The Girl With Wings

Chapter 20


Chapter 20

Third Person POV

The entire ride everyone looked at Jayla worried. Thankfully, Josh destroyed the remote to her rod but she really seemed to take a beating from the rod itself. Yusei was extremely worried. Even when they arrived back she wouldn't wake up. It was like her mind was in a totally different universe.

"I can't believe all that stuff they said," Crow said to break the uneasy silence.

"I know. Every experiment in the cages that saw us looked confused and slightly scared. Like they thought we would hurt them," Akiza said.

"Yeah," Luna agreed. "I wish there was some way to save them. But we're having trouble alone just keeping Jayla out of harm's way. How could we do that with all the other experiments?"

"Don't know, Luna," Josh said.

Jayla's POV

My eyes flickered open. I felt soft grass underneath my fingers and heard the rustling of tree branches swaying in the wind.

I sat up and looked around. I was in a forest with light filtering in through the tree canopy. "Where… Where am I?" I asked. I didn't think anyone would hear me in such an empty place.

"Jayla, you have finally connected," came a voice. It was calm and soothing.

"Who are you?" I asked standing up.

I heard the beating of wings and looked up. A blue serpent like dragon with long arms and hands landed in front of me. It had gold, armor like plated on its chest, shoulders, and forehead. Coming out from underneath the head plating was long teal hair. It had large, luminescent wings that webbed in between the bone.

"I am Ancient Fairy Dragon. The guardian of this place," she answered.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"Your spirit has traveled to the Spirit World. A place where duel monster spirits live in peace and harmony," Ancient Fairy Dragon explained.

"Am I stuck here?" I asked.

"You can go back at any time but we need to talk first," she said.

"About what?" I was getting more questions than answers at this point.

"You have gained a new ability from the power of the DNA within you," Ancient Fairy Dragon said. "You are now connected to the Spirit World and can talk to spirits here and in the human world."

"So I could talk to say Yusei's dragon card?" I asked.

"Yes. The duel monsters cards house the duel monster spirit within them. Yusei's Stardust Dragon is contained within that card. I am contained within Luna's card. All duel monsters within a deck are connected to their card and here. You can talk to them at any time," Ancient Fairy Dragon informed me.

"So, I can talk to spirits now?" I asked. "Wow, talk about an ability."

"Luna has the same ability," the dragon informed.

"She does?" I asked. The dragon nodded. "Wow, that's interesting to know."

"When you return, you must be careful. Do not tell the others of this ability right away. They may not understand how you received it right away," she informed. "But you will eventually be able to tell them. Start with Luna. She will understand more."

I nodded. "Thank you for talking to me, Ancient Fairy Dragon," I said.

"You're welcome, Jayla. Goodbye for now," she responded before a blinding light filled my vision.

Third Person POV

Everyone was worried. She hadn't woken up and it had been two days. What happened to her? Akiza thought. If she doesn't wake up soon, I don't know what we'll do.

Luna turned around to check on Jayla. I feel something. Like when I returned from the Spirit World. This is so weird, she thought. Soon after Jayla's eyes started to flutter open. "Jayla!" she exclaimed.

Everyone looked at her. "Thank god!" Akiza said relieved.

"What happened?" Crow asked.

"What happened is right," Jack said.

"Are you okay?" Yusei asked. Josh asked the same question at the same time.

"I'm fine," she answered.

"That's good to here," Josh said.

"How long was I out?" Jayla asked.

"Two days," Akiza answered.

"Seems less than that. You sure?" she responded.

"You were out that long. Any reason why?" Leo asked.

"Not right now," Jayla answered.

They looked at her confused and worried. 'Does she not remember or does she not want to talk about it?' Yusei thought worried about it.

"What happened with the rod?" she asked.

"Josh grabbed the remote and smashed it to pieces. That thing won't be working for a while," Jack explained. Jayla nodded and looked at the window. The sun was making its descent.

"I should take Leo and Luna home," Akiza said. "It's getting late."

Yusei nodded and they left. A few hours passed and Crow, Yusei, and Jack went to bed. Josh and Jayla sat on the bed and soon lied down themselves. Josh fell asleep easily but Jayla couldn't sleep to save her life.

She looked at the rod. That when she noticed it. A blinking light and she knew what it was. A tracker. 'They'll know where I am at all times. I should've thought of the possibility sooner. I have to leave,' she thought.

She got up without waking Josh up. She grabbed a small backpack that was off to the side. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a few cans of food. She wrote a note for her friends before she left the garage with silent footsteps.

'Thank you all for your help and kindness. I'll never forget you. Goodbye,' Jayla thought before taking off.

Sorry this is short. Trying to make them longer.


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