Celestial Signer

Help and Warnings

Chapter 5

Help and Warnings

Era stood over Yusei with tears in her eyes. She didn't want to see this. It was one thing when it was on television, but it was another when it came to real life right before your eyes. 'Please let this all be one big, horrible dream. Please,' she thought.

The light of her mark dimmed. She kneeled down next to Yusei when she saw that a piece of glass had dug itself into Yusei's side. 'This was worse than what the anime showed. The Crimson Dragon was right. The darkness is stronger here,' she thought.

"Ahhh… my…" Yusei groaned in pain.

"Oh no… Yusei!" Era turned to Crow. "Crow, help me get him to Martha's. He needs medical attention," Era ordered.

"Uh, how did you know abou…" Crow began but Era cut him off.

"Questions later. He needs help," Era retorted with a warning glare. She looked back at Yusei. "It'll be okay, Yusei," Era whispered.

'Somebody just changed character,' Crow thought.

Era helped Crow and Jack get Yusei to his runner. Crow looked at her with an expression that told her he wanted her to stay but Era said, "I'm coming with you. Nothing else to it."

"Fine, but my runner's full and Yusei's is unusable. How're you going to get there?" Crow asked.

"I have abilities. After all, I am the Celestial Signer," Era answered.

"Celestial what?" Jack asked.

"See ya there, Crow," Era said. "Transport to Martha's place," she whispered and pictured Martha's house. Before the others knew it, she flashed out of existence.

"What the…?" Crow asked confused. He snapped out of his trance and said, "I've gotta go. See you around, Jack."

With that he took off. Jack made his way to the helicopter and got on before riding back to the city.

Era quickly found herself next to Martha's door. She barely knew what she was doing but tried it anyway. She waited for a bit, about ten minutes, until she finally saw Crow riding up with Yusei. He looked at her shocked.

"How did you…?" Crow began but Era cut his off again.

"Yusei's help first, then questions later," Era said.

Crow groaned. "Fine," he said. He ran up and started banging his fists on Martha's door. "Martha, please answer! It's Crow!"

The door slowly opened to reveal Martha. "It's the middle of the night, Crow. This better be good," she said.

"No, this is bad. Real bad!" Crow said.

Martha quickly noticed Yusei lying on Crow's runner. "Is that Yusei?" she asked before turning to the waiting group inside. "I need hands out here people! Yusei needs help!"

People ran out and carefully helped Yusei. Crow and Era followed them as they brought Yusei into the medical room. Era hated watching this unfold before her eyes without it being on a computer or TV screen.

Doctor Schmidt quickly hurried in and worked on Yusei as fast as he could. We were locked outside while he worked.

Rally, Tank, Nervin, and Blitz arrived soon after with Yusei's runner in nothing but their undergarments. They waited for what felt like hours. Era glanced up to the clock trying to get a since of time. 'An hour. Feels ten times longer than that,' she thought.

The door slid open and they all stood up. "How is it, doc?" Crow asked. Martha followed the doctor out.

"Doctor Schmidt says he'll make a full recovery," Martha said.

"As long as he gets enough bed rest and doesn't do anything strenuous for a few days he, should be fine," Doctor Schmidt informed.

Everyone gave a sigh of relief. Even though Era knew he would, she couldn't help but feel so worried. 'If the darkness is stronger here than in the show, I need to be prepared for major differences,' she thought. She looked down when another thing washed over her. 'I've never been so worried about a person like this other than with my brother. I bet it's because I care about him like I would my brother. After all, he is like a big brother to me.' But even with that in her mind she couldn't help but feel that it may be something more. She shook her head and washed away the thoughts temporarily.

Rally, Nervin, Tank, and Blitz all sneezed in unison. "Looks like you got yourself a nasty cold there. I'll go get you some blankets and make some soup," Martha said looking at them. She turned and muttered, "I can never get a break, can I?"

Era stood up and followed Martha. "Would you like any help, ma'am?" Era asked. She hated not being able to say their names as if she knew them. But she had to do what she had to do.

Martha looked at Era with a smile. "I would appreciate it, thank you." They walked in and Martha grabbed the blankets while Era made the soup. Martha came back in and said, "I'm Martha by the way. I never got your name."

"Oh, sorry. I should've introduced myself sooner. My name is Era. It's nice to meet you," Era greeted before turning back to the soup. As always, Era always gains a confidence boost when she needs to help someone. But after that, it goes back to being timid and nervous. She added the last few ingredients before stirring a bit more.

"It smells lovely, Era. Do you cook?" Martha asked.

"Actually, yes, I do. For as long as I can remember, I cooked for my family and when people were sick, I would bring them some warm soup or food to help them. Even some medicine if they didn't have it. I never wasted any of the needed ingredients that went to them on me though. I'd rather help others first than myself," Era said. She sighed. 'I really hope my baby brother's okay. I don't know what I would do if he was hurt,' she thought.

Era turned off the stove as the soup was done. She turned back to Martha. "Well, it's done. Why don't we get them some soup? Everyone I gave it to says it helps them a lot. I hope they like it though. It may be different than what they're used to."

Martha smiled. "I'm sure they will." They grabbed a few bowls and poured some soup for everyone.

Martha and Era walked out with the bowls on the tray. Everyone smelled it in a second. They looked at them. Era handed everyone a bowl and spoon. The four people sitting on the stair with colds and blankets dug in without warning. "Wow, this is really good Martha. Thanks," Rally said.

"The 'thanks' goes to Era. She made it," Martha said.

"Really? Wow, Era. You can really cook," Tank said.

Era gave a slight giggle in embarrassment. She wasn't used to compliments like this and it was a bit embarrassing. She rubbed her neck nervous. "It was nothing, really," she said.

Everyone ate it without a problem and with that they went up to bed. Era, however, stayed behind. She turned to Martha. "If you ever need anything, Martha, just come and get me. Okay?" she said.

Martha nodded. "I might just do that. Now get to bed. You need sleep too," she said.

Era nodded and went up to bed. She lied down and closed her eyes. Despite the situation, sleep came over her easily.

Era looked around. She floated above a mighty temple with people with the five Signer marks standing on it raising their arms at the bright, red star above them. Below them, people bowed.

She looked around as saw the Crimson Dragon next to her. The scene below her changed into a nightmare. She saw a version of herself that was chained to a wall by cuffs made of metal and webbed with multicolored negative energy.

In front of her were five Dark Signers, all of which she recognized. The one on the far left was a girl with black hair and a black robe that had orange patterns on the outline. Next to her was a bald man with a black robe that was outlined with yellow designs. In the middle was another man with white hair and a black robe with red designs. To the right of him was Kalin and on the far right was another girl. She also had black hair. She had a white dress covered with a black robe with green designed outlines.

They gave a sadistic grin underneath their cloaked faces. The man with the red outlined robe brought his hand up and clenched his first. Era watched in horror as her dream self was shocked and burned with negative energy in the form of electricity.

"Just give into the darkness, Celestial Signer, and this can all be over," Kalin smirked.

"No! Torture me all you want, but it's not going to happen!" Dream Era yelled.

"Very well," the red outlined man said.

The real Era looked at the Crimson Dragon. "Crimson Dragon! Why are you showing me this?" she asked.

"It is a warning to you. You must be extremely careful when you are in the face of these five. If you are captured, then what you see before you, will come to pass. If this does happen, do not give in. You are the Signers', and this world's, only hope. You must let go of your fear. I know you fear for your loved ones, your brother especially. But if you are to prevail, you must believe in yourself. My brother had seen to it that your brother is safe. He has turned into a disguised human temporarily until you are able to return. You must let go of your fear. You and your brother will be alright as long as you believe. Never stop believing and don't lost hope," the Crimson Dragon said.

"I won't stop believing and I won't lose hope! Just I have done for the past ten years. Even before my brother was born I never stopped hoping, and I won't begin now. I can promise that," Era said.

"Good," Crimson Dragon said. The vision started to fade. "Now it is time for you to wake up. I will see you again, Celestial Signer."

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