The Girl With Wings

Chapter 21


Chapter 21

Yusei's POV

I woke up at my usual early time of seven o'clock. I exited the room after putting on my jacket and shoes. I looked at the room in front of me. I saw Josh sleeping on the couch but Jayla was nowhere in sight.

'Where is she?' I thought.

I went up to Josh and nudged him up. He woke up with a fright. "Easy, Josh, it's just me," I said calmly.

"Hey, Yusei. What's up?" he asked.

"Have you seen Jayla?" I asked.

He looked around. "The last I saw her was last night when we went to sleep. I didn't realize she left," Josh answered. "She might've gone for a morning flight."

"Let's go look for her," I said.

He nodded and got up. I got on my duel runner and he took to the skies. We search around town to find no sign of her. My eyes widened. 'She didn't, did she?' I thought concerned.

When we couldn't find her, we went back to the house. Crow was up looking for something. "Yusei, what happened to my black backpack?" Crow asked.

"Not sure," I answered. But that only added to my worrying suspicion.

I walked around the house looking for anything that could tell me where she went. I found it. There was a folded piece of paper on the kitchen counter.

I opened it. It read: "Josh, Yusei, everyone… The rod didn't just have electricity in it. It had a tracker. No matter where I go or where I am, they'll know exactly where I am. I have to keep you safe. I'll never be able to replace you and everything you've ever done for me. I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt again. So I'm leaving. I'm sorry you have to find out this way but this is goodbye. Josh, if you're reading this, I need you to stay with them. Protect them if they need it. Don't come after me. I'll never forget any of you. You'll always be in my heart. Goodbye, Jayla".

I wasn't sure to be sad or angry. They pushed her so far and now she was gone. I felt my heart clench and my eyes burned with hot tears that wanted to spill over.

"Yusei, you find something?" Josh called coming over. I silently handed him a note. "I can't believe it. Why, Jayla? Why?" He crushed the note in his hand.

"Is there something wrong over there?" we heard Jack asked.

"Jayla's gone," Josh said not turning to him.

"Did the School get her again? Or did she take a morning flight?" Crow asked.

I shook my head. Josh unraveled the paper and handed it to Jack. "I can't believe this. She sacrificed her life to protect us. Again! That place just keeps pushing her. Why can't they just leave her?" Crow said.

"What's going on?" Akiza asked.

"What're are you talking about?" Luna asked worried.

"Jayla left," Jack informed.

"What do you mean by 'left'?" Akiza asked.

"She…" Josh couldn't finish. So Jack handed the note to Akiza.

As soon as she finished, she felt her heart clenched in sadness. "Jayla…" she muttered.

"What does it say?" Leo asked.

She shakily read it over again. Leo and Luna struggled with their tears. "Jayla…" Luna muttered.

Jayla's POV

I sat on a tree branch high up. My flight endurance shocked me this time as I had made it from New Domino City to America in one trip. I currently was in California moving more inland. All the while, I couldn't stop thinking of my friends. I missed them but it was the best thing I could do to protect them.

I tear slipped down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away. "There are signs stating it is illegal to climb trees in the park. Please get down immediately!" yelled a cop on a megaphone.

I tucked in my wings tight and put my jacket over them. I climbed down. "Sorry officers. Just came here and I'm not really used to the no climbing trees yet. I tend to be able to climb them anytime I wanted back where I came from," I apologized. I was somehow able to speak English even when I was born in Japan and learn Japanese.

The officer nodded. "Just keep that in mind. Where do you come from anyway?" he asked.

"Japan. Yeah, we can climb trees anytime depending on where you are from in the country," I lied.

"Okay. Just don't climb anymore he said before leaving," he ordered.

"I won't. Sorry again officer," I responded.

He nodded and left. I felt suspicious about him but left the park and into a nearby alleyway. I took off and left the state.

I was in Utah by the end of the day. 'I really have some endurance,' I thought. I heard my stomach growl. 'I need some food. Time to dumpster dive.'

I flew around looking for a fast food place and found a McDonald's. I walked to the back and to the dumpsters.

"Score! Salad and burger! How is it people buy it and then don't eat it?" I asked myself.

I grabbed them and flew to the flat roof. I sighed as I began to eat. Being on the run was my life. I could never not be on the run. It was always going to be my life. No matter if I stayed with my brother and friends or not.

Once I was done, I found a forest that wasn't really anywhere near a city. Meaning it didn't have any city rules. I landed on a branch and relaxed. 'Goodbye,' I thought again before falling asleep.

Sorry this was so short again. I'm trying to get them longer.


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