The Girl With Wings

Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Third Person POV

"Hey, Jayla, right?" Luna said. Jayla looked at her and nodded. "Can we come?"

"Look, Luna, I don't think she's strong enough to carry the two of you," Trudge was about to say more when Jayla said, "Sure, why not? I may be light but I'm stronger and faster than a normal human. Come here."

Luna and Leo ran over and Jayla wrapped her arms around their chests. "Now, when I take off, I want each of you to hook your legs around my legs so you're not hanging off my arms, okay?" she instructed. They nodded.

"Three… two… one…" she counted down before blasting into the air.

The twins quickly did as they were told and held onto her arms as they looked around in awe. They were a good hundred or so feet above the ground and were almost as high as the top as one of the taller skyscrapers.

"This is so cool!" Leo exclaimed.

"Wow…" Luna whispered.

Jayla grinned. "Flying may be cool but it's more fun at full speed. But I can't do that with you two, unfortunately."

"Why?" Leo asked.

"Because I can go as fast as two hundred miles per hour. You guys would slip off. So, for now, this is the best speed I can do," Jayla explained. She noticed something in the distance and her eyes widened. "Okay, we gotta turn back," she said turning around.

"Why?" Luna asked concerned.

"We got Flyboys. AKA trouble," Jayla replied. "Hold on really tight. I'm going a bit faster to get you to safety sooner."

She felt their grip tight and she sped up as she noticed the Flyboys closing in. She growled. She looked down and noticed the familiar group. She quickly landed and Luna and Leo got off. "Stay here!" Jayla ordered.

No one had time to respond before she took to the air. "God, can't you just leave me alone?" she yelled as the Flyboys came up to her.

"Don't think so," one said.

There were four of them and each took a position on every side in an attempt to corner her. They then flew as fast as they could towards her all with their claws ready to stab Jayla. Seconds before they could get her, she darted into the air. They clashed full force their claws jabbing into each other. It was, unfortunately, not fatal but they were in a daze.

Jayla free fell fast and her feet came down on their necks. She heard a snap and they fell to the ground. She heard the bang signaling their landing and she flew down. 'This is too easy. Why aren't any of them coming at me with all they got? This is strange, too strange,' Jayla thought.

She landed and they looked at her. They began to look between the four dead Erasers and Jayla. "Did you kill them?" Crow asked.

"Snapped their necks. With Erasers, only one rule applies. Kill or be killed," Jayla said looking at the Erasers. "They're the School's chasers and most of all executioners. They're trained to kill and destroy anything they are told to. So the term 'kill or be killed' applies to all things School. I don't want to kill, but you do what you have to do to survive. And this is coming from the girl who has survived so many years in that one place. I'm never going back to stay. I would rather die than do so."

Jayla walked over and looked at the back of all of their necks. "They were a couple days from dying anyway. Better to die a warrior than to die from the expiration date."

"What do you mean 'expiration date'?" Jack asked.

She waved them over. They walked over and she showed them the code on their necks. "These appear when your expiration date is near. Usually a month before they die. From what I've heard and seen, every experiment has one… And I'm probably included," she explained.

"Wait, so you're saying you're just going to die one day?" Yusei asked.

Jayla nodded. "Yep, one day. I'm not sure how long I have. I've lived longer than any experiment. In which, it could be a month, year, decade, no telling."

"I can't believe it," Jack said.

"Some things are hard to believe. I mean, no one would really believe you about me or the School without seeing me. But there are things where life makes you believe them when you wouldn't really believe if life didn't make you," Jayla said.

Leo was looking between Yusei and Jayla trying to grasp their resemblance. They would've looked like identical twins if it wasn't for the gender, wings, and Jayla's extra hair colors.

"So, Jayla, you could really use some real clothes. I have some extras you could have," Akiza said.

"Thanks, I guess you're right that I need them," she agreed.

'C'mon. You can ride with me on my duel runner," Akiza said.

"Duel runner? What's that?" Jayla asked. They looked at her. "Hey, you can't really blame me for not knowing. I've lived in a cage, ran around mazes and traps, been electrocuted, and been attacked my entire life. I haven't even seen anything other than a dome with turf and hallways. Try living like that and tell me you know what everything in this world is."

"You got a point there. Just get on with me and put on my extra helmet," Akiza responded. She turned to the five duelists behind her. "I'll bring her back in a bit. Okay?"

"Be careful," Yusei said.

Akiza and Jayla nodded. With that, Akiza and the rather reluctant Jayla got on the duel runner and left.

Leo's question about the resemblance would have to wait until they were back. But Leo wished it would be sooner than that.

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