The Girl With Wings

Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Third Person POV

Yusei, Jack, Crow stood on the beach of Satellite. It looked just as it did right after Zero Reverse. Right in front of them was a large capsule. They heard the cries of two babies. They took a few steps forward to see what was in it. Though Yusei had a good idea. When they were able to see in it but not get to close, they feet were somehow unable to go any further.

They looked at each other confused. They looked at the two babies inside. One Yusei knew right away. It was him when he was a baby.

The one next to the infant Yusei was a girl. She looked just like Yusei but already has yellow tips. They heard laughter and looked up to see three men in lab coats come to the capsule.

They looked at the two. "Which one should we take?" one of them asked.

"They both look very strong. But the girl seems much more resilient. She would do well in the tests and we would be able to have a bit more fun with her pain. Besides, I bet the boy has a different destiny. Let's take the girl. The School needs a new girl and she will be an experimentally, bird-kid trophy," the second one said.

The third one reached down and grabbed the girl who cried loud in fear. As they walked way, baby Yusei cried louder.

The scene then switched to where Yusei, Jack, and Crow stood in the middle of a hall of crates and cages. Next to them was a six year old girl that they immediately knew was Jayla from the looks.

She was in a glass tube. "Let me out!" she yelled.

A scientist came over. "Now, I think you might want to hear this. We found your files, Subject 5903. It tells us your complete history." The man seemed somewhat kind to her. "Do you want to know it? I can tell you a bit as long as you keep it quiet, okay?"

The young Jayla nodded. "Oh, your real name is Jayla Fudo. I heard you named yourself Jayla Sito a couple years ago. I am surprised you got your first name right but that helps us. Let's see, your parents were great people. Your mother was Doctor Caroline Fudo and your father was Doctor Jason Fudo (I don't know their real names and I can't find them online so I made them up. Please do be too harsh on me about it.)," the man said and began flipping through the pages of the file he held. "Ah! Here's something. They were the lead scientists of the R.R.D. and some say were the cause of the Zero Reverse incident. Remember, Jayla, they're scientists. Just like me and my fellow scientists here."

"No! Y-you're lying! There is no way that if I had real parents they would do the things you're doing to me! You're lying!" Young Jayla yelled.

Another scientist walked in. "Jeb! We told you that none of the subjects can know their past. Why tell it to this girl? You know the consequences for her. To make her forget, we must do the tests. Might as well say your goodbyes, Subject 5903. Because, you will be forgetting this encounter for a long while," he said to Jayla with a sadistic grin.

The six year old Jayla hurriedly backed away as far as she could in the small tube. The one scientist, Jeb, walked away. The man pressed a button on the tubes lock and part of it slid open.

He reached in and grabbed Jayla's foot. As he pulled her out, she grabbed the side of the door and held on for dear life. The man growled and pulled out a club that was sizzling with electricity.

"Now, now. LET GO!" the man yelled and hit her hard with the electrical club in her right rib cage. You could hear a crack as her bones broke. She let go and cried as the pain from the electricity and broken bones erupted through her body.

There was a bright flash and the boys found themselves back in the garage. The girl looked at them for one moment before sprinting out the door. 'She couldn't have gone through all that, could she?' Yusei thought. He didn't want to believe there were people out there doing such horrible things.

They looked up as Akiza, Leo, and Luna came through the door. "You guys, who was that girl who just ran out of her? She seemed scared," Akiza asked.

"And why did she have wings on her back? They can't be real, can they?" Luna added.

"That girl was a girl who crashed through our window," Jack said pointing at the broken window. "She wasn't hurt other than a couple of bullet scrapes but she was scabbing over before we even got the first aid kit."

"We kept her here for a bit because of her wings," Crow continued. "And those wings are the real deal. They're a part of her body."

"Right before she left, she somehow showed us her past memories. And they were bad ones. But one still confuses me, when those scientists grabbed her," Yusei said.

"Yeah, that baby she was next to was you, Yusei. But how? Martha did say she found you in a capsule that could've held two babies but only found you. Maybe that other spot was where Jayla was," Crow said.

"What are you guys talking about?" Akiza said.

"That girl's name is Jayla. She said she originally gave herself the name Jayla Sito. But then she showed us her past on how she found out her true identity and part of what happened after," Crow said.

"What's her true identity?" Luna asked.

"The scientist who told her said her real name was Jayla Fudo and told her a bit of my parents known history," Yusei said. "When he told her that they were scientist like him and his fellow scientists she refused to believe it. I can't believe what those people did to her and that wasn't all of her seventeen years there."

"We should find her," Jack said. "We can help her and maybe we can stop this madness like we did with the others."

"Yeah, but she could've just flown away by now," Crow said.

"Wait, what did she look like? Well other than the wings," Leo asked. He was looking out the door.

"Uh, black hair with red, white, and yellow tips and was in a hospital gown. Why?" Yusei asked.

"Because there are like six men surrounding a girl just like that and are turning wolf like. They look like they're about to attack her and stuff," Leo said.

They all ran outside and looked at what Leo was looking at. Jayla was in a fighting stance and people had begun to run away not wanting to be caught in the crossfire.

"Hey look, it's the big, tall, and filthy mutant eaters. I've fought you way to many times but this may be more fun when I can fly and attack you," she growled calmly.

A wolf creature ran up and tried to slash her with its wolf like claws. She stepped out of the way and the wolf man rammed into his fellow killer. "That's all you got? You guys put up much more of a fight back at the School," she grinned. "You pea-brains are making this too easy."

"We'll show you easy!" one growled.

They all attacked her at once. She used a round house and the fell to the ground clutching their sides. One got up and ran up to her. She jumped up and landed on his shoulders. She covered his ears with a strong grip and he howled as his ears popped.

"How about you go back to that forbidden house of horrors and present yourself as a failure?" she asked.

They cackled a bit and she turned around and a large net wrapped around her. "Let me…" she wasn't able to finish as an electrical rod stabbed into her side and she was quickly knocked out.

The six watched in horror as the now seven wolf men morphed back in normal looking men and began to drag her to a car.

"Akiza…" Luna began looking at her.

"I'm already on it," she said. She pulled out her signature card. "Black Rose Dragon! Come and help this girl, please!"

The Black Rose Dragon appeared and, with Akiza's psychic help, became real. It roared and smacked the seven people out cold with it vines as they were about to close the trunk they put her it.

Police cars pulled up and looked at the damage. "What happened here?" Trudge asked.

Black Rose Dragon returned to Akiza's deck and Crow said, "Well, you won't really believe our story but… this girl crashed through the window and she has real wings. She ran out after showing us her past and the next thing we know we see her fighting six wolf men. Just when she thought they were going to give up, another wolf man wrapped her in a net. Akiza used Black Rose Dragon and knocked them out. They're over there and the girl is in the trunk of the car."

"Do you really think I'm that stupid?" Trudge asked.

"Sir," another officer came up. "You might want to see this."

Trudge and the others followed the officer to the seven men who were almost completely morphed before they were knocked out. "Well, what do you know? There are wolf men."

He looked at the trunk of the car. Just as he was about to open it, a net wrapped foot kicked it open. "God, will I ever get a break?" the person asked.

She ripped the rope net wide enough so she could get out. She looked at her surroundings. A few police officers were looking at her. Specifically Trudge who was next to the car and Jack, Yusei, Crow, and a few new people.

"Hey, are you okay?" Officer Trudge asked.

"I'm fine. But I have to go," Jayla said.

"Wait, we can help you," Luna said.

Jayla shook her head. "I don't think you can. Besides, I can't put you guys in danger. We experiments are already goners. One way or another," she said.

"We can help you. I know we can," Luna's twin said.

"How?" Jayla asked. "What can you do against the School?"

"We can first free the rest of the experiments and…" Luna began but was cut off by Jayla.

"But where will they go? Not everyone is as accepting as you guys. Besides, there are Schools similar to the one I came from around the globe. I've heard about the only other escapees to make it out were six bird kids in America. I know there are some in France, Germany, Italy, and everywhere. Plus, they would be found one point or another. Just like me. There are thousands of experiments and not all can fly. I've seen some die right next to me. I've seen some kids whose DNA was spliced with dolphin, fish, cheetah, panthers, and so many more. I would love to get the experiments out of there but not all of them would be able to survive like me or another type of experiment. Not all of them are as resistant as another. I wish we could get them out," Jayla sighed. "But I guess it wouldn't hurt to try," she muttered to herself. She turned back to them. "Fine we can try. But don't say I didn't warn you."

Luna and Leo beamed. They couldn't wait to help. Jayla looked at Akiza. "Who are you three again?" she asked.

"I'm Akiza," Akiza introduced and pointed to each of the twins as she said their names. "This is Luna and Leo."

Jayla nodded. "Well, I'm going for a flight," she said and was about to take off when…

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