Celestial Signer

The Beginning of the End

Chapter 30

The Beginning of the End

She gripped her chest with one hand and fell back to one knee, barely able to stay stable. She looked at her body the best she could with the pain. Her body was pulsing with red light.

As she tried to focus on creating the portal, the pain seemed to become stronger and more overwhelming. She couldn't hold in a loud, pained groaned.

The group in front of her turned to look at her. "Era!" Yusei exclaimed. They ran over to the crumpled girl. Yusei touched his hand on her only to yank it back. 'She feels hotter than fire,' he thought.

"Yusei, what's going on?" Akiza asked. He shook his head saying he had no idea.

"T-Time is counting… down," Era stated vaguely and full of pain. Yusei's eyes widened.

"Does she mean…?" Luna began but couldn't finish.

"My… power is beginning to overload. Only have an hour… to focus this," Era muttered.

"Yusei, what do we do?" Akiza asked.

That's when they heard the sound of two duel runners approaching. They looked to see Jack and Crow coming up. "What's wrong with Era?" Crow asked.

"Her power's beginning to grow. After an hour it will be beyond control and if she can't focus it on making a portal…" Akiza trailed off.

"I'll… die," Era finished. She continued to focus her mind and making the portal even though it hurt more and more as the power increased.

A sudden earthquake followed by a flash of light caught everyone's eyes. They look in its direction. "It's coming from the New Domino City!" Yusei exclaimed.

"Yeah, but what is it?" Crow asked.

But just in that moment a Dark Signer mark appeared in the sky. The Condor. "Who's the new guy?" Jack asked.

Yusei's eyes widened and he turned to Era. "Era, is this Goodwin's mark?"

They all looked at him. Era nodded weakly. "It is…" she responded.

"How do you know?" Jack asked.

"I've seen it all happen… before…" she said quietly. "From the beginning of all this to the end of it all."

"Era, you have to tell us. Will we win this? Will we save everyone?" Jack asked.

"Wait, what did Era say about Jack again?" Crow chimed in.

"What did she say about me?" Jack asked.

'That in the process of defeating the Dark Signer you fought, you lost someone he deeply cared about. And that once this is all over, she'll be free but she won't remember anything," Crow recited.

"Once this is all over?" Jack wondered. Era nodded numbly. "So we will win this?" Era nodded again trying to focus on creating a portal.

"But you must act as if you never knew that you would. Act like everything is still on the line," Era said confidently but its confidence was overtaken by the weak, pain sounding voice.

Another wave hit and the group looked behind them. A giant creature came out of the old reactor chamber. It was made of a dark, black, goo like substance with two red glowing eyes. As it formed the sludge dripped from it fell to the ground.

Crow mentioned how Roman had warned them that the King of the Netherworld would appear if they fail to seal the four towers before sunset.

"Then this must be him. The King of the Netherworld," Yusei inferred.

"So is this the end of the world?" Trudge asked.

"Did you not hear what Era said?" Mina responded.

Era heard a groan and looked at Luna. She had turned her head to what some would believe was air but Era knew better.

"Uh, Kuribon just told me if that thing reaches the mark some really bad things are going to happen," Luna informed everyone.

"Like what kind of bad things?" Leo asked.

"The really bad kind," Luna and Era said in unison.

"But how can we stop this thing?" Leo asked.

Era's mark began to glow bright followed by the other Signers' mark. After few cracks of thunder, everyone noticed the red lights shining through the sky. From those lights, the Crimson Dragon emerged. It roared and sent a blast of light consuming the Signers and their companions.

As they flew past what seemed like stars, Crow said, "It looks like it's taking us somewhere."

"Yep, and it's taking us in a hurry," Yusei responded.

"Era," called the Crimson Dragon.

"What… is it?" Era answered.

"You are not focusing. Ignore the pain, create the portal," the dragon instructed.

"How can I ignore the pain? It hurts…" Era asked.

"Just think about creating the portal. Don't let anything distract you," she said. "Focus."

Era did as she was told. She could suddenly feel the power begin to drain off her. Yusei and the others gasped as they noticed her power drain off beside her and a mini vortex was beginning to form.

"I think this is our stop," Crow said looking down.

When they are set back onto the ground, they find themselves on Goodwin's island residence where one of the buildings was smashed to rubble and the Temple of the Stars stood in its place.

"That's…" Jack began.

"The temple that was under Goodwin's mansion," Yusei finished.

They looked up and noticed how the Condor geoglyph glowed just above the stairway.

"That condor geoglyph we saw was above Goodwin's mansion!" Akiza realized. "But why?"

Goodwin, who had obviously been waiting for them, appeared at the top of the stairway.

"You were victorious in your efforts of defeating the Dark Signers, but they were unable to close the Doors of the Netherworld in time," Goodwin said.

"Are you saying we lost this? The world…" Yusei asked.

"… Is done for" Goodwin finished. Everyone gasped. Except for Era.

He stared back at the King of the Netherworld who was coming in their direction. "The King of the Netherworld is fast approaching," he said noting its progress.

"Why is the King of the Netherworld coming here?" Yusei asked.

"For the ritual," Goodwin said vaguely.

"What?" Yusei asked.

"This is the stairway that is the place for the Divine Ritual. I used the Crimson Dragon to bring you Signers here for the sake of that ritual," Goodwin explained.

He picked up the capsule Roman had talked about with Roman's arm in it. Along with the fifth Signer mark. The mark began to glow, causing the Signers to feel pain through their own marks.

"What is that?" Luna asked.

"It's the fifth mark," Era muttered feeling the pain of her powers and the pain from the presence of the mark. 'Just put that thing away,' she begged mentally.

"Is that arm in that thing yours?" Jack asked.

"No, it had once belonged to my brother Roman," he answered.

"Then why do you have it?" Yusei asked.

Goodwin just laughed but Era kept trying to focus on the portal which was slowly getting bigger. He set down the capsule and turned around. The condor mark appeared on his back to everyone's surprise.

Goodwin's jacket then tore as his muscles expand. His irises turned pitch black and purple lines started to form over his now muscular body, showing his status as a Dark Signer. He unlocked the canister and ripped off his mechanical arm.

While he used his other arm, he took Roman's arm from the tank. "By using the Dark Signer's power, I will make this arm my own," he announced. He held it in place of the missing arm, where it attached itself thank to his ability.

"NO!" the Crimson Dragon exclaimed.

"Crimson Dragon, fight him!" Era exclaimed.

"I- I can't his dark powers are forcing my own to give in!" Crimson Dragon responded.

"Then use some of mine to give yourself the strength," Era suggested.

"You need that power more than I do. The events must come to pass," she responded.

"But…" Era wanted to intervene but knew she couldn't.

"Just focus on making the portal," the dragon ordered.

A bright light showed as the mark became a part of him. "What are you trying to do, Goodwin?" Yusei asked.

"With the power of both the light and the darkness, I will become all powerful and rule the world! Recreating it in my image," he answered. He rose his arm and the temple rose further out of the ground.

Yusei grabbed the pained Era and went with the others as they retreated away from Goodwin's mansion and onto the bridge leading to the island.

Goodwin laughed as he got a view of the entire city. An alter appeared before Goodwin.

"The ritual shall be done in a Turbo Duel on the crest of the Condor. There I will defeat you Signers and sacrifice you to the King of the Netherworld," Goodwin informed.

"But it was you who asked Yusei and the others to defeat the Dark Signers in the first place," Crow reminded him.

"Yes and when I met Miss Windser and she stated that she knew my plan, I was shocked he thought I had a plan. But I wonder now how much she knew about it initially," Goodwin said.

"What'll happen if we defeat you?" Yusei asked.

"Then the King of the Netherworld will most likely disappear. But I will never let that happen," Goodwin answered.

"Fine if you want to duel then you can count me in. I entered this to save the world and I'm going to do just that," Yusei agreed.

Era got off of the duel runner and went to rest against Trudge's cars while focusing on making the portal.

"I'll make sure you leave this world and never come back," Jack vowed.

"I may not be a Signer but I will do anything to protect those kids and everyone in Satellite. So count me in!" Crow agreed. "We'll soar just as high as the legendary man did!" Goodwin grinned when he heard that.

They started their engine. "We will stop you and the King of the Netherworld," Yusei promised.

"I'd liked to see you try," Goodwin taunted.

The geoglyph began to rotate so that it tilted downward. The group offered words of encouragement while Era thought, 'Good luck, you guys. You'll need it.'

Goodwin placed his deck in a compartment on the temple that shuffled it. "To make up for being outnumbered, you three will each start with four thousand but I will start with three times that amount. 12000 life points and nobody can attack on their first turn. I assume there are no objections," Goodwin said.

"None here," Crow agreed.

"I'm good," Jack agreed.

"Then let's go," Yusei responded.

They jumped onto the crest that was going to be used as a road and took off.

Sorry everyone but I am just too lazy and tired about writing the entirety of the duels at this point. So I'll be skipping until the near end of it. It will all conclude in the next two chapters. Please keep voting so I can get a thorough vote. Remember TWO CHAPTERS left! Be ready for an ending decided by you, the readers!

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