The Girl With Wings

Chapter 12


Chapter 12

Third Person POV

Yusei looked at the place in front of him. Specifically the people there. It was his mother from the picture, his father, and two infants. Both infants were the ones from the capsule memory he saw. One was him and the other was Jayla's infant self. His parents were holding the two of them. They were laughing and smiling at the infants.

His surroundings then changed to the night that he remembered. The night of Zero Reverse. His dad had his and Jayla's infant selves and were setting them in the capsule together. He closed the lid and said, "You both are destined for great things in your own way. If you're ever separated and don't know who each other are, remember one thing. You have a bond that will unlock your memories of each other. Use that bond to help each other and help others. One day you'll understand. Yusei, Jayla, I love you," he said.

He pressed a button on the control panel.

Then it changed again but to something more recent. The way he could tell was from today's Jayla standing in dark surroundings with only a singular light. From that light came a figure. He heard then a voice, "Jayla."

"W-Who are you?" Jayla asked as he came into view.

"Jayla, it's been so long. I was your father before I died all those years ago. What happened to you that gave you wings?" Yusei's father asked.

"Can't you see my memories? You are in my mind, right?" Jayla asked.

He shook his head. "No, we are in between the light and the darkness. What happened to my daughter?" he asked.

"From a memory I didn't know I had, after you sent me and Yusei off, we arrived on a beach. Three scientists that would ruin my life came to decide whether they would take me or Yusei for their experiments. They combined my DNA with bird DNA so now I have wings. I've been through brutal tests and experiments. I escaped where I met Yusei, was then recaptured while keeping him and his friends from getting killed by the freaks who took me before, and Yusei saved me from that place. I don't remember much else after I got shot in the wing by a bullet," she explained.

"I'm so sorry, Jayla. I never would've wanted you to go through that pain. Are you and Yusei still together?" Yusei's dad asked.

"I think. Is it true?" He looked at her confused. "Are you really Doctor Fudo? Am I really the daughter of a scientist? Are all scientists really like the ones at the School?" she asked.

"I am Dr. Fudo. You may be the daughter of a scientist but I can guarantee you, I've never known a scientist that does that to a child," he said.

"You told me when I was a baby that mine and Yusei's bond can unlock our memories. How?" Jayla asked.

"You and your brother are connected. Just like how his Signer mark connects him to his friends. Once that connection is put to the test, and if you succeed in using it, your memories and your own abilities will be unlocked. Your memories are already beginning to reveal themselves. But in order for your memories to fully reveal, you and Yusei must work together. Danger is coming and you must work together to face it. It is time for me to go. I will see you again, my daughter," Dr. Fudo explained.

"Goodbye, Dad," Jayla said. The word felt weird to her. Yusei could tell she never expected to meet her dad and she would have never thought she would ever say the word "dad".

"Jayla!" came a voice. "C'mon wake up!"

'Josh?' Yusei heard her think.

"C'mon, Jayla. I know you can pull through," came another voice.

"She could hear me?" Yusei questioned out loud.

'Yusei?' she thought again. 'Wake up! Come on, Jayla! Just wake up!'

He could then feel as she felt the world around her disappear and light began to fill her blurry vision.

Yusei found himself back in the real world. He rubbed his eyes to get the last of the blurriness out of them. "Is it just me or does your vision get a bit blurry after?" he asked.

"It's not just you. It sometimes happens to me. But to a lot of the people who are affected by my ability, they find their vision blurry after for a few seconds," Jayla said.

"So was that all real?" Yusei asked as his vision finally cleared up.

"Yeah. I didn't think it was at first. That it was my imagination gone wild. But the one thing that told me it was real was a voice in the back of my head. To be honest it sounded like your dad," Jayla explained.

"Our dad," Yusei corrected.

"But how are you so certain that it was all real? It could just be an imaginative memory," Jayla asked.

"About a year or so ago, I battled these Dark Signers. One of them was Dad's colleague, Roman Goodwin. He told me the story about how he betrayed Dad and reversed the energy flow of the first Ener-D Reactor. Dad died that day and obviously sent us both to the Satellite's shores so we could live," Yusei explained, stopping for a second but soon started again. "After I beat Roman, I was sent into the gap of the Netherworld. There I saw Dad for the first time. When he saw me, he seemed a bit down though he hid it well. While he was talking to me, he sounded a bit disappointed and like he was missing something. I've never been able to get the feeling like I was missing something too after that. Something big in my life. When I met you, I felt like the hole where I was missing something was beginning to fill and rebuild itself. I'm sure it was the same with Dad when he saw you. Plus when you look at the differences between us, they're not very big. Only the extra hair colors and wings. If it weren't for that, we would be twins."

"So you really think it's possible?" Jayla asked. It shocked her how all of his reasoning seemed to fit. "I mean, after Jeb told me my parents identity, I felt something missing too. I just pushed it off as nothing as the memory clips seemed to give me hints. Though I never really knew what the hints were for or why."

"I think it's possible, Jayla. After what Dad said to you, what we've both felt, how Dad reacted when he saw me, our almost exact physical looks, and your memories, I wouldn't really have a doubt that we're twins. It just adds up to say we are," Yusei responded.

Jayla gave a sigh. Mostly relief but some was breath she didn't realize she was holding from the shock of finding her long lost twin brother. "You're right. What should we do about the others? Should we tell them tomorrow? Or what?" she asked.

Yusei looked down to think about this. This was a hard decision. "I think we should wait a week or two. Let them get to know you and Josh before we let them know we found out we're siblings. It will be a bit of a shock to them and if they don't know you well enough, it might make them worry and think twice about trusting you," he concluded.

Jayla nodded understandingly. "I get it and you're probably right. I just feel like the secret will weaken my chance of them trusting me. At least Josh doesn't know. Then they can trust him if something goes wrong," she agreed.

"Well we all need sleep. Especially you, Jayla. You've had a rough day and I think you could use the rest. You also need that wing to heal and it will heal faster with sleep," Yusei said.

"You're right," she said.

They were about to head in when Jayla decided to say one thing to Yusei. "Yusei," He looked at her, "I've got this feeling that something bad is going to happen soon. To all of us. That includes you. So be careful for a while. Until whatever is going on blows over."

He nodded in agreement. "Thanks for the warning. I will. So, don't worry."

"Okay," she said and they went their separate ways to bed.

"Everything okay, Jayla?" Josh asked as she walked to the couch.

"Yeah, everything's okay. Just needed to talk to him about something," she said.

"What about?" he pushed.

"I just had a feeling I wanted to warn him about," she half-lied.

He gave her a skeptical look though it was hard to see in the dark. But he didn't push further. "Okay. Let's just get some sleep now," Josh said.

Jayla nodded. Josh lied down against the back of the couch while Jayla leaned up against him. With that they slowly drifted to sleep.

Yusei entered his room that he shared with Jack and Crow. "Did Jayla need to talk to you about something?" Crow asked.

"Yeah, just this gut feeling she had," Yusei half-lied. He hated lying to his friends. Even the slightest bit but he had to do it for the time being.

He got down on his bed after taking his gloves, boots, and jacket off. "What gut feeling?" Jack asked.

"She feels like something bad is going to happen to all of us. She wanted us to be careful until whatever this is blows over," he answered.

"Does she know what this thing that she's feeling is?" Jack asked.

"Not that I know of. She didn't say but she didn't seem like she knew either," Yusei responded.

"Huh, well great. Another possible threat we have to take care of," Crow sarcastically. "We saw this light in the window, Yusei. It seemed like the same light that Jayla used to show us her memories. Did she show you her memories or something?" Crow asked to change the topic.

"Yeah, just so I could get to know her better. I wanted to see if I could trust her," he lied.

"Well, I guess I understand that. You never know who to trust with these scientists and mutants," Jack said. "What's your verdict, Yusei?"

"She can be trusted. That I'm certain about now. I don't know anything about Josh yet. So that's still unclear," Yusei answered.

"So we have one trustful mutant and we have an undecided mutant. Well, we'll have to learn more in the morning. Night," Crow said rolling onto his side.

Jack didn't say anything but just rolled onto his side. Yusei lied on his back. He couldn't believe he had a sister and she was tortured like that. He wasn't going to let her go back. Not while he was alive. He would make sure of that.

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