The Girl With Wings

Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Jayla's POV

I could smell a new environment around me. It wasn't outside but it wasn't full of anesthetics and other horrifying supplies. My instincts told me to wake up and observe for a way out.

As I felt my body begin to wake up, I could begin to feel the pain in my arm and leg. It wasn't serious so I knew I was healing at my rather quick speed. Even for the other bird kids, I was the fastest healer. I've heard about the other six escapees from America. I believe Fang was his name and they said he was the quickest healer before me. Whatever. I cringed as my eyes opened and the light flooded my eyes.

As my eyes adjusted, I looked around. I was in some sort of garage… or that's what I thought it was called. Hey, seventeen years in a science prison doesn't exactly let you see the outside world to know what everything is.

I heard some shuffling and looked to my right as my left was blocked by the side of some long chair.

There were three boys, all looking about my age, in the room working on what looked like to be bikes with motors. I sat up and swung my legs over the side. I shook my head clearing the last bit of sleep from my mind. My cobalt blue eyes flicked around as I looked around for any escape routes and saw two. One with a window that was broken, 'Probably from when I crashed through it,' I thought, and the other was a door. I sighed. 'Two exits, great,' I thought sarcastically. 'But it's better than little to no exits at the School.'

One of the boys looked at me. He had black hair with yellow streaks. He had a black tank top with red designs, black pants, and brown boots. He had a yellow mark down his side. It consisted of a weird line of different angles down his face next to a triangle. He had a mark of what looked like to be a dragon's head on his right forearm. This was followed by the two other boys.

One had spiked orange hair with a black hairband with two rings pierced through it. He had an orange shirt, brown vest, tan fingerless gloves, black-green pants, and brown boots. He had three yellow marks on his face. Two on his cheek that mirrored each other with a line topped with a right triangle. The other one was on his forehead and it was shaped like an "M". The gloves hid something under his arm, I knew they did. But the thing was I didn't know what.

The last one had blonde hair. He had a white jacket on that clipped together so I couldn't see his shirt, black pants, white boots, and earrings shaped as A's. I knew his sleeve was hiding something under it. But, once again, I didn't know what and it really irked me.

"Hey, are you alright?" the black haired boy asked.

I gave him a serious look as I studied him for any trouble. I wouldn't tell him a thing if he seemed like trouble.

I kept quiet so the orange haired boy stepped up. "We saw you crash through the window and we got the bandages on ya. We knew we shouldn't take you to the hospital, heh, I don't know what would happen if we did. We just want to know if you're okay. Can't you tell us?" he asked.

After he said that, I felt like I could trust them. I looked at the black haired boy again and felt like I knew him… from somewhere. But where?

"I'm fine. I've been through much worse," I answered.

I got up and moved to the door. "Listen, you shouldn't go out there yet. You're still hurt," the black haired boy said. "Who are you anyway?"

I sighed and looked at him. "My name is Jayla," I answered.

"Do you have a last name?" the blonde asked.

"Before I answer that, can I know your names?" I asked.

"My name's Crow Hogan," the orange haired boy introduced.

"Name's Jack Atlas," the blonde said.

"My name's Yusei Fudo," the black haired boy said.

"Fudo?" I asked. 'That's my real last name. But how could he have the same?' I thought. I turned around to face him.

"Yeah, why do you seem so shocked?" he asked.

"I have two last names. One I originally gave myself and one I found out from the horrid people who 'took care' of me," I answered. I was sure to put quotes around "took care" because it was pretty much a lie.

"What are they?" Jack asked.

"The one I gave myself, I gave when I was four. I named myself Jayla Sito. My real last name, I'm not even sure if it is or they were just trying to mess with me. Heh, I'm surprised I might've gotten my first name right. When I was five or six, I heard them call me Jayla… Fudo. I have always just thought it was a trick. But when they said it, something kick started in my mind. I had flash memories from when I was a baby," I informed. "How old are you, Yusei?"

"Seventeen," he answered. "Where have you been where you could call people horrid?"

"A place where I can never go back. I opened my wings their full fourteen foot wingspan. They did this to me. They put me and thousands of experiments like me in cruel, torturous tests. I will never go back. That place is where death comes as a blessing. That's why I have to keep moving," I said. "Stay in one place too long as the Erasers will surely track me down."

"How long have you been there?" Crow asked.

"A long, horrible seventeen years," I answered.

My eyes widen as a sudden memory flashed through my head. A baby, me, was lying next to another baby that looked a bit like Yusei in a capsule. We sat on the shore of some island when three people in lab coats came up and grabbed me. As they walked off the other baby cried louder.

I shook my head. "Yusei, do you know if you were an orphan? And if you were left in a capsule?"

He looked at me with a shocked expression. "My foster parent Martha found me in a capsule as a baby. She said there was room for one more but it was empty and didn't think anything of it. Why?" he asked.

"Like, I said when they said my possibly real last name something kick-started my brain. At weird moments, I have these flashes of memories from when I was a baby. Just had one now to be precise. I was in a capsule next to another baby. Three people came up and grabbed me. As I left crying in their arms, I heard the other baby crying louder. I'm surprised they just took me and left that baby alone," I explained.

"I don't get it," Crow said.

I rolled my eyes. 'Might as well try that new ability I found. Showing people memories I have. It may help them more,' I thought. "You guys, I'm going to try something. Look straight into my eyes. Got it?" I said.

They looked confused but looked at me directly into my eyes. My eyes began to glow as they did and I brought them into the trance as I showed them my memory.

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