The Girl With Wings

Chapter 19


Chapter 19

Jayla's POV

My eyes popped open and I scanned the dark room. The only light coming from the moon. 'I could've sworn I heard some shuffling,' I thought. I then noticed the cracked open door. 'Didn't I close that?'

I silently got up from my bed and opened the door wider. I looked down both end of the hallways but saw nothing. I was going to push it off as nothing but then heard noises coming from the living room.

I crept down the hallway. When I found the living room, there was no one there. I decided to go check on the twins and make sure they were alright. But as soon as I turned, a black cloaked man appeared. His face hidden by a hood.

Before I could even flinch, the man gripped my neck and hung me in the air. I struggled and my voice was cut off. I couldn't yell, I couldn't scream, I couldn't muster a sound. He pressed a cloth to my face and everything went black.

Third Person POV

Yusei, Jack, and Crow were working on the engines and Josh was waiting for Jayla and the twins to walk through the door. It worried him that they hadn't shown up yet.

Suddenly Yusei's video com went off. Everyone gathered around it and noticed it was coming from Leo and Luna's place. Yusei answered and everyone was shocked to see Luna looking at them with worried eyes. Leo was running around the house looking everywhere he could.

"What's wrong, Luna?" Yusei asked.

"It's Jayla! She's gone!" Luna exclaimed.

"What do you mean 'gone'?" Jack asked.

"She means like disappeared," Leo chimed in.

"Did she go for a morning flight?" Josh asked.

"We thought of that but we went to check to security footage and found this," Luna stopped sending over a copy.

It had four different views. One from the bedroom hallway, one from the kitchen, one in the living room, and one showing the front door. The clock was set at one in the morning for every camera.

"What's happening at one o'clock?" Crow asked.

"Just watch!" Leo exclaimed.

They noticed how in the bedroom hallway, Jayla was looking around. "She obviously heard something but you're about to see what," Luna informed.

They passed by a few minutes noticing how she was carefully walking through the hallway. When she entered the empty living room, she turned around and then it happened. A guy in a cloak appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Jayla. He held a cloth to her face and she went limp. He shoved her in a bag and carried her out the door.

Everyone in both room were looking in horror. "Please don't tell me that was one of the School's Spy Grabbers," Josh muttered.

"What are 'Spy Grabbers'?" Crow asked.

"They are only used when an experiment stays in one place and is hard to catch. They are stealthier than any experiment and the School has full control over them. In other words, Jayla was just brought back to the School," Josh said.

"Again?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Can't they just leave her alone?" Crow asked.

"Obviously not. If they came to get her, they'll come to get Josh too," Yusei said.

"We have to save her again!" Leo exclaimed.

"But how, Leo?" Luna asked. "They'll be expecting us."

"Well, we have to try," Leo said.

They continued talking and Leo and Luna eventually decided to come over there. Akiza soon came over after hearing the news. Everyone hoping that Jayla was okay.

Jayla was lying on a metal table. "What're you doing now?" she asked.

"We are simply going to ensure you cannot escape again," Riley said. She looked at him fearfully as he pulled out a rod.

A gas masked was placed over her face and everything went black.

She slowly woke up back in a metal dog crate. She gritted her teeth and hot, burning pain erupted from her left forearm. She looked at her. Right next to where the blood veins were, was a barely seeable rod than gave a faint pulse. 'It has electricity in it,' she thought worried. A tear dripped down her face. 'I can never leave again.'

"Oh, Subject 5903. I'm glad to see you're finally up. Have you noticed the rod?" the white coat, Vector, asked. She numbly nodded. "Good to know. And you should know that if you ever try to escape again, I have a remote control with a button that will unleash electricity sizzling through your body. So don't worry about that."

"Vector!" came another white coat voice.

"Yes, Riley?" said the white coat in front of Jayla.

"We have some… guests. I suggest we leave the subject and wait for her friends to find out what we did to it. It will feel the pain if it tries to escape," Riley suggested.

Vector nodded before turning to Jayla. "Looks like you don't have to do tests for now. Just remember the warning," he said before leaving with his horrible friend.

'Are they… here? I have to try to contact Yusei or any of them. See if they're here,' Jayla thought. She started with Yusei, "Yusei! Yusei are you at the School?"

"Jayla! Are you alright?" Yusei asked mentally.

"Are you at the School?" she repeated.

"Yeah. Running through the halls now," Yusei said.

"Turn back!" Jayla exclaimed.

"No, we're saving you," Yusei retorted.

"I can't be saved! I can't escape! Get out while you still can!" she retorted.

"There she is," Josh whispered coming into view.

He picked the lock and yanked her out. Jayla tried to fight but he wouldn't let her. When they came to the door, she ripped her arm free.

"Jayla, come on! Don't you want to escape?" Josh asked.

"I do but…" she was cut off by Josh yanking her out.

As soon as she was out, she cried in pain and the rod electrocuted every bit of her body. The others could see the electricity pulsing through her. She fell to the ground. "Jayla!" Yusei exclaimed.

They noticed the electric rod pulsing underneath the skin in her forearm. "What the…?" Crow started.

"What is that?" Jack asked.

Jayla tried to stand back up but the item in her arm fired electricity back through her body making her collapse again.

Footsteps were heard in the background and the two white coats, one from before and one they hadn't seen yet came forth.

"It is very persistent with electrocution," the one from before said. "Wouldn't you agree, Vector?"

"Yes, Riley. Very persistent indeed. It may do better with the other experiments. Since it can no longer escape, the shock and drop tests shouldn't be a test for it. Now would it?" the other white coat, Vector, responded.

"I am very shocked at how well Subject 5903 did in the other tests. May a small dissection would be in order," Riley said.

"Of what would you propose?" Vector asked.

"Hmmm, maybe skin. Or even a section of its brain. I'm sure there are lots of possible uses that reside within the brain cells," Riley suggested.

Yusei tensed as well as the rest of the group hearing this. Riley turned to the group. "Now, we'll be taking the subject back to its cage. It needs to heal a bit before we can perform some more tests," he said.

"You're not taking her for your cruel tests," Yusei said.

"We know your familial bond to the subject, Yusei Fudo. But you should also know that you are no the rightful guardian," Vector said. "Therefor have no right to say so."

"You're not her rightful guardian either," Jack said.

"Yeah, plus don't you know how wrong it is to do this on people? How would you feel if somebody did this stuff to you?" Crow asked.

"But they didn't. And we're only doing it for a matter of science. You should know all about that, Yusei," Riley said. "After all, your father was a scientist."

"Yeah, but his work didn't involve purposely hurting people," Yusei retorted.

"Even if you were able to take Subject 5903 back, that rod in her arm has been placed in an area where her nerves surround it. If you try to remove it and it isn't properly done, she could lose the use of her hand or worse," Vector informed.

Jack and Crow growled. "Why would anyone hurt people and not be bothered by it? Do you feel any sadness for hurting children who didn't want this in the first place?" Crow asked.

"They were made to face the tests we give them. They were made to give us data and nothing more. We made them who they are. They should be grateful that we made them special," Riley said with a grin.

"But you give them so much pain and misery. Being special is something small that doesn't matter to them in a world you give them. Why can't you just allow them the freedom every person is meant to have. They are people," Yusei returned.

"We have spent too much time talking with these people. It is time we take it to its cage," Vector whispered.

Riley nodded. "We must take it back where it belongs," he said to the group.

Josh looked over and noticed the remote control in Riley's pocket. Before anyone knew what he was doing he swiped the remote control out of the pocket.

"He took the remote!" Riley exclaimed.

"Yep and the remote will now be destroyed," Josh said breaking it in half and crushing the two halves in his hand.

Vector growled. "The rod's useless! How could you let him get it?" he asked his fellow white coat.

"It is not over yet," Riley said and pressed a com button at his ear. "Send in the psychic and make sure he brings his deck."

"The what?" Jack asked.

"Did he say 'psychic'?" Crow asked.

"We need to get out of here," Akiza said.

Yusei picked up Jayla while the entire group summoned their dragons. They boarded the dragons and took off. That's when fireballs flew passed the group. "He's got the Hinotama card!" Akiza exclaimed.

"Yeah which means we gotta get out of range fast," Jack said.

Their dragons heard this and felt Jayla's DNA. They hadn't noticed it before. So they had a conversation of their own while they flew faster. The girl had to be protected.

"Do you feel her power?" Red Dragon Archfiend asked his fellow dragons.

"Yes. She has the original Signer Dragon's power," Ancient Fairy Dragon said.

"From what I've heard her tell my master Yusei, her DNA was spliced at that place. She originally thought it was avian DNA from the looks but the Crimson Dragon told her it was of the Signer Dragon's DNA," Stardust informed.

"Interesting. She has the fiery spirit we all remember from our friend before he was sent off. If I remember correctly, he ended up with the Roman guy before he turned into a Dark Signer. Is there a possibility he gave the DNA to that place?" Black Rose Dragon asked.

"It is possible. But why would he do such a thing?" Blackwing Dragon asked the group.

"There is no way of knowing. But if she does have the DNA within her, she also is very powerful for a human. She could save the other experiments from that place if she can find and control her powers and should there be an opportunity," Stardust Dragon said.

"Indeed. We must protect her as our masters will protect her," Red Dragon Archfiend agreed.

"She will soon find the ability to be like my master Luna. She will find a connection to the Spirit World. I can sense her ability is already growing in her mind and spirit," Ancient Fairy Dragon informed.

"So then she will be able to see and speak to us. That is good. We can warn her if any danger is near before it arrives," Black Rose Dragon responded.

"Agreed. But we must be careful when speaking to her for the first time. She may be frightened," Stardust Dragon said.

"Yes, that is true. When her mind and spirit is fully connected to the Spirit World, I will bring her temporarily to the world. Explain it to her without the others knowing," Ancient Fairy Dragon purposed.

"Yes, agreed," Stardust Dragon said and the others followed.

"Luna may not hear us now but we should try to be as subtle as possible until we can inform Jayla of her ability," Ancient Fairy Dragon said. "She may be listening to us soon."

The dragons gave a barely noticeable nod to each other before returning back to reaching home.

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