Celestial Signer

Akiza's Parents and Their Pleas

Chapter 7

Akiza’s Parents and Their Pleas

Three days later, Martha told Era that she thought Era should start helping Yusei more.

“Why?” Era asked.

“You two seem like you really need to get to know each other better and I have to finish knocking that cold off Yusei’s friends,” Martha explained.

Era nodded but was still a bit confused. ‘There had to be more to it than that, right?’ she thought.

Martha handed her Yusei’s food tray and walked off with a slight grin on her face. Era walked toward Yusei’s door. Just before entering, she took a long, deep breath.

She knocked on his door telling him she was about to enter. She slowly walked in. Yusei looked at her. “Hey, Yusei,” Era greeted.

“Hey, Era. I would’ve thought Martha would be the one bringing me the food,” Yusei said.

“She kind of passed the baton to me. Said we should try to get to know each other better and that she needed to finish off Rally and your friends’ colds. I agreed obviously. I hope you don’t mind,” Era explained.

“Of course I don’t mind,” Yusei said as Era handed him his food. He took a bite and swallowed. “Not bad. You make this?”

“Yeah. When you’ve lived like me, you tend to learn how to cook and fend for yourself and others. But it’s nothing special,” she responded.

“You certainly are a cook,” Yusei looked at her skinny body. “I can’t help but notice how thin you are. Do you mind if I ask ‘why’?”

She shook her head. “It’s just a matter of money, time, and heart. I never really want to eat as I’m afraid I’ll run out of food that I need for my brother, Jack. Besides, money’s always low with my mom and her beers. I’d rather eat nothing and give to my brother than let my brother go hungry with me. I’m never really hungry as is. My body has kind of gotten use to the lack of food,” she explained. She looked out the window and at the bright sky. “I’ve always put others first because I don’t want anyone else to get worse than me. I don’t mind really. As long as they’re okay.”

“It’s no wonder the Crimson Dragon chose you as a Signer,” Yusei said.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“You’ve never put your needs before others. Heck, you’re as thin as you can get and you don’t care. The Crimson Dragon probably saw this and knew you were destined to help,” Yusei explained.

“Maybe,” Era said looking down still a bit unsure.

“You have to eat you know,” Yusei said.

Realizing what he was saying, she quickly said, “No, it’s okay, Yusei. The food’s yours and you need your strength.”

“Era, when was the last time you ate something?” Yusei asked. She looked up and was about to say something but she closed her mouth and shrugged. “You need your strength too. And you can’t have a lot on an empty stomach. I’ve haven’t seen you eat, not around me anyways. So it must be at least three days. Come here.”

Era sighed in defeat. She knew he was right but she felt so wrong taking food from someone else. It felt strange and foreign to do so.

She walked over. He took a cut piece of food and fed it to her. He took a couple more and gave it to the extremely reluctant girl. He noticed her confused, yet sad, expression.

“What’s wrong?” Yusei asked.

She swallowed the piece she was chewing and said, “I feel a bit stronger now that I have something in my stomach… but… but it feels so wrong to take food from you. It feels like a foreign influence forced me to accept the food but my feelings and natural conscience tells me not to. It’s so confusing and hard to explain.”

“I know it feels strange. If I were like you, I would feel strange about it too. But we all need our strength if we’re going to beat the Dark Signers,” Yusei said.

“I guess you’re right. I just…” she stopped as she looked straight into Yusei’s cobalt colored eyes.

They held such a caring, understanding look that seemed to soften her heart and calm the torrent of emotions that swirled inside her.

As Yusei looked into her forest green eyes, he saw her confusion, sadness, and everything that had been eating at her since they met flow away from her eyes.

Before either of them knew what they were doing, their lips grazed each other for a second and then the graze became a passionate kiss. It made their bodies feel like they were on fire and they didn’t know why.

When they broke, both looked at the other in shock and a bit of happiness. ‘I never thought my first kiss would be with Yusei Fudo. Wow,’ Era thought.

They set their heads on each other’s foreheads. Both of them weren’t really sure what to think… other than a couple of things.

‘I thought he loved Akiza. This can’t be right. What am I supposed to do when I can leave? Do I stay here or go back home?’ Era thought as she restrained herself from grasping her head in frustration. ‘Do I love Yusei?’ The thought actually scared her. If she loved him, will she have the guts to leave him or any of the friends she’ll have to meet?

‘The kiss… it felt strong and… made my body the happiest it has ever been. Why? Am I in love with Era? But we only met a few days ago. What about Akiza?’ Yusei thought confused.

They realized they had their foreheads against each other and quickly pulled away awkwardly.

“Well, then, um,” Era stuttered. “You should probably finish eating.” She got up and looked at Yusei’s expression which told her to eat so she said, “Don’t worry, Yusei. I’ll got eat some leftovers.”

He nodded. He was stunned she read him so easily. She couldn’t help but smile at him. He smiled back. She walked out and went to the fridge to fulfill her unofficial promise to eat. She grabbed some leftover meatloaf that was sitting in there for a couple days. She set a slice down on her plate and sat next to the window as she ate.

She noticed a plane land as she finished her food and set her plate down in the sink before walking to the door.

She opened it and saw Akiza’s parents, as she knew them, standing there with a worried expression on both their faces.

“Hello. I saw you walking here through the window. Is there something I can help you with, sir?” she asked.

“Is Yusei Fudo here? We heard he is and we need his help,” the man said. He had brown hair and beard.

“He is. Oh, my manners come in.” She moved and guided them to the dining room. “Yusei was recently hurt but I’m sure he can help. Let me go get him,” she said.

They nodded and took a seat. Era walked to Crow and informed him of the situation. He nodded and waited as she got Yusei.

When she entered, she said, “Yusei, a man is here and says he needs your help. Can you get up?”

“I think so,” he answered. He slowly got up and stood without a problem. He walked with a minor limp that was only noticeable to the watching eye.

He walking into the dining room and sat down. “Is something wrong, sir?” Yusei asked.

“So, you’re Yusei Fudo?” the man asked. When Yusei nodded, the man sighed with relief. “Sorry, I just didn’t want a trick or something. My name is Senator Izinski. My daughter is Akiza as you probably know. Akiza is in trouble. She’s in a coma and I put her there. The doctors say she’s okay physically but she just can’t wake up. They think it may be some sort of emotional trauma. I know you have a connection to her. Please, Mr. Fudo, help us save our daughter. So I can make things right.”

Yusei nodded. “I’ll come help too, if I can,” Era said. They looked at her.

“Do you know her?” Senator Izinski asked.

“Not personally, no. But I am also connected to her and I feel like I understand her a bit. Besides, ever since I first saw her I wanted to be like her. I’ll rephrase what I said before and say, I understand her a bit and I feel like I can help too. Though, it’s just a feeling, I can try to make it a reality,” Era said.

“If you really feel that way, please come. We could use that sort of thinking,” Senator Izinski said.

“Of course. I’m ready to go whenever you want. It’s just Yusei I’m worried about,” Era said. She sounded like doctor in her voice. Hey, when you take care of sick, hurt, or any person in need most of your life you tend to become a doctor at times.

“I’ll be fine, Era,” Yusei said. She nodded. “Okay, it’s settled. We’ll go,” Yusei said to the senator.

“Thank you so much. If it’s alright, can we go right away?” Senator Izinski asked.

“Of course,” Yusei agreed.

He stood up. “Yusei!” Martha called. “What did I tell you?”

Yusei was about to respond when Era cut in, “Don’t worry, Martha. I’ll be with him and make sure he’ll be okay. You don’t need to be worried about him.”

Martha reluctantly nodded. “Very well. As long as you keep an eye on him. I assume the doctors there will be a bit better than here. Be safe you two.”

“Of course, Martha,” Yusei said.

They were about to walk out when Era turned to Martha. “We’ll be seeing you soon. And Martha,” Era said. Martha looked at her. “No one will ever be a better doctor than you and Doctor Schmidt. Remember that.”

“Thank you, Era. I will see you soon,” Martha said.

Yusei and Era nodded before leaving on the plane. Era looked out the window. She was still trying to grasp the fact she was in a whole other world. And a world that was supposed to be fictional, for that matter. But she couldn’t wait to meet Akiza, Luna, and Leo. She could wait on Jack.

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