Celestial Signer

Leaving It Up To Destiny

Chapter 25

Leaving It Up To Destiny

As they drove through the destroyed, winding streets Yusei was thinking about their battle with Roman and what he said about Era.


"Are you playing the silent treatment, dear Era? Oh, but you know enough to know everything about me and my brother. And what happened between me and his father," Roman said. Yusei looked at her with shock. Era stared silent and eyed Roman. Roman narrowed his eyes. He pulled a card from his hand.

"I'm sure there are many things you've kept from Yusei and the Signers. Right, Celestial Signer? Is it because you think it will change the future you think will happen? Or because you want to hide it for their sakes?" Roman taunted. Era glared at him. He looked at his card.

~Flashback Ended~

"Era, what was Roman talking about when we battled him?" he asked turning to her.

"Uh, uh," Era stuttered.

"What do you know about Roman and Goodwin? And him and my dad?" Yusei asked.

"A lot," she said regret was clear in her voice. "I've wanted to explain everything to you. I've wanted to tell you everything I know. But I'm scared that if I do, everything that should happen won't. I know what happened to your dad and Roman. I know everything."

"What happens if they don't go by what your world knows?" Yusei asked.

"I'm not sure. But I don't want to find out. If it did happen, and everything goes wrong, there's no telling what could happen here. This world is already more darker than the show," Era explained. Then she said, more to herself, "Sometimes I wish I hadn't come here. If I didn't, maybe none of these problems would happen. I wouldn't have to keep secrets from anyone. Why am I even here?" She looked at her mark. 'What makes me so different?' she thought.

"You're here because we need you. I need you. If it weren't for you, we would all be lost at times," Yusei said.

"But nothing has changed from the way I know it. I could've not been here and it would've all been the same," Era retorted. "If that's what happened, why am I meant to be here?"

"Because we need you, Era. I've already said that but you need to hear it," Yusei said.

"But…" Era started but she could feel the sincerity in his words.

"Era, I need you," he said. She looked at him.

She took a deep breath. "And… I need you," she finally said.

"Then let's face this together," Yusei encouraged.

"O-Okay," Era agreed.

Yusei nodded. They noticed they were closing in on the reactor. "You ready?" Era asked. Yusei nodded. "Good, because you need to be ready."

"Hey, look!" Luna pointed out a crater-sized hole as they closed in on the base of the Dark Signers.

"This is where the old reactor…Zero Reverse…this is where it all started," Trudge noted solemnly.

Suddenly, Luna started shaking. Leo grabbed his sister's hand and she stopped. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"There's something terrifying in there…" she replied.

Leo stared into the blackness of the hole with determination. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you, okay?" he declared.

Luna nodded quietly. But, the overwhelming power of negative energy was still enough to leave her with an unshakable fear looming inside of her. Perhaps this was the pure power of the Netherworld, of Momentum.

The sky was still overcast with black clouds and an occasional flash of lightening followed by a clap of thunder. The wind had died down to the point that the air was stale with the negative energy brimming like sonic waves. Era could feel it too, and it shot through her, causing an agonizing pulse inside of her.

When they came close enough, everyone prepared to climb down the winding staircase leading down into the darkness.

Luna gazed into. "It really is like a meteor crater…" she said.

The others were also amazed by its size. But Yusei had more on his mind. "We need to move on," he reminded them.

He started his way down followed by the others came.

However, Crow saw something nearby that caught his attention. Era saw him and let it be. This part was for him. 'Be careful, Crow,' she thought. 'And good luck.' She soon went down to catch up with the group.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group made it down the stairs to a suspended bridge, linking one side of the dark chasm to the other. Era quickly came by Yusei's side. Beneath them was a massive machine, emitting swirling, multicolored lights. The Signers could feel the negative energy even more.

"It's Momentum," Yusei muttered. Era nodded in confirmation.

A husky voice cut through the air like a nice from the other side. "Thank you for coming, Yusei."

He looked up, and saw Roman standing halfway across the bridge. Yusei made his way onto it, and when the other tried to follow him, he held out his hand to prevent them from getting closer. He couldn't risk endangering them. Everyone had to remain away from him.

"So, am I to understand that you finally sent your ex-friend to the Netherworld?" he asked. Yusei growled. "I cannot say what will happen if I am defeated… that will be up to fate."

"And will fate decide if you will ever say the truth?" Era asked.

"I see your point, Celestial Signer. However, what I saw is a promise and I intend to keep it. Just as I kept my promise to settle things with Jason Fudo… even if it had to be through his son…" Roman said.

Yusei felt stunned when his father's name was mentioned. "So… where were we, Yusei? Discussing Kalin's sentence?"

"It's different than what you think. There was no reason for the hate that existed between myself and him. The Immortals took advantage of our misunderstanding and used it to drive Kalin to innocent people and his friends," Yusei said.

Roman chuckled. "There is no misunderstanding. It was destiny that Kalin became the murderous spawn of the Earthbound Immortals. The two of you were fated to hate each other and risk your lives from the beginning. Scattered were the fireworks of hatred and sorrow… they turned Momentum just as my rancor with your father did."

Roman pulled a trigger in his mechanical arm and the light of Momentum surged upward forming intertwining lines like a Spider's Web.

"Can you see it, Yusei? This is the door of new possibility your father and I discovered seventeen years ago! Beyond it is the power to change the world!" Roman exclaimed.

"But… is it really worth the sacrifice?" Yusei questioned, remembering Rally and Martha were absorbed by his Earthbound Immortal. Roman scoffed. "There is no way I can let you go from what you have done. These people… I am not satisfied by this!"

"In front of destiny… people vanish like garbage. Look at this light… it is destiny itself… it lives by consuming the destiny of all… including myself and your father," Roman retorted.

"You're insane, Roman! I won't let you do as you wish!" Yusei angrily replied.

"Very well…I will bury you in this light just as your father was buried," he said.

Each of them activated their Duel Disks. The marks on their arms were revealed and the geoglyph of the spider encircled the chasm.

"I will take the first turn." Roman drew his card. He thought for a moment. "I set one card down and end my turn."

"Is Roman underestimating Yusei?" Trudge asked, puzzled. Luna shook her head.

"He'd better not or he'll be toast in a matter of turns," Leo smiled.

"If anything, it's bait for Yusei," Era said with a look of worry.

Yusei called for his turn and drew his card. Indeed, the card Roman had could be a trap. But, he felt there was no choice but to go on the offensive.

"I first send the Level Eater in my hand to the graveyard, so I can Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron from my hand!" he declared. (Quick Synchron is a level five Wind attributed Warrior type monster with 700 attack and 1400 defense points.) The warrior was clad in a blue swashbuckler's outfit, with a tattered red cape and a cowboy hat. All that could be seen of its dark face was its blue eye staring from underneath the hat.

"Next, I activate the effect of Level Eater in my graveyard. I can Special Summon it by reducing the level of my Quickdraw Synchron by one!" he continued. His current monster became level four. A red, oversized ladybug took to the field, with the emblem of a gold star on its back. (Level Eater is a level one monster with 600 attack and 0 defense points.) "Now, I can treat my Quickdraw Synchron as any other Synchron monster for the purpose of a Synchro Summon. I tune it with my Level Eater to summon Junk Warrior!" A green light consumed them both and revealed the mechanical blue soldier, its scarf billowing in the wind. "Clustering stars will create a new force! Become the path its light shines upon!"

Yusei then declared a direct attack upon Roman. Junk Warrior slams Roman with its metallic fist, scraping away more than half of his life points. Only 1700 were remaining.

Everyone was excited that Yusei made a direct attack, but not for long. Era wasn't too excited though. She knew what's next.

Roman revealed his trap card. "This is 'Truth of Nonresistance'! When I am attacked directly, I can special summon a level one monster from my hand and another with the same name from my deck!" At that moment, two large green spiders appeared, glaring at Yusei. Yusei remembered them as the monster known as Dark Spider, from his last duel with Roman. (Dark Spider is a level one Insect type monster with 0 attack points and 0 defense points.)

Both were in attack position. However, Yusei had no other monsters during the battle phase of his turn so he couldn't attack again. He set down a card, and that was the end of his turn.

"Are you kidding me? Those monsters have no power!" Leo declared.

Luna poked him on the shoulder. "It's not that simple. Don't you remember any of the other duels? He needs to sacrifice two monsters so he can summon his Earthbound Immortal!" Luna said.

"Wait…" Leo thought. "He's already got two monsters!"

"Right. So, we all need to stay close when he summons it, okay?" she said.

Her Signer birthmark began to glow. Everyone gathered together, preparing for the worst.

Roman drew his card. "Now, for the final piece! I activate Spider Web!" The glowing from Momentum intensified as several more webs graced the walls of the chasm. A web encircled the top of the chasm and the way out. "There's no escape, Yusei! I release my two spiders." The spiders vanished and light energy began swirling around. "Souls of the dead, trapped in my light of destiny! Grant me the power to bring the dark truth to this world!" The titanic-sized Spider materialized, clinging upside-down to the web overhanging the group. The red lines crossing it were shining sickly. Its eyes fixated upon Yusei, its prey. "My Earthbound Immortal Uru comes to the field in attack position!"

Leo, Luna, Trudge, and Era were protected by the light of the Crimson Dragon. For a brief moment, they saw the stone heart beating in the air, souls circling around it, before it vanished. "Now, for a direct attack! Consume Yusei with threads of despair!"

However Yusei saved himself with a Trap. "I activate Synchro Barrier. By releasing my Junk Warrior, I can negate any damage I take this turn."

The threads went past him and fell into Momentum's light. Roman obviously wasn't surprised. "You may have escaped the attack… but you've found yourself in a more dire dilemma." He set down two face down cards.

"I activate the continuous spell! Destiny Trigger!" A fiendish hand appeared in front of him, holding a bone with a red button. As part of the effect, Roman was forced to send the top card of his deck to the graveyard. He revealed that is was Spider Cocoon, a monster card.

"Now, when you draw your next card, you must reveal it to me. If it is also a monster card, your life points will but cut in half. And this will happen in all of your turns after that," Roman informed. He then smirked. "I end my turn. Draw your next card, Yusei. It will determine your destiny," Roman said.

Yusei drew his card, and sighed with relief. He revealed it to Roman. It was a Trap Cards. He had avoided Destiny Trigger, for now.

"I start my summoning my Speed Warrior to the field in attack position!" Speed Warrior emerged, its attack power at 1800 this turn due to its effect.

"Your monster can't be targeted by an attack, in a sense making it an illusionary monster. Now, I can go for a direct attack, and you don't have enough life points to survive it," Yusei declared.

"If Yusei can make this work, he'll win!" Trudge laughed. Era crossed her arms. 'It won't be that easy,' she thought. 'It can't be.'

So Yusei declared his attack, but Roman was ready for him. "Now, Yusei… I activate my permanent trap… Roar of the Bound Gods! As long as Uru is on the field and has more power than you, I can negate your attack, destroy your monster, and deal half if its current attack points to you as damage!"

The Earthbound Immortal let out a shattering cry. Sped Warrior broke into pieces. One of them struck Yusei, and his life points went down to 3100 after taking 900 points of damage. Yusei, still standing, set down a facedown, and had to end his turn.

Roman called for his turn and drew his card. "I am hoping to see how you plan to negate my attack." He then declared an attack with his Earthbound Immortal. "Unleash the wrath of the Netherworld!"

Yusei then activated his card. "With the effect of Spirit Force, I can reduce all battle damage to 0 and add a Warrior Tuner with 1500 defense points or less from my graveyard to my hand!"

Roman laughed. "So I anticipated. I counter with the effect of Ground Wave!" he said. He revealed his second trap. A shock wave emitted from the card and destroyed Yusei's only defense. "When I have a Field Spell in play, I can use this card to negate one Spell or Trap Card and destroy it," he informed.

The thread tore at Yusei, cutting into his clothes. He was knocked over, falling on his stomach. Drops of blood fell onto the bridge. The damage was a catastrophic 3000 points, leaving him with a spare 100 life points.

"Yusei!" Era cried, wanting to rush over to help him. But she held herself back. Leo and Luna called out to him.

"You'll see your father trapped in Momentum very soon," Roman sneered. Yusei struggled to get back up, all the while his gazed fixed on Roman, who was bent on killing him.

Crow found himself in a hallway scattered with debris and broken glass. He looked around but was careful of any of the broken glass and where he stepped. He noticed something and ran to it. "An open door?" he thought aloud. He carefully opened it and was shocked when he saw someone inside. "Hey… aren't you…?"

Goodwin was sitting amidst broken glass by a small, tattered wooden desk. He kept his mechanical arm as out of sight as he could manage. The director appeared almost expressionless.

Goodwin said nothing, but averted his gaze. "Who are you?" Goodwin asked.

"I'm a friend of Yusei's," Crow explained. "Why are you here?"

Goodwin let out a soft, but hollow laugh. "I'm here to say 'Goodbye' to my older brother," he answered.

They remembered that Roman had told them that he and Rex were related.

In Goodwin's other hand, he held a picture in a frame, one of himself and his brother as assistants to Yusei's father. Crow noticed among the glass another frame, this one a picture of Professor Fudo and what appeared to be his wife… and child. "It's a picture of Yusei as a baby," Crow thought aloud, carefully picking it up. "That picture was taken not long before Zero Reverse," Crow concluded.

"Yes, and so was the one I hold," replied Goodwin. Goodwin looked on with apathy.

Yusei struggled to get to his feet. Blood was slowly streaming down his face. Roman smirked. "You look just like your father, bleeding like that."

"You…" Yusei was in pain and couldn't bring himself to finish his sentence.

"Yusei…" It agonized Era that she had to stay there, forced to watch Yusei suffer.

"So, are you going to begin your turn?" Roman interrupted. Now that he felt Yusei was at a dead end and his was going to finish him off, he was impatient to put this to an end.

Yusei carefully drew his card. This would be the last turn of Destiny Trigger's card effect. He revealed his card to Roman.

"A Monster Card…It seems Fate does not see you so kindly," Roman said.

As the Destiny Trigger exploded, Yusei's life points were cut in half, only a meager 50 points left. Roman still had 1700 points.

"Yusei is almost out of points…" Leo said worried. His words expressed the concerns of everyone watching the duel. Era inhaled deeply. This was so hard to watch in real life, but it was so hard to look away.

Yusei kept his footing although he was shaking. "Please don't give up…Whatever you do, Yusei," Era said.

Then, Yusei turned so that she couldn't see the bloody side of his face. "I still have life points."

"That's right! Keep going!" Luna urged him.

"I summon Zero Gardna in defense mode!" Yusei declared. A blue, robotic creature appeared on the field, hovering above the bridge. It carried a massive steel oval around its neck and looked on at Earthbound Immortal Uru bravely. (Zero Gardna is a level four Earth attributed Warrior type monster with no attack or defense points.)

Yusei set one facedown card and declared the end of his turn.

"You still have the will to fight… you have your father's persistence," Roman was actually surprised, considering the rough shape that Yusei was now in, "I never would have guessed that the Signer I would face would be Professor Fudo's son seventeen years ago. It truly must be the will of destiny."

"I don't believe you," Yusei argued.

"You are running out of life, and your soul will vanish into Momentum soon… However, I find you have earned the right to know the truth about your father and the true cause of Zero Reverse," Roman said. "Since the Celestial Signer won't seem to tell you herself."

Yusei said nothing. "Seventeen years ago, Jason Fudo was considered if not THE leader than among the leaders in quantum physics. He discovered Planetary Particles… also known as Yusei Ryuushi."

"Planetary Particles?" Luna wondered aloud.

"What are those?" Leo was confused.

"They are like the planetary gears that connects particles to one another. He named his son after his discovery. He did not live to see how befitting the name was. He hoped, like the particles, that Yusei would connect people together…" Roman said.

Era mentally paused a moment. Yusei was someone who brought people together. He was able to befriend the most unlikely people, even those who had initially wished him harm. It was Yusei who was there when Era first discovered her connection to the Crimson Dragon. He brought people together….

"Planetary Particles were essential to creating Momentum, which Jason envisioned as a revolutionary non-polluting energy system," Roman continued.

"But it didn't turn out that way," Era concluded.

Roman glanced at her sideways. "Until the day everything changed, we all had every reason to believe Momentum would change the world for the better. Jason spoke of it and the possible world it would bring like a boy lost in a fantastical daydream. My brother Rex and I were also scientists. We greatly admired his work and were his assistants at the time." He paused a moment. "It started one time, when the three of us were doing research. My brother and I were nearby checking the data. Suddenly, Momentum began to emit a strange noise. We were all surprised by what was going on. The figures on the energy gauze screen were unusual…they were moving up rather quickly. It was later discovered that during every experiment, the city had experienced abnormal weather patterns. I was shocked when Professor Fudo decided to stop the experiment. He explained it couldn't be helped. None of us were sure what caused the strange weather, but he was convinced there was a connection to Momentum."

"Strange weather patterns?" Luna thought aloud.

Trudge scratched his head. "I remember back then there was weird weather…but I guess nobody thought it was related."

. . .

In the meantime, Goodwin was explaining to Crow. "I asked Professor Fudo about our ongoing research. He understood my point, but as long as safety was not a guarantee, we couldn't endanger the people in New Domino City. I could see my brother's uneasiness, but he said nothing to me at the time. Roman later found out that an area in Peru was experiencing weather disasters at the same as the experiments, but at a greater magnitude than New Domino City. Roman flew there to investigate and went to the area where the Nazca Lines were," said Goodwin. "He had heard the legend of the gods who's ongoing battle unfolded every five thousand years. According to that legend, the Nazca Lines were the wicked gods… sealed away beneath the earth by the benevolent dragon god of the sky… It was said they would later awaken to challenge their old enemy for supremacy of the world."

"If someone had told me that before all this started, I would've called them crazy," Crow said.

"When my brother was there, he met a man from a group called Yliaster," Goodwin continued ignoring the comment.

. . .

"This man approached me while I was examining debris surrounding the geoglyph of the spider. He called me Dr. Roman and expressed disappointment in the halt to research on Momentum. I didn't trust him and asked how he knew," Roman continued to explain to Yusei and the others. Era stayed silent. "He wouldn't say who he was but said he understood that I would like to continue the research. He said it could be continued and Professor Fudo could be fired. At the time, I thought it was impossible. He said there was possibly beyond the light of Momentum that was unimaginable. He asked whether I wanted to see it, but I said nothing. He said his group thought of me as a genius who would write a new page in history, especially since I was already a chosen one. I had no idea what he meant." He raised up his mechanical arm. "When I had my real arm…it bore that mark of the Crimson Dragon's Head. I explained to the man that I had this mark from birth, and he told me I was chosen by destiny. I could not run from it." Yusei stared blankly at Roman's mechanical left arm. He had his doubts, but continued to listen. "As he was about to leave, I stopped him and asked if all of this was related to the legend. He laughed and said to look with my own eyes. It was the will of Momentum's light. And then… he disappeared. I returned to the research center and saw Momentum had begun to spin in reverse. Negative Energy poured from the machine and I became infused with it. But then…only then did I see that possibility. I saw Momentum's role to resurrect the ancient Immortals."

. . .

"My brother had been a genius from a young age…I was quite proud of him actually. But, he carried an unbelievable destiny on his shoulders," Goodwin said.

"He was the one who made Zero Reverse happen," Crow concluded.

"Yes. Professor Fudo insisted that research on Momentum had to be stopped no matter what. An authority from New Domino and several underlings wished to capture him. He was cornered, and they told him he no longer had the authority to make that decision. He was already fired. Many people had invested in Momentum, and a successor had been chosen to continue the research… it was my brother, Roman. He said Jason didn't have the courage to see the truth. Jason by that time had already built the controls and said Momentum wouldn't work without the seals. Roman already had them… four Synchro monsters. However, Professor swiped the cards from Roman and fled. The guards fired and he was shot, causing him to drop one of the seals. But, he managed to get away, although he was injured and bleeding."

"Those seals were the dragon cards, weren't they?" Crow asked, remembering how the towers had been sealed so far by Luna and Yusei's cards.

"Yes. I found Professor Fudo and he gave the remaining seals to me and told me to stop Momentum. The cards he had were Black Rose Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, and Stardust Dragon… the one left behind was Ancient Fairy Dragon. Appropriate to the legend. I think," Goodwin went on.

"So, what happened next? I assume Professor Fudo got his son to safety," Crow said.

"Correct. While he went to rescue his son, I went to look for my brother. I thought perhaps I could talk him out of it. But I was wrong. When I got to the control room, Roman threw me a glass capsule containing the arm that bore the Crimson Dragon's birthmark. I saw the blood and I felt sick. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and asked what happened. He didn't explain but said that now that the negative energy of Momentum was flowing into the world, the Signers would soon appear. It didn't matter how long it took. He told me to gather them so they could defeat him. I asked him what he meant but he yelled at me to just do as he said. He then explained that he had two gods inside of him…and he wasn't strong enough to resist…and that he had chosen the path of the wicked god. I didn't want to just leave my brother, but he fired at me and left me no other choice. I believe it was the last moment he was able to control himself. And then… in that explosion… many lives were lost. Professor Fudo managed to get his son to an escape vessel in time but his own life was taken. The city and the Satellite were separated. I lost my brother and he was reborn as a Dark Signer."

"Not even the legendary man could stop the separation between the city and the Satellite… The one who jumped the Daedalus Bridge. I have never forgotten that dream… I want to reunite them as well," Crow said.

Goodwin sighed. "So you know that legend?"

"Yes," Crow replied, "My parents… Jack's parents… Yusei's parents…they were all lost. But, that legend was a part of what gave me hope, I didn't know the guy…but I believe in his dream."

"If you see Yusei, tell him I am waiting for him should he defeat my brother," Goodwin instructed.

Goodwin went into a nearby room and locked the door behind him. Crow ran at the door and slammed on it. "What do you mean? What's going on, here?" he called.

There was no reply. Inside, Goodwin thought to himself. He understood that Yusei also wanted to reunite the city.

Crow ran out of the room. The noticed a strange purple light and decided to follow it, hoping it would lead them to the others.

. . .

"So that's it, then? You're trying to play God?" Yusei wasn't sure if he believed what Roman had just told him, "How many lives will you throw away before your satisfied?"

"By the time I was aware of my destiny, it was too late. I had chosen a heart of darkness, not having the will to resist… The world will be reborn soon…and that is the final answer to all of your questions," Roman answered.

Roman then called for his turn. He immediately declared an attack with his Earthbound Immortal. But, Zero Gardna burst and the threads were pushed back.

"By releasing my Gardna, all damage I take this turn becomes Zero," Yusei explained.

"I see, you are still fighting," Roman retorted. He finished his turn with a face down card. Everyone was worried now, but they had no option but to believe, or risk the thought of despair.

'Yusei, don't give up. I know you can do this,' Era thought.

Yusei began his turn. All he did was set two of his own facedown cards, giving him three cards to defend himself. He worried about how Roman would play his next turn. Playing defense was his best shot.

Roman took his turn, smirking. "I activate Earthbound Whirlwind! When I have an Earthbound Immortal on the field, I can destroy all spell and trap cards! Your last hope is crushed."

Yusei revealed one of his cards. "I was hoping you'd play a card like that! I activate Starlight Road. When you try to destroy two or more cards of mine, I can negate that effect and special summon Stardust Dragon without following usual summoning conditions." In a flurry of stardust, Yusei's mighty dragon appeared, growling at Earthbound Immortal Uru. Its golden eyes gleamed fearlessly.

"Quite late in the game to bring out your trump card, isn't it?" Roman retorted.

"We'll see about that! I also activate the trap card Shooting Star. When I control a Stardust Dragon, I can destroy one card you control, and I think I'll target your Spider Web!" Stardust Dragon began to glow.

Roman smirked. "It's too easy. I'll counter with a trap called Nihility Hole!" Roman revealed his trap. Stardust Dragon stopped glowing, and Uru seemed to curl up in pain. "By reducing my Earthbound Immortal's attack to nothing this turn, I can negate your Shooting Star." Roman growled. He couldn't make an attack with no power to back it. He was forced to end his turn. "May this be your final move, Yusei."

"It will be," Yusei smiled when he drew his next card, but it quickly faded. He couldn't relax now. Not until Roman was defeated.

Uru uncurled, returning to its original 3000 attack points.

"I activate a spell… Battle Waltz! It creates a token with the same characteristics as my Stardust Dragon!" A similar dragon appeared on the field, but wasn't cloak in the same glorious light. He knew Uru couldn't be selected as an attack target. "Waltz Token! Attack Roman directly!" The other dragon moved to attack, but Uru moved in to protect Roman.

"Have you forgotten about my Roar of the Earthbound Deity? I'll destroy your token and end this!" he exclaimed.

"No, I haven't. I'll use the effect of my Stardust Dragon to release it. I will negate the effect of your trap and destroy it!" Yusei informed.

The card shattered and the dragon flew over Uru. His Stardust Dragon vanished from the field. As it did, Roman had another trap waiting.

"You think you've finished me? I activate Glowing Image of the Guardian God! It allows me to change your attack target to my Earthbound Immortal!" The spider caught the dragon and pulled it down. There was an explosion on impact. Roman was certain the attack would end Yusei. But, when the smoke cleared, Yusei was still standing.

"Any damage I take from a battle involving my Waltz Token is reduced to Zero, and when it's destroyed, your monster loses power equal to its attack," he informed. Uru writhed in pain, with only 500 attack points left. "So many people have suffered because of Zero Reverse. And… it WAS my father's research to begin with… Jack and Crow… the three of us grew up without our parents. If it didn't happen, maybe our lives wouldn't be so absurd… I wonder why my friends still see me as such when it was my father's research that caused all of this… I hope I can make it up to them…but perhaps it doesn't matter what happens to me."

Everyone was surprised but Yusei's sudden outpouring of emotions. Suddenly, a voice rang out from below them. "I'm sorry you feel that way! It must be tough to carry that around…" Crow appeared in a window just above Era, the twins, and Trudge.

Yusei turned to see Crow. "I never thought you felt that way," Crow called to him, "I…I never thought of my life being the way it is because it was your dad's fault. I don't see why you should take responsibility for what happened. You're my friend, Yusei. If Zero Reverse hadn't happened… well… it may not be true. Win for your friends, Yusei. Not because of any guilt that hangs over you."

Yusei understood, but was confused that he was accepted so easily. "Crow is right," Era responded, "You shouldn't feel guilty for something your father was involved in." Yusei paused. "Besides it was Roman's actions that made Zero Reverse happen not your father." He nodded understanding Era as well.

"I don't rely on insanity, Roman. Only my irreplaceable friends," Yusei then activated another trap. It was still the Battle Phase. "With the effect of Stardust Flash, I can bring Stardust Dragon back for one more battle, and this time Uru can't stop it!"

Stardust Dragon emerged and rushed at Uru, its mouth gathering a great beam of light. Yusei declared his attack and the energy stream shot from his dragon's mouth and caused a great blast.

The blast enveloped Roman and he couldn't help but let out a cry of was enough to strip Roman of any remaining life points. With nothing left, Yusei emerged from the duel, injured but victorious.

When the vapors cleared, Roman had collapsed to his knees. His body was turning gray. But, Yusei noticed he was laughing. "Sorry. You may have won, Yusei. But, I can't allow you to leave!" Yusei didn't understand what Roman meant. "An ultimate god has now been set free."

"What! What are you saying?" Yusei was stunned.

Roman removed the Duel Disk panel from his artificial arm. In the midst of this Crow turned around to see a stunned blonde standing behind him.

"Yusei," Roman sneered, "If the four control towers are not activated by sunset, the door of the Netherworld will open and its king shall be resurrected. And a friend of yours will begin a real battle within her own body." He then pulled a string attached to his arm. "I can't let you succeed… therefore I can't allow you to leave this place…"

Suddenly, there was a great explosion. The suspension bridge was destroyed. As Roman faded into dust, he turned his head.

Yusei tried to grab onto the ledge, but he couldn't reach far enough. Bits of wood and debris fell all around him into Momentum.

Era reached for him, but they were too far apart. In desperation, he let out a scream as he fell into Momentum's light. "Yusei!" Everyone shouted, almost paralyzed as they watched him fading into the light.

Without warning, Era impulsively jumped in after him. "Era, what are you doing?" Trudge tried to grab her in mid-descent, but missed. Soon, both Yusei and Era vanished.

"What was she trying to do?!" Luna emitted a worried cry, tears coming down her cheeks.

Crow also felt the sorrow dawning upon him. The last of rocks and scraps of the bridge disappeared into the light. The black clouds still swirled above them. "They'll come back. Era knows the outcome and he can bring her back," Crow said.

"In the meantime… Jack and Akiza still have to seal the remaining towers…" Trudge said.

Elsewhere, Goodwin had somehow returned to the Temple beneath his mansion. As he stood on top of it, he stared at the glass case with his brother's arm inside of it. He knew the final battle was drawing ever closer. And Era seemed to know every bit of what will come to pass. He didn't know how, but he would find out.

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