The Girl With Wings

Chapter 6


Chapter 6

Third Person POV

Akiza, Leo, Luna, Yusei, Jack, and Crow watched helplessly as those people took away their friend. And possibly Yusei's twin sister. She sacrificed herself for them. They entered the garage and everyone sat down in saddened silence. No one could believe what just happened.

"We have to go after her! We have to save her!" Leo exclaimed breaking the silence.

"How, Leo? We don't even know where they went," Luna said.

She suddenly heard a familiar coo come from her side. She looked over and saw Kuribon looking at her with worried eyes. "Hi, Kuribon. What's up?" she asked.

He moved over next to the note Jayla had secretly left behind. He gave another coo and Luna got up and walked over. "What did you find, Kuribon?" she asked.

She picked up the folded paper. She began to unfold it when Yusei asked, "What did you find, Luna?"

"It wasn't me who found it. It was Kuribon. It looks like a note. Wasn't this the spot Jayla was standing in before she left?" Luna replied.

"She's right, it was. Where did the note come from?" Jack said. Everyone walked over to Luna who handed the note to Yusei.

He read it before Leo asked, "What does it say?"

Yusei looked at them before reading it aloud:

"If you're reading this, it's because I've been captured again by the School. I may have been locked for a while but I know enough to help you know how to find me. The School's name is covered up by its company name, 'Itex'.

If you plan on looking for me, be careful. The place is heavily guarded by bloodthirsty Erasers which you have seen before. The School tends to be in a deserted section of the country it's in. Such as the Dark Woods in which no one goes to. That's where my location is. If you can find it, be wary, cautious, and alert. And whatever you do, DON'T GET CAUGHT!

I may be strong and can survive for a while. But I'm still human and can only survive for so long. I want to know more about the outside world and I want to be with my true friends. I hope to see them again. Help me if you can.

Sincerely, Jayla".

"I can't believe she knew all that. What're we going to do?" Crow asked.

"The only thing we should and can do, save her," Jack answered.

"Jack's right. We shouldn't leave her there to suffer," Akiza said and everyone nodded.

"Then let's get ready," Yusei said.

"Just one problem," Luna said.

"What problem is that?" Jack asked.

"The Dark Woods is on an extra island that split off from New Domino and is a good full day's flight from here. And how would we get the Erasers away long enough for anyone to get inside the place," Luna informed.

"Well, I can use my psychic powers to help us fly there and one of them can carry one of the duel runners so one of us can distract the guards," Akiza suggested.

"That sounds good. I just wish we had a map to know the outline of the place," Crow said. Yusei nodded in agreement.

"But we don't so we have to make do. We have to hurry. I don't want to think of what they are doing to her now," Jack said.

They talked for a bit and Leo and Luna ended up coming as no one could convince them not to.

Luna and Leo were taken to their house and got their decks ready while Akiza went to let her parents know she would be leaving for a couple days. Yusei, Jack, and Crow decided that Crow should be the one to distract the guards. This way they had Akiza as the psychic to help everyone inside, keep track of Leo and Luna, and Yusei and Jack could help if they needed to.

It was about four in the evening when everyone regrouped. They had to hurry and they knew it. They took off without another word.

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