The Girl With Wings

Chapter 14


Chapter 14

Third Person POV

"We have located Subject 5903 and Subject 5964. They are with Yusei Fudo and Subject 5903 is healing much faster than we anticipated," Riley told his colleague, Vector.

"Really? Should we move forward with the original plan or take them while they are down?" Vector asked.

"I believe we should move forward with the plan but make it three days sooner. So in three days we'll put our plan into motion. I want to see how she acts when her brother is captured," Riley answered.

"Agreed. What shall we do with him if we can get him here?" Vector asked.

"What do you believe we should do?" Riley asked.

"Maybe we should make him really like his twin sister," Vector suggested.

"Yes, but only if she doesn't give herself up. If she does, we might as well be kind and let him go. He is not the one we are really after and we don't need another human avian. Eight in total have already escaped the School's clutches," Riley said.

"I agree. This will be a last resort for the plan," Vector said.

They gave a small, twisted laugh before heading back to work.

Third Person POV

Jayla whimpered uncontrollably in her sleep. Her nightmare tore her apart.

Jayla's POV

I flew as fast as I could through an unending forest. I heard the sound of Flyboys chasing me with their howls. I saw a light as a clearing came into view.

I flew as hard as I could, cold sweat dripping down my face. When I entered the clearing, I found it wasn't a clearing. It was a pitch black space with no exit. From a far there was a cage with a light shining on it in my direction. The figure inside looked like a shadow because of it. But a shadow I recognized easily.

I heard a howl and saw the Flyboys coming closer. "Yusei!" I exclaimed.

He looked at me and that's when I saw something. Wings were attached to his back. His face looked beaten down and lost its confident look.

I hurried over and opened the cage. He looked at me with a confused face. But then his caring eyes turned black and empty with a fearful glare.

"Yusei is dead. The School will control him now!" His voice was dark and his cackle sent shivers up my spine. "Goodbye, pathetic experiment."

He started to be pulled away into the darkness. "No!" I exclaimed.

I bolted in a sit up position and heard myself yelling "no" as I woke up. Josh woke up immediately and Yusei was up.

"Are you okay?" Yusei asked.

I was silent. The shock and fear in that dream lingered in my mind and it felt real. "Jayla?" Josh called softly.

I was staring down at nothing. My hand was in fist over my heart. I heard Yusei come down from the top of the stairs. He placed a hand on my shoulder comfortingly. "Jayla, are you okay?" Yusei asked caringly.

I numbly shook my head. The nightmare didn't leave my mind. I couldn't push it away. I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to sleep after that.

"It was just a nightmare. Don't worry, we won't let anything happen to you," Yusei said. Josh nodded.

"It's not me I'm worried about anymore," I said vaguely and quietly.

I noticed Yusei look at Josh who shrugged. "What are talking about?" Josh asked.

"I'm more worried about all of you. Especially Yusei," I muttered the last part.

Yusei seemed to catch it and so did Josh. "What happened in that nightmare that changed you like that?" Josh asked.

"I'm… I saw… I saw… I was being chased by Flyboys when I thought I saw a clearing. When I went through it, I found myself in near darkness. There was a cage in front of me and a light shining at it so the figure inside was a shadow. But I knew the shadow," I stopped for a second. "It was you, Yusei. But you had wings and that wasn't all. When I opened the cage, your eyes became black and empty with a glare. You said the scariest things and then it was like you were being pulled away. I was so terrified and I… I…"

I felt Yusei hug me followed by Josh putting a hand on my upper arm and rubbing it. "Don't worry. It was just a nightmare. That won't happen, I promise," Yusei reassured.

I sighed. "You need to get to sleep. We all do," Josh said.

Yusei nodded in agreement. I shivered in fear. I wasn't sure I could sleep again after that dream. "Jayla," Yusei said. I looked at him. "Everything will be fine. The School won't hurt any of us. Not again."

I had a gut feeling he was wrong. The School's little to no activity had me worried and I didn't want to think of what was going to happen. Something just didn't feel right.

I nodded again but the worry still filled my entire being. Yusei gave another hug to comfort me before standing up from his crouch. He looked at Josh who nodded and lied back down on the couch. He gently got me to lay down next to him and pulled me in tight.

Yusei nodded at Josh and looked at me and my frightened body. "It'll be okay, Jayla. If you need anything, come get me," he reassured me.

"And I'm right here too. We'll keep each other safe and protect each other," Josh added.

I nodded. Though I was still frightened, their words calmed me down. "Goodnight, guys. See you in the morning," Yusei said.

"Good… night," I said weakly.

He gave me a small, caring smile but it had a hint of sympathy. He went upstairs and into his room. Josh held me closed and rubbed his hand up and down my arm relaxingly. I tucked my head into his chest.

We stayed like that for a long time before I eventually found my way back to sleep.

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