The Girl With Wings

Chapter 22


Chapter 22

Third Person POV

She had be gone for a week now. Everyone had been worried and it was hard to talk to anyone. Crow and Yusei kept themselves busy with their jobs but they always had Jayla's wellbeing in the back of their mind.

Akiza had been keeping herself busy by watching Leo and Luna and working as an apprentice with a counselor. She was learning to become one so she could help psychics with their experiences. Her teacher admired her goal and agreed with ease.

Luna had been sent to the Spirit World by Ancient Fairy Dragon and had been informed of Jayla's new ability and told of her whereabouts. Ancient Fairy Dragon assured her she would keep Luna in on Jayla's position and wellbeing.

Leo was always there comforting his sister. He was getting help from Sly of all people. No one understood why because he was somewhat of a loner.

Jack spent his time at the café and riding around on his duel runner. Sometimes battling a duelist here and there.

Josh just flew around hoping he would see Jayla flying back. He loved her and he didn't want to lose her. But he didn't want to her to worry about her friends so he did as she wanted and stayed to keep their friends and Jayla's brother safe.

No one could believe what she did. It hurt them what she did but they knew she wanted what she felt was best. If she did have a tracker, then they wouldn't be entirely in danger. But Yusei wished he had his new found sister back. He somewhat respected her decision but that didn't lessen the pain.

Jayla's POV

At this point I was in Iowa. I sat inside a deserted cave next to a hidden river. A couple days ago, I had been in a cave on a cliff next to some raptors. I learned to fly better from them and they had grown to like me. I was able to talk to them through mental connection. But when I left they understood and told me to visit when I could.

Now I sat next to the river. It was beautiful there but every bird, or dragon, needs to move on. I stood up to move when I heard a branch snap from across the river. I looked and saw a mother bear and two cubs walking to the river.

As the cubs drank the mother watched. Without moving too much, I allowed her to catch my sent by opening my right wing as I did with the hawks.

I calmly said, "I can hear any of your thoughts mentally. I can talk to you."

She gave a confused look but tried saying, "What are you?"

"I am a mutated human. When I was a baby, some human scientists took me away to a prison like science lab. Where they did cruel experiments to me and put another creatures DNA in me. Fusing it with mine. I have these wings now and have gained unusual abilities," I answered mentally.

"I would have never thought humans would've done that to their own kind," the mother responded.

"I wasn't the only one. There were thousands like me. But they didn't all have wings. Some had bear, panther, dolphin, fish DNA, whatever you could think of. I was unique. They put dragon DNA in me," I explained.

"I can sense unusual power from you. I can tell you are not lying. Come here, I will not harm you," she said.

I nodded and carefully walked over. The cubs looked at me curious. "Your cubs are adorable," I complimented.

"Thank you. They can be very troublesome though," the mother said with a small laugh. "My name is Ila. These are Kylie and Nova."

"It's nice to meet you. I've Jayla," I introduced.

She turned her head. "I sense something. They are unusual like you but different. Not as powerful," she informed.

I heard the branches rustle in a tree across the river. "In that tree," I said. "I saw something. I'll see if I can draw them out. I'll help you protect the cubs if it's bad."

"Very well, thank you and be careful," she said.

I got up into the air and went over to the tree. "Come out!" I ordered.

"Who are you?" came a female voice.

"Who are you?" I retorted. "Show yourself!"

Six kids dropped to the ground. I flew over to the bears and turned to Ila. "Ila, take your cubs and hide. I'll call you when I decide if it's safe or not."

"Okay. Be careful," she agreed and ushered her cubs to come with her.

The six kids all had wings. One that obviously was the leader had brown hair with blonde streaks. The one next to her was a boy with black hair and black clothes. Next to him was another boy with strawberry blonde hair and fogged eyes that told me he was blind. There were three younger kids though. One was darker skinned with black hair and a streak. Next to them was a boy and a girl that looked like they were related. One looked about eight or nine with blonde hair. The girl had blonde hair.

"Who are you guys?" I asked.

"You tell us first," the leader ordered.

"You first. Don't trust until confirmation," I responded.

"Huh, you seem a lot smarter than us," the blind guy said. "I'm Iggy."

"I'm Gazzy and this is my sister Angel. We're the only blood relatives here," the younger boy introduced.

"Nice to meet you. What about you two?" I said. 'Angel?' I thought thinking of the telepathic girl I had heard about.

"I'm Nudge," the dark girl introduced. "You're wings are cool. What type of bird is it? I wonder if I will ever see wings like that again? Why do they have white and red? Can I…"

"I'm Max," the leader introduced cutting Nudge off. Much to my relief.

"I'm Fang," the dark haired boy said. 'Fang?' I repeated mentally.

"Now who are you?" Max asked. "And why is it you act older?"

"I'm Jayla. I act old because I am probably older than you. Seventeen years I was in the School in Japan," I responded.

"You're seventeen?" Angel asked.

"Yep," I responded.

"And you haven't gotten and expiration date?" Max asked.

"I did. But the white coats deemed me too valuable to let me die by it so they removed it," I answered.

"What makes you so valuable?" Fang asked. "You're just an avian-human hybrid right?"

I shook my head. They gave a confused look. "I may have wings but let's just say Japan has some interesting people that can make cards come to life," I half explained.

"What do you mean?" Iggy asked.

"They used a dragon card, made a holographic display of it, used a psychic person to make it real, took its DNA and fused it with mine. I'm two percent dragon," I explained. "Now they can't get the dragon they needed again so I can't be expired so easily."

"Really?" Gazzy asked shocked.

I nodded. "No reason to lie to another experiment on the run," I responded.

"If you're from Japan, how'd you get here?" Max asked.

"Flew," I answered bluntly. I then remembered the bears. I turned to their direction. "Ila, it's okay. They aren't bad," I called.

They bears came out and the cubs ran up to me. "Thank you for protecting us!" Kylie thanked.

"Yeah, we totally owe you!" Nova agreed.

I laughed and looked at them. "You don't owe me anything," I responded. "I'm happy to help anyone."

"Come back over here, kids. Give Jayla a little space," Ila said with a laugh.

"Okay, Mom!" Kylie agreed and her and her brother ran over.

"How long have you been with them?" Max asked.

"Not long. I met them a few minutes before I found you," I answered.

"Then how is it you seem to talk to them?" Angel asked confused.

"Telepathy," I answered bluntly. "Bears aren't what people think of them. They just are protecting themselves. You just have to show them you can trust them."

"Wait, telepathy?" Max asked.

"Yep," I responded.

"How? Angel is the only who can use telepathy," Max asked.

"Nope. Kind of found the ability after I got shot in the wing," I answered.

"I want proof," Max demanded.

I rolled my eyes. "You know Max. I can't really blame you. The School really does the can't believe something right away," I sent. She stepped back in shock. I linked my minds with everyone. "I can also connect with multiple minds at once."

"Did everyone hear that?" Nudge asked.

"How can you connect with so many minds?" Angel asked. "I can only connect with one at a time."

I shrugged. "Just can. I can also show people my memories, fly at two hundred miles per hour, and go to the Spirit World," I added.

"Spirit World?" Nudge asked.

"Yeah. My mind and spirit are connected to the duel monsters Spirit World. I can visit there when I want though when I do my body might disappear or I could seem like I'm in a coma for a good deal of time," I explained.

"Now, I've heard everything," Max said.

"I wish I could show it to you but I can't exactly take you with me. You have to be connected," I said. I sighed. "I have to get going. Gotta keep moving to keep them off my tail."

"Why don't you come with us?" Max asked.

I shook my head and showed them my arm. "They put an electrical rod in my arm to keep me in the School. When the remote was destroyed, I found that the rod also had a tracker in it. If I come with you, I'll only get you caught," I explained.

"Can't you get the rod out?" Fang asked.

"No. It's surrounded by my nerves. Taken out wrong, I could lose the use of my arm or worse," I explained. "I have to go." I turned to the bears. "I think you heard me, right Ila?" I asked.

"Yes. I understand. You are smart to not try and put them in danger. Goodbye my friend. Visit anytime," she answered.

"Goodbye, Ila," I said and left without another word.

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