Celestial Signer

Truth- Part 1

Chapter 28

Truth- Part 1

As they drove off they saw the mark of the hummingbird disappear from the sky. "So I take it Jack won his duel," Yusei said.

"Yes, but at a price," Era said vaguely.

"What do you mean by that?" Trudge asked.

"In the process he lost someone he deeply cares about. Once this is all over, she'll be free but," Era stopped.

"But what?" Crow asked.

"She won't remember a thing during her times as a Dark Signer. All of it will be a blank in her mind," Era finished. She looked down.

"I feel for Jack. He's gotta feel bad," Crow said. Era nodded.

"He does but he's also more determined to end this," she informed.

They all looked at her. "On another topic, hey Era can you tell us more about the past you know?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, like how Yugi Moto and this Yami you were talking about you said like they were the same person," Crow said.

"Oh, um. Well… I guess since it's in the past I can tell you," Era said and took a deep breath. "Yugi was always the best duelist. However he was always very timid most of the time. Until his grandfather, Solomon Moto, gave him an impossible task. The task to solve the Millennium Puzzle. It was a five thousand year old artifact that no one had been able to complete in that time frame. However the impossible became possible when Yugi completed it."

"So what happened when he completed it?" Luna asked.

"He was fused with ancient, magical energies that came straight from Ancient Egypt. Within the puzzle held the spirit of a five thousand year old pharaoh," she stopped again to breath.

But then Crow asked, "Spirit of a pharaoh?"

Era nodded. "Yugi at first was clueless even when the pharaoh took over his body to duel for him. No one ever really noticed the height or vocal difference. But when he found out, Yugi was a bit reluctant to let the pharaoh help. Especially when the pharaoh put Seto's life on the line in hope to help Yugi's grandfather in Duelist Kingdom."

"Why would his grandfather need help?" Trudge asked.

"Because Pegasus had the Millennium Eye. There were seven Millennium Items total. The first you learn about it the Millennium Puzzle, Millennium Eye, and the Millennium Ring which I will get into in a moment. Pegasus' eye was first discovered when Pegasus used a video tape to give to Yugi as an invitation, and threat, to join Duelist Kingdom. He took Yugi into a Shadow Game where the monsters were real and your soul was on the line. When it was about done, Pegasus stole Solomon Moto's soul. He had also kidnapped Mokuba and taken his soul and put them into Soul Cards," Era continued.

"Soul cards?" Yusei asked.

"Yes, with his eye, Pegasus was able to take the souls of Solomon, Mokuba, and eventually Kaiba. When it came down to Yugi versus Pegasus, Yugi was struggling and he and the spirit came up with a plan. They were somewhat separate their merged minds. Keeping their thoughts separate from each other so Maximillion Pegasus couldn't read their minds with his Millennium Eye," Era stopped.

"He could read minds?" Leo asked.

Era nodded. "Eventually, Pegasus got frustrated and took Yugi and the Spirit to the Shadow Realm. A realm not unlike the Netherworld. It's a world where souls are sent to wander aimlessly. Yugi used the last of his strength to play one last card before his mind was strained to a breaking point leaving the spirit alone. It took everything the spirit had and the help of Yugi's friends. Tea, Joey, and Tristan. But they beat Pegasus using the Magician of Black Chaos. Now onto he Millennium Ring. It belonged to one of Yugi's friends, Bakura. Just like the puzzle, a spirit was held in the ring. But it was an evil spirit. It used Bakura's body as a vessel. At one point it tried to take Mokuba and use Mokuba's body as a vessel instead of Bakura's because the real Bakura helped Yugi in their own Shadow Game. When Pegasus lost he kept his word to Yugi and the spirit by freeing the souls he had captured. However, the possessed Bakura came to Pegasus just as he freed them. They played a Shadow Game based on the strength of their minds. Bakura won and took Pegasus' Millennium Eye," Era explained.

"What happened after that?" Crow said.

"Yugi learned what to call the spirit as Yami. However, he also learned the spirit had no memories from his past. Their journey together went through many dangers and once the Yami finally learned his true identity and who he really was, he had to battle Yugi. If Yami, or now known as Atem, won, he wouldn't be able to go to the afterlife. If he lost, he would be guided back. Yugi wished his other half wouldn't go because they had become close friends and battled evils like Marik and Dartz. But he knew what he had to do and what was right, and allowed his spirit friend to go rest. That's all I know from there," Era concluded.

"So you're telling me there were tons of evil out there?" Crow asked.

"Yep. When Atem was retrieving his memories with Yugi, Tea, Tristan, and Joey, they went back to Ancient Egypt. Where they confronted the first known evil, Zorc. He was the embodiment of darkness and chaos. Atem, Yugi, and their friends were able to stop him by working together," Era explained. "But that should be enough for now. I can explain the rest at a better time."

Yusei nodded in understanding. That was a ton of information to process. And the thought that evil lurked back then, it made him worry. They looked ahead and noticed the Lizard tower was coming up.

"So is the Lizard tower to only one left?" Leo asked.

"Yep," Yusei replied. "And if it isn't sealed by sunset then the doors to the Netherworld won't be shut." 'I hope Akiza's okay,' he thought.

They entered an abandoned amusement park where they find Mina's car. "The duel hasn't started yet," Luna mentioned.

"No, it hasn't," Era replied.

"Let's split up and search for either of them," Yusei suggested.

"Yusei, I'm going to find Jack. I'll meet up with you later," Crow said before taking off.

The rest of the group split up with Leo and Luna going one way, Trudge searching another, and Era and Yusei walking another way.

As they walked Era knew what was going to happen. Era heard the sound of a board falling from above. She looks up. She pushes Yusei out of the way and uses her Signer abilities to create a red shield. The board hits the shield and it crumbles on top of her.

"Era!" Yusei exclaimed.

The pieces of the heavy board began to move up and Era pushes out of it unscathed. "Hey, Yusei," Era greeted. "I'm fine."

"What impressive powers?" came a voice. They turned to a man who said, "I come from Sector Security under Director Goodwin's orders."

"Listen, we appreciate the concern but it's not safe here," Yusei said. Era glared. 'Sayer…' she thought her teeth gritting.

"I've already prepared for such risks and I have learned all the details from the director. For the sake of New Domino City, Akiza must win at any cost," the stranger said.

"Era let's trust him," Yusei said to his companion. "He could help."

"Or maybe it's a setup," Era growled.

"And why would I be setting you up?" the stranger asked.

"I can see right through you and your façade," Era growled. "But if you want to trust him, let's trust him. But I am keeping watch on everything you do." The man nodded in acceptance.

They continue to walk and Yusei whispers to Era, "What was that about?"

"He's not part of Sector Security and Goodwin didn't send him. He wants to make Akiza a one woman army with her power using one phrase," Era said vaguely. "But let's just let it play out like it should, until he reveals himself."

"Yusei, do you believe Akiza is skilled enough to defeat this Dark Signer?" the man asked as the trio kept walking.

"She'll win. I believe in her," Yusei answered.

"I believe in her and I know she'll win," Era chimed in.

"It sounds like you have special feelings for Miss Izinski, Yusei," the mystery man said.

"She's a friend," Yusei said.

The man suddenly twists his head towards a house next to them. Era gives him a glare. "I think I just saw movement in that house," he said.

"I'll go look," Yusei said and before Era could protest he entered. Era ran in after him.

When they enter, Yusei calls out for Mina and Akiza. "Ugh…" came a weak groan.

"Mina!" Yusei exclaimed looking below him to find her unconscious.

Yusei then tried to open the crate door and Era ran over to help. Era looked over and yanked Yusei. "Watch out!"

A fireball was hurdling at them and barely missed them. "If you want answers, Yusei, you must fight me. If you dare," the stranger said. He took Psychic Sword from his hand and materialized it to life.

"Are you a psychic duelist?" Yusei asked.

The man just laughs. He used his Hinotama and fired another fireball at Yusei. "Yusei!" Era exclaimed.

"Why don't you want us to help Akiza?" Yusei asked.

"Akiza is destined for greatness and that she doesn't need any friends," the man said.

"If Akiza doesn't wrap things up by sunset, the world is going to get destroyed," Era said angrily. "But I doubt you care about that."

"That is none of your concern," the man said.

He reached out and attacked Yusei using his Psychic Sword. He neutralized Yusei with the sheath of it and sent him into the cellar next to Mina. "Yusei!" Era called.

The man shut the cellar and Era glares daggers at the mysterious psychic duelist. "Akiza can only shine in a world that I desire," he said looking down at Yusei. He used another fireball and sealed the lock.

He walked up to Era who was still in Yusei's view. Era got in a defensive stance. "Now, now. You are coming with me!" the man said yanking Era. He spun her around and locked her arms while he put the sword to her throat. "I could use a powerful person like you. I'll just need to reshape your mind a bit."

"Leave Era alone!" Yusei yelled.

"This is all for the better, Yusei. And Era will be a perfect weapon along with Akiza. That was something Era was right about," the man said.

He began to yank Era away. "You're not taking me, Akiza, or any of my friends," Era said.

He looked at her. "What gives you the power to think you can stop that from happening?" he asked dragging her along.

"The cosmic forces around us!" she exclaimed. She focused on her power and said, "Transport next to Yusei."

In a split second, Era disappeared from the man's grasp he looked around confused. Yusei looked next to him as he heard steps. The man turned around, "HOW?!"

"I am the Celestial Signer. I have abilities you can't imagine," Era said. Then she growled, "Sayer…"

His eyes widened. He gave a grin before walking away and leaving the house.

Suddenly, water started flooding into the concrete walls. "Mina! Yusei! Era!" they heard Trudge's voice.

The water was filling the room by the second and it wouldn't be long before they wouldn't be able to get air. Era looked over at Mina who was waking up thanks to the water. "Trudge! We're in here!" Mina called out.

The locked trio heard the door slam open and Trudge call, "Where are you?!"

"Look down," Yusei said.

"How in the world?" Trudge yelled.

"Just get us out," Mina ordered.

"He doesn't need to," Era said.

They looked at her. "Mina, Yusei get close to me and hold on," Era ordered. They did as they were told seeing they were running out of time. "Transport to ground and next to Trudge."

In a flash of light to Trudge, they were gone. But as fast as they were gone, they reappeared behind him. Yusei, Era, and Mina were wet and Era was tired. "How did you…?" Yusei began.

"We can talk later, but Akiza needs us right now," Era said and was already running out.

They hurriedly followed but Yusei asked Mina something, "What does Misty have against Akiza?"

"There were reports of her brother going missing a few years ago. Though there aren't many leads, there are rumors saying that the Arcadia Movement was providing false accusation to the investigators," Mina explained.

"So what happened to you three?" Trudge asked.

"I was attacked by this man and locked up in that cellar," Mina explained.

"We were confronted by the same man and when he said he thought he saw movement inside that house, I ran in. I was worried about you and Akiza," Yusei explained. He looked towards the still ahead Era. "Era knew something was up from the beginning. She even said how she knew about him and his disguise. She probably knows who he was and knows what he wants. She already revealed the fact that he wanted to use Akiza as a weapon. He was going to use her as a weapon. But she saw right through him and I think it's because of her world." Trudge and Mina looked at Era.

Era sees Leo and Luna standing on a platform watching the duel. "Leo, Luna, what's going on?" she asked as she approached them.

"Oh hey Era," Luna greeted. "Akiza's dueling Misty."

"But she's acting like the Black Rose!" Leo added.

"Era, do you have any idea why she's back into that mode?" Yusei asked.

Era nodded. "Sayer told her a phrase and that unleashed her power and locked her normal self away." She looked at the one room house on the other side.

"Sayer?" Yusei asked. She pointed to the house where Sayer was laughing while watching the duel. "You guys stay here," he orders.

"Yusei, I'm coming," Era said. Yusei was about to respond but she stopped him. "I'm coming. I'm going to be there to help Akiza." Yusei nodded.

The two of them ran off while they watched the duel. It was Akiza's turn so she drew a card. "I'm going to remove Rose Fairy from my graveyard activate the effect of Black Rose Dragon. So that switches Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings to attack position and reduces its attack points to 0," she informed. Misty gave a look of surprise. The rose petal covered dragon lashed out its vines and forced it into attack position while.

Yusei and Era reach the room without being noticed by Sayer. When the two emerge, Sayer turns to them. "Well, look who escaped. I'm quite surprised that you survived but not too surprised with the fact you can someone who could teleport with you," he said.

Era looked out the window and at the duel. "Black Rose Dragon, attack Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings!" the dragon did as it was told and Misty's life points went to 1100. "You're about to lose, Misty," Akiza growled.

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