Celestial Signer

Unwritten Ending

Chapter 31

Unwritten Ending

As Era focused on creating the portal, which was slowly working but also exhausting her body, she heard and somewhat watched as Goodwin took the powers of the Crimson Dragon. The Crimson Dragon tried to resist but since the powers of the head had become connected to Goodwin he was able to take them.

He summoned his Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca and put both Jack's and Crow's life points down to one at first. Their duel runners crashed and they couldn't ride further. But when Goodwin's Immortal knocked Yusei's life points to the same point as his friends, he kept riding.

The total field is like this:

Yusei: He has Stardust Dragon. Including Jack's leftover facedown, two face downs.

Goodwin: He has Wiraqocha Rasca and one face down.

It pained Era more than anything to see Yusei and her friends go through this first hand but she knew she could do nothing. Or could she?

It was Goodwin's turn now. He drew his card and used Wiraqocha Rasca's effect to attack Yusei directly.

"Yusei… use my card. Right now!" Jack ordered.

Era grinned as she heard Yusei exclaim, "I activate Scrubbed Raid! This put an end to the battle phase which means your Earthbound Immortal can't attack."

"I activate the trap card Meteor Prominence. By discarding two cards, I can inflict 2000 points of damage straight at you!" Goodwin retorted.

"I counter by activating Joint Future! By sending one card from my hand to the graveyard, I can negate the activation of a spell or trap card," Yusei countered.

"Fine then. But by skipping my next draw phase, I can to add it right back to my hand next turn," Goodwin responded.

"Well then, I guess I'll have to activate the second effect of Joint Future. This forces you to put the negated card back into your deck and then shuffles it," Yusei informed.

Goodwin growled placing the card back. "I end my turn," he said.

"Goodwin don't you see. Again and again friendship triumphs. Now let your brotherly bond triumph too," Yusei said.

"Be quiet! The bond I had with my brother is long gone," Goodwin retorted.

"You're wrong. There are certain bonds that last for eternity," Yusei said. "Believe me, I know. And I know you do too Goodwin. After all, your brother trusted you to do the right thing. Trusts like that are easy to ignore but not to forget. Look deep down Goodwin. Look deep into your heart. I'm telling you Roman's still there, you just have to listen to him."

Although it wasn't apparent to anyone else, Era remembered how Goodwin looked to see a younger version of his brother. Roman shook his head before disappearing.

Era noticed how Yusei's deck began to light up. As she looked at Goodwin, still staying focused on the portal, she saw how the Crimson Dragon's mark disappeared from his chest.

It reappeared on their respective bearers. "WHAT?!" Goodwin exclaimed.

Yusei's tail mark disappeared off his arm. He looked at Crow and noticed how it was going to him. He looked back and immediately noticed the Mark of the Dragon Head was on his forearm.

"The Mark of the Dragon Head is with me?" Yusei asked to no one in particular. He turned back to Goodwin.

"I was the chosen one! I had the markings of both the light and the darkness!" Goodwin exclaimed.

"Perhaps, but the Crimson Dragon noticed how you still honor your brother's memory. So now the Crimson Dragon is a part of me!" Yusei exclaimed as the full mark of the Crimson Dragon appeared on his back. "You did your part Goodwin, and now I'll do mine! My turn!" He drew his card. Era knew what card he drew. "Now because Stardust Dragon is on the field, I can special summon my Stardust Xiaolong to the field straight from my graveyard. And next I summon Majestic Dragon." Yusei said and the two dragons appeared on the field. "Now I tune my Stardust Dragon and my Majestic Dragon with my Stardust Xiaolong!"

"Whatever it is that Yusei's doing, he better do it quick!" Trudge exclaimed as the King of the Netherworld was getting closer.

Yusei began his chant and then exclaimed, "Appear Majestic Star Dragon!" Its body engulfed Yusei as it formed on the field. Thus Yusei was riding it from somewhat inside. "Now I activate Synchro Baton! Now for every synchro monster that's in our graveyard Majestic Star Dragon gain 600 attack points. Which gives him at total of 6200 attacked points and the distinction of being the toughest monster on the field. You know what that means, Earthbound Immortal Rasca is going down!" Yusei said. "Attack Majestic Star Dragon!"

Era opened her eyes. 'I know what I have to do. Even if it means I won't make it…' she thought. 'Up to eye level with the King of the Netherworld and hover there.'

Era's body began to float up into the sky. Her power slowly beginning to fall back into her and the portal disappearing. "Era!" Akiza called.

"What are you doing?!" Luna asked scared.

Era didn't respond as she climbed higher and higher until she was indeed eye level with the Netherworld King.

"Era! What are you doing?!" the Crimson Dragon exclaimed.

"What I'm truly meant to do," Era responded. She looked back as she saw Yusei finish off the Earthbound Immortal and Goodwin. "Yusei! Attack of the King of the Netherworld now! Crimson Dragon, please, give him the power to take down the demon king. I will give him an extra power boost."

"Era…" the Crimson Dragon started but Era interrupted it. "Just do it. I'll be fine."

"O-Okay," the Crimson Dragon conceded.

Yusei passed by her as he attacked with his dragon. The Crimson Dragon's power and her body surrounded it. She focused every ounce of her power and shot an energy beam at Yusei's dragon which glowed brighter as soon as it hit. And the dragon went straight through the King of the Netherworld.

'I… I feel dizzy. Maybe… I can rest… for a bit…' she thought before she was slowly overcome by darkness.

The last thing she felt was someone grab her followed by two other people landing behind her.

"Era! Era!" Yusei called. He pressed his fingers to her neck in an attempt to find a pulse. "N-No, she can't be…"

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