The Girl With Wings

Chapter 24


Chapter 24

Third Person POV

When Yusei woke up, it was an understatement to say everyone was relieved. He explained everything and what Jayla had said. Everyone was shocked to hear where she was and how powerful her telepathy had gotten.

"Does Jayla really think she can take on the School by herself?" Crow asked.

"Not sure. She said she'll think about coming back before leaving. I'm not sure if I should get hopeful over that or not," Yusei answered.

"I guess we can get hopeful. I wonder how she's been. But what else did she say about the by-half plan?" Akiza asked.

"One thing that really worries me," Yusei said.

"What's that?" Jack asked.

"She said that all the mutants that haven't been killed will live. Does that mean that all the mutants in the Schools have been killed off?" Yusei asked himself.

"I hope not. That would just be beyond cruel," Crow said.

Luna heard her name be called by a familiar voice. She turned to see her friend and dragon. "What is it, Ancient Fairy Dragon?" she asked.

"We sense a disturbance in the path of life. Humans across the globe are being killed at rapid speeds. It is the mutant children," she answered.

"Is Jayla one of them?" Luna asked grabbing everyone's attention.

"No. But she is coming to a crossroads. She is trying to decide whether to return or not," Ancient Fairy Dragon said. "She is struggling to decide."

"You have to get her to come back. Please," Luna begged.

"I'm sorry, Luna. But this is a path she must decide on her own. Depending on her decision will set up a path she must follow. She will not be able to turn back," the serpent dragon informed.

Luna looked down. They looked back up. "There has to be something you can do," Luna said.

"Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do. She has made friends. Some she may want to see again. But she also wants to see you again. Yet she wants to keep you safe. This is causing an inner battle. A battle that will put her mind and soul to the test," Ancient Fairy Dragon said. "I will see you again."

"Ancient Fairy Dragon wait," Luna called. But it was too late; her dragon friend had gone back to the Spirit World.

"Luna, what did she say?" Akiza asked.

"The experiments that are in the Schools are being killed. She said she could feel a disturbance in some path of life. Saying that humans across the globe were being killed at rapid speeds. The mutated children. Jayla's not one of them. But she said she was coming to a crossroads," Luna stopped.

"What does she mean by crossroads?" Crow asked.

"She is trying to decide whether or not to return," Luna said. "When I begged her to get Jayla to come back, she said that this was a path Jayla had to decide alone. Depending on the decision, she will set up a path she must follow and she won't be able to turn back."

"And she can do nothing because…" Leo chimed in.

"She said that she has made friend. Some she'll want to see again. But she also wants to see us again. But she wants to keep us safe. This is causing a battle inside her. A battle that will put her mind and soul to the test," Luna said using her friend's words.

"So, we have to wait for her to decide," Jack said shocked. Luna nodded sadly. He gave a small growl.

"What do we do then?" Leo asked.

"Well, for starters, I would like to save as many of those poor experiments as possible," Akiza said.

"Then let's go. They could be killed right now!" Crow declared.

"But how will we get them all back here?" Josh asked. Crow went silent. Unsure of how to respond. "Listen, we can save as many as possible but we can only save so many," Josh said. "At least we can set the others free."

Jack nodded. "That's the best we'll be able to do," he said.

"Then let's go," Josh said.

They all hurried to save the poor kids.

Jayla's POV

I had turned around taking the same path back. 'Do I really want to see my friends again? When it could end up hurting them?' I thought.

I found a library and went used one of their computers to check for any news of my friends. The first article was about normal kids around the globe protesting and moving against Itex headquarters. But the next news article title took a bit of my interest: Group of Kids Find Building Full of Mutated and Harmed Children.

'It couldn't be, could it?' I thought.

I opened it. Its picture showed the School building the Dark Woods. Police cars seemingly just arriving looking at the scene. Luna was in the picture taking to one officer with her brother. The group of kids, or I knew as my friends, were helping other experiments out. I turned to a video of it and it showed a recording of the building. "'This place was like an Asylum but worse,' said one experiment. He had bird DNA mixed with him. He described how any attempt to escape was met with cruel retribution. But this place and its tests makes all experiments wish they were dead. He had a friend who escaped but he hadn't seen since. She suffered the pain after she was caught the first time around. No experiments knew their true identity so if the experiment could, they would name themselves. He explained how he named himself Josh Soarin and his friend named herself, Jayla Sito. 'When she was captured the second time, they put a remote controlled, electric rod in her arm. If she ever tried to escape she would be shocked and electrocuted. There was no way to take it out as it was surrounded by vital nerves to work her hand. He broke the remote control and destroyed it.' He showed the leftover remains of the remote he held. 'When we got to safety, she found it had a tracer in it. So she left to keep me and the rest of us, her friends, safe. Now they were killing every child mutant they could. We were able to save these guys before the Erasers, bloodthirsty wolf-human hybrid mutants, could kill them.' I haven't heard one from her since. All of us are pretty worried," explained the reporter. "He wouldn't say much else after that."

'Why wouldn't he warn the people of the by-half plan? Surely, Yusei told them about it,' I thought.

The video stopped signaling it was the end of the broadcast. I looked to the side hearing a familiar voice. "Max, did you get anything about the School?" said Nudge.

"Actually, I found this interesting news from Japan," Max responded.

Her little group gathered around. "Well, Josh really put it out there. I guess they worked together to save those kids," Fang said.

"They did a better job than we did," Max said. "Does that one guy in the background look familiar to you?" I gave a quiet, nervous laugh.

"You mean the guy with yellow streaks? Yeah, he looks like that one girl we met," Angel said.

"Her name was Jayla right?" Nudge thought.

I quickly got off and walked away. But not before I heard someone following. As I was about to exit, a strong hand gripped my wrist. I didn't look at them.

"Hey, you're that Jayla girl, right?" asked Fang.

I didn't look and stayed silent. "Fang, who's that?" Max asked yet to see me.

"I think we found that one girl," he responded not taking his eyes off me.

Without any problem, I yanked hard and pulled my hand away. I began to walk again. "It's you, isn't it?" Max asked.

"What's me?" I asked barely turning my head. Just enough so I could see them through the corner of my eye.

"The girl that Josh Soarin was talking about. Jayla Sito is your full name, isn't it?" Iggy asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Why do you look like that one guy? Are you friends with those other kids?" Gazzy asked.

"I was friends with them. I had to leave to protect them. I learned while I was with them that the boy, Yusei, was my twin brother. He just wasn't taken to the School like I was," I explained.

"Why not? How did the School get you?" Max asked.

"When I was a baby, me and Yusei were sent away by my father so we could survive the explosion of Zero Reverse. He and my mother died in that explosion. We ended up on a beach and three scientists came to decide whether they would take me or my brother. Thinking Yusei had a different destiny and knowing I would be more resilient, they took me instead and left Yusei to grow up in Satellite. I only met him once before I was able to escape for seventeen years. I escaped for a day and had made it to meet my brother. But I didn't know it then. I was five and they erased the memory of that day for years until I remembered one day," I explained. "Now I have to go."

"Where are you going?" Nudge asked.

"Not sure," I responded.

"Can we come with you?" Angel asked.

"I don't know if that's a good idea with the tracker in my arm," I answered.

"Please," she begged as I looked at her. I felt her trying to invade my mind and influence me. My natural mental barriers protecting me from giving in.

"That little trick you have is very useful. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on me," I said.

"How can you resist her ability? Everyone gives in," Gazzy asked shocked.

"She isn't like normal experiments, remember? She has dragon DNA, not bird or a normal animal," Max reminded them. She turned to me. "I can't force you to make us come. But we would like to help you."

I sighed. "You can come. But don't say I didn't warn you," I conceded.

We walked out together and took off. "What're your friends like?" Fang asked.

"They're all extremely accepting. When I first met them, I had crashed through they're window and I had been scraped by a few bullets and lost a decent amount of blood. They wrapped my wounds and decided not to take me to the hospital because of my wings. When I left the first time, Erasers attacked me and nearly captured me on the first day. But my friend Akiza has this ability like the one that allowed the white coats put the dragon DNA in me. She swatted away the Erasers before they could bring me back," I explained. "The young twins Leo and Luna wanted me to take them for a flight. I agreed but then some Flyboys attacked. I got them to safety before I had to kill them. I showed them that they had an expiration date and Akiza let me borrow some real clothes for once in my life. That's when of first found out my expiration date. I told my friends about mine and how it came early as it said I had five or so months. That's when Riley, my assigned white coat, came with group of Erasers that pointed guns at all my new friends. He said he would kill them if I didn't go with and they would take off my expiration date. They did and my friends came to save me after they found the note I left. I was free again and that was the day I met Josh. Him and I got pretty close. I was and am still worried about getting close like that. Especially after my other friend Alan Sky who died at sixteen and I was fifteen. After that, they got me using one of their Spy Grabbers. That's when they put the rod in me and I'm guessing you know the rest from the video."

"What're 'Spy Grabbers'?" Fang asked. "I've never heard of them."

"Spy Grabbers are the most silent and stealthiest of all experiments and the School has complete control over them. When an experiment stays in one and they keep eluding the School by normal means, they send the Grabbers to recapture the experiment," I explained.

"Some journey," Fang said.

"Yeah, after I left I made friends with a flock of raptors, the family of bears you know, and then I made friends with a father and daughter of black wolves before you found me," I explained.

"I've been meaning to ask, how did you fly all the way from Japan to America without a plane?" Max asked.

"I have strong endurance. Plus being able to go two hundred miles per hour for long periods of time helps too," I answered.

"Impressive. We can't fly that far ourselves without having to land for food," Fang said. "How many calories do you need a day?"

I shrugged. "Not sure. I typically eat the normal portion of the average human and I'm fine," I informed.

"You don't need like three thousand calories or anything more than an average human? You lucky, lucky girl," Iggy said.

I gave a small laugh. I saw my bear friends looking at me as I passed above the familiar forest. "I have to say goodbye to Ila, Kylie, and Nova. I'll be right back," I said diving down.

"Jayla, where're you heading? Isn't that the group we saw the last time we met?" Ila asked when I landed.

"Yeah, they are. They wanted to come with me even with the risks and I couldn't talk them out of it. I'm actually thinking of heading back to my friends in Japan. They miss me and I miss them. Would you head back to them if you were me?" I asked.

"I would. You need your true friends and they need you. I will miss you as will the cubs. I hope to see you again. And when you see your friends, tell them I said they are lucky to have a friend like you," Ila said.

"I will, Ila. Goodbye," I called.

"Goodbye, Jayla!" Kylie and Nova said.

"Farewell, my friend," Ila said with a nod.

I nodded back before taking off. I met my friends and said, "I have one more group of friends. They're out by Utah," I said.

"Raptors?" Max asked.

"Yep," I answered and took in the direction.

I heard Angel say, "I swear, it's like she has a compass made for friends."

"Yeah, I think it's kind of cool," Gazzy said.

"Max, how are we going to get over the ocean? She can fly yeah but we can't," Fang asked.

"We should stow away on a plane," Iggy suggested.

"Yeah," Max agreed. I flew back hearing this. "I'm guessing you heard that we're hiding out on a plane." I nodded.

"You can go for it," I said. "I'm flying. Can't stand planes."

"Where should we meet up?" Fang asked.

"Meet up at the Satellite. There are two islands. Two are connected by a multitude of bridges. The one looking in worse shape is the Satellite. Meet there at the beach. But stay hidden," I suggested.

"Okay," Max said.

With our plan, we kept flying.

Hey, it's a miracle! A longer chapter. Yes! But I'm not sure how long this "miracle" will last. Hopefully for a good amount of time. So everyone knows I love the fact that you read my story. It's good to know some people have a possible interest in it.

Anyway, see ya 'til the next chapter.


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