Celestial Signer

Truth- Part 2

Chapter 29

Truth- Part 2

"When Reptilianne Rage is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, your monster will get 800 attack points deducted," Misty responded.

"Well now I'll summon Dark Verger in defense position," Akiza declared.

Era then turns back to Yusei and Sayer. "Why are you doing this Sayer?" Yusei demanded.

"Thanks to the Dark Signers attacking the Arcadia Movement Headquarters, I have a scar on the right side of my face. I have complete mind control over Akiza and she will only listen to me. I will use Akiza to get revenge against those who have hurt me," Sayer explained.

"Let her go, Sayer! She's not that person anymore!" Era demanded.

"Akiza is my faithful servant. I decide everything she does," Sayer said. He shot a fireball at Yusei who quickly jumped out of the way.

"You're not going to control anyone else. I won't let you," Yusei retorted.

Sayer laughed. "People need direction so as not to hurt others or themselves. One of those people is Akiza. She has always needed someone there to guide her and I have provided that guide."

"You're pathetic," Yusei sneered.

"No, but this one is. This Dark Singer for becoming a Dark Signer through the grudge from the disappearance of her brother and now she's fighting a Psychic Duelist to get revenge," Sayer said.

Era and Yusei remembered what Mina said though they were both different. Yusei asked, "So you're the one who had caused the events that led Misty to become a Dark Signer in the first place?"

"Yes, though I never expected things would've gone this far," Sayer admitted. "But it is the perfect stage for him to demonstrate the Psychic Duelists' power to the world."

Era smirked and Yusei said, "You just revealed that you were behind Toby's death."

Era looked back at the duel. "It'll be here soon," she muttered. "Too soon." The two other duelists looked at her.

I was Misty's turn. She drew a card and summoned Reptilianne Gardna in defense mode. She sent Sad Story- Unwavering Truth to the Graveyard to revive Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings. "Now attack her dragon!" Misty exclaimed. It attacked Black Rose Dragon, dropping Akiza's Life Points to 1600. "Due to its effect, I draw a card and you send a card from your hand to the Graveyard."

"I activate Fragrance Storm and destroy Dark Verger," Akiza declared. She drew a card due to its effect. "If I draw a plant type monster, I can draw again." She drew a card and another card and after that she summoned Copy Plant to the field. "Since Copy Plant is a tuner monster, Dark Verger's effect activates so I can summon it back from the graveyard." She then set two cards face down and ended her turn.

Misty drew her card and grinned. "I activate Advance Force. This lets me count my Queen of Tragic Endings as two tributes. So now I tribute to summon…" she slams the card on her disk. Era head began to pound in agony. She went to one knee clutching her head. "Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua (Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua is a level ten Dark attributed Reptile type monster that has 2800 attack points and 1800 defense points)!"

Yusei grabbed Era as Sayer shot a fireball at her. "Y-Yusei…" she muttered quietly.

Yusei secretly pushed a button on his duel disk and asked, "Are you responsible for Toby Tredwell's disappearance? And then pinned the crime on Akiza?"

"Yes, I'm the one who made Toby disappeared one year ago," Sayer confessed. He explained that he has put Toby through a hard experiment to see if he has any potential to join his organization. This experiment consisted of an electrocuting device which would reveal if Toby had strong enough psychic powers to withstand the procedure. After seeing that Toby did not live up to expectations, Sayer deemed Toby as of no use to him. He sent him off to a secret facility. Era glared up at him from her pained state. "Toby abilities were pathetic. Akiza, however, was one of my greatest discoveries. Her powers were as strong as she was naïve. She has always tried to meet up with my expectations."

"She's not that person anymore," Yusei growled.

"She's who I say she is and right now I say she's a one woman army. But you already knew that," Sayer retorted. He turned to Era. "You know, Era, I could make the pain stop."

Yusei froze at the same time as Era. "N-No, you can't. You can't stop negative energy from attacking my mind. And you can't force someone to be a person they don't want to be," Era responded. But Sayer and Yusei both heard the hint of desperation in her voice.

"Come now. Do you really want to suffer through this pain any longer?" Sayer said.

"Sayer…" Yusei growled.

Sayer threw a fireball at him. Yusei barely dodged but was also only grasping to the floor to keep himself from falling. "I must say, you are persistent," Sayer said. He brought out his Psychic Sword.

"Sayer, you may try to act like you are the good guy to fool me. But I know different. You sent Misty's brother to a secret location, you nearly killed Carly, you're trying to make my friend an army by herself, and now you're trying to kill Yusei," Era said struggling to stand up. She looked at him with a strong glare. "You're a messed up person, Sayer. But I don't think only me and Yusei heard your little confession."

"What?" Sayer asked shocked.

Yusei gave a small laugh as he pulled himself up. His duel disk revealed a blinking light. "With my duel disk's speaker, Misty just heard every word you said."

The psychic duelist is shocked by what Yusei said and looked to see Misty, who had a look of an immense intention of killing him for what he just said. "Now that I know the truth, now that I know it was you, I want to know where my brother is!" she yelled.

"He was shipped off to an unknown secret facility to which even I don't know its location," Sayer responded.

"Well in that case, I'll just send you to the Netherworld!" Misty exclaimed angrily.

Her Earthbound Immortal used its long, obviously lizard-like tongue and grabbed Sayer. In one solid gulp, Sayer was gone into the darkness. Leo and Luna turn and hug each other. Yusei's eyes widen but quickly turn back to Era. He runs up to her.

"Yusei… go help Akiza," Era ordered.

"But…" Yusei began but he knew there was no point. The tone in her weak voice told him there wasn't.

Akiza then slowly started to convert back into the old Akiza. Yusei hurried down to the ground.

"I have finally avenged Toby's disappearance and now understand that you didn't have any position in the disappearance of my brother," Mist said while she turned back to normal. She said, "There isn't any more reason to fight you."

Misty was about to surrender when a dark voice pierced through the air and a dark mist clouded around and tried to overtake Misty.

Yusei yelled to Misty, "Fight it, Misty. Your vengeance is over so don't lose to the Earthbound Immortal!" He turned to see Akiza was still in a small trance. "Akiza! Akiza!"

"I-I know that voice. It's Yusei calling out to me," she mumbled. As her mind finally broke free, Misty began to talk worriedly.

"I- I can't stop this Duel through my own will anymore," she said. Suddenly, the mist invaded her. "So now I think I will destroy you, Signer. And everything you hope to accomplish!"the possessed Misty exclaimed.

Yusei yelled to Akiza, "Akiza, you're the only one who can save Misty." Akiza agreed with a nod.

Misty sent Ccarayhua to attack the Signer directly.

Akiza activates the trap card, Ground Capture, halving the battle damage from one of her opponent's monsters and her life points dropped to 200.

She also added since she had taken at least 1000 points of damage, she draws a card. She set a card face down.

Akiza thought, 'If I win the duel, Misty will get sent to the Netherworld. But if I can just defeat the Earthbound Immortal, there might be a chance to save her.'

It's Akiza's turn and she draws a card. "I use the effect of "Copy Plant", changing its Level to 2. And now I summon, Hedge Guard and activate Shining Rebirth. This lets me synchro summon my Black Rose Dragon from Graveyard by using my three monsters." The cards in her Graveyard float by as she does so. She explained further, "When Black Rose Dragon is successfully summoned, she can destroy all cards on the field and thanks to the effect of Shining Rebirth, Black Rose Dragon isn't destroyed this turn."

The possessed Misty laughed. "If you win the Duel, Misty will die for good!" she laughed.

The Signer glared. "The one I want to defeat is the entity controlling Misty," Akiza retorted.

She activated the effect of Black Rose Dragon, but the possessed Misty wouldn't allow her to win so easily. She activated the trap card, Doom Gazer. "This card inflicts 300 points of direct damage for each card that would be destroyed. Seven cards in total would be destroyed, so you will be taking 2100 points of damage."

"Akiza…" called the spirit of the true Misty. "Akiza, you need to protect this world as a Signer."

"Are you sure?" Akiza asked tears welling up in her eyes. The true Misty nodded. Reluctantly, Akiza exclaimed tossing her head to the side, "I activate the trap card, Nature's Reflection. This redirects the damage to you."

The attack made Misty lose a locket on her neck and fell on the ground. Ccarayhua and the lizard geoglyph disappear.

Era's head stopped pounding. She got up and walked to the group. "Nice job, Akiza!" Leo complimented.

Era looked at her friend with sad eyes. "She's not in the mood for celebrating," she said.

Akiza noticed a locket. She walked over and picked it up. Inside was a picture of Misty and Toby. A few of Akiza's tears fell on the locket.

Era noticed Leo look at the setting sun. "We're too late," Leo said.

"We weren't able to seal the tower before sunset," Trudge added.

"Well at least the inhabitants of Satellite were saved, right?" Mina said. Yusei nodded.

Era was still in the background. Her time was running out now. A sharp pain shot through her body starting at the heart.

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