The Girl With Wings

Chapter 11


Chapter 11

Jayla's POV

We had tucked our wings in tight to our backs so no one really noticed that they bulged out like they were real. Something I didn't think of earlier. I was surprised I was able to do it with my wing but it wasn't that hard, which was a serious relief.

Josh and I walked through town. It appeared much bigger from the ground than it did from a bird's view. We found a park to sit at for a while as our feet were tired. We had been walking for half the day.

We found a bench and looked up at the sky and its hues of pinks, oranges, purples, and fading blues. It was hard to believe we got to see a sunset like this.

"Hey, you want to walk to the beach?" Josh asked me.

I nodded with a smile. "Sure," I agreed.

We walked the semi-short distance to the beach. The sun was finding its way down the horizon. We found a spot on the beach and sat there.

"Can you believe it? We're watching a sunset on an actual beach. It feels like a dream and, at some point, I'll wake up at the School," I said.

"Well, let's hope it's not a dream. Because I for one don't want to wake up from it," Josh said. I laughed. "Anyways, it really is hard to believe we actually made it out. I wouldn't be out if it wasn't for you."

"You're my friend. I wouldn't leave a friend there to suffer," I said. "You know, I promised myself to not allow myself to get close like this."

"Why is that?" he asked.

"Have you heard of the expiration date?" I asked looking at him. I saw solemn eyes looking at me.

"Yeah, I have," he answered sadness in his voice.

"That's… why. I had a friend, he was like us. An avian-human mutant. He died right in front of me with the expiration date on his neck and it said he would die that day. I actually had one not too long ago," I told him.

"Really?" he asked shocked. Probably because of the word "had".

I nodded. "When I was retaken, they removed my expiration date. So as far as I can tell, I don't have one. I wonder, do you have one?" I asked.

"I- I don't know. I guess I should check but there's no mirror and I can't really look at the back on my neck. So…" he trailed off.

I knew what he was getting at and I gave him a comforting grin. "I'll check for you," I said. He gave me a thankful grin.

I turned my head. I gave a long sigh of relief. "So, do I have one or not?" Josh asked.

"Thankfully, no. But there's no telling when you'll get it. I just hope it's not soon," I said.

I leaned my head on his shoulder. He tensed for a second but as fast as his body tensed, it relaxed. We looked at the setting sun. It was reaching its rounded peak. The stars were coming out. I gave long sigh. "I wish it wasn't over," I said mentally.

"Same," he responded in his mind.

I grin and looked up at him. He was a couple inches taller had a longer wingspan by a few inches. We looked at each other's eyes. I became lost in his emerald green eyes. They were stunning in the lowlight. 'Did I really just think they were stunning?' I thought. But something dragged me in.

Before I knew a thing, I felt the warmth of his lips on mine. It sent sparks flying inside me and my body got hot. It felt so right but I didn't know why. I only met him like yesterday yet I felt so at ease, so calm, and everything felt complete with him.

When we broke a part, we looked at each other with happy but shocked eyes.

I had never been this close to someone and I was afraid to be close like this. He didn't have his expiration date taken off. So what would happen when it came and ended his life? It scared me but I knew I had to enjoy to be loved like this while it lasts.

We noticed the sky getting dark. We got up and trekked up the sand. When we reached the street, he took me into an alleyway. "What're we doing in an alleyway?" I asked.

"I was thinking. How about I fly you home? You may not be able to fly yourself but you weigh close to nothing in my arms and this way you can be in the air. What do you think? You wanna try it?" Josh asked.

I grinned. "Sure. What's so bad in doing that? We might want to land before we reach the garage though. They'll probably freak out in worry if you're carrying me," I agreed.

"Yeah, you're probably right," Josh agreed.

We laughed for a minute before he scooped me up bridal style before taking to the air. We soared through the star covered sky. I smiled as the stars twinkled in his eyes and he looked at me. He looked at me with a soft, happy expression.

He stopped and hovered for a second while looking at me. We leaned forward and kissed. The "right" feeling exploded in my body along with the warmth that flooded through it.

When we broke, I was surprised he was still hovering. I probably would've stopped flapping. But he was special and I could tell I loved him for it. Though, it was hard to admit.

I only hoped he felt the same way. "You know I love you too, right?" he said.

"Was I broadcasting my thoughts?" I thought nervously.

"Maybe a little," he said with a grin and small chuckle.

We kept flying from there. When we saw Yusei's garage coming into view, our view, we landed deciding to walk the rest of the way. Though, we would have to be careful.

We walked silently and carefully. Erasers would be the better hunters in the dark. We would be prey moments from being pounced on. We soon found ourselves back at the garage and walked through.

Jack, Yusei, and Crow were waiting. I didn't see the twins or Akiza so I guess they went home. "Well you guys were out late," Jack said.

"Well, the city's not small you know. When you're walking it takes a while," I said. "Plus we wanted to see the sunset. After all, when you're locked up in the school you're close to never outside and when you are it's during the day in a dome. So call me crazy for wanting to see something for the first time that millions of people get to see almost every night."

"I guess that makes since. You can't really blame them. I wasn't in there but I could tell you could never really see anything but the possible light bulbs in the hallways," Crow said.

"Anyway, we're back. So there's no harm done, right?" Josh said.

"No, I guess not. We were just worried," Yusei said.

"Thanks. We appreciate your concern but we're fine," I said.

They nodded. "Well, we should all get to sleep," Crow said.

"I'll sleep on the couch if that's not a problem," I said. Yusei nodded.

"But where's Josh going to sleep? We don't have enough beds or seats for everyone," Crow said.

"I'll just sleep on the couch next to Jayla, if that's fine," Josh said. He noticed Yusei's skeptic and slightly protective look. "And don't worry. No tricks. I'm not that untrustworthy, am I?"

Yusei didn't really understand his protective feelings towards Jayla. It was as if his natural instinct was to protect her. Like a brother would a sister.

"No, you're fine. Just don't try us for anything," Jack said. Josh raised his hands in defense.

"Well, I'm getting to bed," Crow said with a yawn. He walked up the stairs to his room.

Jack soon followed and Josh sat on the couch. Yusei looked at me. I quickly sent the thought, "Yusei there's still that thing we need to talk about. But that can wait until tomorrow if you need rest."

"Let's just talk about it now. With all that's going on, I don't want any secrets," Yusei replied.

I nodded. "Let's take this outside," I said.

Yusei followed me as we exited the building and went in front of the garage door. "What did you need to talk about?" Yusei asked.

"Do you remember those memories I showed you? The ones when I first met you?" I asked.

"Yeah, how can I forget either of them? Especially the one where it was you as a baby lying next to me in the capsule Martha found me in. Then what that Jeb guy told you. Are you starting to believe this?" he asked me.

I nodded. "At first I didn't want to. I was afraid. But then… something happened. As memories and visions or whatever it was happened," I said.

"What memories? What visions?" he asked.

"It would be better shown than to just tell you. Do you want me to show you? It may help," I said.

"Of course. There are questions that this might answer," he said.

I nodded in acceptance. "Remember, stare straight into my eyes."

He did so and my eyes began to glow as they always did. "Remember, these are my memories. You cannot affect them."

With that his mind began to drift into mine as my memories were shown to him.

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