Celestial Signer

Whale Call

Chapter 23

Whale Call

They drove through the winding streets until they reached the flames. "Jump the flames, Yusei," Era said.

"What?!" Yusei asked shocked by her words.

"You heard me. If you're going to find out who the Dark Signer is, you're going to have to jump the flames," Era retorted.

Without another word, Yusei found a ramp made of broken concrete and jumped over the flames.

"Yusei! Era!" Luna called.

"It's okay guys! Keep going but stay on that side of the flames," Yusei ordered. He turned to Era. "Tell me again, why we needed to jump the flames instead of looking from the side with our friends?"

"To help him along," Era responded vaguely.

"You're not going to give me a straight answer are you?" Yusei asked.

She shook her head. "Because of events that are connected," she said. "And they must be connected as best as possible to make sure all of you stay safe."

"And that's why I like you. Because you can be different, especially when the time calls for it," Yusei said with a grin. Era blushed.

They zoomed forward and were close to catching up with the two dueling forces. When we finally get close enough, Yusei is shocked at the two duelists. Era, however, seemed calm and knowing. Not that it surprised Yusei that she was.

"Yusei, Era! What're you doing here?" Crow called.

"Coming to check out what's been happening," Yusei said. He turns to Greiger. "Greiger! What happened to you? Why are you a Dark Signer?"

"I have been reborn to seek revenge against Goodwin through the Dark Signers. You are Goodwin's pawn and thus, you are my enemy!" Greiger shouts.

"Listen, buster. We still have a duel going on and we're going to finish it," Crow broke in.

"No, you need to stop this duel. It's too dangerous," Yusei said.

"I'm not quitting. The Dark Signers took those kids and I have to avenge them," Crow said. He then explained that his parents were killed in Zero Reverse and what he did after.

"I'll take you on, for vengeance is the darkness of one's heart which will never die out," Greiger said.

"Or we can stop the duel before someone disappears for good. Greiger we all know you don't want to hurt people," Era said. "You have both suffered the same wounds and should be understanding of each other, not fighting."

"Where are we supposed to vent their anger, then?" Crow asked.

"Crow, revenge just makes more revenge," Yusei said.

'He's right about that but I have to continue this duel,' Crow thought. "Yusei, you have to understand. I have to see this duel through to the end," Crow said.

Yusei was about to say something else when Era touched his shoulder. "Let him do this, Yusei. You can't change his mind. This is something he has to do," she said.

Yusei sighed in defeat. 'She's right,' he thought. He turned to Crow. "I understand, Crow. But I'll be right by you," Yusei agreed.

"Very well, then. Let's continue this duel!" Greiger said drawing his card. "I summon Spell Reactor RE and activate Summon Reactor SK's effect."

He then released all three all three of his current Reactor monsters and brought out Flying Fortress SKY FIRE. Using SKY FIRE's ability, he sent his Dark Tuner Doom Submarine from his hand to the graveyard and destroyed Crow's monster, Blackwing- Mistral the Silver Shield. "SKY FIRE! Attack Blackwing- Bora the Spear!" he shouted.

"I activate Mistral the Silver Shield's effect which makes all damage I would take to zero," Crow said defending himself.

Era let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. "I end my turn," Greiger said.

Crow draws his card. "I summon Blackwing- Vayu the Emblem of Honor (Attack 800/ Defense 0)!" Crow announced.

"Not quite. Flying Fortress SKY FIRE's ability destroys your monster and you are dealt 800 points of damage!" Greiger informed. Crow original 3400 life points dropped to 2600 as his monster was destroyed.

"I activate my monster's effect! So by removing from my Vayu the Emblem of Honor and my Blackwing- Elphin the Raven from play, I can Synchro Summon Blackwing Armor Master!" he exclaimed. "And now I special summon Blackwing- Gale the Whirlwind. Now, Blackwing Armor Master, attack his Flying Fortress SKY FIRE!" His monster flew up and attacked. But due to SKY FIRE's effect, it's not destroyed and Crow takes no battle damage. But in the machine, a little, stone splinter was left. Era and Yusei knew what that was and what it did. "You see that little splinter, well it's a wedge counter and I'm going to remove it so that your monster's attack and defense points go to zero until the end phase." And Crow's wedge did its work as its points dropped to zero. "Now, Blackwing- Gale the Whirlwind, attack his monster!" Greiger's life points fell from his original 3100 to 1800. "I now set one card face down and end my turn."

Greiger drew his card and special summoned his Dark Tuner Doom Submarine from the graveyard using its effect. He then normal summoned Darksea Rescue (Attack 0/ Defense 0) in attack mode. "I will now dark synchro summon Dark Flattop (Attack 0/ Defense 3000 Level: -8) in defense mode! Since I used Darksea Rescue to Synchro Summon, I get to draw one card. And since the Synchro monster I made with Darksea Rescue is in defense position, I get to draw one more card. And now I use the effect of Dark Flattop! I now special summon Flying Fortress SKY FIRE from my graveyard in attack mode. I use Flying Fortress SKY FIRE's effect to send Star Blast from his hand to the Graveyard to destroy Blackwing Armor Master!" His monster is sadly destroyed and Era bites her lip. "Now, SKY FIRE! Attack his Blackwing- Gale the Whirlwind!" Crow's life points dropped from 2600 life points to 900 in a second making Yusei grit his teeth and Era worry. But Era was thankful it was going by the show. Greiger then set one card face down and ended his turn.

Crow draws a card. "I pass this turn," Crow growled frustrated.

Greiger draws and uses SKY FIRE's effect to send Darksea Float to the graveyard and destroyed Crow's set card, Fake Feather. He then followed through and ordered SKY FIRE to attack Crow directly.

Thankfully Crow activates a card, Blackwing- Backlash. It destroyed all of his opponent's monsters. "Well Crow, I get to draw one card thanks to Darksea Float's ability. I now set one card and activate Contaminated Earth! This card allows me to special summon my Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua in attack position." A giant black whale rises up with purple outlined designed. "And with that I end my turn."

Era was barely able to suppress a pained groan as her headache pound against her head. 'I have to endure it. For Crow and Yusei,' she thought. She turned her attention back to the duel.

Yusei flashed a worried look at her. 'If these are going to get worse with every duel, I hope her mind can endure them. She already is in a lot of pain and I don't want to think how much pain she'll be in for the last one,' he thought.

Crow drew his card. He then normal summons Blackwing- Fane the Steel Chain in attack mode. Crow then uses "Fane the Steel Chain" to attack Greiger directly via its own effect. His life points dropped from 1800 to 1300 making Era relieved that Crow was able to make a comeback. But would it be enough? "Now, due to Blackwing- Fane the Steel Chain's effect, your Earthbound Immortal gets switched to Defense Position and is not allowed to switch its Battle Position until the end of my next turn," Crow declared. "I set one card face down and end my turn."

"Then it's my turn," Greiger said drawing a card. "I activate the effect of Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua to inflict half its defense point as damage to you." Crow's life points dropped to a mere 100 points. "Next I summon, Darksea Rescue in attack mode. And now I activate Basara. By tributing a monster once per turn, I can destroy a monster you control that has a higher Level than the monster I tributed and inflict 800 points of damage to you. So I use the effect of "Basara" to Tribute "Darksea Rescue" and destroy "Fane the Steel Chain" as well as inflict 800 points of damage to you," he declared.

"Not so fast," Crow retorted. "I activate Guard Mines to negate the effect of your Basara and inflict 500 points of damage to you." Greiger went down to 800 life points which made Era sigh in relief. 'Lucky it's going according to the way it should,' she thought.

Greiger growled. "I end my turn," he said.

"My turn!" Crow exclaimed drawing his card. "I first set a card face down and then summon Blackwing- Blizzard of the Far North in attack position (Attack 1300/ Defense 0). And due to its effect, I get to special summon Blackwing- Shura the Blue Flame in defense mode (Attack 1800/ Defense 1200). Now I tune my three Blackwings together to Synchro Summon, Blackwing- Silverwind the Ascendant in attack mode (Attack 2800/ Defense 2000)!"

"Due to Chacu Challhua's effect, you can't conduct your Battle Phase so long as "Chacu Challhua" is in defense position," Greiger states.

Era knew this ending like the back of her hand. So when Crow said his lines, she couldn't help get worried. "I use Blackwing- Silverwind the Ascendant's effect to destroy Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua because its defense is lower than Silverwind's defense," Crow declared.

But as soon as it was about to play, Crow, Era, and Yusei all see images of children. Greiger looks up and sees the children. "They're my brother and sister plus the other children of my home," he stated. "I realize now who was really responsible for the destruction of my village and the loss of my people there: the Dark Signers."

He tries to forfeit, but the geoglyph on his arm refuses to let this happen and tries to possess him. "You are mine. You made a promise to help the Dark Signers and the Immortals and destroy the Signers! A promise you will keep!" yelled the Immortal.

But Era saw that the conflicting feelings of Greiger won't allow it. Era wanted to look away but her eyes were frozen in fear as the geoglyph possessed him.

"I end my turn," Crow said.

This new Greiger drew his card. He cackled maniacally. "I have taken your friend and soon I will take you to the Netherworld!"he declared. Era grew worried. This was darker than what she saw and it frightened her. Yusei tensed. "First off, I'll switch my Earthbound Immortal to attack mode. Then, using his effect, I'll attack Crow directly."

"Not quite! I activate my Parasite Mind. This card lets me activate Basara as if I were the controller of it," Crow said.

"WHAT?!" the demon controlled Greiger exclaimed.

Crow tributed Blackwing- Silverwind the Ascendant. In turn, Greiger's Earthbound Immortal was destroyed and Greiger life points dropped to zero. As the Immortal dropped to the ground all of the souls it had were released and freed.

The geoglyph disappears, and Crow is pleased with his victory. Era looked up and saw a giant boulder is about to crush Crow. "CROW!" she cried.

Luckily, Greiger pushes Crow to get him out of harm's way. But, Greiger is crushed by the giant boulder instead. Crow and Yusei try to rescue and pull Greiger out. "Greiger, it's not your time yet," Yusei said.

"Are you three… okay?" Greiger asked.

"Why would you save me?" Crow asked not responding to the question. Era had tears in her eyes threatening to spill over. But she had to be strong.

"I saved the people in my village," he replies. Era looked at Crow to see he was obviously touched by his words. "Find the children you took care of… raise them well," Greiger said.

"I will. I promise," Crow agrees.

"Yusei, you were right," Greiger said and Yusei looked at him. "Nothing remains after revenge. Please, defeat the Dark Signers."

Era looked away as he crumbled to dust a couple tears slip down her face. Crow and Yusei were saddened by his death and Era heard Yusei swear he will carry on with Greiger's promises.

Crow and Yusei get up from their crouch and Yusei walks over to Era with a comforting face and placed an equally comforting hand on her shoulder. "Come on, we better keep moving," Yusei said.

Era nodded wiping away the tears. The three of them meet back up with Trudge, Leo, and Luna. "So, you heading to face Kalin, Yusei?" Crow asked. Yusei nodded. "Then we need to get going."

Era boarded with Yusei on his duel runner and the now six of the left to the tower of the giant.

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