The Girl With Wings

Chapter 23


Chapter 23

Third Person POV

It was so hard for everyone. It was now two weeks. Not a word. But Luna explained that she's been having help from animals and had met a few more runaway mutants though Jayla took the right path and stayed separate from them.

"I wish we could see her again," Leo muttered.

"All of us do Leo," Luna said.

"And who knows. Maybe one day she'll come back and say hi," Akiza tried to comfort.

"I guess but why can't that happen now?" Leo said.

"I wish it was now too. But…" she was cut off by a beeping on Leo and Luna's video call. She, Leo, and Luna walked over. It was Crow.

"Crow, what's going on?" Luna asked.

"Get over here right away!" he exclaimed.

"Why?" Akiza asked alarmed by his urgent voice.

"It's Yusei. We can't get him to wake up!" Crow exclaimed.

"What?" Leo asked shocked.

"We'll explain everything once you get here. Just hurry!" Crow said before hanging up.

"Come on, guys," Akiza said.

Akiza went to the car she used instead of the duel runner when she needed to take Leo and Luna somewhere with her. And they drove.

"Akiza, what do you think is wrong with Yusei?" Luna asked concerned.

"I'm not sure. I don't like it though," she replied.

They hurried through the streets but were careful to not get in trouble with authorities. What could've happened to Yusei?

As they reached the garage, they hurried through the door. Yusei was lying on the couch with Jack and Crow looking worried.

"Crow what happened?" Luna asked concerned.

"We don't know. We were working on the engine together when he suddenly collapsed. No matter what we did, he wouldn't wake up. We've tried everything that could be done without hurting him," Crow explained.

They all looked at him. 'Is he in a coma? Like what happened when Sayer originally died? I couldn't wake up from the emotional trauma. Did the same thing happen to Yusei with his sister?' Akiza thought.

Jayla's POV

I was asleep in a cave on a high cliff. My mind focused on contacting Yusei mentally.

"Yusei," I called.

A field formed in the once empty space. I called a few more times before I felt a new presence coming. I looked in front of me. Yusei's form was fading into existence. He looked around. But his eyes landed on me.

"Jayla!" he exclaimed.

"Yusei," I responded.

"What happened to you? Why did you leave?" he asked.

"I had to protect you. I have a tracker in my arm and since they know where I am, they'll follow me and leave you alone. I'm not going to be there and risk them harming you. I told you, if I have to think twice on leaving, I'll leave. No warning," I explained. "It was a hard decision. But it was the right way to keep you safe."

"But Jayla, we're all suffering now. Even though the School doesn't have us, we're all suffering from unyielding concern and fear. Come back, please," he begged.

"I can't, Yusei," I responded. "I'm not putting you in danger anymore."

"Jayla…" Yusei said tears forming. "Can you at least tell me where you are?"

"I'm in America. That's all your getting," I answered.

"Jayla please come back. We need you here," Yusei returned. "I need you."

"Yusei…" I stopped. "I…"

"Please, Jayla," he begged.

I shook my head to clear any thoughts masking my reasoning. "I wish I could. But I'm doing this to protect you," I responded. I turned my head to hide my tears.

"Jayla, remember what Dad said?" he asked. I looked at him. "He said we need to work together. Which means we need to be together. Be brother and sister."

"But Yusei…" I tried but he cut me off. "Jayla, just come back. We need each other. Our friends need you and you need us too."

"Yusei, I want to come back. But I can't put you in danger. How many times do I have to say that?!" I exclaimed.

"As many times as you want. But it won't matter. Crow and I are trying to keep busy but its barely happening. Jack just rides, duels, and goes to the café. Akiza takes care of Leo and Luna and is an apprentice to be a counselor for other psychics. Luna's been getting information on your wellbeing from Ancient Fairy Dragon but none of us have ever been able to get rid of the pain you gave us when you left. Josh just flies around hoping he'll see you again," Yusei informed. I felt guilty. I caused all that pain. "Just come back. Make everyone happy again."

"I… I can't…" I said struggling to hold back guilty sobs.

"Why?" Yusei asked. "Why can't you come back? We can all work together to keep each other safe from harm."

"I don't know. I just feel like I'm needed here," I said. My eyes widened as something clicked in my mind. What I needed to stop. "The by-half plan," I muttered.

"Jayla, what's the by-half plan?" Yusei asked.

"Something I have to stop," I said.

"What is it? We can help," Yusei said.

"Yusei, if I don't stop it everyone will die. Including you," I said.

"What's this plan that will kill everyone?" Yusei asked. "We can stop it together."

"The by-half plan is the plan the School made. If you are declared as unusable, they'll send something out. I don't know what. It'll kill every being thought as on the planet. The mutants that they haven't killed already will live. Yusei, I…" I explained.

"Jayla, come back. We can work together to stop this. Please Jayla," Yusei said.

"Yusei…" she stopped. A tear slipped down her face. "I…"

"We can find a way to stop it. But we all need to be together," Yusei said cutting me off again.

"But…" I stopped and turned my head so my bang hid my eyes.

"Jayla, let us help you," he said.

"I… can't put you in danger," I retorted.

"Jayla, you can't face them alone. If you're alone, you will be less likely to stop them. Which means it will be more likely for the world to end and all of us will die. Please," he begged and his reasoning made horrible sense.

"I- I'll think about it. Goodbye, Yusei," I said before I release the mental connection. The last thing I heard was Yusei yelling my name.

I woke up with tears slipping down my face. I felt guilty and sad. I made them feel awful and sad. They were suffering. 'Am I really protecting them?' I thought.

"You were asleep a long time you know," came a deep, male voice.

"Who's there?" I asked. I knew it was an animal.

"Why I'll be dead meat. You can actually hear me," said the creature coming out. It was a black wolf. It was big. "I would've killed you for food but I knew better. You aren't human to the full extent and I could tell you meant to harm. You are very powerful."

"How long was I out?" I asked.

"A good day and a half. I made sure nothing came to hurt ya. You're needed in this world. I could feel it," he said.

"Daddy!" came a younger, girl voice. The male laughed as a black pup ran up to him and then came over and sniffed me. "You're awake. Are you really a mutant of some sort like Dad thinks you are?"

"Yes," I answered.

"That's interesting that humans would do that to other humans," the young pup said.

"Well, not all humans are nice. But there are some who are. Depends on the human," I explained. "What's your name? I'm Jayla by the way."

"I'm Dakota," she said.

"I'm Lance," the father wolf introduced.

"Nice to meet you. I've met other animals. Bears and a few raptor birds," I said. "All of them are nice like you."

"Well, animals just defend ourselves. As I'm sure you know," Lance said. I nodded and stood up.

I flexed my wings a bit. "Awesome wings!" Dakota complimented.

"Thanks. By the way, this cave is pretty high up. If you don't mind my asking, how'd you get up here?" I asked.

"There are multiple tunnels running down to exit the cliff side and reach the bottom," Lance informed.

"That's actually really cool," I said.

"Come with us. You must be hungry. We have some food you can eat," the father said.

"Okay, thanks," I said followed the older wolf further into the cave.

"Yay! She can eat with us!" Dakota exclaimed. I couldn't hold back a small laugh.

'She kind of reminds me of…' I stopped. 'No. I shouldn't think of them.'

We arrived at a cave with a tall ceiling. Inside was a dead deer carcass. He tore a piece of meat and threw it over. I grabbed it and began to it. Disgusting I know. But I got used to it and in all honesty it wasn't that bad.

But don't try it yourselves. I'm immune to the possible parasites that reside in raw meat thanks to my dragon side. I doubt any of you are.

I ate another piece and soon ate my fill. "Thank you for your kindness and hospitality," I said.

"It is not a problem. I can see your kind heart. I know you have a destiny you need to fulfill. I can tell you, you will be missed when you have to leave. So visit anytime," Lance said.

"Please stay a bit longer!" Dakota begged.

"I can stay for a few more minutes, but then I have to get going. The place that gave me wings wants me back and if I stay somewhere too long, I could get you guys hurt. It may be a while before I can visit again, but I'll be sure to say hi," I said.

She dropped her head. "Okay," she sounded sad.

"Don't worry. I'll see you again one day," I comforted.

"Okay, I get it. I'll really miss you," Dakota said. She ran over and rubbed her head against me.

I scratched it and rubbed her head. "I better get going. But I'll see you again. It could be a while but I'll see you again," I said.

"Bye. And so you know," she said and I turned to her. "You remind me of my Mom."

"And you remind me of a couple kids I used to watch and cared for. I left so I could protect them. Just as I'm doing for you," I said. "I'll see you again one day."

"Before you leave take a couple slices for the road. You could use some," Lance said tearing a about a dozen pieces of meat as threw it over to me. I took my backpack and grabbed some cloth from inside it. I wrapped the meat in it. Little bit of blood seeping through. I placed it back in the backpack. "Thank you," she said. Dakota nodded and ran over to her father. "Goodbye, my friend. If you ever see your friends again, tell them that all of us animals really love you. And tell them we are happy they have such a good friend," Lance said.

"I will. Thank you again for everything. Goodbye," I responded before walking out.

I turn them with a sad, goodbye smile and took off.

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