The Girl With Wings

Chapter 27


Chapter 27

Jayla's POV

I woke up early and fed Jakin a bit of the meat I had received from Lance and Dakota. I sighed. "How on Earth did you get away from the flock that easily anyway?" I asked him.

"Not sure. Just did," Jakin replied.

I mentally face palmed myself. "Well, you're going home and staying there. I'll visit afterward but it may take a while," I told him.

Jakin groaned and I picked him up. I wrote a note saying that I would be back before the end of tomorrow hopefully and that I would see them soon. With that I took off with Jakin in my coat.

He laughed excitedly the entire way. "This speed is awesome!" he cheered. I could hold in a laugh.

"Just don't do this again," I ordered him. "I'm already going to get in trouble with Talen."

"I know but I'll tell him the truth," Jakin said.

I sighed again as land appeared out from under us. 'Only another hour or two at this speed,' I thought but was careful to keep it to myself. If Jakin heard that, he would probably try to stay with me longer.

I was a bit more at peace as the ride went towards silent with the winds whipping around my ears and Jakin's laughter flowing into the wind. It made the ride go more quickly.

I saw the flock flying around and I heard them yelling Jakin's name. When Talen saw me flying, he immediately flew up. "Jayla! What happened to Jakin? Why is he with you?" he asked.

"Jakin's apparently didn't want to leave me so he snuck into my bag. I didn't realize it until I was back home and it was at night. So I had to keep him there for the night. But I took him back this morning. Sorry, I was careless," I apologized.

"It's fine. Jakin is known for being rambunctious like that. Now Jakin come on. You and your mother will have a talk. Jayla, you can stay for the night if you like," Talen offered.

I looked at the sky. The sun was beginning its descent. "Thanks," I told him. "Come on, Jakin." I let him out to fly on his own. I followed Talen and him as we arrived at the nest. Everyone greeted me and Jakin had to say sorry and explain what happened. "Sorry I didn't realize it or I would've brought him back sooner."

"Don't worry, Jayla. We're just happy he's back," Edla said. I nodded.

Ellie came flying up to Jakin. "Jakin! You had me worried. We're hunting partners you know!" she exclaimed.

"Sorry, Ellie," her brother responded sheepishly.

"Well, you two get to bed. Scoot!" Edla commanded.

"Yes, Mom!" the two obeyed in unison. They flew off to their nests.

"Care for some rat, Jayla?" Talen asked.

"Sure, thank you," I replied.

They tossed me a rat and I ate it without a problem. They were the first ones to see me eat raw meat. They were quite shocked when it happened but actually happy to see a human eat raw meat. They felt more alike to humans.

"How did your friends react when they found out you eat raw meat?" Talen asked with an amused voice.

"One of my friends shuddered in disgust but it was pretty funny. Other found it unusual but were that critical about it," I answered.

"The average human," Edla said. I giggled.

"There are times where I like being different. Then there are times I wish I was normal. But being able to fly and do things normal humans only dream of doing is pretty awesome," I said.

"Sometimes I wonder what human kind thinks of us birds. Some love to shoot us for sport and some watch us with amazed eyes," Talen mentioned.

"Well, there are many different humans out there. Every one of them is unique. There are some which I hope didn't exist like Ter Borcht. He's the founder of the School and the founder of every experiments nightmare. But hey, if I hadn't been turned into this," I looked at my wings, "I wouldn't have met you."

Talen nodded in respect. "I'm glad you feel that way. We all appreciate meeting you," he said.

I heard the tapping of tiny claws behind me. I turned and saw Jakin trying to get to my bag again. "Jakin…" I called with a warning tone.

He jumped and Edla flew over. "Jakin! You get back over to bed! You are not leaving again!" she ordered.

I walked over and checked for any more stowaways. I found one more. "Ellie…" I groaned.

Talen came over this time. "Ellie, you know you can't go with her. Now you get back to bed with your brother," he ordered.

"Yes, sir," she said sadly.

She flew over and Edla said, "I'm going to watch them at the nest."

Talen and I nodded in agreement. I turned to Talen. "When we know they're asleep, I should probably leave tonight. So they don't have a chance to escape," I told him.

"You may be right. Be sure to visit another time," he agreed.

"I promise," I agreed and we talked a bit more until we heard the all the chicks asleep.

"Farewell my friend," Talen said.

"Goodbye," I responded. I checked my back thoroughly one last time before leaving.

Sorry this is so short.

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