Celestial Signer


Chapter 9


They stayed in the shadows as they crept closer to their target. Their hoods concealed their faces so the only things to be seen were their eyes. They were coming close enough to Era to jump on her. But the two figures didn't need to take her by attacking her physically. All they needed was her to be in their distance.

Misty looked at her partner who nodded. It was time. They focused on the Netherworlds circle. Era stopped in her tracks and looked around. Before she could do a thing, a tall, blaze of purple fire ringed around her. The Signers looked at her in shock.

"What's going on, Era?" Jack asked.

"Don't look at me. I don't know," Era responded at Jack's glare.

The two figures came out of their hiding spots. "She's not doing anything, that's for sure," Misty said.

"Who are you?" Yusei asked with anger filling his voice.

"You will know soon but not now. Now, Era," the green cloaked one said. She balled her hand into a fist. The ring of fire wrapped around her in a tight, unbreakable grip. "You're coming with us."

She glared at the two figures. Her mark glowed bright and the dark ring began to expand. The orange cloaked glared daggers and the ring tightened its grip. Era clenched her teeth as the fire burned her skin.

"Farewell Signers, we will see you soon," the green cloak said before the three of them flashed out of existence.

"Anyone want to explain to me what just happened?" Akiza asked shocked.

"Uh, cloaked figures just took Era in a flash of light," Leo said nervously.

"They're not just cloaked figures. Their marks were different, like Kalin's. Those are legitimate Dark Signers," Yusei said.

"And I knew one of them," Akiza said. They looked at her. "I battled the one with the green designs on her cloak. It was Misty Treadwell. She thinks I did something to her brother though I don't know what."

"Well, no matter who she is, she just took Era. We're going to have to get her back," Jack said. Yusei nodded in agreement.

A car pulled up and Lazar stepped out. "I see Miss Izinski is out of the hospital. Good. The director wishes to see all of you," he said.

Though we some reluctance, Yusei and Jack got to their duel runners while Akiza, Leo, and Luna got into Lazar's limo.

Era woke up slowly. Her hands were bound to a wall with negatively energized webs winding down it. She yanked at the chains but she couldn't pull free. Not that she expected to, they were chains after all.

"Ah, you're awake," came a deep voice. A man walked in. He was the red cloaked man from before. "We've been waiting for you to wake up you know. That way we can get on with your change."

Era looked up at him only to find her head pounding. "W-Why does my head hurt?" she asked.

"I took the liberty of looking through some of your memories. I'm shocked your world knows so much of this one. But now that we saw the shows ending, we're going to see if we can change it," he said. She gave him a shocked and worried look. "I am guessing you already know me and my associates but we might as well go through the list. I am Roman."

Kalin stepped into the light. "I know you know me. You were there when I crushed Yusei and I decided to tell them of our little encounter. They found that you may be… useful," he said. He glared at him.

"I am Demak," the yellow cloaked man said as he came into view.

The two other cloaked people followed. The orange one said, "My name is Carly. But you already knew that."

"And I'm Misty. Let's see how strong you truly are," she said.

As it happened in her dream, Roman brought his hand up and clenched him fist. Era stifled a yell of pain as negative energy shocked her very being. It last for an eternity to Era before it stopped. She let out a breath and looked at Roman with a glare.

"She is very strong," Kalin said. "Maybe I can change that."

"Not yet, Kalin. Let's give it a few more tries. Then if it doesn't work, you can have your fun," Roman said.

Era kept a stern, stubborn face but on the inside she trembled with fear at those words. She clenched her teeth as the negative electricity burned her body. 'This isn't happening,' Era thought frightened. 'This is all just a bad dream and I'll wake up in my own bed soon.'

The energy burned her skin as his passed through her being. Every time she thought it was over, it would begin again with twice the pain as before.

Eventually, it stopped for longer than before and she looked up at Roman. She had a confident face but tears threatened to show and spill. Roman frowned at her. 'She has a strong will. It is no wonder the Crimson Dragon chose her,' he thought. 'May it's time to let Kalin break her.'

"Kalin, she's all yours," Roman said.

They left Kalin and Era alone in the room. But Misty and Carly sent one regretful look at Era before disappearing.

Kalin walked over and said, "Hello, pretty mouse. Are you ready to play?" He pulled out a knife and stroked its flat side against her cheek. He licked his lips and she glared at him. "Because it's time to play."

Era's body was pulled to the ground but the chains made it so she could barely move her arms. He crouched over her with an insane smile.

"Leave me alone or else!" she exclaimed.

"Or else what? Those cuffs block your Celestial Signer capabilities. You're a trapped mouse and there's no way out," Kalin retorted. "Now the fun is about to begin."

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