The Girl With Wings

Chapter 18


Chapter 18

Yusei's POV

The next morning, I was still shocked from last night. I couldn't believe Jayla would sacrifice herself for me and my friends. Plus my memories of her had returned. I guess that tested our bond but I couldn't help but wonder if there were more memories to be unlocked.

It was coming to noon and Leo, Luna, and Jayla came through the door. The twins look pretty well rested even after last night but Jayla looked like she didn't sleep at all.

"Hey guys. Jayla are you okay? You look exhausted," I asked.

"Just nightmares after nightmares didn't get any sleep. So, where are Jack and Crow?" she asked.

"Crow went off to deliver some food. As it is his job. Jack went over to the café," I answered.

"Okay. I didn't realize Crow had a job," she said.

"Yeah, he and I have a job. Jack can't land one as he really hasn't had to work for himself since he came to New Domino City from the Satellite. But me and Crow have it under control," I explained.

"Huh," Jayla said.

Knowing she would hear me, I mentally said, "Jayla, we need to talk."

She nodded. "Leo, Luna, stay here. Yusei and I need to have a little talk outside," Jayla told the twins.

"Okay," they agreed.

Jayla and I walked outside. "What did you need to talk about?" she asked me.

"Why would you give yourself up like that?" Yusei asked.

"Because, though we may recently found out, you're my brother. And I need to protect my brother, and his friends. Besides they're my friends too. All this trouble started when I escaped and you found me, and I felt like it would all end if I left. I don't want to cause you guys any more trouble," Jayla said and gave a long, deep, sad sigh. "So last night I made up my mind. I'm leaving. Getting as far away as possible. This way if they come for me, they won't be coming here."

"Jayla, you are not leaving," I said sternly.

"Listen, Yusei, I wish it could be different. But this is the only way I can keep all of you safe. If I leave, they won't have any reason to come back here and hurt you," she said stubbornly.

"Jayla, you're my sister. I have to protect you just as much. How can I do that if you run off and I can't come?" I asked her.

"You can't. I'm not going to get you hurt or risk you getting hurt like last night. Today is my last day here. After that I'm gone for good," Jayla said.

"Jayla, I need you here. We all need you here. We can all protect ourselves and you. I won't allow them to take you, our friends, or me," I said returning her own stubbornness.

"Like last night?" she asked and I stayed silent. "Yusei, I can't let them hurt you. If they came for you, they might come for Luna or Leo. Akiza, Crow, or Jack. I can't let that happen. So I have to leave, drive them away from here."

"And what's to say they won't still try to take us to get you back here?" I asked her. It was her time to stay silent. "Jayla, we all appreciate your concern and worry. But we'll be worried every minute of every day thinking if you were alright. That'll make us suffer inside. Do you really want that?"

"N-no. But I…" she stopped. She knew I was right and that what I was saying was true. "I…"

"You'll be able to protect us better if you stay with us and we can protect you and Josh better," I said calmly and caringly. She gave a defeated sigh. "Jayla, we need you here. With us." She looked at me. Her eyes had forming tears and she had a sad and worried expression.

"But what can I do if they point a gun to your head like they did with you?" she asked me. "Nothing. If I did anything reckless you would be dead or shipped to the School."

"Jayla, if you left and they came after us you truly wouldn't be able to do a thing. Neither of us can risk losing you. Do you understand what I'm saying?" I asked.

She nodded. "I do, it's just…" I cut her off, "Then stay with us. You can protect us easier and we can protect you."

"But…" she sighed again. "Fine. But if something happens that makes me think twice, I'm leaving. No warning about it."

I sighed. I couldn't fully change her mind, could I? "Is there anything else we need to talk about?" she asked me. She obviously wanted to change the subject.

"Two things. Both from last night. One, did you get any sudden memories?" I asked.

"Yeah, after the Crimson Dragon left. All of them were memories when I was a child and you were in them. Did you have any sudden memories too?" she replied.

"Yeah. One of which I don't understand. I thought you didn't escape until the day we found you," I said.

"I thought I didn't. I don't remember that day at all," I said.

"So you had the same memory?" I asked her.

She nodded. "Yeah. Apparently I escaped when I was like five and was able to get to the Satellite. Then I met you before those Erasers grabbed me. Now that I think of it, I remember being thrown into a room with a table that I was locked down to. After that I don't remember much other than more torturous tests," she said.

"I guess they really didn't want you to remember that you met me. But why would they leave you with the memory of Jeb telling you about our parents?" I asked.

She looked down in thought. "After that day, I acted like I didn't remember anything. Especially after the memory clips began. I believed if I forgot the encounter completely, the memory clips would stop," she explained. "What other memories did you get?"

"Mostly about Dad and you together by me and my mom. The few days of happiness we had with them before Zero Reverse," I answered. "You?"

"Same. But I get this feeling we have more memories to claim," she answered. "So you said you had two things. What was the other one?"

"When the Crimson Dragon appeared, your wings were glowing and you seemed like you were talking to it. Do you know why?" I asked.

"I was able to talk to it mentally as I usually do. I just tried but I didn't really expect an answer. So I was a bit surprised when I got one. The wings are a bit different though. I asked the Crimson Dragon about them. She said the DNA I was given wasn't avian like I thought," she said vaguely.

"What was the DNA then?" I asked.

"According to her, they had a psychic scientist with them. And they had the original fifth Signer dragon. So they used the psychic's ability and took the dragon's DNA," she stopped.

"And they put it in you?" I asked. She nodded. "Then why do they look more like a bird's wing?"

"I actually asked the same question. She explained to me that the DNA somehow knew the surroundings and to make me look like the other experiments, it changed to look like a bird's wings. She told me that because I was fused with the original Signer dragon's DNA I was a part of the Crimson Dragon. Like you and your dragons are. So whenever I'm in her presence or you and the other Signers marks are glowing, like all of you, my mark will glow. But my mark is my wings," Jayla explained.

"So you're a Signer, but a different type," I broke down.

"Yeah. She told meto be careful. You, our friends, and the Crimson Dragon will try to protect me but the School will not let me go easily. She said that we must be on guard at all times. Be ready for anything," she explained further.

"That's some heavy stuff. But she's right about one thing," I said and she looked at me. "Our friend and I will try to protect you. And I wouldn't doubt that the Crimson Dragon will protect you. You are a Signer and connected to her like us."

Jayla sighed. She obviously didn't want us to get hurt trying to protect her. I wanted to reassure her and tell her we won't get hurt. But that would be a lie and I couldn't tell her something like that which wasn't possible to say.

"C'mon. We should get inside. Leo and Luna are probably worried about us. We've been gone for a bit longer than usual," I said.

She nodded and we walked in. I noticed that after that talk her sleep deprivation was practically gone from her eyes. She was wide awake and active again.

Third Person POV

It wasn't long before Jack and Crow came back and was followed by Akiza. When Jack saw Jayla and Yusei he immediately brought up the one subject that Yusei and Jayla forgot about. "So Yusei said you guys agreed to tell us what's been going on once Jayla's wing was back to full strength, which it is, and everyone was here."

Yusei went silent and Jayla gulped as they had forgotten that. At least they remembered the plan. Akiza, Leo, and Luna looked at them. "I have to admit, it's been kind of strange that you two talk every night. At least that's what Jack and Crow told us," Akiza said.

'Maybe my question on their looks will be answered,' Leo thought.

"We've just been discussing things about Dad," Yusei answered vaguely.

"Why would you talk to Jayla about your father?" Crow asked.

"Am I the only one who noticed their looks?" Leo burst out.

They looked at him before turning to the turn of them. The strikingly similar looks hit them hard. "Are you two twins or something?" Akiza asked.

"According to Jeb, my memory clips, and Yusei's dad," Jayla answered.

"How did you talk to Yusei's dad to know that?" Jack asked.

"When I was shot and knocked out, I saw a couple memories before finding myself in a near black space. Only one light could be seen. From that light came a man whose voice I recognized from my memories. It was Dr. Fudo and he told me about how I was his daughter and Yusei was my brother. I thought it was my imagination gone wild," Jayla explained.

"What made you believe it?" Luna asked.

"Something Yusei told me," she answered.

They looked at Yusei. "When I was in the Netherworld after defeating Roman, I saw my Dad. Though he was good at hiding it, he sounded a bit disappointed and like he was missing something. I've never been able to get the feeling like I was missing something too after that. When I met Jayla, I felt like the hole where I was missing something was beginning to fill and rebuild itself. I'm sure it was the same with Dad when he saw her. Plus it would also explain the protective feelings I've been having around Jayla," he explained.

"That does make since," Akiza said.

"How long have you two known about this?" Jack asked. He sounded a bit mad.

"About a week and a half," Jayla answered calmly.

"Did you tell Yusei to hide all this from us? You did, didn't you?" Jack asked angry.

"I told her to Jack. I wanted you to trust her before we broke the news. She agreed it was the best plan of action for the time," Yusei stepped in.

"Did Josh know about this?" Jack asked.

"Not immediately no. He found out on his own. We wanted to tell you all together," Jayla asked. She was calm and not letting Jack get to her.

Jack growled. "Unbelievable. We're your friends, Yusei. How can you know for sure that she's telling the truth? That she didn't put those feelings into you?"

"Because I've had those feelings even before I met Jayla," Yusei responded.

"Jack, calm down," Akiza said. "They aren't lying, I can tell."

"I admit, it's a bit weird to learn about this but hey, you're telling the truth. We can't say it's a lie when it's right in front of us," Crow said. Leo and Luna nodded in agreement.

"I'm going out. Clear my head," Jack said riding out on his duel runner.

Akiza shook his head. "Don't worry, Jayla. He'll get over it eventually and come to reality. I actually think it's pretty cool," Akiza said.

"Really?" Jayla asked shocked. She relaxed instantly when Akiza nodded. "That's good to know."

"This is awesome!" Leo exclaimed.

"Totally!" Luna agreed. Crow nodded with a grin.

Jayla gave a small smile with relief clear in her face.

The rest of the day was spent talking about random things. When it was time for the twins to head home, they wouldn't let Jayla stay at the garage. So she ended up going back to the Tops and their apartment.

When they arrived, they ate a small snack before Jayla put the twins to bed. She waited for them to fall asleep and then went to bed herself. But she couldn't help but feel a danger coming. A danger she didn't want to face.

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