Celestial Signer


Chapter 6


Era bolted up in bed. She looked out the window to see the sun peaking over the horizon. She shook her head. 'After that, I'll never be able to get back to sleep. I'll go outside for now,' Era thought.

She climbed out of bed and put her shoes and jacket on. She quietly walked out the door and sat on a rock not too far from the house. She looked up at the painted sky and saw the slowly fading moon. She thought of what the Crimson Dragon said in her dream, "… Until you are able to return."

'Will I actually be able to go home?' she thought. She stayed out there for a while until the sun had completely shown itself above the horizon. From there she got up and walked back inside.

Martha came walking by as she entered and said, "My, where have you been? I thought I heard a bit of shuffling and went to the rooms to see who it was. When I found yours empty, I was worried about you."

"I was just outside watching the sunrise. I had to think for the past hour or two," Era said.

"I see. Well, you're up in time to help me make breakfast. I assume the others would love to have more of your cooking," Martha said with a small laugh.

"Yeah, well, okay. After that's done, we should go check up on Yusei. If he wakes up, I bet he'll be hungry too," Era said.

Martha nodded and they went to the kitchen. Era made some batter and got some cinnamon out. Martha looked at her. "What could you possibly be making?" she asked.

Era formed the batter into buns shaped into swirls. As she formed the swirl she put a bit of cinnamon in the creases. She grabbed the pan it was on and put it in the heated oven.

"Just something I make a lot. My brother loves them. I'm not sure if you've ever seen them being from the Satellite but they're called Cinnamon Buns. I bet you have at least heard of them. They cook pretty fast so it won't be too long before they're ready," Era said. She set the timer and sat down to rest while she waited.

It wasn't long before the timer went off and she grabbed the pan and brought it out. They were puffy and smelled great.

Rally, Crow, and everyone had started to enter curious to what the sweet smell was. "What smells so great?" Rally asked.

"Just something Era made," Martha said.

Era placed a few pinches of sugar on top of the freshly made buns since they had no icing. She placed each bun on its own plate and set them on the table where everyone sat down. "I hope you like it," she said before walking away.

She heard they first try it cautiously before the scraping of forks was heard. "Wow, she can cook. This is great," Crow said.

"No kidding. I wonder where she's from," Tank said.

Era made her way to Yusei's room with Martha who was carrying an apple, plate, and a knife to cut the apple with. When they entered, they saw Yusei awake looking around.

"Glad to see you're finally up," Martha said.

"Martha… Era…" he said. He cringed as he felt the stabbing pain in his gut. "Has everything been okay in the Satellite since I left?"

"It's been rough as always," Martha said. "Security took our decks and crime has taken whatever else has even of little value. It's a part of why so many people look up to you, Yusei. People thought you had a chance at getting out of here and starting a normal life. That's why it breaks my heart to see you back here dueling… I just hope you won your little game."

"It's not what you think, Martha! There are some people out there who want to destroy our home, you see, there is this group called the Dark Signers…" Yusei tried but was cut off by the elder.

"Calm Down, Yusei. I believe you. But, why are you trying to take these people on by yourself?" Martha asked. Era was silent, feeling she shouldn't get into the conversation yet.

"Because it's my job," he said.

Martha sighed as she sliced away at the apple. "You'll just never change… your always trying to do things by yourself without any help and wind up in a hospital bed. You have friends who would follow you anywhere. After all, some got your runner after it was all smashed up. And then there's Jack…you two were like brothers once. Whatever happened between the two of you, it's time you both forgave and forgot. Life is hard enough…it's even harder without a best friend. And if it's true that these Dark Signers want to turn our home into a parking lot, then you'll need all the friends you can get… because, mark my words, I'm done bandaging your black and blues." She handed him a couple slices of apple. He thanked her. "Also… if you leave before I say you're better, those scars are just the beginning," she warned him.

Yusei nodded. Martha turned and said, "I think I'll leave you two alone. You need to talk to each other."

The two teenagers looked at her with shock and confusion. She paid no attention and left. Era shook her head and looked at her friend. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Better than before," Yusei answered.

Era nodded. "That's better than feeling the same, right? We were all pretty worried. We're all pretty glad that you're okay. I'm especially glad. We need you, Yusei. I need you." Era's eyes widened in shock and embarrassment when the last sentence rolled out of her mouth before she realized she said it. She blushed. "Sorry, that was weird."

"Don't apologize. It's fine. Besides, I know I probably need you just as much," Yusei said. They both blushed awkwardly.

Era walked over and sat in the chair next to his bed. "I'm glad you're alright. But in all honesty, I knew you would be," she said.

"How did you know?" Yusei asked.

"Reasons that you'll learn later," Era said. She sighed. "Believe me, Yusei. I don't like hiding this from you. But when you do find out, I'll never keep anything from you or anyone again. I promise. But for now, I have to wait."

Yusei nodded. "I understand and I didn't hold it against you. After all, you did say it was a long story. After how long that one story was, I wouldn't be surprised that it was longer," he said.

"Thanks Yusei," she said.

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