Celestial Signer

The Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 22

The Calm Before the Storm

As they drove, Era could feel another headache come up and this time she figured it was because Crow was about to battle Greiger. She remembered how Roman made Greiger a Dark Signer from the show.

"Era, are you sure you're okay?" Yusei asked concerned. "You seem like you're in a bit of pain."

"Just a headache," she answered. Yusei looked at her with uncertainty but didn't push.

They saw the light of another shadow duel and saw the outline appear in the sky. All but Era didn't know the line.

"Is that one of the two new Dark Signers?" Luna asked.

Era nodded. "Yeah, it's the mark of the whale. And Crow's battling it," Era said.

"Wait, Crow?!" Yusei exclaimed. She nodded.

Her headache intensified to extreme levels and she couldn't stop a small, quiet whimper as she used one hand to grip her head. Yusei looked at her. "Era, what's going on?" he asked.

She shook her head. "I… I don't know, Yusei… I… really don't," she mumbled.

"Yusei! Is something wrong with Era?" Leo called.

"Not sure. She said it was a headache earlier but this seems worse," Yusei said.

"Child, the negative energy from the Shadow Duels is attacking your mind. Your mind is naturally defending itself and the power intensifies whenever an Earthbound Immortal is played. This is what causes your headaches. The more you are in or by, the more painful the headaches will get," the Crimson Dragon informed.

"But… but I'll face five in total and Jack's will probably be close enough. And then there's HIS," Era muttered to the dragon, careful not to use Goodwin's name.

Yusei looked back hearing her words. "Era… what are you talking about?" Yusei asked.

"Is there a way to stop the headaches?" she asked the red dragon that flew above them, only known to her.

"No, unfortunately, there isn't. You must endure them," the Crimson Dragon said.

"E-Endure them?" she repeated. She wasn't sure if she could endure these headaches if they're only going to get worse.

"Era?" Yusei called. 'The Crimson Dragon must be talking to her. But who's this "him"? And what are the six things that'll happen?' Yusei thought.

"You must endure. This will make you stronger and more capable to focus the power to keep you alive," the red dragon stated.

"B-But…" Era began.

"I must go now, child. Endure them and you will succeed with everything you need to," the Crimson Dragon said before disappearing.

"Era…" Yusei said caringly. She looked at him. "Is everything okay? What's going on?"

"She… said that I have to 'endure' the headaches. That every time I am in or by a Shadow Duel my headaches will only get worse and will intensify whenever an Immortal is summoned. Including the whale's and Demak's, there will be seven I have to face," she said.

"Era, who is 'him'? Yusei asked.

She looked at him. "Someone you wouldn't expect," she said vaguely.

"And who is that?" Trudge asked driving up.

"G-Goodwin," she answered.

"Wait, Goodwin's a Dark Signer?" Luna asked frightened.

Era shook her head. "Not yet. Not at this point… but soon. Very soon," she said.

"So that's what you meant when you said you knew his plan. You knew he would become a Dark Signer," Yusei realized.

"Becoming a Dark Signer wasn't his entire plan," Era muttered but Yusei caught wind of it.

"What's the rest of his plan?" Yusei asked.

"You will get a hint from Roman when you face him. But I shouldn't give it away myself," Era said. "It's too dangerous."

"Sometimes I really hate that you know this stuff and can't tell us," Trudge said.

"Same," Era said.

"Era, how far into our future do you know?" Luna asked.

"All the way to when your careers as Signers comes to an end. When you all go your separate ways," Era answered. She knew that was a bit much for the time but she couldn't lie to them about that.

"Separate ways?" Leo asked. Era gave a small nod.

"We should get to Crow," she said.

"What about the headaches?" Yusei asked.

"I'll endure them. I already have one being so close. So it doesn't matter at this point," she responded.

Yusei gave her a long look before saying, "Okay, let's go."

With that they drove off.

A/N: Sorry for the shortness of the chapter but they should be longer. Thanks for your appreciation of the story and I am really happy you all love my story. I honestly was worried this story wouldn't do so well. So when you guys leave the kind comments and vote and everything, it makes me happy.

Thank you all so much and the next chapter will be up soon!

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