Celestial Signer

A History Better Left Unsaid

Chapter 3

A History Better Left Unsaid

Crow and Yusei were arriving at Crow's hideout after beating two Sector Security officers. They turned the last corner and noticed a figure lying on the ground Crow's nest (hideout).

They stopped and walked over carefully. In Satellite, there's no telling if there is a person waiting to harm you. As they got closer, they noticed familiar marks and designs.

"It's her!" Crow exclaimed.

They walked up to her and Yusei gave her shoulder a gentle shake. She rolled over her eyes cracked opened. Her vision was slowly coming clearer. She sat up and took everything in.

"Why?" she muttered. "Why am I here? How am I here?" She tucked her head between her knees and shook it. "This isn't possible. It can't be possible," she muttered.

"Era, what's not possible? Why is it not possible?" Yusei asked.

"Being here isn't possible. I don't understand how or why I got here. All I know is," she paused to look up at the stars, "I'm not remotely from here. Not even close."

"Era, what was that mark on your arm?" Yusei asked.

"Yusei, the last time we asked that question, she ran. I'm not sure we shou…" Crow was cut off by Era.

"It's fine, Crow," she said.

"How do you know my name?" he asked.

"I've heard it around. Plus you guys were saying your names in front of me," she answered.

"True," was all Crow said.

"So what was that mark?" Yusei asked.

"I'm not entirely sure," she answered.

"Celestial Signer," called a calm, motherly voice.

Era stood up. "Who's there?" she called back.

"You are the only one who can see or hear me. You are the Celestial Signer, child. You hold the power of every celestial being in the universe. Look up to see me, child," the voice said.

Era turned her head up. She gasped in utter shock. "Y-You're the…" she couldn't finish.

Yusei and Crow looked up but saw nothing. Yusei looked at Crow who shrugged.

"Yes, Era. I am the Crimson Dragon," the red dragon said.

"Do you know how I got here? You must know where I'm from, right?" she asked.

"Yes, I know. I am the one who brought you here from your world," Crimson Dragon answered.

"Why did you bring me here?" Era asked.

"You are special. You are the Celestial Signer. The first one in existence and me and my brother only created the Celestial Signer because the darkness here is stronger than the one in the show you watched," Crimson Dragon explained. "It will mostly play out like the show, but there will be differences."

"Should I tell them about the show? And what I know?" Era asked.

"Not yet. Wait until all the Signers are gathered, then tell them all," Crimson Dragon answered.

"Why is it that only I can see and hear you? Why can't the other Signers?" she asked.

"Because, though the Signers are a part of me in pieces, you are a part of me and the universe in whole. So you can see me, and my brother Lunar Dragon who guards your Earth, but no one can unless I allow it," Crimson Dragon explained.

"Oh, that makes sense," she said.

"I must leave for now, child. But I will be watching. Tell them that you are the Celestial Signer but nothing more until all the Signers are together. Do you understand?" Crimson Dragon said.

"Yes, I understand," Era responded with a nod.

"Farewell, Celestial Signer. I will see you again," the dragon said before taking off.

"Goodbye," she said quietly. Era turned to Yusei and Crow who were looking at her confused. "The Crimson Dragon told me I am known as the Celestial Signer," she said to them in one fast breath.

The only thing Yusei and Crow really got out of her sentence was "Celestial Signer".

"What's the 'Celestial Signer'? And how did you know about the Signers?" Yusei asked.

"I really should wait to explain all this until the Signers are together. If that's okay? I mean, it's a seriously long tale that I only want to tell once, if you can understand?" she said.

"For now, I get it. But once we're all together you have a lot of explaining to do," Yusei agreed. Era nodded in acceptance.

"C'mon Yusei, and you too Era. We should probably get to my hideout," Crow said.

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a burden," Era said.

"Girl, don't worry about it. Besides, you can't sleep in the dirt for the rest of your life," Crow assured.

"Okay, thanks. I appreciate it," Era agreed though it was with some reluctance. 'The rest of my life?' she thought.

They walked over to Yusei's and Crow's duel runners. Era walked over to Crow's entrance where Rally, Nervin, Blitz, Tank, Blister, and Crow's "nest" of kids that he watched were waiting.

"Hey, Yusei!" the boy known as Rally called.

"Hey, guys," Yusei greeted.

Era went over and hid in the darkness. She was never one to meet new people well. Besides, this was all too strange. Yusei turned around and noticed Era.

"Era, you can come out. None of us will hurt you," Yusei called. She shrunk back for a second. Everyone looked in her direction.

"Era, it's really okay. Why are you so nervous? None of us bite," Crow tried.

Era cautiously stepped out into the open. They looked at her along with her worried, confused face. "Yusei said your name is Era?" Nervin asked.

She just looked at them with worried, nervous eyes.

"Can't you talk?" Blister asked.

Yusei looked at her. She seemed much less timid and shy when she first met him and Crow. It's like meeting a whole group of people really brings out her shy side.

"H-Hi," she greeted. "My… my name is Era." Her voice was small, timid, and extremely quiet. Almost impossible to hear.

Since it seemed she was too nervous to explain a lot, he decided to explain a bit himself. "We found her alone while we were riding and talking. We almost ran into her. She ran off and we found her behind Crow's hideout. She's been really confused and nervous. We don't know much about her. She won't tell us anything really," Yusei explained.

"Hi, Era. My name's Rally," the young boy greeted.

"Name's Blister," Blister continued.

"I'm Nervin," said the man.

"I'm Tank," the slightly chubby man greeted.

"I'm Blitz," the next person said.

The names continued for a while and Era was getting worried about forgetting the names. Crow and the group sat down next to a fire and Crow began to tell the story of the "Bridge to Nowhere" at the request of the children. Everyone listened intently. Rally interrupted once and got yelled at by a couple of the younger kids. Era was the only one who wasn't really listening. She had heard the story a few times and knew it well. She was too busy worrying about her family, friends, and home anyways. 'How are they doing? Are they worried about me? If I ever return, will it be the same as I left? Did my parents ever take the time from fighting to take care of Jack? I hope so,' Era thought.

"Okay guys. I think it's time for shut eye for you. Us grown-ups need to talk," Crow said snapping Era out of her depressing thoughts.

"Aww, can we stay up a bit longer?" a younger boy asked.

"I'm a grown-up, aren't I?" Rally asked. "I should be able to stay."

"No, you're still in diapers," she another child. The rest of the kids laughed and Era couldn't help but crack a smile.

The kids were eventually herded inside and into bed. When they couldn't fall asleep, Era sang a lullaby to help them:

With the night falling across the darkened sky,

People cover up and kids close their eyes.

The stars will guide you through the dream you have.

Sleep little children and sing the sweet lullabies.

Sleep and have the wondrous dreams you're meant to have.

Stars dot the sky in beauty.

Sleep and have the wondrous dreams your meant to have.

She looked around and noticed every one of the kids were fast asleep. She gave a thankful grin. She hadn't heard that song in years but it always stayed with her. She tended to use it when her brother couldn't sleep.

She left the room where the others were waiting with eyes that showed shock and relief. "Nice job, Era. You really know how to help and deal with kids," Yusei said.

"I-I wouldn't say I deal with them. I just care for them," she responded.

"She speaks for once," Crow commented. Era became nervous again and went back to silence.

With that done, Yusei began to explain his side of the situation. "So that's why we were stuffed into that box?" Nervin asked.

"Yeah, sorry I got you into that mess," Yusei responded.

"It's not your fault," Tank reassured.

Era had continued to stay silent, not wanting to talk or explain anything. Besides, she was too busy worrying about her loved ones.

"Well, you've been silent this entire time. What about you? What's your story?" Blister asked.

She looked at him before timidly saying, "I… don't want to talk about it."

"Then why are you so quiet and distant?" Nervin asked.

"Just thinking," Era answered vaguely.

"About what?" Yusei asked. He could vaguely see the worry and concern she was trying to conceal on her face. But Yusei was relieved to hear her talk a bit more.

"Just my family, friends, home. I'm worried about them. How they're doing, if my baby brother's okay, if my two friends are getting along, and if my parents stopped fighting for once. I'm just worried about them. Especially my brother. My parents are always too busy fighting to take care of him. I'm surprised they haven't filed a divorce yet," Era explained. "Oh, please let them be alright," Era begged looking up at the moon. She closed her eyes, her brows furrowing in concern.

Her mind began to wrap around the horrible thought of her little brother, Jack, starving or being hurt. She had plenty of bruises from trying to stand in the way of flying items thrown in his direction. She succeeded in all of them and he never got hurt on Era's watchful eye. Her mind began to remember the night before she arrived here.


The night before she was sent here, her parents were fighting furiously with each other. Her mom was drunk and got annoyed with her brother and his fearful crying. Her mom grabbed a previously broken chair and threw pieces of it at him.

Era had stepped in front of her brother and she took the hits full force. She turned around and picked up her crying baby brother from his high chair and more pieces were being thrown at her.

"You dare to protect that worthless worm when he's misbehaving?! You're just as worthless!" her mom yelled.

More and more items were thrown at her but she didn't care. She had plenty of deep, good-sized bruises on her back, arms, shoulders, and stomach. So it was practically nothing at this point. There were still on her, she could feel them.

~Flashback Ended~

She was so lost in thought that it shocked her when she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder. But the worst part was, it was on a really bad, really deep bruise. Era involuntarily cringed and looked up at Yusei who was removing his hand.

"Are you okay? You spaced out and then cringed when I touched you," Yusei asked.

"It's nothing. Just one of the multiple bruises I have," Era replied.

"How did you get as many bruises as you said?" Crow asked.

"Parents. Some are still healing from a few weeks ago. Some are as recent as last night," Era responded.

"What do you mean? What did your parents do?" Yusei asked. He sat down beside her.

"What they do every night when Mom is drunk. When they fight, they throw things. I use my body to protect my little brother from the objects that are flying towards him. My most recent and most brutal are from last night. Mom was drunk and was fighting with Dad, my brother was crying from fear and my mom threw some pieces from a broken chair at him. I stepped in front of him and took the three or four pieces, hard to count, full force. I turned around and grabbed my brother his high chair with pieces of a chair and other items being thrown against my back, shoulders, and arms. I don't mind getting hurt, as long as my brother and those I care about are safe," Era explained.

She lifted the bottom of her shirt until it reached the bottom of her chest. In the fire light, they saw the number of bruises across her body. Though, they knew too well that there must be more underneath the rest of her body.

"So why do you care so much about parents who do that to you?" Crow asked.

"Because they're my family. I don't want to lose my family, no matter how bad things may seem," she answered.

"Wow, you're a bigger person than I am, like Yusei. I would've left with your brother on the first draw," Crow said.

"Well, if there is ever hope, no matter how small, for things to change, I don't stop hoping," she responded.

Everyone was silent as she brought down her shirt. They couldn't believe her own parents would do something like that to her and her brother… and her brother was a baby! To change the subject, Yusei brought up her mark. "Era, you still haven't shown us your mark," he said.

She sighed, thankful for the change of topic. She rolled up her sleeve. The mark was more visible in the dim light.

"Whoa, so Goodwin didn't even know about this mark, Yusei?" Blister asked.

"No, he didn't. Do you know anything about the mark, Era?" Yusei responded.

"Yes, some I would rather say once so I'll wait until all the Signers are around. Like I said earlier, it's a long story. But I will tell you is that it is the mark of the Celestial Signer," she answered.

"Celestial Signer?" Yusei asked.

Era nodded. "I know some things that you probably don't. For instance, things are and will be different. Things will get hard. But it's our job as Signers to keep the light and balance the cosmic beings around us. Some may seem like you, some may seem totally different. Darkness and light are a universal battle that is never ending. When the darkness seems vanquished, it always comes back. But when things get hard, we need to face it full force or the light in you will be destroyed with the darkness taking it with it. The Signers and Celestial have the similar goals and work together to make both a reality. The Celestial Signer must keep the celestial balance in control or things will run in chaos. That's my job. The Signers job is to protect the light and brighten the light in the people around us." She looked around at everyone. "That's your job. The six Signers in total work together to enforce the light and balance and protect it," she explained.

They stared at her. She knew a lot by causes they didn't know. 'For a girl her age, she sure is wise and calm about this. But I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised, after all she's been through,' Yusei thought.

"We should all hit the hay. We need to rest and get some sleep," Crow said. Everyone nodded and headed off.

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