack and defense are decreased by 300 points during the damage step!"

"What!?" Leo cried in shock.

A cursed flare fumed from Zeman's wand, striking his dragon. It struck Leo's dragon with a mighty blow, dropping Leo life points to 2000. Leo discarded Megamorph to save his dragon. He looked up and saw his monster scarred and beaten from the attack and gasped.

"Power Tool Dragon, your hurt!" His dragon's stats dropped by 300 points each. The dragon turned to him, as edged closer to Leo. It almost seemed as if it was concerned for him. Leo couldn't help but smile.

"You were protecting me…that's why I didn't get hurt, and you're all beaten up…" Leo sighed. Demak smirked.

"You and your dragon are pathetic, the lot of you," Demak mocked him. Yusei gritted his teeth as he watched. Leo pointed an accusing finger at Demak.

"I don't care how bad we look. We're not here to impress anyone. Me and my dragon and here to help and protect Luna, and that all that matters now. As long as I'm still here and my friends and my sister and rooting for me, I'll never give up. Now, finish you're turn, 'cause I've got something in store for you!"

"You're going to eat those words." Demak set a card down on his field in facedown position to end his turn. Leo only hoped he could live up to what he said.

"I hope Luna's doing okay," Era said. She had a good feeling what was going on in the Spirit world but there was no way to know for sure.

. . .

Within the throne room of Zeman, the ape king sat upon his throne, which was surrounded by hanging curtains of red velvet. The room was dimly lit and enclosed, with a familiar red carpet running through the middle. Stone tablets lined the walls with Duel Spirits sealed inside, their energy slowly being converted to Minus, as shown by star symbols shifting from the right side of the tablet to the left. Many of them would be used to fuel the Earthbound Immortal owned by Demak upon its summoning, Zeman thought. Surely his master would be pleased by this.

A monkey soldier came bursting into the room, catching his attention. He panted as he bowed weakly before his overlord. "Why have you disturbed me? State your business, soldier!" Zeman growled.

The soldier saluted and held his spear erect, trying to keep his feet from shaking. "My lord, the white lion, Regulus, has been captured, sir!"

The demonic ape smiled devilishly. "Is that so? Good work. Have him brought in. We shall make preparations so we can finally complete the consumption of the Spirit World. After so many failed attempts, I recently discovered Regulus was needed to turn the all-powerful Ancient Fairy Dragon into Minus! So long, even sealed into the stone, she has resisted me. But no more…"

"Sire…" The soldier mumbled. "We weren't the ones who captured Regulus. He was brought to us by a pair of traveling magicians. We are currently escorting them here. What should be done, sir?"

The king stroked his chin thoughtfully. "I was hoping that this news would mean the lot of you was more capable that I had thought. No matter, bring them in, they shall be responded to according to my wishes," he instructed.

The soldier departed behind the large iron doors. Luna and Torunka waited in their disguises. Regulus' feet were bound with loose chain, but they had sealed him in a fairly sturdy cage. Luna wondered if he would be able to escape in time.

"King Zeman shall see you now, please follow me," the soldier instructed.

They were lead into the throne room. Torunka and Luna took opposite sides of the cage as they as traveled to look in disgust upon Zeman, the Ape King. The soldier bowed and left them. Four guards were stationed around them, which made Torunka nervous.

"I'm impressed that two magicians so young could have ensnared Regulus," he spoke. Torunka's face turned red from his anxiety, which Zeman took to be a sign of modesty.

"Please, your lordship, we could not have done it alone. Separate we are your run of the mill spellbinders, but together we are a prodigy pair!" Torunka laughed nervously. Luna noticed a glass panel in the floor in front of them showing the ground below.

There was Ancient Fairy Dragon, sealed in the rock. Would this plan work? Luna could only hope she would fare well, and that he brother was doing the same. Both worlds depended upon the power of the Crimson Dragon to prevail.

The ritual was to begin immediately, after a brief thanks given by the Demonic Monkey King. Zeman held his own Minus Staff over the glass pane as he arose from his throne. He motioned to his guards, who proceeded to release Regulus from the cage.

Luna then waved her makeshift staff, pretending to cast a controlling spell on Regulus. "White Lion, your heart is sealed in my hand. Do my bidding and come forward!"

Regulus stepped cautiously out of the cage eyeing the soldiers, who backed away in amazement. He looked down into the glass pane and ground his teeth, ready to break his chains at any given moment. This was what he had been hoping for.

Everyone watched intently as Zeman recited an chant over the glass, and suddenly, a minus staff broke through the ground and burst through the glass. Shards scattered in all directions. Regulus blocked them from hitting Luna and Torunka, batting them away with his paws.

Luna mouthed a thank you. They looked back to see the rock emanating with a purple light. Ancient Fairy Dragon began to drift upwards, the stone falling away as he blue scales began to show underneath.

Regulus also had the same light around him. Then, in an instant, the Minus Staff that was floating before them shattered into fragments that fell to the ground below. Luna worried, hoping Regulus would act soon.

Torunka stepped forward, attracted to the powerful energy emitting from the reversal spell Zeman was casting. However, his foot caught the rim of his tunic, forcing him to fall over. Without realizing it, he grabbed onto the Minus Staff in Luna's hand. He held onto it firmly as Luna grabbed him with her free hand and pulled him up. She was relieved to see Zeman was not paying any attention to them. He was so eager to turn Ancient Fairy Dragon into Minus that it seemed he completely forgotten them. But, her hope took a dive when Torunka knocked her in the knee by accident, causing both of them to trip.

His hand slipped and took hold of the cloth concealing the true nature of Luna's staff and pulled it down. It tore into three ribbons as the glowing gold U of the Minus Staff glittered into the magical light.

The two of them gently turned their heads upwards, as they found themselves lying flat on their stomachs. Their make-shift turbans had rolled off, taking Torunka's actual hat with it. The cloth unraveled like a scrolls as it dripped out into the hole where the glass pane had been. Luna's iconic pigtails were down and Torunka's dark hair hung down, partially covering his face.

Zeman looked over, disturb by a fretful yelp let out by Torunka. Luna froze for a split-second in terror. Her innocent eyes became wide as her pulse quickened.

"A Minus Staff?" Zeman was startled and perplexed by the sight.

The monkey's soldiers scratched their eyes, initially unsure of what to make out of the situation. Ancient Fairy Dragon was still slowly shedding the rocky coating left from her stone prison. Her light-rosy eyes fixated on Zeman, who for a second had not thought of her as he tried to understand what was going on.

"How is it that you possess a Minus Staff like the ones used by myself and my soldiers? Explain yourselves!" he shouted accusingly.

Regulus bit down on his chains. He ripped them from his legs, and tossed them into the face of one of the soldiers, knocking his unconscious.

"I need that staff. Luna!" Regulus roared.

Luna tossed him the staff, which her held in his teeth. He just needed to keep Zeman at bay until Ancient Fairy Dragon was completely free. Zeman laughed at him. "So, these fools were in cahoots with you, is that it? You can't stop me! I can still use your energy to turn Ancient Fairy Dragon."

"Over my dead body, Zeman…" Regulus growled.

Just then, Luna's mark began to glow, letting her know that Ancient Fairy Dragon was ready to fight. But, Regulus had to protect her from Zeman. Torunka wished there was something he could do, and impulsively bounded up behind Zeman and pushed him into Regulus. Their two staffs clinked against one another, shooting sparks everywhere. Zeman caught his balance while trying to keep Regulus away from himself.

Suddenly, a powerful golden wave erupted from the two staffs, firmly being pushed against one another. The guards that were still in the room disintegrated and monsters imprisoned in the stone tablets began to flood out. Kuribon floated up behind Luna and tugged at her clothes. Luna took the tiny monster in her arms as a crimson barrier protected the two of them and Torunka from the physical power of the blast.

"No! The positive wave! But wait! You can't stop the Minus Curse… because I can transfer it to my master, the Dark Signer Demak!" A bolt of violet lightning struck Zeman's Staff, and the process of freeing the sealed Spirits ground to a halt.

But a few that had already been freed remained. They gathered around the broken glass pane and Ancient Fairy Dragon came up behind Zeman, bearing her teeth.

"The fight may not be over, but you're finished," she hissed at him. A burst of positive energy-infused light shot from her mouth and enveloped Zeman, turning him into dust. His staff clattered to the floor.

"Ancient Fairy Dragon…" Luna whimpered. The dragon turned to her, giving her a kind smile. She tried to approach her, but an invisible force prevented her from moving.

"Luna, you might have freed me from the stone prison, but I am still trapped, now that the Minus Curse is in the hands of Demak. I fear his Earthbound Immortal is fast coming…and will absorb the souls of the imprisoned duel spirits. I'm afraid you have to go back and help your brother finish the duel."

Luna looked down at her mark. "I understand, but I don't just want to leave you here."

Suddenly, she noticed Torunka had grown in size and his face aged. She figured he had returned to his true form in the few seconds when the Minus Curse was voided before being sent to Demak. He put his hand on her shoulder.

"Regulus and I will look after Ancient Fairy Dragon and the others over on this end. I'm afraid you have to go back now…" Torunka said.

Luna nodded and stepped back. "Don't worry, you'll see us again."

She managed a smile as her mark emitted a great light that poured out over her. In an instant, she was gone, and only a few trailing beams of crimson light remained.

"Now that I've got my powers back, I think we'll do just fine." He smirked as the remaining monkey soldiers stormed into the room. They had their weapons drawn, but they would be no match for the Dark Sage's restored power and Regulus.

But, ultimately, their fate was in Luna's hands.

. . .

Meanwhile, in the human world, Leo drew his next card. A wide smile drew across his face, knowing that now he had the card he needed to turn the tables on Demak.

"Demak, it doesn't matter how much you insult me, because I have a little surprise for you. My Dragon may have been weakened by your trap…but now I'm equipping it with the equip spell… Double Tool D&C!"

Power Tool Dragon's attack power jumped to 2000, now matching that of Zeman. A giant saw and screwdriver became attached to the dragon. Demak knew that if the two fought it would be a stale mate. But, he had forgotten something that would give Leo the upper hand.

"It seems like we're evenly matched," Leo laughed. "But do you remember my dragon's special ability? I can send an equip spell attached to him to the graveyard to prevent his destruction. I guess Zeman will be the only one losing."

"You!" Demak barked.

Power Tool Dragon took a swing at Zeman, chucking its newly equipped tools at him as the crushed the Demonic Monkey King under their weight. He slipped away into the shadows, finally destroyed.

"I… I… did it!" Leo exclaimed.

Trudge clapped for him, still watching from afar. Yusei couldn't help but smile. "This isn't over, but it's good to see that Leo pulled a fast one on him," Yusei said.

"Look!" Era pointed at the trap Demak then activated.

He described it to be Dark Matter, a card only activated when a Dark Synchro monster is destroyed. He drew two cards from his deck, which both happened to be monsters, and set them on the field in facedown defense position.

"It's obvious now… He's going to summon his Immortal." Era withdrew her hand. Yusei knew she was right, but Leo was not done with his turn yet.

"Before I end my turn, I'll equip my dragon with Power Converter." A big, bulky, mechanical energy generator form on Power Tool Dragon's back. His stats were unaffected, but Leo knew that the primary purpose of the card was not only protecting his dragon, but giving him some restoration that he needed, assuming he was attacked. He had no choice but to end his turn afterwards.

Demak drew his card and started his turn with eagerness. "You played right into my hand, boy. You've helped me get all the things I need to summon my Earthbound Immortal and complete your destruction. I think you know what comes now, don't you?"

Leo gulped. He wondered how Luna was fairing now. Had she freed Ancient Fairy Dragon yet? Was the Spirit World safe? He looked at the others watching him and sighed.

Demak then released the two monsters he'd special summoned and their energy combined to form a beating, rock-like heart in the sky. Dark energy emitted from it, causing Yusei's mark to burn with pain. Era's head began to throb with pain.

"It's coming…" she mumbled.

Bright light emerged from nowhere and circled around the heart. Leo noticed that nobody was getting absorbed by it.

"My Immortal is not like others," Demak explained. "It absorbs Duel Spirits turned into minus, not human spirits. Besides, you're my opponent, remember? So be thankful that your friends don't get to see you get sent to the Netherworld!" He called forth his Immortal, crying its name. "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu! I summon you to bring darkness upon the land!"

It formed around the beating heart, towering many stories above Leo and the others, about the size of a small skyscraper. It resembled a monkey, as that was the mark on Demak's arm, and the intricate lines running down and around its body were an eerie yellow. It raised its fists in a threatening stance. (Earthbound Immortal Cusillu is a level ten Dark attributed Beast Type monster with 2800 attack and 2400 defense points.)

"Oh, man, that thing is huge!" Leo exclaimed.

"Yes. Plus, it can attack you directly, but you can't attack it. You can't use magic or trap cards against it either. Oh, and do you remember Closer Forest? It gives my monster 100 points for beast monsters in my grave…and that leaves my Immortal with 3600 attack points!" Demak smiled devilishly. Leo winced.

"I still have my Power Converter. I'll send it to the graveyard to increase my life points by Power Tool Dragons attack power, which is 2000. Now I have 4000 life points." But Leo knew it also meant that Power Tool Dragon would have no attack points for this turn. But it would not matter anyway, since Cusillu could make a direct attack.

Cusillu struck down at Leo, just barely missing him. But the impact still caused him intense pain, and left with a meager 400 life points to keep him afloat. He refused to be defeated. Leo wouldn't let Demak come near his sister if it was the last thing he did. He lay on the ground, with bumps and a bruise on his face. He closed his eyes, suddenly hearing the voice of his sister echoing in his head.

"Luna, I've failed you. I shouldn't have rushed into this. I'm not a Signer, I'm not a hero like you. I'm sorry…" Leo whispered.

"Leo! You're not a failure! You're my hero and you're one the greatest people I know." He slowly looked up to see Luna emerging from a red light, stretching out her hand. Her eyes swelled with tears as she saw just how badly her brother had been hurt.

"She's back!" Trudge exclaimed. Yusei breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

Era smiled the best she could with the throbbing headache. Luna helped him up and hugged her brother, who proceeded to cry in her arms. "Do you really mean it, Luna?"

"Of course," Luna responded.

"You really are the coolest sister ever, you know that?" Leo said.

In the midst of their heartfelt reunion, Demak called to Luna, "I see you have come to be prey for my Immortal, young Signer!"

Leo stepped away and helped to move his Duel Disk onto Luna's arm. She would have his 400 life points, and Power Tool Dragon would now serve her. It was her turn to take over things.

"Protect her well," he muttered to his dragon as he rubbed his aching head. Yusei noticed his mark was now glowing, and suspected it was the same for the others.

"I'll do my best, just like you, Leo. I've got everyone behind me…I won't lose to Demak. Not now. Not ever." However, Demak had not finished his turn, and he still had 2500 life points left. He then activated another trap card, which he declared to be Curse-bound Prison.

"I can take a monster in my Extra Deck and bring it to the field as a Special Summon in defense mode. However, it can't switch positions loses its effect. Tell me, Signer, how does it feel to face the dragon you are bound to as an enemy?"

Luna gasped as Ancient Fairy Dragon appeared, sealed with chains inside a cage. (Ancient Fairy Dragon is a level seven light attributed Dragon type monster that has 2100 attack and 3000 defense points.)

"Hold on, we'll get you out. I won't let that vision I saw the last time scare me," Luna said.

Demak finished his turn. It was Luna's turn now. She drew a card. "I'm going to use Power Tool Dragon's effect to add a random equip spell to my hand." She declared. She picked the card, equipping it to Power Tool Dragon right away. She explained it to be Central Shield which reduces all battle damage with monsters on her field except the equipped monster to nothing.

It wouldn't matter how invincible the Immortal was. Leo smiled at his sister, who returned it with a grin of her own. She set down Respect Synchron and Limiter Removal in facedown position on her field, and that was the end of her turn.

Demak drew his card to start his own turn. "I will attack with my immortal now and put you out of your misery! In fact, I think I'll attack Power Tool Dragon!" Demak exclaimed.

Cusillu moved to strike, but Luna quickly activated Limiter Removal, which doubled the attack of Power Tool Dragon. Demak was slightly unnerved. But, he felt he could get around it. His Earthbound Immortal vanished due to its attack backfiring on itself. But, it quickly reappeared. Ancient Fairy Dragon melted away, and so did her cage.

"By Sacrificing Ancient Fairy Dragon, I can protect Cusillu from being destroyed." His life points still went down to 2100. But, Luna's life points were halved to 200, due to the effect of Cusillu. She knew he had Ancient Fairy Dragon out just so he could protect it. But, it also gave her the opportunity she needed to rescue her beloved dragon from his clutches.

A sudden blast came from under her and zapped her strength. She almost fell, but Leo struggled to keep her standing. She reassured him that she was okay, and glared at Demak. Now it was time for her to put HIM out of his misery.

"You've triggered my trap, Respect Synchron! Because you used your Earthbound Immortal's effect and sent Ancient Fairy Dragon to the graveyard, I can resummon her to my side of the field, regardless of summoning conditions. Now Ancient Fairy Dragon is free and right where she belongs!" Luna informed.

The dragon flew up from a pillar of light and swirled around Luna, with her chains still attached. A transparent Regulus bounded from nowhere and ripped the chains from her limbs. Demak stepped back in terror.

"I didn't see this coming at all. You've actually freed Ancient Fairy Dragon! Still I don't need her. She was only a pawn in my plan," Demak said.

"Well, now she's ready to tear your plan to ribbons, because it's my turn now." She drew her card. Ancient Fairy Dragon looked at her, thanking her for finally fulfilling her promise to protect the Spirit World and set her free.

"That Dragon is…breathtaking!" Trudge cried.

Era smiled. It really was, more than when it was on TV. Yusei was also glad to see Luna's dragon at last, but now she had to finish off Demak's Earthbound Immortal. Power Tool Dragon still stood, unscathed, since Luna sent Central Shield to the graveyard to prevent it from having to be destroyed by Limiter Removal.

"Now we can finish this together, with both of our dragons." Luna told Leo. He nodded proudly. Demak's eyes widened as he lowered his head.

"I guess I should admit that was a very good move on your part, Signer. And now… I must return to the darkness. End this and do your part in this war…" Demak said.

Luna could see him beginning to shake and shiver. "I'm not doing this alone. I'm doing it with my brother, who is just as much a part of this as I am. All of us are going to restore peace to this world. Now, get ready!"

Leo drew the next card and showed it to Luna. She nodded.

"We'll start by activating the effect of Ancient Fairy Dragon, which destroys 1 Field Spell on the field and restores our life points by 1000," Luna stated to Demak. His Closer Forest immediately disappeared. Yusei concealed a smile.

"That means Cusillu's effects are negated and they can declare an attack on it now!" Era cried.

That was only thing. Cusillu's attack points also returned to 2800. Demak swallowed deeply, sensing the end coming. Luna then activated Power Tool Dragon's ability and added a random equip spell to her hand.

That instant, she equipped her two new cards. "Rocket Pilder will be equipped to Power Tool Dragon and Pain to Power will be equipped to Ancient Fairy Dragon." A rocket appeared on Power Tool Dragon's back, and Ancient Fairy Dragon had a silver ribbon around its neck. "Now, here's how this works," Leo explained to Demak, "I'll attack Cusillu with my Power Tool Dragon. But, thanks to the equip card, it can't be destroyed in battle. Plus, you Cusillu will lose attack points equal to my Power Tool Dragon's attack points."

Because they had recovered 1000 points with Ancient Fairy Dragon, they were still in the game when Power Tool Dragon struck Cusillu, terribly crippling it. Demak cringed at his maimed Earthbound Immortal. Only 800 of its attack points remained, and now the second part of their plan was in motion.

"You two are just gluttons for pain, aren't you?" Demak sneered.

"You could say that," said Luna. "But now the battle damage I received gets added as attack points to my Ancient Fairy Dragon, thanks to Pain to Power!"

Ancient Fairy Dragon now had 2900 attack points. It was time to declare the final strike and end the duel. Leo held her hand and they both declared an attack together.

"Ancient Fairy Dragon, end this!' Leo shouted.

"Chase those shadows away!" Luna called to it.

Ancient Fairy Dragon swooped into the air as it cloaked itself in a blinding white light, and hurled it as the now defenseless Earthbound Immortal. The power of the blast caused it to disintegrate in seconds, and the rest of Demak's life points disappeared along with it. Luna and Leo were the victorious.

They turned to each other with grateful smiles as the mark of the monkey vanished from the sky and the flames went away. But, Demak approached them, his body rapidly crumbling into dust. Leo jumped in front of Luna, hoping to protect her from a final effort of Demak.

But, as he was barely an inch away, his body collapsed and only a mound of dust remained that was quickly swept away by a mysterious wind.

Yusei stood up and put on his helmet; Era followed suit. "We should get going. We need to reach the tower where Kalin is waiting."

Era gave a small sigh of relief as her headache disappeared. 'I'm not sure what just happened, but I got a bad feeling it has to do with the prophecy,' Era thought.

Yusei looked at Era once more as they sat together on his duel runner. "Are you okay?" Yusei asked.

"Now, yeah," she answered.

Trudge called to Leo and Luna who scrambled up the hill and hopped into his car. "We'll come with you," Trudge insisted. "It's better if we slowly gather everyone together."

Yusei felt there was truth to his words, despite his uncertainties. He started up his Runner and the group traveled onward in the direction of Kalin's tower. So far, they had one victory, but a long day still lay ahead. They sealed the tower and took their way to head out to the next target.

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