The Girl With Wings

Chapter 26


Chapter 26

Yusei's POV

She was back. She was really back. It felt like I finally had the heavy weight of her disappearance lift from my shoulders.

I immediately contacted Leo and Luna. They would want to know first. "Yusei? What's up?" Luna asked as when she answered. Leo was right next to her.

"Someone's back," I said and couldn't hold back a small grin.

"Is Jayla really back?!" Leo asked.

"She is. Just saw her. She had a few American friends. They have bird DNA in them," I answered.

"They can speak Japanese?" Luna asked.

"And she was able to speak English fluently when she got to America. They think it might've been programmed into them," I explained.

"Where are they going now?" Leo asked.

"To the garage," I answered.

"We'll be there as fast as we can," Luna said. I could reply before she ended the call.

I allowed myself a small laugh at their happy enthusiasm. I then called Akiza. "Hey, Yusei. What's up?" she greeted.

"Meet me, Crow, Jack, Josh, the twins, and someone else at the garage," I said.

They instantly got the message and a smile escaped onto her facial features. "I'll be there soon," she said and hung up.

I found myself a couple minutes away from the place. As I made the final turn, I saw the flock and Jayla standing there waiting.

"The twins and Akiza are coming. Both didn't take a second to hurry here," I said.

Jayla laughed a little and rubbed her back. "Didn't think you missed me that much," she teased. I shook my head.

"Come on, let's go see Jack, Crow, and Josh again," I said. She nodded with a small smile.

I opened to the door and Josh, Jack and Crow looked up. "I thought you were heading over to Martha's," Crow said.

"I kind of found someone on the way there," I said and walked forward to reveal Jayla standing in the doorway.

They all immediately got to their feet. "Jayla, is that really you?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, it's me," she responded.

She walked in and her friends followed. "Who are the new friends?" Jack asked. His voice told them how unsure he was.

"Jack, this is Max the flock and my friends. Max and the flock, this is Jack," she introduced.

"What are all your names?" Josh asked. "I heard of six American escapees but you couldn't be them, could you?"

"It's them Josh," Jayla said.

"What you said on the news Josh that was pretty bold. Impressive. You may be able to end all Schools. Did better than me and my blog," Fang said. "By the way, my name's Fang."

"I'm Max," she introduced. And continued by pointing to each other the others. "This is Iggy. He's blind but he can really hold his own in a battle. Then there's Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel. We all have our own abilities."

"Like what?" Josh asked. "I heard Angel's a telepath and Fang was the quickest healer before Jayla."

"Well, Angel can also influence people easily. Jayla was the first to ever be able to resist he ability. She can also change her appearance. Gazzy can mimic and although he says it's an ability it's not. Just leave the area when it happens. When Nudge touches an electronic, she can see who used it last and break the password if it has one and she can move metal. Iggy can see the color of everything he touches and is the best listener. Fang can turn invisible when he stays real still. And I can fly over two hundred miles per hour myself," Max informed.

"Impressive," Josh complimented. "It's actually really cool. I wish I had an ability of my own other than flying."

"What do your wings look like?" Angel asked.

He unfurled them to their full fourteen and a half foot wingspan. I couldn't help but smile at the mutants meeting.

The six new friends came down off the ramp and that's when Leo, Luna, and Akiza arrived at once. As soon as the twins saw Jayla, they practically jumped onto her and latched on. "Where have you been?" Luna asked near tears.

"Well, meeting good animal friends and road tripping, or more like running around, America," Jayla answered.

The twins let go so Akiza could hug Jayla.

"What smells like raw meat?" Jack asked his nose scrunched up.

"Sorry, friend gave me some meat for the road," she answered.

"What friend gives a girl raw meat?" Crow asked.

"Lance and he's not human," she answered bluntly.

"What is he?" Akiza asked.

"Black wolf," she answered. "He and his daughter, Dakota, are really nice. Dakota told me how she reminded me of her mom. Ila and her cubs, Kylie and Nova, took a liking to me too. Just like Talen and his raptor flock."

"What were those two fledglings' names? It looked like they didn't want you leave," Nudge asked. "Which is totally adorable."

"Oh, you mean Jakin and Ellie. Sweet couple of siblings. Their mom Edla had to tell them to allow me to go. I hope I'll meet them again. I miss them and my other friends already," I responded.

"Quite a group of friends you made," Akiza asked. "I think that really cool how you can talk to animals."

"Well," I said awkwardly. I turned to the flock. "These are some more slightly normal friends. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge who you just heard, Gazzy, and Angel."

"So Jayla. Ever since you mentioned the raw meat, I have to ask, how'd you eat it?" Jack asked. A bit worried by the answer.

"Not a way a normal person could eat it. I can eat it raw because my dragon DNA makes me immune to parasites. To be honest, meat doesn't taste that bad raw," she answered.

I saw Jack hold back a shudder. Jayla obviously noticed but I saw her covering up a laugh but shrugged to push it off.

"How long have you been eating raw meat?" Luna asked.

"I guess since I first met Talen and the flock. After I was out of the food I brought," she said.

"So that's what happened with those cans!" Crow exclaimed.

She rubbed the back of her neck nervously. "Yeah, sorry," she apologized.

Luna and Leo gripped on again. "Just whatever you do, don't leave again," Leo said.

"Won't make that promise," she answered.

She still had that tracker which meant she could leave again at any time. I didn't like the worry when she left the first time. I didn't want to know what a second point would be like. 'Just savor her being back. And hope she doesn't leave again,' I thought.

She looked at me with a small smile. "I can't tell you if I won't leave again. Because I'm not sure. But, I'll stay here for as long as I can," she said mentally.

The night came fast as Jayla was recalling her time in America. Max and the flock told us their time a bit and what they had been doing.

Leo and Luna eventually had to go home with Akiza. Leaving Crow, Jack, Jayla, Josh, me, and the flock in the garage. The six new mutant friends since they would sleep on the ground and Jayla and Josh would be in their usual position.

I was about to head to bed when I saw Jayla walk outside. I noticed how Max saw it too. I waved her down and mouthed that I would check on it. She nodded telling me she understood.

"Jayla," I called as I stepped outside.

"Yeah," she called back. She had her resting against the wall by the door with her head looking at the stars.

"What're you doing out here?" I asked.

She shrugged. "Just needed to see how many constellations I could find," she replied.

"Never needed to do that before," I responded.

"I don't know. After being out there for so long, when I try to find the constellations it helps me better." She gave a long sigh. "I worried Yusei," she admitted.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because coming back puts all of you in danger again," Jayla explained.

"Jayla, we can protect each other. Every time something happens to one, we can be there to help that person. We need you to be here so we can help you when you need it," I responded. She sighed and looked down. I forced her to look at me. "Jayla, there are no Schools in this area. We're safe. Just try to stay here. Call this place your home," I said.

"I understand there are no Schools but there is no place safe from the School. Itex, its company name, pretty much brands everything you look at. I haven't noticed any here which is weird. But everywhere I looked in America there was. Itex bottles, Itex sleep aid, Itex shoes, there were so many things with Itex printed on it; I didn't know where there wasn't an Itex label," she explained. "It makes me think of how far they've gotten into their plan without anyone noticing it."

We heard the door open. Max came in with the bag Jayla used. Everyone could hear a peeping noise. Jayla smacked her face. She grabbed the bag and brought out a small fledgling.

"Jakin!" she exclaimed.

I could feel her link minds so we could hear the conversation. "Jayla! Finally you found me! I was waiting for you to," said the fledgling much to my disbelief.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in my bag?" my sister asked.

"I couldn't leave you. I hid in your backpack and came with you!" Jakin explained.

"Jakin, what about your mom? Talen? Ellie?" Jayla asked.

"They said it was okay," the bird answered. Jayla studied him. "Fine, I snuck away. But only because I can't leave you! You're my big sister!"

"But you have your flock. They're going to go crazy when they find out your missing," Jayla responded.

I found it kind of cute how this young bird found my sister.

"Are you mad?" Jakin asked concern in his voice.

"No, just worried. I should get you back home," Jayla responded.

"Can't I stay Jayla? Please," Jakin begged.

"Jakin…" she trailed off. "You can stay for the night but tomorrow I'm taking you home. You need to be with your flock. Talen and Edla will be more than worried."

"Okay," the little fledgling said disappointed. She reassured him by scratching the back of his neck.

"Sorry, Yusei. I'll have to leave tomorrow. But I promise I'll come back," Jayla said turned to me.

"You better," I answered. She was right. She needed to take him back. The fledgling wouldn't be able to fly by itself all the way and she needed to make sure her friend got home safe. "Come on. We need to get some sleep."

Max who was still there and my twin sister nodded. We went inside together. Jakin decided he would be sleeping next to Jayla and Jayla couldn't talk him out of it.

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