The Girl With Wings

Chapter 10


Chapter 10

Still Jayla's POV

My eyes began to cringe as I tried to open them. I noticed how when they saw my eyes flicker open, they sighed with relief.

"W-Where are we?" I asked groggily.

"We're back at the garage. We're back home," Akiza informed.

I began to sit up but agonizing pain erupted from my left wing. I then remembered the events form earlier. "Great," I said sarcastically. "This is going to take at least a week and a half to heal. Yeah me."

"Are you okay? You were out for a while and we couldn't get you to wake up," Yusei said. Josh nodded in agreement with the question.

"I should be fine. Just will hate no flying for over a week," I answered.

"Okay," Josh accepted.

"Do you what kept you asleep for so long?" Akiza asked.

"Sucked into new memories… among other things," I replied taking a quick glance at Yusei and he was the only one who seemed to notice, which was a good thing. Yusei gave me a subtle confused look telling me he noticed.

'What is she talking about?' I heard Akiza say. But I didn't see Akiza move her mouth.

'What new memories did she get?' I heard Crow but his mouth wasn't moving.

'I hope she's okay,' came Luna's voice.

'Something's not right,' came Jack.

'I wonder if she likes Josh. It would be so awesome if she did,' came Leo's voice but I didn't want to listen to that thought so I pushed it away.

None of their mouths were moving and every one of the voices had very light, subtle echoes. Almost like a thought. 'A thought?! Did I receive a new ability or something?' I thought.

I decided to try something. I had heard from the scientists that another bird kid experiment, they said she called herself Angel, could speak to another person through their mind. Time to try it for myself. 'Let's start with Josh. He might not be as freaked out as the others would be,' I thought. "Josh, can you hear me?"

He flinched and gave a startled look. "Jayla? Are you talking mentally to me?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah," I answered.

"How?" he asked.

"Kind of just learned a new ability. I think it's called telepathy. I can read thoughts and talk to people through their mind," I said mentally.

"That's cool! How many abilities do you have?" he mentally responded.

"I can fly over two hundred miles per hour, share memories with other people, and now telepathy," I answered.

"Lucky! I wish I had abilities like that," he said giving a small, jealous smile.

"Maybe one day you'll get one," I said.

I looked at the others. They were looking at me and at my sudden silence. I sighed. 'Let's see how many people I can do at once,' I thought. I then focused my mind on linking with everyone's mind. "Can you hear me?" I called.

They also gave a startled looked which told me they could. Leo and Luna were looking around followed by Jack. "Okay, please tell me I'm not going crazy and everyone else heard Jayla's voice too," Jack said.

They nodded. I had to keep myself from laughing. But I did allow myself to grin at Josh who already knew. "Okay, we heard her voice but he mouth wasn't moving. So how did we all hear it?" Akiza asked.

I sighed. "All laughing aside, it's called telepathy. Ever heard of it?" I told them.

"Uh, did you just say you were using telepathy?" Luna asked. I nodded.

"What's telepathy?" Leo asked.

"It's when someone can read thoughts and sometimes talk to another person using a mental connection," Akiza explained him.

"Since when did you have that ability?" Crow asked.

"Since just now," I answered out loud. As much as I love my new ability, I should also keep my voice in shape by talking.

They stared at me shocked. I jumped up and off the couch I was lying on. "So what were the new memories?" Jack asked.

"Maybe later," I said vaguely.

Yusei stared at me. I looked at him and said through our minds, "I'll talk to you later. There's something we need to discuss in private."

He looked at me with one eyebrow raised. I grinned at him before saying, "I'm going for a walk. A bird needs fresh air you know."

"I'll come with you," Josh said. "The Erasers are going to come after us and I don't want you to get hurt more."

I sighed but nodded. He was right. We walked outside and into the fresh air. I only hoped they weren't going to attack as soon as they did last time.

Third Person POV

"Riley, do you know anything about the whereabouts of Subjects 5903 and 5964?" a man in a white lab coat asked.

The other white coat, named Riley, was in front of a computer screen looking for anything that could tell them where they are. "Nothing but the obvious points out that they'll be back at that garage. However I did find something interesting on the surveillance footage."

"What is it?" the other scientist asked.

"Well, it seems like the famous Yusei Fudo helped save her and she saved Subject 5964. And, according to records, Subject 5903's family is with that of Yusei Fudo. Though they may not know it yet, big brother helped save little sister. Their age difference is only by a few minutes but they are blood related. So maybe we could use the blood relation to bring her to us. What do you think of that, Vector?" Riley said.

"It is indeed a good plan. But how will we do it?" the other white coat, named Vector, asked.

"Well the outdoor surveillance shows Subject 5903 getting shot in the wing. With her rapid recovery, it would be at least two weeks before she can fly at full strength again. So we wait. After the second week, we take Yusei Fudo and allow her to follow the car into a trap. The familial bond will practically force them to stay together. This will then lead Subject 5964 to come get her," Riley said.

"Yes, yes of course. Very well thought out plan Riley. I remember how Subject 5964 looked at 5903. He cares for her deeply. Let's wait for the next two weeks. Then make our move," Vector agreed.

They gave a sly grin before turning to return to their normal work and inform their fellow "scientists" of the plan.

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