The Girl With Wings

Chapter 25


Chapter 25

Jayla's POV

It wasn't long before we arrived at my friend's cliff. At first a couple didn't recognize me but Talen, leader of the flock, recognized me immediately.

"Jayla! It has been a long time," Talen said.

"Hey, Talen. It's good to see you," I greeted.

"I see you brought friends," he said looking at them.

"They're mutants too. They have bird DNA in them," I explained.

He nodded. "I can smell it. What brings you back, my friend?" he asked.

I smiled. The animals around here loved to call them friend. "I'm heading back to my friends in Japan. I'm not sure if I'll see you again so I came to say goodbye before I left," I explained.

"You're leaving the states?" one of the new flight fledglings, Jakin, asked coming up to me.

I nodded sadly. "I'll try to visit some other time. But I don't know when that'll be. I'll miss you all," I said.

"Can't you stay a bit longer?" asked Jakin's sister, Ellie.

"Sorry, Ellie. But my friends need me. I'll try to visit again. I wonder how big you'll be when I do. I thought I would say goodbye. It would be mean to leave the states without saying goodbye to my fellow feather friends," I responded.

The two fledglings landed on my shoulders and tucked into my neck. "We'll miss you, Jayla," they said in unison.

"And I'll miss you too. All of you," I said turning to my flock of friends.

"Ellie, Jakin, we need to let Jayla go. Who knows, we may see her again one day," their mother, Edla, said.

They nudged against my neck a bit more before flying to their mother. "Tell your friends what a good friend they have and tell them I said hello. And remember, you will always find a home here, Jayla. Always," Talen said.

"Thank you, Talen. I will. I wish to see you again," I said before giving one sad smile to the flock and taking off.

Third Person POV

Jayla, Max, and her flock arrived at the California Airport two days later. It took longer than Jayla would've liked since the flock had to rest up and eat more than she did. But she let it be and stayed with the reasoning that they needed it.

Gazzy had showed Jayla his "lovely" ability after eating. Let's just say, she got to higher air real fast. Now, Angel was using her ability to influence and manipulate a woman to get the tickets. When they had the tickets and had to go through the gates, Max said, "So we still clear on the plan?"

"Yeah. Meet at the Satellite's beach once we land," Fang said. Max nodded.

"I'll see you there," Jayla said.

They went their separate ways and were soon to enter Satellite.

It had been a week and there was no sign of Jayla. Yusei was beginning to wonder if she decided to not come. He was riding to Satellite to say hello to Martha and passed by the beach. He noticed something. A group of seven kids were standing there. One girl whose back was facing him had the wind blow in her hair. He recognized it instantly.

He stopped. 'Could that really be Jayla?' he thought. 'Who's she with?'

The girl turned around and the familiar cobalt blue eyes landed on his. It was her. It was his twin sister. Her friends followed her line of sight and got tense.

She said something in what Yusei was sure was English. "When did she learn English so fluently?" he wondered aloud.

She walked up. "Hello, Yusei," she said.

"Jayla, are you really back?" he asked.

She nodded. "I saw the news online and what you did. It was really impressive. I actually asked some friends of mine whether they thought I should come back. They said that it would be best," she explained.

"Other than these friends?" Yusei asked.

"Yeah. Ila was the most help. Lance, Talen, and Ila said to tell you that they think your have a lucky to have a friend as good as me," she explained.

"Who are those friends?" her brother asked.

"Talen and his flock of raptors, Ila and her bear cubs Kylie and Nova, and Lance and his black wolf pup Dakota," she answered.

"We all were really worried about you," he said.

"I know and I'm sorry," she said.

Though Yusei didn't understand Max asked, "So this is your brother?"

"Yeah, this is Yusei. He and our friends are pretty close," Jayla said turning to Max.

"Jayla, when did you learn to talk English so fluently?" Yusei asked.

"As soon as I entered America, it kind of just clicked in my head," she answered.

"So your name is Yusei?" Angel asked.

"Yeah," Yusei answered.

"Angel, when did you learn to speak Japanese?" Max asked.

She shrugged. "Don't know. Just kind of can," she asked.

"Okay, I have to admit, I did understand every word Yusei and Jayla were speaking. You guys the same?" Max asked.

They nodded. "Maybe you can instantly speak the language of the country you're in. Kind of like a programmed thing," Jayla said.

"Yeah," Max said and shocked herself when she said it in Japanese.

"What's going on, Jayla? They weren't able to speak Japanese before," Yusei chimed in.

"We kind of think we have something language related programmed into us. We all seem to know how to speak the language of the country we're in as soon as we enter the country," Jayla explained.

"I wouldn't be surprised," Yusei responded.

"Anyway, we might as well introduce ourselves," Max jumped in. "I'm Max and this is the flock."

"I'm Fang," he introduced.

"The name's Iggy," Iggy said. Yusei was about to comment on the possibility he was blind but Iggy to beat him to it. "Yeah, I'm blind. But I can usually handle myself."

"Sometimes I wonder if you really are blind," Max muttered.

"Anyway, I'm Nudge," Nudge said and then started her babbling. "Jayla says you two are twins. I bet you are by the looks. How similar are your personalities? Is it true that one twin can feel what the other is feeling? I bet you have…"

"Nudge," Max said in a warning tone. "We're working on that motor mouth of hers. Made some improvement," she said turned to Yusei who nodded.

"I'm Gazzy. Do you want to see this ability I have?" Gazzy asked.

Before Yusei could answer, the entire mutant group yelled in unison, "No!" This caused Yusei to worry about that "ability" he has.

"Gazzy we've discussed this. It isn't really an ability. You just have something wrong with your insides," Max said. "And Yusei, word of the wise. If he ever releases that 'ability' of his, get a gas mask or run outside. Took us years alone to get used to the possibility it could happen at any moment and even longer to get used to the smell without barfing."

He looked at Angel. Jayla knew what she was going to do and she linked her mind with his. "My name's Angel. What's that bike you're riding?" she asked.

"Can she talk telepathically too?" Yusei asked.

"Yeah. She can also influence people to do whatever she wants so be careful when she asks you to do something for her," Jayla said. Max nodded in agreement.

"Got it," Yusei said. "To answer your question Angel, this is a duel runner."

"What's a duel runner? Do you like battle people with it?" Gazzy asked.

"Kind of." He pulled out his deck and got off his duel runner. He pressed a button on it and it released his duel disk. "We battle each other with duel monsters cards. The duel disk makes them a holographic display. Some special people can use abilities to make the cards do real damage and make them real."

"Can we duel sometime Yusei?" Nudge asked excited.

"Maybe sometime," Yusei agreed. "Jayla, maybe we should head back to the garage. Jack, Josh, and Crow will be more than relieved to see you. I'm sure Akiza and the twins won't be that far behind when they hear your back. I'll probably tell them on the way back anyways."

"Sounds good," Jayla said. "You guys want to come?"

"We wouldn't leave a member of the flock alone and desert them. We'll be with you all the way," Max said. "Don't think you're getting rid of us that easily."

"Okay," Jayla agreed with a smile. She turned to Yusei. "We'll see you there, okay Yusei?"

"Before you enter, wait for me to get there," Yusei said.

Jayla rolled her eyes. "Fine," she agreed.

He took off and they followed but by the sky.

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