Celestial Signer

Revealing the Truth?

Chapter 8

Revealing the Truth?

Akiza was the strongest girl she had ever known about. Luna had the biggest heart, especially to the duel spirits. Leo was one of the most courageous. Jack had the biggest ego but that hid his strong will. Crow had the strongest will to keep the bonds that he respected. Yusei… well to her Yusei was all five (without the ego). It was no wonder he got the head in the show. All of them were skilled duelists and Era wondered if she was as skilled. 'It would have to be through instincts considering I haven't really ever played duel monsters,' Era thought.

They came closer and it wasn't long before they landed on the helicopter pad on top of the hospital. They got out with Era staying by Yusei.

They walked through the maze of halls. As they walked, Era got tense. Yusei looked at her. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Meeting people," she answered bluntly.

"You were okay earlier," Yusei mentioned.

"Whenever I'm meeting people so I can help another, I'm fine because my mind is in a state of helping rather than introductions. But when I'm getting ready to meet new people I…" she trailed off.

"You'll be fine, Era," Yusei reassured.

"Hopefully," she muttered.

They came around a corner and the twins Era knew from the show noticed Yusei immediately. Era's throat grew a bit tight in nervousness.

"Yusei!" Luna and Leo exclaimed running up and hugged Yusei.

"Hey, guys," Yusei greeted.

He shot Era an awkward glance but Era didn't care. Era smiled at the sight. It was sweet that they cared for Yusei like this, even though she already knew they did. It felt heartwarming to see it firsthand. But she still felt nervous about meeting the two plus Jack and Akiza.

Luna could feel someone staring at them and looked at Era. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Uh, uh, hi," she greeted. "M-My name's Era. You're Luna, right?" She still sounded timid and quiet.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Luna asked.

"I've seen you on TV. I always admired how you duel with the amount of heart and care, especially for your duel monsters that you do. Believe me, Luna. I think you're cool and your dueling mimics your heart," Era explained.

"Really?" Luna asked. Era nodded. "T-thanks. No one has ever really said anything like that to me before."

Era looked at Leo. "You must be her brother. Is- Is it okay if I know your name?" Era asked quietly.

"I'm Leo. It's nice to meet you, Era," he greeted.

"It's nice to meet the two of you as well," Era said giving a quick smile. They smiled back. They like how kind she was.

She turned to Jack. She was never sure if she really liked him. He had too much ego but he tends to make up for it at times. She could never really tell whether she did or didn't like Jack. "Hello," she greeted still quiet.

"You're Era, right? The girl from before?" Jack asked.

"And you're Jack Atlas. The former turbo dueling champion with an ego. But an ego to hide his true side," Era tested.

"What do you mean I have 'an ego to hide my true side'?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Listen, I know more than you think. A lot more," Era said. She turned to Yusei who was staring at her. When she talked to Jack it was like she had a sudden change of character. She knew more than she was letting on at the moment. "Didn't we come here to help Akiza?"

Yusei nodded and they walked in. Akiza's parents were close behind while Jack, Leo, and Luna stayed in the background.

Yusei looked at Era as they reached the bed that Akiza was on that was there in a spacious, empty room. Era nodded. Akiza had a tear sliding down her cheek that Era knew was going to be there.

"Akiza…" Yusei took his glove off and used his right index finger to gently wipe off the tear. "It's me."

Yusei and Akiza's marks lit up quickly followed by Era's. Luna looked at Era and her mark. But the mark wasn't one of the ones Yanagi told them about.

"Jack! Her mark! It's so different but it's like ours in the same way," Luna told Jack.

"You're right. But what makes her so different that she gets a completely different mark? What makes her different from the rest of us?" Jack wondered aloud.

Akiza began to sit up on her bed. "Yusei?" She looked at Era. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Era," she said and was about to talk further when she heard Akiza's father.

"Akiza!" he exclaimed.

Akiza turned to them angry. "What are they doing here?!" she yelled. "That stranger over there ruined my life!"

"Akiza listen," Yusei tried but was interrupted by Akiza.

"All I have is Say…" she stopped remembering Sayer's death and sentence to the Netherworld. "No… my home is in ruins and another father is missing. Sayer was more of a father than you ever were!"

"Akiza please…" Senator Izinski tried but was once again interrupted by Akiza.

"No! My only home and family is in ruins and you ruined my life!" Akiza lashed out. Senator Izinski looked down in shame.

"Akiza, please, just hear us out," Yusei tried.

"No! If you're trying to erase the past don't bother. I've already forgotten about them," Akiza said.

"Akiza, if you've forgotten about them, you wouldn't be this angry," Era intervened.

"You don't know anything. I don't know you… and you don't know me!" Akiza retorted.

"But I do, Akiza," Era said. Akiza looked at her. "Akiza, you're strong. You're stronger than anyone else would ever think. You're powerful, Akiza. Not just by your psychic abilities, but your heart and will is strong and powerful. You are beyond special. The abilities you have can be a curse but only if you let it. When you want it to, it could be a gift to bless on the world." Era softened her expression. "Akiza, you can be strong, special, and you have a bright spirit just waiting to be released. And I know… I know you will make your ability the gift it was meant to be!"

"How do you know that?" Akiza asked.

'Now as good as time as any. I can't and shouldn't hold it in any longer. I won't. The Signers are together, so it's time to let my light shine,' Era thought. 'But I should start a bit subtle at first.' She then exclaimed, "Because I'm like you!" Everyone looked at her.

"How so?" Akiza asked a bit shocked.

"I've had a secret to hide since I came here. Just like you, it's time to let it out. It's time to be set free. First, let's start with my new mark," Era said. She pulled down her sleeve to reveal her mark that was the moon surrounded by the sun. "What do you see?" Era asked gently.

"The sun and moon," she answered.

Era nodded giving a small smile. "Exactly. What are the sun and moon? What are they known by scientifically?" she asked.

"Uh, cosmic or celestial bodies. But what does that have to do with your mark?" Akiza asked.

"Because I am known as the Celestial Signer as I was told by the Crimson Dragon herself. But I'm not just a Signer," Era said.

Everyone was silent until Akiza broke it, "Then, what else are you?"

"Akiza, you asked how I knew what I said. I knew it because I don't come from here. When I first met Yusei, he and his friend Crow asked where I was from. Do you know what I told them?" Akiza shook her head. "I said, 'I wasn't remotely from here'. The last thing I remember before waking up in the middle of the Satellite was me getting into my own bed. I had a dream that night before waking up. I was flying passed the stars at light speed. That's when I woke up here. Akiza, I'm not even close to home. My home is another, different Earth possibly light years away. I may never see my baby brother again but I know he's safe thanks to the Crimson Dragon and her brother. When I came here, I was confused and scared out of my mind. I'm sure you're the same now. But I became friends with Yusei, Crow, Rally, Martha, and more than that. And that made my heart ease. My point is, let us be your friends, Akiza. We want to be your friends and your father wants to make amends. He wants a second chance to try and be your father again."

Akiza looked at her father with disbelief in her eyes. His expression was all she needed. "Daddy, do you really want me back? After everything I've done, you still want me back?" she asked. He nodded honestly.

She ran up to him. She couldn't believe she was able to give in so easily but there was something about Era that allowed Akiza to see the sincerity in her father's eyes and she couldn't help but release it all. She could see her father really regretted everything he did. The three family members hugged each other in relief and happiness. Their family was back together and on the right track.

Era walked up next to Akiza. "Listen, Akiza. We need you. But we want you to be our friend more. Yusei, me, Luna, Leo, and even Jack. We want to be your friends. Will you let us?" Era asked.

"I'm never really good with friend. I tend to end up hurting them. Are you sure you want to risk that?" Akiza asked.

Yusei nodded followed by Leo and Luna (plus their smiles). Jack just gave a small grin. Era said, "Of course, Akiza. Hey, look at me. Friends can come from anywhere and the best of friends will last forever. We're here for you. Every step of the way." Akiza turned and hugged Era who hugged back with a smile.

'This is different than the show. She should've put up more of a fight. Maybe this is for the best,' she thought.

"Thank you," Akiza whispered in Era's ear. Era gave Akiza a comforting squeeze before letting go.

"I hate to break up the moment, but Akiza we still need your help," Yusei said.

"I'll help, as long as that's okay with my parents," Akiza said and looked at them.

"Of course you can. You have a job to do. We're going to be worried… but we're so proud of you," her mother said.

They hugged again and Era had to hold back some tears of joy. "Why don't we take a walk? If you're up to it. I'm pretty sure you are, though," she suggested.

"I like that idea," Akiza said. She turned to her parents. "I'll see you soon, okay?"

Senator Izinski nodded. "Go ahead, Akiza. We'll see you soon," he said.

She nodded and the group of Signers (plus Leo) walked out.

"You know, I wouldn't have expected you to be from another planet," Akiza said.

"I don't think any of us would've," Jack chimed in.

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't have expected to be brought to another planet. And to this place of all of the worlds out there," Era responded.

"Era, you said you were from another Earth but you never really said how you knew any other us," Luna said.

Era gave a sigh. "I'm not entirely sure I should say this because it could throw everything that should happen out of control. But I guess you should know. Back where I come from, this place, duel monsters, Yugi Moto, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, all of you are part of a show. A fictional, what I thought to be, made up Japanese anime. The Signers fake, duel monsters is just a card game. Holograms have barely been invented. There are a lot of things different in my world from here."

"Like what?" Luna asked.

"Well, there are no psychics or known duel spirits," I pulled out a monster from my deck: Starlight Dragon. I showed them it. "A monster like my Starlight Dragon would be nothing more than a card. We don't have duel disks. Duel Monsters isn't even played by many people. I've only seen two people in my life who play it. I haven't even played it." They looked at her. "Akiza, out of curiosity, what are the main countries here?"

(A/N: There is a small, depressing "history lesson" on WWII. You may skip if you so choose. I understand.)

"Well, we're in Japan. Then there is America, France, Britain, Germany, and the list goes on," Akiza answered.

"So that's one similarity. Have there been any World Wars?" Era asked.

"World Wars?" Yusei asked confused.

"I take that as a no. That will be a big difference. When I come from, America won its rights but having the Revolutionary War and freeing itself from Britain. There were many other wars. Two of the main ones were World Wars I and II. World War II is the most known and the most horrifying in my opinion," Era said.

"Why?" Yusei said.

"Germany was rebuilding from the first World War. But then Adolf Hitler came to power. He blamed Jews for the loss that Germany had. So he set out to 'cleanse' the world of all the imperfect humans. All who didn't fit his bill were sent to work camps. After that to concentration camps. People would starve, be burnt alive, or gassed until they were dead. Slowly, the entire world became involved in the war. Two countries took Germany's side. Two stayed neutral until Germany attacked them. First it was the Soviet Union and then the US. The death toll was in the millions. You can visit a couple of the concentration camps to remind yourself what not to do. World War II was such a horrific thing to learn about. But if we know about it, it will be less likely to happen again. My world has a horrific history that I don't want to be repeated," Era explained. "You should be happy your world hasn't gone through a war like that. It was the creation of the deadly atomic bombs and other weapons. When I find a way to leave, you need to keep the peace. I don't want this world to go through such a horror." ("History Lesson" over)

They nodded understanding. "What else is different? Is there anything better than that?" Luna asked.

Era nodded with a grin of relief. "There are a lot of countries that give people rights and some freedom. Though no one can ever have true freedom, they get a good amount of it. There are too many things different to name them all. But there are also a lot of similarities."

"That's one heck of a world you come from," Jack said.

"No kidding. I still don't get why I was brought here. Why I was made the Celestial Signer. Especially after my vision, I'm not sure what I can handle," Era admitted.

"What do you mean? What vision?" Yusei asked.

"It was the night we got you to Martha's house. I went to sleep and had a dream. But it was more of a vision. The Crimson Dragon was there and showed me what would happen if I was ever caught by the Dark Signers," Era said. They walked onto the sidewalk and walked towards the park.

They were silent for a bit.


Era stopped and turned around. She scanned the area but saw nothing. She kept walking not saying anything to the confused group. She shook her head. But she was more alert and watched and listened to everything around her.

"She is more vigilant than I thought. We must be careful, Misty. If we are going to grab her, we must have the element of surprise," a voice whispered to her partner, Misty.

"Then let's go," Misty said.

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