Celestial Signer

It Begins

Chapter 4

It Begins

It was late into the night. Yusei was preparing his duel runner to head off to face the Dark Signers. Era was tucked behind a corner watching him when Crow came up. "You weren't planning to leave without me, were you?" he asked.

"This is dangerous, Crow, and I don't want you, Era, or anyone to get hurt," Yusei responded.

Era stepped out into the open but they didn't see her. So she spoke up, "Sounds like you don't think I can take care of myself." They looked at her shocked to see her.

"No, it's not that. I just don't want any of my friends to get hurt," Yusei said.

"And I don't want you to get hurt," she said. 'But I know what'll happen and I can't, and shouldn't, stop it,' Era added mentally. "Listen, I'm coming with you whether you like it or not. I know what's going to happen and I want to be there to help when it does," Era retorted.

"What's going to happen?" Yusei asked.

"If I told you, it could disrupt and change the chain of events that would, and should, occur," she responded.

"What are you? A psychic that can see the future?" Crow asked.

"Not quite. I just know things that you don't," she answered. "Anyways, I'm coming. That's the end of it."

Yusei sighed. "Fine. It's not like I can stop you anyways."

Crow nodded as he put on his helmet. He got a spare helmet out of a special compartment in his bike, resembling the other.

"I made an extra in case something happened to the other. But, I can't force you to stay. So, you might as well wear this." Era gladly took it and thanked him. Crow couldn't help but admire this girl's courage. Crow nodded as he got on his bike. Era got on after him and curled her arms around his waist.

Yusei nodded to both of them as he started his engine. Crow started his soon after, and the three of them were off in a trail of smoke and energy.

A deep fog was falling over the Satellite. Over where the purple silhouette stood tall and ominous, a young, tall, willowy man in a black hooded robe with blue decorative trimmings stood on a pile of scrap, waiting. His arm was raised high in the air, and a glowing purple mark resembling the ghostly figure beside him glowed eerily.

He smirked as he felt the presence of the three people riding up the road. "Well, it looks like I get to kill two birds with one stone today."

Era shivered as she saw the glowing figured getting closer and closer as the three of them sped down the street. She knew him and what he was capable of. She just hoped it won't be as bad. She held on as tight as she could to Crow without squeezing him. But, she would face the mysterious light, no matter what. Suddenly, a flash came swirling by and slipped by Crow's Runner. Both Crow and Yusei immediately stopped their Runners. Yusei looked over, and saw a card lodged in a stone. He recognized the card as Vorse Raider, and his eyes got wide.

"Crow, I know this card!" Yusei exclaimed.

"Well, if it isn't Yusei and his bird brained friend, Crow!" A voice laughed sarcastically a few feet away from them. Era hunched up. She knew that voice. It was Kalin Kessler, the man with tricks. A hooded figure riding on a midnight blue and orange Runner was perched on top of a pile of scrap, with the eerie purple figure right behind him.

"I've been waiting a long time for this, Yusei!" He said.

Era looked at him with a glare. But not too intense because what he thought was all just a misunderstanding and he would learn that and regret his decision to become a Dark Signer.

"How is it that you know our names?" Yusei questioned him.

"Ha! I never forget a face. Especially not yours, old friend." The man threw off his robe. His red mark ran down his cheek like a stream of blood. And his wintry hair was shagged. But, his eyes were completely black, except for the golden irises that glittered like that of something dangerous.

Even though his eyes were blackened and he bore a purple mark of a Dark Signer, Yusei and Crow knew who he was, all too well.

"Kalin Kessler!" Yusei exclaimed.

"We thought you were gone!" Crow said in shock.

"Yes. Well now I'm back and I've made some NEW friends," Kalin replied in a manic tone. He put his hand over his arm, where his mark was glowing. Yusei looked down and saw his mark was glowing also. Then, Kalin glanced over, and out of the corner of his eye, he could see Era, who kept her eyes to a glare.

But, he felt her energy through his mark. He had no trouble telling she was a Signer but her energy was different from the normal Signers. Stronger.

He subtly licked his lower lip. "I see you found a pretty, little, lost friend."

Era froze up. She knew he felt her power. She just can't make herself too known. It made her nerves seem to curl to think about it. Plus the word "pretty". She didn't want to know anything that might happen if he got her now.

"You're not getting her and giving her to a schmuck that would put his hands on her… if that's what you're thinking!" Crow leered at Kalin. He responded by laughing hysterically.

"I can see you're still playing the role of Robin Hood, Crow. However, you are quite mistaken…" Kalin was eyeing Era the whole time he said it. "She is very valuable."

"I'll never help you and your Dark Signer cronies! And you don't have the power to make me!" Era yelled.

He grinned evilly but said nothing. He then turned his attention back to Crow and Yusei as he started his engine.

"The Satellite was your home, you protected the people here. Now you're hurting people… and you're going to help destroy it? You were once our friend, I can't let you do that!" Yusei firmly grasped his Runner.

"That's right, Yusei! All of it's true. However, we may have been friends, but once your friend… NOW YOUR ENEMY!"

A blast of purple light emitted from Kalin's duel runner as he swerved around, with purple energy forming around Yusei and himself, taking on the shape of Kalin's mark. Crow and Era were separated from Yusei.

'It's about to begin. Be careful, Yusei,' Era thought.

Era looked down and noticed her mark was glowing along with Yusei's. She hadn't noticed it until now.

"We need to get a better look at this thing." Crow started his Runner. Era held on tight as they rode up to higher ground to see the shape that was now burning upon the Satellite. It was an arcane shape, but it vaguely resembled the purple silhouette of the giant they saw earlier.

"The truth is, I still have no idea what I'm looking at," Crow muttered. "Yusei, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Crow!" Yusei called back. Era got off Crow's runner and watched the duel. She knew the ending and she hoped it would be the same if it couldn't be better. Yusei and Kalin were down below. She wondered about what Kalin had said but quickly shook away the thoughts not wanting to think about it.

"So, you know him, Crow?" she asked timidly. She didn't want him to know she knew about him.

Crow looked down for a moment before looking back up at her. "He was our friend… years ago. He used to be a great guy. But now, this is what he's become… it's sickening to watch."

"How did he get to be this way? The way I see him now…" she asked trying to fake it.

"It's a long story. You see, we were part of a group called Team Satisfaction, some called us The Enforcers… back when Duel Gangs were running the various parts of the Satellite," Crow explained.

"Oh," Era said.

Crow couldn't help but smile. "You certainly are different. It's like you know everything there is about this place. But that's a bit out there and impossible," Crow told her. Crow turned back to Yusei and Kalin. "I just hope Yusei will be okay."

"So, what happened with you guys?" Era asked.

"Kalin took it too far. When we eliminated the last gang, there was nobody else left. But in his mind, there was. He wanted to declare war with Sector Security. He took out a few guys, and we had no choice but to stop him and turn him in. But, he bares his grudge against Yusei, because he's the one that pinned him down until the authorities arrived. He got lost in his dream, and I don't think he's ever really came out of it the same. Whoever is down there with Yusei, it's not the Kalin we used to know. He stood up and protected people, including us… and people like you. That's the Kalin I know."

Era placed her hand on Crow's shoulder. "Do you think if he never became a Dark Signer, he could have gotten better?"

"I don't know, Era. I just hope Yusei will be able to face him."

"The Dark Signers got to you…" Yusei said. Kalin laughed.

"I'm not some puppet, I'm the real deal, Yusei! So prepare yourself for a bumpy ride to the Netherworld." Kalin engaged his Duel Runner's Duel mode. Yusei knew there was no way out of this except to duel him, so he also engaged Duel mode.

Each player started with 4000 life points, and Kalin went first. They started racing. Crow put the duel on his Runner's monitor.

Kalin drew a card. "I start by summoning Infernity Beast (Infernity Beast is a level three Dark attribute Beast type with 1600 attack and 1200 defense points) in attack mode." A hellish hound appeared, with sickly green cheeks. (Infernity Beast is a level three Dark attribute Beast type with 1600 attack and 1200 defense points.) Kalin set a card face down to end his turn.

Yusei moved next, drawing a card. "Kalin, what happened to you?" Yusei called after him.

"Surprised? I'm not the same from when we were comrades. Even my deck has changed!" Kalin yelled back.

Kalin wasn't going to talk, so Yusei summoned his monster, Speed Warrior. It looked like a skinny robot with a gas mask and ice skates (Speed Warrior is a level two Wind attribute Warrior type monster with 900 attack points and 400 defense points). "Since this is my Warrior's first turn, his attack points are double." Speed Warrior's attack was at 1800. Yusei then set two facedown cards, and declared an attack on Kalin's monster.

However, Kalin countered with his face down, Death Amulet. By sending a card to the graveyard he could negate the attack. Since Yusei couldn't attack again, he ended his turn. Speed Warrior's attack returned to normal.

Kalin drew a card. He summoned Infernity Fiend. The monster looked like a twisted nightmare, with multiple red eyes and a wicked grin (Infernity Fiend is a Dark attribute fiend with 1800 attack points). "I'll have my Beast attack your Speed Warrior." Infernity Beast's cheeks swelled and released a toxic fire that shattered Speed warrior. Yusei's life points fell to 3300, and his bike spun out and screeched against the purple barrier.

"Come on, Yusei, don't spin out of control," Kalin said.

Suddenly, Kalin's attention was directed upwards to see a helicopter coming in close. He started laughing when he saw Jack Atlas leaning out the door watching the duel below.

Crow and Era saw Jack as the copter flew over them. The helicopter hovered in the air. "I don't believe it! It's Kalin." He looked over and saw Crow and Era looking at him. He looked at Era curiously. "Who's the other girl?" he noticed her glowing mark. "And why does she have a mark? Is she the fifth Signer?"

"… Is that Jack Atlas? Ha! A little late, don't you think?" Kalin called up to them. Era leaned over to the side to see Jack and his mark glowing.

Yusei regained balance and started racing again. He peered over and his eyes widened. Jack was there.

"I'm okay!" he called.

Kalin snickered at he leaned over at Jack with a maniacal grin. "You're all just in time!" he said.

He then ordered his fiend to attack directly. A blazing hand came out of the sky to attack Yusei, but he managed to negate it with a trap known as Scrap Iron Scarecrow. Kalin ended his turn by setting down a card.

Jack had the pilot put the duel up on the copter's monitor. The gust emitting for the copter blew through her hair like a stormy wind.

Yusei drew his next card, and summoned one of his favorite cards, Junk Synchron. It appeared to be a three feet tall orange clockwork robot with a tall hat, vintage glasses and a white scarf (Junk Synchron is a Dark attribute monster with 1300 attack points).

"I activate my monster's special ability to bring back my Speed Warrior." In a flash of light, Speed Warrior returned. He declared a Synchro summon, and a flash of white stars enveloped his two monsters. When the light cleared, a bigger, blue robot stood, with red goggles, a white scarf, skates, and rocket fists (Junk Warrior is a level five Dark attribute Warrior Synchro monster). "I'll attack with my Warrior and activate Shard of Hope. When I deal damage, I draw a card, and if it's a trap, I get to activate it." However, Yusei had assumed that Kalin wasn't going to risk his hand. But, he activated Death Amulet once again to negate the attack. Yusei had no choice but to end his turn.

Jack jumped out to watch the duel. He was now standing next to Crow and Era, who stood next to Crow's Runner. Era felt her head ache. "The energy it is emitting, it's almost as great as that of when all five Signers are together and are one," Era said.

Jack looked at her. "Who are you? How do you have a mark? Why is it so different than the rest? Is everything going okay?" he asked.

"For now everything is as fine as it canbe, but I don't think it will be alright later on. Trust me on that," Era said.

"You still haven't answered the rest of my questions," Jack said.

"My name is Era. But we really need to focus on the duel," Era told him

Jack gave a slight growl in annoyance but knew he couldn't do much at the time.

Everyone looked back at the duel. It was Kalin's turn again. He drew and released his monsters to perform an advance summon.

"I summon Dark Tuner Nightmare Hand (Dark Tuner Nightmare Hand is a level ten Dark Tuner Fiend with no attack points)!" A twisted purple and red fiend appeared. It giggled at it hovered in the air above Kalin's Runner. "I think I'll activate its ability allowing me to summon another monster." Kalin chose to also summon Infernity Dwarf, which looked like a short, chubby gray skinned man with red eyes, and mountain man outfit, and an oversized axe. Yusei knew what was coming next, and Kalin was aware that he knew. "Now comes a Dark Synchro Summon! Shadows are devoured by darker shadows to reveal a world without light!" Nightmare hand turned into a huge dark blob that consumed the dwarf. A series of ten stars surrounded them. Suddenly, two vanished, and the stars turned black as the formed a circle. "Come forth! One Hundred Eyed Dragon (One Hundred Eyed Dragon is a level eight Dark attribute Dark Synchro Dragon with 3000 attack points and 2500 defense points. It gains the special abilities of all Dark attribute monsters in your graveyard)!" A black energy bolt crashed down. When the smoke cleared, a midnight black dragon appeared, with sickly light gray wings, and its whole body covered in lavender eyes. It stood at least three stories tall, and roared louder than the whirl of the copter. Kalin sent in the dragon to attack. Yusei tried to counter with his Scarecrow again, since it goes back to his hand after activating it, and he had set it back down. But, one of the dragon's acquired abilities came from Infernity Beast, and as long as he had no cards in his hand, Yusei couldn't activate spells or traps. Junk Warrior was destroyed, and Yusei's life points dropped to 2600. He spun out of control again and found himself riding atop the barrier.

"Yusei! Don't give up!" Era yelled impulsively.

Jack said nothing as he watched the duel intently. Yusei then managed to return back and was just behind Kalin.

It was his turn again. He summoned Rock Stone Warrior in defense mode, a monster that looked like an old rocky statue of some obscure creature that also had 1600 defense points. He then set a facedown card to end his turn. Kalin's Death Amulet trap then expired, because it could only be used for so many turns. He drew a card, and played a Speed Spell Card called Power Baton. He sent one monster in his deck (Infernity Destroyer, 2300 attack points) to the graveyard, to add 2300 attacks points to his dragon. His monster now had 5300 attack points. He had his dragon attack. The dragon had Infernity Dwarf's ability, which let it do damage even when a monster was in defense mode. But, Rock Stone Warrior was no ordinary monster.

"My Warrior cancels your battle damage for this round," Yusei said. Rock Stone Warrior went to the grave, but Yusei was safe. Kalin mused.

"Well, at least you'll be here for another round. But it won't do you any good old friend. You're going to pay for betraying our friendship on that rainy night," Kalin said.

"I had no choice," Yusei replied.

At the end of his turn, Kalin had his dragon use Infernity Destroyer's special ability, which dealt 800 points of damage, and brought Yusei down to 1800 life points. The blast caused Yusei to cringe and came to a halt for a moment before he resumed riding to start his turn.

Yusei didn't have anything in his deck that was strong enough to destroy Kalin's monster. Not even his Stardust Dragon would be strong enough. He was between a rock and a hard place now, and he would have to act quickly.

"Yusei, I believe in you, please…stay with us," Era whispered. "We all believe in you."

"Looks like your Runner is about to give out, right, Yusei?" Kalin smirked.

"No it's just a little wobbly," Yusei retorted.

"Oh, like your duel strategy?" he mocked Yusei.

"Not quite. You see, since I have monsters, I can summon my Level Warrior to the field as a level four monster," Yusei said. A red clad warrior appeared with a yellow cape and glowing stars up his front (Level warrior is now a level 4 monster with 300 attack points). "I also summon Hyper Synchron." A multi-colored machine like creature emerged in a blast of light (Hyper Synchron is a level four light attribute monster with 1600 attack and 800 defense points). "And now I synchro summon my ultimate monster by tuning my two monsters together! Come on out, Stardust Dragon (Stardust Dragon is a level eight wind attribute Dragon type Synchro monster with 2500 attack points and 3000 defense points)!" A ring of eight stars formed a circle as his two monsters disappeared, and one giant creature took their place. Stardust Dragon was an immaculate white dragon to behold, with glittering gold eyes, and an ocean blue chest. Its whole body rippled with ivory and sea colored scales as shining dust fell to the ground. "Also, since I used Hyper Synchron to summon my dragon, it gets 800 more attack points and can't be destroyed in battle." Stardust Dragon now had 3300 attack points. He ordered it to attack Kalin's dragon. Kalin countered by activating the power of Infernity Guardian, which prevented his dragon from being destroyed, but his life points still dropped to 3700. He felt a sting in his back. Shard of Hope was still active, so Yusei activated it. Because Kalin took damage, he could draw a card, and if it was a trap he could activate it in return for Shard of Hope's destruction. He drew a card, Miracle Locust.

Stardust Dragon gained 1000 more attack points and could attack again. Now Kalin's dragon could not access its great abilities and was destroyed, and Kalin took another hit that left his life points at 2400. But Yusei wasn't finished. He activated another card called Synchro destructor. Kalin would take damage equal to half his monster's attack, but since it was a Synchro monster, he would take full damage. It seemed to be all over.

But, Kalin had his own counter move. He activated a trap called Damage Translation, which halved his damage. His life points after the two hits were now at 900. He could feel the pain surge through him. Then, at the end phase of Yusei's turn, he activated the second part of his trap, which brought out two eerie black Ghost Tokens.

Things were now as tense as ever. Era wanted this to be over now so she didn't have to see Yusei get hurt with her own eyes.

She prayed Yusei wouldn't get hurt, but now it seemed that it was unavoidable. Jack was still standing close by. Mina had been in the copter the whole time watching, and could see things were not looking good.

It was now Kalin's turn, and though he wasn't able to draw, he had added a card to his hand via one of Yusei's cards and suddenly. On one side of the arena, a group of hooded figures gathered around.

"Are those all the people who were taken?" Crow gasped.

"They are, and that means something bad is about to happen," Era answered.

They looked at her with shock and confusion. 'How does she know all this?' Jack thought.

"Now, Yusei. I'm going to channel the souls of our captured to summon my strongest monster, my Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu!"

"What?!" Yusei couldn't believe it.

Kalin's Ghost Tokens vanished, and the people on the other side started disappearing into the sky. A dark cloud began whirling, and a huge black hand reached out as a huge monster landed on the ground. It looked like the purple silhouette of a giant they had seen earlier, but it was night black and had blue lines running all over it in a pre-Incan design, with a circle at the center that resembled an eye. Yusei tried to send his Stardust Dragon after it, but it proved ineffective. He also tried to counter with a trap and that failed as well. "Thanks to the souls of those captured, my monster is basically invincible. How do you like that, Yusei?" Kalin laughed hysterically as his humongous beast moved in to attack, by attempting to crush Yusei with its titanic palm.

Yet, the monster was now inches away from Yusei and his Runner, when a piece of the Runner blew out and started the Runner spinning out of control. Yusei was thrown off and rolled hard onto the ground in a series of crashes.

When it was over, Yusei was terribly injured, and his bike was smashed. The duel was brought to a halt before his life points could be touched. Despite the fact he was injured, he was alive, and was not sent to the Netherworld.

Kalin rode up alone side him as everyone rushed down to Yusei. "Looks like your Runner ended the duel before the duel could end you. Simply pathetic! Say…what did the MC at the tournament call you? Satellite's Shooting Star? More like Satellite's Falling Star!" He roared maniacally as he rode off. He shouted back. "You can't defeat me! However, expect to see me again… all of you!"

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