The Girl With Wings

Chapter 17


Chapter 17

Third Person POV

Jack and Crow were in a deep sleep. Yusei, however, was barely asleep. His body was asleep but his mind was active and awake. Thoughts swirled around his head. He barely even heard the window open further. He did hear it though.

He sat up and just as he was about to look around the room, a cloth came to his face. Once again he mind was active though his body was out.

"Jayla!" he called mentally.

In the other room, Jayla sat up. 'Yusei?' she got up and bolted up the stairs.

With expert silence she opened the door. She saw an Eraser going out of the window with a half knocked out Yusei on his back. The Eraser dropped out the window. She ran down the stairs.

She couldn't let them know she was coming by her yelling so she yelled at Josh, Crow, and Jack mentally. "Crow! Jack! Josh!" she called as she burst through the door.

They bolted up as they heard the door slam shut. "Jayla, what is it?" Josh asked.

"Listen, you guys need to hurry and catch up to me with Akiza, Leo, and Luna," she responded.

"What's going on, Jayla? Where are you?" Crow asked.

"That feeling I was having. It's becoming reality. If you haven't noticed already, Yusei is gone. I heard him yell mentally and when I got up to your room, an Eraser was carrying him out the window. I'm a few yards behind the Eraser but you guys need to hurry," she explained.

She growled. 'I'm not going to get them at this speed. C'mon wings. Time to work,' she thought.

She then hurriedly took to the air. It was a bit clumsy at first because she hadn't flown in over a week but it eventually went back to normal and at full strength. She sped through the air. "Listen, you mutant freak! You aren't taking him!" she yelled at the Eraser.

He reached a hidden car and shoved Yusei into it. He was beginning to wake up again and was struggling against the Eraser but the Eraser's strength was stronger than his. Just like her own strength.

The car took off. She followed it through the streets and through the trees as they entered a forest. They reached a clearing when the car skidded to a halt. Another car with a cage in its trunk sat there. In front of it was Riley, Jayla's scientist that she hated.

"Well, well, why it's Subject 5903," he growled. The Eraser yanked Yusei out of the car and brought him next to Riley. He pointed a gun to Yusei's temple. "Now, Subject 5903, you have two options. One, come back to School and never try leave again. Or, we could take Yusei there in your place. We could see what we could do to such a strong person like him."

Jayla's eyes widened in fear. She didn't want to go back but she couldn't allow Yusei to. Her nightmare could come true if she did. "If I go again and I never attempt to leave, will Yusei and the others be free for good? You will never bother them again?" she asked.

"Of course. What's your decision?" Riley asked.

Jayla was about to answer when the sound of duel runners and wings were heard. "She chooses neither," Josh said.

"If she doesn't choose for herself, we get to choose, Subject 5964," Riley growled.

Jayla looked down. There wasn't much of an option for her. "Jayla, don't!" Yusei exclaimed.

She looked at him with sorrowful eyes. "I'm sorry, Yusei. But I have to keep you safe. Even if it means me staying in that place forever," Jayla said.

"Jayla, no!" Leo and Luna exclaimed running up and clutching onto her arms.

She looked down at them. "I'm sorry guys. This all started with me and I'm going to end it," she said. Turning to the group she said, "Do come and try to save me because I won't come with you. I've put you all in enough danger."

She yanked her arms free and walked forward. The Eraser let go of Yusei and shoved him away.

Riley held out his hand. Jayla looked back once more before turning away and allowing Riley to grab her wrist. Yusei glared and something clicked in his mind. Some of his forgotten childhood memories returned to him. But not any memories, ones with his sister.

Everyone's marks glowed bright and the Crimson Dragon came out of nowhere. "Anyone want to tell me why the Crimson Dragon is here?" Akiza asked.

The Crimson Dragon roared and flew forward. It knocked away Riley and a couple Erasers while grabbed Jayla. That's when everyone noticed her wings. They were glowing white with the red tips glowing bright red.

She looked at the Crimson Dragon. "What's going on? Why are my wings glowing? What are you?" she sent the thoughts to the dragon. She didn't think she would receive a response but it shocked her.

"I am the Crimson Dragon. You're bird DNA is not of a bird but of the fifth Signer dragon. Thus your being is a part of me just like how the Signers and their dragons are a part of me. So whenever you are in my presence or the other Signers marks are glowing, like all of the Signers, your mark will glow. But your wings are your mark," it explained. It had a soothing, motherly voice.

"But how can I have a dragon's DNA in me? I've only seen the dragons that they use as holograms unless… unless they're a psychic duelist. Wait, was there a psychic scientist? One that made the dragon real so the DNA could be put into me?" Jayla asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. But it is fate that led you to this day and it is fate that will allow you to face the coming dangers," the Crimson Dragon said.

Jayla looked down. She noticed the faces of her friends. "So I'm like my brother and his friends? A Signer? That's what you called them right?" Jayla asked. "And how do my wings look more like a bird's with feathers and stuff? Should they look more like a dragon?"

"You are a Signer but a different type of Signer. The dragon's DNA that you were given knew the surroundings you were given and to make you seem more like the other experiments, it changed to look like a bird's wings. Now, you must be careful. Your brother, friends, and I will try to protect you but the School will not let you go so easily." She began her descent. "Be on guard at all times. Be ready for anything. You and Josh are needed in this world. Josh may not be a part of me like you, but he has the heart of a Signer. You are both gifted and special." She landed and Jayla hopped off. She looked up at the Crimson Dragon. "You are important in this world. Remember that."

With that the Crimson Dragon roared and disappeared. Before, Jayla could turn around something new clicked in her mind. Memories from her childhood that she had forgotten or didn't know about were suddenly remembered. And they were going to stay. They all had her brother in it.

She turned to them and the Signers' marks' glow disappeared along followed by Jayla's wings. They looked at her. "I can't believe you were willing to stay there forever so that Yusei and all of us would be safe," Crow said.

"It's the least I could do. You've all been so kind and understanding. I wouldn't want friends as good as you to be in trouble and risk you guys suffering. But now all of us will have to watch our backs," she responded.

"We're all ready to do that. You're practically family and we can't lose family without suffering," Akiza said.

"I'm sorry but…" Jayla was cut off by Luna and Leo's hug.

"Just don't do that again," Luna said.

"I can't make that promise but I'll try," she said.

Jayla lowered herself and returned the hug. She had never been around kids like this before so it shocked her a bit about how good she was with these kids. "C'mon, we need to get back home," Akiza said.

"Can Jayla stay with us?" Luna asked.

"Yeah, we don't have anyone to protect us anyways. Just an alarm system," Leo agreed.

"Are you guys okay with that?" Jayla asked.

"Why not? They really should have somebody to watch them anyways," Crow said.

The others nodded and Jayla looked at Yusei. He nodded as well. "Okay guys. I'll stay with you," Jayla agreed.

"Yay!" Luna exclaimed.

"Awesome!" Leo said at the same time as Luna. Jayla grinned. "Can we fly there, Jayla?" Leo asked.

"After what happened last time with the Flyboys?" she asked.

"Yeah," Leo asked.

"Fine, but we need to be extra careful. I don't want to run into any Flyboys tonight and I'm certainly not going to fight with you two," Jayla agreed. Leo threw his fist up into the air. "We should all get going. See you guys tomorrow."

Remembering what to do, Leo and Luna took off with Jayla. They showed her their home at the Tops and showed her around. She helped them get to bed and went to bed herself. When she fell asleep, she was greeted with nightmares.

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